Finally safe behind the door, Adam drew his bride into his arms and lifted her up against his body to capture her lips once again. Their kiss deepened and sent waves of heat coursing through them both. She happily wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss with just as much fervor and passion. If he kept at it, Adam knew he wouldn't stop. He wanted to savor this.

He broke away and set her to his side in an attempt to recover his senses and his breath.

Belle leaned against the door next to him, panting, her balance just as unsteady as his. How quickly their passion could ignite and threaten to consume them. What a wonder!

Without saying a word, Adam took her hand and led them to the couch in front of the fireplace, which lit the room with a soft, intimate glow. They sat, and Belle leaned her back into him

His arms held her tightly. "What are you thinking of?" he asked. His lips brushed against the back of her ear and sent a shiver of warmth down her spine.

"How devastatingly handsome you are, my husband." Smiling up at him, Belle turned and ran her hand over his shirt and down his chest. After having become somewhat familiar with his former form, she wanted to study the feel of him as he was now. Slowly, she allowed it to travel lower, and it came to rest on his outer thigh.

He hummed at her touch and, gripping her chin, tenderly captured her soft lips with his.

Belle leaned into the kiss, practically crawling onto his lap. But the many layers of skirts on her dress were cumbersome. The need to remove them grew to where she couldn't take it, and she broke away from the kiss in order to shed at least the petticoats beneath the dress. Her hands trembled with anticipation as she stood, making it a struggle to untie the undergarments.

Adam's eyes widened at the realization of what she was trying to accomplish, and he got up to assist her. Starting with the laces down the back of her gown, he slowly untied the bow at the top and moved to pull each rung loose, allowing his fingers to brush against the bare skin of her shoulders he'd exposed. He bent down, kissing her neck as the dress fell to the floor.

Belle made quick work of the petticoats and her stays, leaving only her chemise in place. She stepped back from him and laid the garments onto the chair nearby in an effort to avoid wrinkling them. The chemise was already lowered to accommodate the rounded neckline of her gown, and with a pull of the string across the top, it fell further, exposing the entire tops of her breasts. Her arms bent at the elbow prevented the entire thing from falling off of her body as she reached out to kiss her mesmerized husband once again.

As she sucked on his lower lip and his tongue traced her upper one, she assisted him in removing his coat, then his waistcoat, and started unbuttoning his shirt. She trailed her kisses down his neck and chest, extracting the most delicious moans from her beast.

The pleasure Belle blessed him with overwhelmed his mind. He scrambled to remember the conversation he'd had with Tobias last night. At the time, he'd been placating himself by asking about the intimate act, knowing well he would never have the chance to experience it. But he'd been drunk enough—and curious enough—to pose the question. He'd wanted to know what it was like, and how exactly it was accomplished.

Tobias hadn't been the least bit embarrassed, and was more than happy to describe in indelicate detail, how a man and woman's bodies joined, and the ecstasy that could be felt by both when done correctly. There was one word of warning, though, and it was breaking through Adam's thoughts at this moment. Sharing this first experience with his stunning bride, he recalled that for a woman, the first time could be painful.

The last thing he ever wanted to do was hurt her, and it dampened his passions. He'd been surprised by that revelation and followed it by asking if anything could be done to ease that discomfort. Tobias assured him that if the time ever came, he just needed to take his time, making good use of his hands first, stroking her desires to a point of near frenzy, then the pain would be avoided or so short-lived as it gave way to a level of pleasure one couldn't even imagine. That was when he abandoned the conversation and changed the subject, because he truly believed it was something he'd have to keep to his dreams.

Pulled back into the moment, Adam sucked in a breath as Belle's chemise pooled at her feet, and she stood before him, in the light, completely unclothed. Briefly he recalled the last time he'd seen her like this, and the flood of primal desire that had gripped him then, returned. Her cheeks flushed just slightly, and it made her even more becoming. That day in London, he'd assumed the clawing, practically uncontrollable desire that gripped him was some sort of feral, animalistic urge that was a product of his beastly form. But the exact feeling was attacking him now, and for the first time, he recognized what Belle had told him all along. That the Beast wasn't some sort of separate entity. That his passions were simply those of a man in love with a woman, and perfectly natural and normal.

