The Hitchhiker

Chapter 1: The Pup (Wrong Turn)

I'm not the biggest, I know. I'm not the most muscular though I have a bit of tone to me, I know that too. What do I have going for me? I'm very boyishly cute, I'm short in my height and a lightweight at 4'8 and 80lbs, and I'm looking to have some fun. From that kind of a description, there's no secret behind it. I am gay. My name is Nico. I am a seal

The thing is I've never made it with a guy yet. Yeah, I am a virgin. I was driving down the coastal highway on a road trip. I found myself talking to myself as I'm the only one in my car, and saying things I'd keep in a car, "I feel like I'm ready," I said to myself as I drove down the road in an old 2002 Nissan Xterra. I soon saw someone hop the guardrail

It was an Owyhee Bobcat wearing a pink t-shirt and light blue denim jeans. I was in a black leather jacket, a striped shirt, and tight little yellow shorts. I soon caught sight of the tomcat at the railing. I thought this was it, "You know what? Wrong turn, let's get lost," I said, grinning to myself and turned my SUV around to drive up to the hitchhiker tomcat

"C'mere," I purred to myself at the window

The tomcat walked up to the window, "What's up?"

"Oh not much, I'm just a little lost," I replied,

"You going my way?" he asked, I grinned back

"Where're you heading?" I asked back to the tom

"Just down the road a ways," he replied, I nodded

"Alright, c'mon hop in," I agreed, and let the tomcat into the car. I drove with him a few miles down the road. With his directions, we ended up at a roadside motel just off the highway, "Whew," I said walking in first, a little tired from the road as I walked into the motel room with the tomcat behind me, "cool," I added, and sat down at the nightstand.

I'm a typical harbor seal. Two toned blueish-grey to a light grey color to my fur, and I covered from head to toe say for my chest, belly, my 'parts', and the inside of my arms and legs in dark, in blue-grey spots. Like this tom I picked, I am what some call 'exotic' when it comes to my species. I also have no tail in the back as it evolved into my pair of feet

The tomcat sat on the sofa chair. I lightly pushed aside the phone to give me a bit more room. I sat with my legs a bit spread out with my hands between my legs. The tomcat had a friendly look in his blue eyes. Honestly, I was not sure of what I was doing, yet I know that this tomcat is not going to harm me. I mean, he hasn't held me at gunpoint yet

"Well, thanks for picking me up," he said to me

"Picking you up? I usually don't," I said, trailing off

"I've been out there a long time looking for a ride,"

"A ride? I questioned, looking away from him shyly,

"It's kind of eery, but you seem like dude"

"Well, I'm glad you did," he said, touching my knee

"," I said, brushing his hand away,

"What's wrong?" he asked out of concern to me,

"Well, I've never really done this before," I explained to him, turning my eyes toward him, and grinning weakly to the short-tailed cat. I even still had my braces of all things, "kinda nervous," I added with a light nod of my head. I think this tomcat can see the virginity without me having to say it out loud to him. There seemed to be an understanding

"It's ok," he soothed with a warm smile to me

"Uncomfortable," I added, looking away from him

"You know...a guy and a guy that's kinda weird"

"But you're so smooth," he replied back,

I felt him gently rubbing the back of my right leg and my knee, "Yeah, I'm smooth...," I said looking away as he touched me. The thing is, everything he was doing was so new to me. I won't say it yet, but I feel like I'm starting to like this. This was a new feeling to me, and his paws are soft and his touch his gentle. His left paw went toward my 'parts'.

"You like the way I touch you," he said in a whisper

"It's the first time that a guys's ever touched me,"

"First time for everything," he said, and sat at the bedside. The handsome tomcat approached me. My leather jacket squeaked as he was helping me out of it, "let me take off your shirt too," he whispered, and removed my striped t-shirt, and white undershirt with it. His paws stroked down my bare chest so gently, "oh my god, you're soft," he purred,

I let out a giggle, and felt the tomcat feel my little nipples with the sides of his thumbs. As I laid down on my back to the bed with my arms at my sides, and felt the tom stroke up and down my chest and belly, "It must be why you respond so cute," he purred, stroking near my 'parts', "maybe you picked up the right guy this time?" he purred,

He thumbed my left nipple and began to kiss and suckle it as I was laying on my leather jacket on the bed, and he was top of me with his paws at the sides of my waist. I moved my hands back so they were up by my head. His paws stroked up toward my armpits, and then down toward my knees and very slightly lifted them as I heard the kissing sound

"This feels...really good," I said in my own purr

"You like that, don't you?" he whispered back to me

His paws touched my armpits, "So did you really hitchhike?"

"Or were you looking to pick up a guy?" I asked him,

"Well, it looks like I found one, didn't I?" he flirted back

"Oh you did?" I said with a light grin on my muzzle

His kiss was moving from the middle of my chest to my right nipple, and his touch was stroking down the sides of my chest to my waist, "You're so god damn sexy," he purred, "and so cute, mmm...," he said with a kiss and touch to the middle of my belly, "and with these cute little shorts on," he added, massaging me below the belt, but not touching it

I leaned up a bit with my hands behind my head to get a look at where he's touching me. I laid my head back down. He lightly pinched, and tugged at the edges on the legs of my shorts. His paws, and fingers stroked up toward my belly, and back down to trace the hems before he gently removed my yellow short shorts to reveal a pair of white briefs.

