Home Alone

Chapter 8: Sweet Words of Wisdom

It was another morning around the place. Kyle and I usually take turns making breakfast. It all depends on who wakes up first. I was making blueberry pancakes when I heard Kyle on the phone. I was excited about the trip to the pool, but it sounds like there's going to be a wrench thrown in the plan. Am I mad? No. I don't get mad. Just disappointed.

He put his phone down with a bit of firmness on the table. He put a playful hand on my butt, and caressed off it as he went to the French press to get some coffee. Kyle sighed, "My dad called, he wants me to stop by his place, family business, you know?" Kyle said, he had that look in his brown eyes to say he didn't want to go further into that subject.

"I'll be gone for a couple days" he sighed

"It's okay, I won't burn the place down"

"I know, I can trust you to watch the place" said Kyle with his soft paws on my shoulders as I looked up at him, "I wanted to go to the pool too, but family comes first, you know what I mean, so just...you do you" Kyle's dad's name is Gordon. He lives out in the Southwest. It's at least a two day drive. From the way Kyle spoke, he sounds annoyed by this

"I know, you can count on me, I got this" I replied, and got a gentle kiss on the forehead from my muscled roomie. After a good breakfast, he was out the front door after saying his goodbyes to me. Well, the pool day will have to be pushed back a few days. Still, I find ways to make the most of it. The little seafood place down the street has Lobster Rolls

Looking around the living room with my hands on my hips, I made my plans for the day. There were some cans of soda pop on the coffee table to be put in the recycling bin, and some dishes from last night I forgot about, and I washed them as well as those from breakfast. As the dishwasher hummed, I looked around for other tasks to do before I go out

"We'll go by noon maybe 12:30" I formulated

"Maybe I might see that Doberman" I thought,

I laid nude on the bed, and surfed the internet to watch YouTube videos to pass some time. A thought popped in my head to wear the tan khaki shorts today. Time ticked away, and by noon I got up to take a shower and got ready to go out and enjoy the day. I threw on a purple t-shirt to go with my tan khakis and my sandals as I headed out the door.

I checked my pockets to make sure I have everything from my cellphone to my wallet. I'm all set. The little seafood place is just a block down from the apartment building. They have great fried oysters there too. I walked in, as I did, a pair of admiring eyes got a glimpse of me. I looked back, and I grinned lightly and I found myself a seat at the counter

"It's 'him'," I thought, recognizing the guy

"I'd call it chance too" I added in my thoughts

The doberman had been eating a crab cake sandwich as it was down to the last few bites. I am thinking he has been here a while before I arrived. A Mackerel Penguin waitress took my order of a lobster roll, a bag of chips, and a fountain drink. As my order arrived, I showed that I have table manners. The food is great, and so is the social atmosphere.

I'm full to the point where I feel enough was enough without feeling 'stuffed' and with my meal paid for, I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. There he is already in there, and washing his paws. He offered a light grin back. I walked out of the eatery with my hands dry, and walked with him back to my place. It really is good to see his familiar face

As I opened the door, I felt his hand on my butt as he closed the door behind me. In the bedroom, I looked to see the nude doberman approached me slowly. I used my toe to slip off my sandals as this black and tan doberman put gentle paws on my shoulders. I looked up at him with a small warm grin as he was gently stroking down my upper arms.

"It's good to see you" I whispered

"You too" the doberman purred back to me

The doberman caressed my cheek with the back of his fingertips, and leaned in slowly to kiss me. I kissed him back to accept his gentle kiss. He broke away, and smiled as he reached down to pull up my shirt. I raised my arms up as he took off my shirt, and lightly placed it on the carpet. I slowly dropped my arms to side with his hands at my waist.

He purred as he went behind me. He kissed the back of my head. His hands stroked down my cheeks to my neck, and down to my shoulders. His kiss was going lower down my back. I lightly moaned feeling his fingertip touch going down my sides, and he gently pulled down my shorts with the sides of the waist band between his thumb and first finger.

"Am I not your only one?" I asked on the bed

"Would you look at me differently?" I questioned

"No, there is no shame in being a lover" he said

"I am one to some men" the doberman admitted as his hand stroked my butt up and down very lightly and very gently with his fingertips "there are the good men and there are those that are not so good out there" he explained, and I nodded lightly in understanding, "what is your name, little seal?" he asked me, purring. I grinned warmly to the canine.

"Nico" I replied softly, the doberman chuckled a low and suave chuckle as he kissed down my back. I lightly moaned as he placed a kiss on my butt for both cheeks. He came up, and kissed my cheek. I kissed him back on the lips. He grinned as we broke away, and ruffled the top of my head. He glanced at my butt, and he lightly petted it with his fingers.

"It wiggles like flan" he teased, and I giggled to his little jest and he kissed my butt again, "that is a very nice name, Nico, I like it very much...I am João" he replied, he sighed a happy sigh as he looked at my big brown eyes "you need to choose your lovers wisely, I do not want to see one so young and adorable like yourself getting hurt," João explained

"Did I choose wisely with you?" I asked

"I like to think I am a good man" João replied

He stroked down my hips, and kissed my butt again with a kiss for both butt-cheeks. I turned over, and rested on my right hip and my forearms with my left leg bent back a bit and my right leg bent so that I feel comfortable. I looked up at him approaching me. My eyes are warm as was my grin, and I asked what my position asks "Like what you see?"

