A/N: Why hello there, Rajin here and back with a new story! Sorry for the long wait since the last time I updated/made a story. Here we have an alternate version of "New Era Of Titans", which the idea is that Rajin was the only one to end up in the Kaiju Girl World(Along with a few minor kaiju here and there).

And no, Rajin will not have a Kaiju Boy form, he stays his scaly, bulky self. Without further ado, enjoy.

The Queen's Warrior: Chapter One

Rajin's eyes opened, letting the light from the morning sun hit his face. The Titan yawned before shaking his head and standing up. He looked around his cave that sat on top of a tall mountain before stretching.

As a Gojiran, he shared many similarities to the King of the Monsters, Godzilla, but could be told apart. His dorsal plates were a bright red with the spiky tips being snow white. Four small spines in one row sat on the top of his head with another four under his chin, forming a small beard of some sort. His fingers and toes supported white claws and had red markings with it breaking off into two points under both of his amber-yellow eyes.

"Time to start another day." He said to himself before walking outside his cave and out into the cliffside. He inhaled the morning air through his nostrils before breathing out.

Isla Sauria. This was his home, the only place where dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, the place he lived ever since he was in his teen years. A flock of pterosaurs flew past his face as he looked at the morning sun.

He made his way down the beach of the island where a friend of his happened to be. A Spinosaurus who stood nearly as tall as Rajin did turn around to greet his Gojiran friend. "Good Morning, Rajin."

"Morning, Spencer." Replied the Gojiran, "How are you so far?"

"I'm doing just fine," Spencer answered, "Nice morning isn't it?"

Rajin smiled, "Sure is."

The two sat in silence as they watched the waves crash onto the beach and flocks of pterosaurs fly past them. Rajin sighed before speaking.

"Spen, there's something I need to tell you."

Spencer raised an what would be an eyebrow, "Oh? What's that?"

Rajin rubbed the back of his head, "I've been having an internal debate with myself, about my love life."

"Oh. You still wondering if you should try again?"

Rajin shook his head, "No, I've made my decision."

"You have? What did you decide?"

Rajin waited a second before answering, "I've decided to go out and try again."

Spencer's eyes lit up and he hugged his Gojiran friend, "I'm so happy for you, bud! This is great!"

Rajin hugged his friend back before chuckling, "Yeah, thanks Spen. I've also wanted to get a head start on the day and go before the sun reaches its peak."

"Well don't let me or the others stop you. Tell you what, don't even think of coming back until you bring a girl with you, huh?" Said Spencer jokingly.

Rajin scoffed but had a smile, "Alright then." The Gojiran stood up and waded into the shallow waters before looking back at his friend. He nods and Spencer nods back, "I'll be back in a few days. Hold down the fort for me." Rajin dived underwater and swam away from Sauria.

"Take care, bud."

The Gojiran's dorsal plates breached through the warm water while his head stayed underwater. His eyes began to wonder, watching schools of fish swim away from him in a panic.

In front of him was a pod of dolphins, no common dolphins, however, large 60-foot dolphins. Rajin licked his chops before picking up the pace. The sea mammals had taken notice of the 500 foot Titan and began to scatter.

"Oh don't even try." He sped up and clamped his jaws around two of them before grinding them up. The Gojiran immediately turned directions before snatching up another three. He stared at the remaining two dolphins and his eyes narrowed as he made a break for them.

Believing he had them, he opened his jaws wide and clamped down on water.

"What the hell?" He looked in front of him to see a trail of blood leading to the depths of the water. He at least wanted to know who or what took his breakfast before proceeding with his search. He followed the crimson trail deeper and deeper, passing underwater sea stacks and other sea life which he ate some on the way.

His vision began to fade, so he lighted up his dorsal plates and eyes, giving them a red glow and returning his vision. He searched the ocean floor, which was where the trail was now. "How the hell did this thing get away so quickly?"

Rajin peered over a sea stack to only widen his eyes. In front of him was a purple/blue vortex of some sort, swirling with purple electricity crackling around it. He noticed the blood trail went into whatever this vortex thing was. He grew uncomfortable about this and began to turn around when a scent entered his nostrils.

The scent he picked up on felt like his, but at the same time it wasn't. Not completely foreign, but not completely familiar. He sniffed, figuring out it was a female's scent, how he knew this not even he knew.

A little curious, he slowly put his hand through the vortex, expecting it to be torn off, only to be surprised that it was harmless. "This day just gets weirder and weirder, doesn't it?"

He peered his head in, only to be sucked in by the vortex.

Alarms were raised in the Global Defense Force's main base of operations. On-screen text read "Unidentified Kaiju Sighting", flashing red in sync with the alarms.

"What do we have?" Asked General Gyozen.

"There's a UKS out in the ocean, ma'am. We just got it thirty seconds ago."

"Any scans of what this thing looks like?" She asked.

"Hardly. But we managed to get a small outline of it and...just take a look for yourself, ma'am." The woman handed Gyozen a device, which she pulled up an outline of a kaiju, hella different from any kaiju she had ever seen.

"The hell is that thing? That is no Kaiju Girl."