He also removed my tennis shoes too. Now I was laying on my belly with my legs very slightly spread, and he was straddling my left leg while giving me a massage. I was afraid that this guy was going to rough, and take advantage of me because I'm small, and not very muscular. I may not know his name, but it doesn't matter. It feels good to be wrong

"Nice tight back," he said with firm fingers into my fur

"You like rubbing it?" I asked with my hands under my chin

"Mmmhmm...," he hummed as he was massaging me,

"So smooth, and...tight," he added as his compliments

"You just have to relax a little bit," he purred, grinning

"Am I still unrelaxed?" I asked, keeping an even voice

"Don't worry about that, we'll loosen you up," he replied

I lightly chuckled to that, "Loosen me up?" I questioned

"Mmmhmm...," he hummed as a 'yes' to my question,

His gentle paw stroked the side of my chest, "Your figure is perfect...perfect little pup," he flirted as bedroom talk to me. As he said that, I popped my head up a bit, and looked forward as I felt his massaging paws at my lower back. This tom has good hands. I've never felt anything like this before, and I was curious as to what he was going to do next.

His paws find the path to my butt. He purred as he touched it, "You like that?" I asked as I felt him putting kisses on my butt, and I looked back to see him on his knees behind me, and shirtless. His right paw was at the right side of my lower back, and his left was just below my butt, "I've never had that done," I said to him, the tom smiled back to me

"You have a perfect little ass for it," he replied and put more kisses on my butt, as I rested my cheek on my elbow. I've heard this term before from some of my friends, now it seems I have an admirer. I've been told I have a bubble butt. A cute little asian seal with a bubble butt, "I just love cute little asses," he added with a light tap to make a wiggle.

"What's wrong why don't you slap it a little harder?" I asked,

"I'm not one for hurting people," he replied with a smile,

He kissed and stroked my butt while he purred. Soon, he was out of his jeans and in a pair of white briefs as well, lighlty rocking his hips against my butt. He was on his knees behind me, and peeled back my briefs only halfway, "You're not going to hurt me?" I asked looking back at the cat, and a giggle escaped my lips as he kissed my left butt-cheek.

"Of course not," he purred, and reassured me to my relief.

"I'm not into those guys that are into that," he added,

He stroked my butt cleft and my right cheek, "Feels good"

"I know," he smirked, reaching my sides of my briefs

As he was pulling down my briefs, I began to turn over so I was resting on my side. I rested on my left side with my left leg bent inward, and my right leg bent up and inward. My right arm was draped over my belly, and my left forearm was supporting me. My 'thing' is nothing special. Uncut, 1.5 inches, thick as my finger, and looks like a tiny trunk

The 'push-button' shape makes it small. A little package that doesn't go down passed my 'pair'. I felt like a model posing for a painting, "Oh...," he purred as he approached my nude body. I was on my back with my hands near the back of my head as he began to go down on me. I closed my eyes to relax, and get lost in a new feeling. This felt so good.

Soon it was my turn to go down on him. I laid at the side of his left thigh, and I began to suck. He is bigger, that's for sure. He stroked my head, and down to my butt as I was laying on my right hip as I pleasured him. As I stroked his piece, "You want something else?'ll enjoy," he purred as an offer to me, I'd no idea what I was in for,

"Oh?" I asked, I was not sure what he means by that,

"You wanna try it, and see what it's like?" he offered,

"What?" I questioned while still stroking his larger piece

"Here I'll show you," he said sliding off the bed, "c'mon..." he further coaxed to me. He stood near the bed as I too slid off the bed to stand up. His piece looked like something that would enter a room before he himself when he is in the mood. My right butt-cheek make a quick, and light wiggle, and my 'trunk' swayed lightly and quickly like a pendulum

"Hey, wait-wait a minute, what're you doing?"

"Just relax, I'm not going to hurt you," he replied back,

"Well, that's what I'm afraid of, I mean...I don't know,"

"Well you never know if you don't try," he reassured me,

"What're going to do?" I asked as my worries came back

"Nice and slow fucking you, you liked everything else,"

I felt his hands at my waist, and rocked his hips very slowly against my butt. His piece was following him with his movements. I lifted up my leg onto a nearby chair at the table. I felt his piece slowly prodding me. I closed my eyes to this feeling of his piece going inside of me, "Oh...," I moaned lightly as he was taking it slowly, "this feels...kind of good,"

I was on my back on the bed. He held onto my ankles with my legs spread in a 'V'. He was thrusting it into me, going harder and faster than he was just a moment earlier. My mouth was a agape, and moans were escaping with my breaths of lust. He would then switch to another position with my knees touching my chest while he was putting it in me.

To think that this came from picking up a hitchhiker, I never thought this would ever happen. I held onto a stack of pillows while on my knees, and hands. The tomcat was on his knees too, thrusting into me with his hands on my shoulders. My butt lightly wiggled to each thrust into my hole, and my 'parts' swayed back and forth in time with every thrust.

I fell down to the bed when he was done, "You alright?"

"Never had anything like that, huh?" he asked, grinning

"No, never," I said lightly shaking my head, and smiling

"Well, I'm glad to be your first," he said, and kissed me.

"Will I ever see you again?" I asked, laying on my belly

"Hopefully," he replied, and kissed my butt, "bubble butt,"

"I have a bubble butt?" I asked, he nodded and kissed it

"Yeah, you have the perfect bubble butt," he said in a hushed voice, and gave it a light tap and a side-to-side rub, "it makes a nice wiggle too," he teased, "be confident in who you are, trust me, you got this, the boys will love you," he kissed my lips, and got off the bed. He kissed both my butt-cheeks again after getting dressed, and left so I can sleep