João warmly grinned back to say 'yes' as he touched a paw to my right knee. That's actually the first time I've ever said that line. He gently and playfully tugged the foreskin of my 'button'. Needless to say, my foreskin is bigger than my 'thing'. I slightly spread my legs as I am on my back, and he kissed me. I touched his cheeks and down his shoulders

He was on his knees as he moved back with his kiss down my chest. I giggled as he tickle-scratched my ticklish spot to the left and right of my 'thing', and he put a kiss on my belly and then a kiss on the tip. My arms and hands went limp to the sides, and then my hands clinched the sheets as he began to go down on me at very loving and easy pace.

"Feels good..." I purred quietly to the pleasure

I opened my eyes a bit to see my 'button' flop out to the side, only for João to pick it up by the base and go down on me again while his stubby tail wagged behind him. I don't thrust into the muzzle of a guy when they go down on my 'trunk'. I let the feeling of pleasure flow through my veins, and relax. João came back up, and kissed me on the cheek.

"I can call you 'fofinho', yes?" João asked quietly, I turned over on my belly to face him. I prefer laying on my belly because I find it more comfortable when I am turning to face someone when they're talking to me on the bed. I nodded a light, single nod to say yes to him. He kissed my nose, and then my lips to say thank you. João is a very sweet man.

"My roomie calls me Bubble Butt" I teased,

João smiled and chuckled, "That is very funny"

"You are Asian, yes?" he asked, I nodded lightly with a smile on my muzzle, "my my...you remind me of myself when I was a puppy in Rio, I had the same frame as you, and the same butt, I had a big butt as a puppy" he reminisced with a light, but deep, masculine, suave chuckle, and we shared a passionate kiss "and now...it is time to feast" he purred,

My butt made a wiggle as his hand made a light glancing touch against it while he reached over to hold my shoulder as João kissed and nuzzled the crook of my neck. I felt his tickling fingertips stroking down my back with his kisses following close behind him. I lightly giggled, and looked back at him as I felt him lightly tickle the sides of my waistline.

He grinned back with a waggle of his tan eye spots, and placed a kiss on the middle of my lower back. His hands, and his touched moved down slowly over my butt. I closed my eyes, and grinned with a purr feeling his kiss on my butt as well as three unison taps such to make a tap and a wiggle, and not hurt me. I rested my 'trunk' and my 'pair' as well

"There is no one like you" he purred

"Never know, there might be another" I replied

"Then such things are very rare, and must be well taken care of" he complimented, and his kisses went even lower as he kissed down the backs of legs. I was feeling as many kisses on me as I have spots and splotches. I looked back to see him at my feet. I wondered what he was going to do. I lightly laughed feeling his tickle the bottoms of my feet.

I lightly moaned as I felt João sucking my toes. It was also another new thing for me. I guess this is what he means by a feast. His kiss moved up the backs of my legs following his stroking paws. He kissed my 'thing', and both 'parts' of my 'pair'. He pushed up gentle paws on my butt to see the hole. I felt him lick it, and he began to kiss and pleasure it

My phone buzzed "What is it?" João asked

"Kyle" I replied "texting that he arrived safely"

"Ah" João said in acknowledgement, and I turned to kiss him as he came back up. His hand reached down between my legs to touch my 'thing' and my 'pair'. João grinned as he rolled to the other side of the bed. I grinned, and crawled to him. My butt jiggled lightly with a movement of my knees as I laid to the side of him, and rested my chin on his abs.

João has the 'washboard' abs one might see on guys in the magazines. I wonder if he's ever done any modeling before? I gently touched his abs and his chest. His fur texture is different from mine, but still soft and smooth in it's own way. João gently stroked the top of my head, "may I stay the night?" João asked, I thought for a moment, and I nodded.

"Kyle might be gone for a few days, and company would be very nice" I replied, even in bed I like to be polite to my guests. Kyle is usually the one that brings the guys over on the late nights. This is the first time I've done it. I placed a kiss on his chiseled abs as he stroked the top of my head to the back of my neck. I then moved in to sweetly kiss him

"Would you like one?" I offered quietly

"Sure" João replied with a smile and a kiss to me

I keep my bedroom talk clean. João's paws massaged my shoulders, and explored down my back to my butt as I laid on top of him, and kissed him. I moved my kiss down his chest to his belly with my hands following behind me, stroking his toned chest and abs. He purred as I laid on my belly with my legs in a 'V', and my little head between his legs

When I found it, I picked it up by the base and went down on him. He makes the same purr I do when I draw a bath, and I sink in and let the warmth of the water take hold. His gentle paws massaged my shoulders. As I pleasured him, I felt his hand go down the line of my back, and his finger stroke between my butt-cheeks. I purred to this new feeling.

I do my best to keep myself very clean down there. I giggled with his five inches in my muzzle as I felt him with the finger tickle my 'button'. His hand moved up from there, and stroked my butt back and forth lightly and slowly. His suave chuckle tickled my earholes as he lightly tapped my left butt-cheek with a light tap and side-to-side rub for a wiggle.

"Oh yes, Nico..." he purred with sweet lust

I felt him stroke down, and tap my right butt-cheek lightly three times. I feel like that was him saying that was enough for him. I stopped, and caught my breath. Now done, he grinned to me and got off the bed. I grinned back. If I have a 'bubble butt', João has 'toned butt'. I went up to the window at the balcony. I went to him. We watched the sunset