"Should we go after it?" The woman asked.

"Affirmative, but do not engage the creature. Where is it heading now?"

"Nowhere at the moment, but it seems to be Infant Island."

Gyozen hummed, "Seems this creature will have a run-in with the so called " Queen of The Monsters."

Oh how she was so right and so wrong at the same time.

Rajin slowly opened his eyes as he was still in the azure liquid that surrounded him. He shook his head, "What the fuck was that?" He noticed the water was now much lighter and that he was closer to the surface than he was.

He breached the water's surface and looked around, the place being relatively the same as he knew. He shook off any weird feelings before sniffing the air, catching the scent he had previously.

"There you are, whoever you might be." Rajin dived underwater and beelined for where he felt the scent was coming from. The Titan swam for what felt like an hour, but the scent got stronger and stronger the more he went.

He began to ponder what this female kaiju could be, more importantly, how the hell he managed to pick up her scent. Maybe his sense of smell improved. That or something fishy is going on.

He faintly heard the sound of plane engines above him and peered his eyes above the water, only his eyes being visible. Above him a squadron of planes flew overhead, seemed harmless. Rajin paid no attention to the fighter jets and continued on his way.

"You humans better not even try to pull some shit." Rajin said to himself while rolling his eyes.

"Fascinating, seems to be fixated on something, it hardly acknowledges the fighters above it." Gyozen commented. "That scaly armor...hm. Engage it, see how it reacts. If it fights back, retreat."

Two of the fighter jets released their missiles at the Gojiran, exploding onto his dorsal plates. Rajin roared in annoyance and swung his tail in the air as a sign to fuck off.

But humans being humans, didn't take heed of his warning and began to keep firing at him. While none of their shots affected him, it did piss him off quite a bit. He dove underwater and disappeared from their line of sight.

"Ma'am, target has disappeared." Said one of the pilots over an intercom.

"Hm. I expected a little more from it. Alright, return to base."


The fighters turned around and headed for base when a claw swiped one out of the sky.

"Target has reappeared! Repeat, target has reappeared! And very pissed off!"

Rajin splashed back into the depths of the ocean, snarling. "Consider that a true warning!"

"Turn back!" Gyozen shouted, "Target has proven hostile!"

"You humans can be so helpful yet so annoying at the same time!"

Rajin breached the surface and bellowed at the retreating aircraft before flaring his nostrils and heading back underwater on his way.

Rajin rose from the water, large masses of it falling off his shoulders and dorsal plates as he snorted. "Seems to be a normal island."

He stomped onto the sand, mumbling about annoying ass humans and where the ever-loving fuck he was. Was he even still on the Earth he knew? Was this a very similar planet to Earth? Low chance, but not impossible.

He stepped on something wet and lifted his foot, finding the same blood trail from the ocean! "Must have went through that vortex as well."

He smelled it just in case he lost the trail itself and continued to follow the crimson liquid down the beach, occasionally looking up and around for any other Titan that may be lurking.

He came to a stop, where the remains of the dolphin remained and where the blood trail ended. Great, he knew it's been eaten, but what ate it?

His hearing picked up a shriek in the distance, followed by a scream. A little girl's scream. His slow walk quickly turned into a jog, following the shrieks, surely from another Titan.

It wasn't long until he came across a sight, a serpentine Titan threatening...a human girl? With no parent in sight or sense, he stomped his foot, getting both the serpent's and the girl's attention.

The serpent, known as a Manda, snarled at the Gojiran in front of him and waved his fanned tail in the air, trying to intimidate the larger Titan. Unimpressed with Manda's attempt, Rajin stood between the girl and the Titan and inhaled.

Before the Manda could make a move, Rajin unleashed a roar right at the Titan's face, shaking the Earth underneath them and forcing the girl to cover her hears from the sheer volume. Manda winced from the roar and shrunk as the Gojiran kept this up for a few more seconds before stopping and flaring his nostrils.

Frightened, Manda snarled before scattering and making a break for the water. Rajin flared his nostrils again before turning his attention to the small girl. For a human, she was pretty large, about up to his thigh. His eyes darted behind her, where he saw a tail with small dorsal plates going down it. What was this? A human? A Titan of some sort? Some weird combination of the two?

The girl had short, dark grey hair, made into ponytails resembling the ears of felines, wearing a sweater just as grey as her hair. A dress of some sort sat above her black pants and straps above around her arms. Like him, she had dorsal plates, with hers being small and undeveloped.

His amber eyes looked into her red ones and he could feel the fear inside her. He took a few steps back, putting a few feet between them. He could tell her heartbeat was slowing back to a steady pace as her face softened a bit. "Are you alright, young one?"

The girl had a face of shock for a second before answering, "Y-yeah. I'm fine. T-thank you, for saving me from that...thing."

Rajin softly flared his nostrils, "It's alright. You run along back to your parent." He began to turn around and head back for the ocean.

"Wait!" The girl called out, getting Rajin's attention. "Who are you?"

"My name is Rajin. That's all you need to know." He turned around and waded into the water as the little girl watched him dive underwater.