John Tracy stood at the window looking out over the city, the dismal weather matching his mood perfectly, as he contemplated the ramifications of the previous weeks.

Although the guilty verdict hadn't been too much of a surprise, given the amount of evidence against his brother, the death penalty sentence handed down had taken the entire family by surprise.

John could understand why Scott had rejected the deal that the prosecution had offered, even if it would have avoided the death penalty, he would never plead guilty to killing Madeline and the prosecution had refused to separate the two murder charges.

John was still convinced that Scott hadn't actually killed Madeline, he just couldn't think of any other possible explanation and that frustrated him.

He knew that, as the de-facto eldest, it was now down to him to somehow pull the family back together and he didn't know where to start.

Virgil was still refusing to even speak about Scott and was becoming antagonistic towards the rest of them wherever they mentioned Scott, especially around the children.

Chloe hadn't spoken at all since her mother had been killed, which concerned him greatly but he had no idea how to help her.

Imogen and Valerie, Chloe's twin sisters, had recovered well from the kidnap ordeal and, apart from the occasional nightmares, thankfully suffered no ill effects from their experiences.

Rebecca, who had been made to feel more and more unwelcome by Virgil's attitude, had left the island forever taking his nephew with her.

The catastrophic plane crash that claimed the lives of both Rebecca Mathieson and Callum Tracy had only caused the relationship of the brothers to become even more fractious, especially as Virgil still refused to accept any responsibility for Rebecca leaving.

Even Tintin was struggling to deal with everything.

Rebecca leaving in the months following Maddie's death and Scott's arrest had left Tintin without any female companionship, near her own age, on the island.

The disaster of the crash had left her distraught for days, unable to face most of the family without even more tears.

He really needed to talk to his big brother,

Who else could he turn to for advice?

Would Scott even accept a visitation request from him, or would he refuse.

Every request he had made so far been rejected by his brother.

After the way they'd all rejected him at the sentencing he wouldn't be surprised if Scott didn't want to have anything to do with them anymore.

The lecture from Grandma, regarding their rejection of Scott, had left him feeling ashamed of their actions.

He hadn't been on the receiving end of one of Grandma's lectures since he'd snuck out of the house for some stargazing back in Kansas, he would have happily gone a lifetime without another one.

It was Scott who, without Grandma's permission, had taken him to see the meteor shower that night.

John smiled at the memory, wishing that he could share it with his brother.

Maybe Grandma could persuade Scott to accept a visit from him.

John could only hope.