So... hello and welcome everybody to this new fanfic of mine! Thanks also for checking but before we start it I have to make this clear beforehand: This is sort of a prequel/tie-in to the ongoing fic 'A Dimensional Rescue' also available on my profile so if you're interested you can go and check it once you finish this.

And if you come here because you're reading that story then hello there! I'm glad that you're interested enough on the story to come here; I hope this can bring fun as well. This is mostly a "what was Tangle been doing" kinda story and pretty much a retelling of the issues 41-44 on the Archie comics so don't expect a large story. And just like in the main fic, I'll try my best to explain some of those stuff to people who aren't familiar but there will be certain elements that are kinda tough to describe but anyway.

This story has already some chapters finished beforehand so I'm planning on keeping a certain schedule on most of the chapters... I decided to post this one today because wel... waddya know? It's my birthday! Without further ado, let's get started.

That was definitely weird, and when it comes to Tangle she was starting to get used to weird and unexpected things happening almost weekly, all of them thanks to Sonic of course but each of them it looked to be weirder and weirder but this one was by far the most unexpected of them all.

She and Sonic were just having a friendly race with Whisper supervising it and suddenly a wacky wormhole showed up pulling the three of them to… somewhere I think, she didn't know exactly where she was but it seemed to be inside a facility, a base or something like that but it was certainly not Spiral Hill Village anymore.

She was surrounded by one bed on the room so instead of lying on the hard floor, she decided to sit in one of those also because of how dizzy she was feeling.

Seconds right after, the door opened revealing a figure that wasn't one Tangle recognized.

"Who are you?" he was an owl, a tall wide owl wearing a cane and an interesting robe asking the question in a very passive-aggressive manner.


"How did you got here?" he asked again.

"Now that… it's something I would like to know!" she let out a nervous chuckle "But I'm sure that it was because of that weird-wobbly kind of portal".

"What kind of portal?"

"Director!" someone from outside the room called out for him causing the owl to leave with a semi-death stare to Tangle.

The door closed leaving Tangle quite confused managing to hear mumbled words of what it probably was a discussion between some people.

"I just got here and everyone is arguing… But I should be finding Sonic and Whisper instead! Now if only I could get some help rather than-"

The doors opened again but this time, instead of the hot-headed owl, it was a lynx, shorter, kinder and with a simpler purple tunic. She looked way more approachable and made Tangle feel calmer.

"My name is Nicole," she introduced herself with hands behind her back "Excuse the abrupt introduction but we had a slight something going back there, mind telling us your name?" she offered a hand.

Tangle smiled jumping out of the bed in excitement.

"Tangle the Lemur!" she shook Nicole's hand with her tail causing a reaction from the lynx.

"Wow, um… how did you got inside here?"

"Well, I invited Sonic to Spiral Hill Village where he and I were about race, my friend Whisper was about to give the signal but something extremely wacky began to happen because a spoo~ky portal appeared out of nowhere and I think that I had seen those types of portals during the war… no wait, those looked weirder… and-".


"Got carried away! Sorry! Anyways, we got split up, I landed here and I'm pretty sure that they're nowhere near me because-".

"Tangle," Nicole said with a face that looked like she was barely keeping up with the story "Where are you from?"

"Spiral Hill Village of course".

"I… I don't think that town exists".

"Yes it does! It's on- wait," she stopped herself after thinking on something "Have you recently experienced a worldwide deadly goo-ey virus that turns regular folks into mindless metallic beings that their only purpose is to spread said goo to nature and repeating the process? Or maybe a battle against a giant robo-dragon?"

"We've had some issues with… mental control, but not like the one you're talking about. And I don't recall any dragon but why w-".

Nicole was greeted by an over reactive Tangle who was excited and thrilled at the idea of… something.

"I can't believe this! I'm- I'm in another world!


"Dimension or whatever, you don't 'know where Spiral Hill is because it doesn't exist! Yes! I actually can't believe I travelled through dimensions! But I still need to find Sonic and Whisper" she said quickly changing emotions with that last sentence.

"Tangle… you're energetic I can see that, but you say that you were brought here because of a portal that you and Sonic went through?"

"That would be correct –I think- but if this is a different dimension then he's not the Sonic you know".

Nicole didn't reply trying to think on what this newcomer was telling her, Tails and Rotor had told her something about bringing Sonics from other dimensions to this one but it didn't explained what she was doing here. However, currently, the lynx had to take care of a newly assembled team and not for dimensional shenanigans, unless…

"Stay here for a second," she finished the conversation with a smile leaving the room "I'll be back".

And once again, Tangle was alone in the room but now with a complete different mood, this probably meant that this was the start of another adventure and she was all for it, she still wanted to find Sonic and Whisper as well of course but maybe this journey could help her to find them.

After a few very long seconds Nicole returned again with the same smile.

"Maybe we can help you," she said happily "But would you be willing to help us with our little project?"

"Hmm," Tangle replied with a suspecting face "What kind of project?

"A team… a secret team".

"It doesn't matter, I would have accepted anyway just tell me what to do" she said with a contagious snarky smile.

"Come out of the room and meet the… boss of this operation".

"Let me guess, big, tough owl with a judging stare that looks like he's going to strike you down?"

Nicole nodded opening the door finally allowing Tangle to get a better glimpse of the location she was in. A really wide base or bunker to say the least because it had some sort of tubes that went beyond the roof meaning that it was underground. Next to a wall there was an older-looking lighter blue Sonic fixing a black and yellow robot having just the torso and head attached that looked oddly similar to Metal Sonic.

And then there was the owl with his eyes locked on Tangle waiting for her with a more passive look.

"Ms. Tangle?"

"Hey..! I think I didn't catch your name back there" she said nervously trying to get on his good side.

The owl looked at Nicole who simply nodded confirming what he was about to do.

"Director Harvey Who. Ms. Nicole told me about your little feats and maybe you would-".

"Join the team? I'm in, this girl just told me, now what do I need to do mister?" she said excited to take the mission.

"For now? You can simply go there" he pointed with his cane to another door next to the one she was currently in.

"Aye-aye!" she replied with a quick salute heading to said room giving a look to the still-being-built robot who gave her a sassy look as she passed by.

"I hope it's true," said Harvey once Tangle was 'off-radar'.

"She doesn't seem like the person that lies, I think she can do stuff with her tail so I can see how she can defend… After all it's better than forcing her to leave and revealing the spot of Secret HQ".

Tangle entered the room stretching her arms and being quite surprised when someone else was already inside in a place that –mind you- was similar to the other one but with more than one bed. The person was a bit smaller than Tangle, chubbier and brown cat-like mobian that she didn't recognize.

"Oh, hey there" said the feline in a very shy manner.

"Um, hi… are you here also because of the project the Owl over there has for us?"

"I think so…"

"In that case- hi! I'm Tangle, Tangle the Lemur!" she said offering the hand.

"I-I'm Larry… Lynx" he introduced himself shaking the hand.

"Nice to meet you Larry Lynx!" she went from a handshake to a side-hug "I bet this will be something to never forget, don'tcha think?"

"If you say so".

"I do say so! You'll see" she winked at him causing the little lynx to crack a smile.

So… we'll leave this chapter here for now, next time will be the debut of the team now with our charming newcomer. If you have any questions then feel free to ask and I can answer them :D

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