The day that Odasaku died, was the day that everything changed.

There was a shift in destiny.

This is how a story works. People cannot change without there being a reason to. What is fate? What is Destiny? It's something that occurs in order to drive someone to the answers of their own questions. This is the same whether you are a good person or a misguided soul.

As it stands, Dazai Osamu's perception of living up to this point had been black and white. Tired of living, finding creative ways to try to feel alive was a game for a self-destructive person like Dazai.

Counter that with Oda Sakunousuke who wanted to find the meaning of those words "people only exist to save themselves..." And you have two very different sides...of the same coin.

For some reason, the impact both these men make on this world changes the fate of one city forever. But why does it seem that change really only occurs with tragedy? Why is it so hard for people to make a change unless they're cornered?

To be honest, it makes living almost seem pointless. Why live when death is the only certainty waiting at the end of the painful journey? Why try so hard to preserve something that has no value to someone else?

And yet that is what it means to live. No one decides another person's worth or reason for living. That is a personal journey. One that no one but yourself can take.

In a world of skill users, a lot is still unknown about the origins of these talented individuals. The governments of the world have utilized their skills for their own politics. However, those that don't join some cause are squashed in the shadows.

They say if one doesn't operate as part of a bigger machine then one has no use in this world—and change is impossible.

However, there are some who don't agree. True change starts with one person.

This story is about the Stray Dogs of Yokohama. They are merely dogs who have chewed their leashes. Yet, they all feel the desire to exist for something. Ango, Odasaku, Dazai— they are the beginning and the end of Bungou Stray Dogs. These three men unknowingly are the cogs in the well oiled machine—but if that's for better or for worse— only time would tell.

If you had the power to rewrite someone else's chance to start again —would you take it? A power to rewrite tragedy, change the fate of others for the better...would it be worth it in your mind in the end knowing that your gift used selflessly without recognition or reward would make a difference?

A gift not meant to keep you out of the jaws of death but meant to stop others from running right into it.

Author's Note—

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