Having already thrown off his shirt, she stepped forward to remove his pants, her hands slightly shaky. He reached down, grasping her hands in his, staying her fingers, wanting to drink in the breathtaking sight of his naked bride for a little longer. She was beyond gorgeous. Her hair was arranged in a simple, but effective coiffure, with ringlet curls tumbling around her beautiful face. Her round, pert breasts moved with each breath she took, and his gaze drifted lower to her narrow waist and flat stomach that gave way to just slightly rounded hips and a shapely derriere.

As his eyes roamed her body, Belle felt the gaze like a flame, scorching her everywhere it lingered. She had no expectations, or even fully understood what this driving need was. If she had thought to discuss the ins and outs of love making with Kara, or even her mother, she would have immediately dismissed it, knowing that it was unlikely her Beast would ever discard his conviction of remaining in that form. And as long as he was a Beast, he kept their physical contact limited and chaste.

Now here she stood, ready to give him the last piece of herself, and she wondered why she wasn't the least bit afraid or nervous. Perhaps because she didn't know how all of it worked, just letting her body lead her, so she couldn't anticipate any unpleasantness that might be on the horizon? The glorious way she felt when he kissed her, touched her, she couldn't imagine any part of this being unpleasant in any way. She also trusted him like she'd trusted no one before and knew he would never harm her.

He approached her, his hands coming up to cup both of her breasts, and she sharply sucked in a breath as his thumb brushed across her nipple. The shock-waves of bliss that his fingers sent through her body were exciting, and she hungered for more. He took his time getting to know each breast, and all the ways his touch affected her. The throbbing need between her legs was growing, and she reached down to help relieve him of the rest of his clothing. It was her turn to stare at his body.

A loud knock at the door interrupted the moment, and she had only just begun to unfasten his breeches.

With a growl, Adam tore himself away, and in a gruff tone shouted, "What is it?" to whoever was beyond the door.

"Master, sir, the guests are beginning to wonder where you and the bride have gone off to." Cogsworth nervously said, immediately regretting being talked into finding the missing couple. Although it seemed a strange time to run off and read, when they turned up missing after they served dessert, he'd had little doubt where to find them.

"We needed some time alone, to get some air, and clear our heads. We'll rejoin them shortly. Until we do, no one is to disturb us. Is that understood, Cogsworth? Keep this hallway clear." The King's voice had regained its casual tone, but it didn't ease Cogsworth's discomfort.

"Yes, Master," the majordomo shortly replied before scurrying away and shutting the doors to the hallway behind him.

"Now... where were we?" Adam's eyes blazed again when he turned, and found his bride bent over, spreading out a blanket on the rug in front of the fireplace. The sight of her ample rump caused a different kind of growl to escape his lips, and he quickly removed his breeches and came up behind her, grabbing her by the hips, pulling her back against him.

Belle lost her breath as she felt the stiffness of his desires pressing into her backside, and his wide hands slid around the front of her hips and down her inner thighs. She moaned, and leaned back against him as his hands slowly trailed back up, one finger tracing the outer lips of her center.

Standing while his fingers caressed her innermost core was almost more than she could bear, and her hands reached back to grasp the back of his neck in order to hang on to something. The movement caused her bottom to brush against his groin, and Adam lost his balance as the unexpected pleasure coursed through his body. He managed to prevent them both from crashing to the ground, but in doing, so she was now face to face with him, his thick arm around her back, her breasts pressed into his chest, and the bulge between his legs resting against her stomach.

He slowly lowered them onto the blanket and he reclined back, using the arm that had been around her, to prop his head up. She leaned away, then took her time looking over his body. The indescribable wave of excitement that she felt the day she saw him in the mirror, half dressed and soaking wet, was nothing compared to the way her body tingled upon seeing him, stretched out in all his glory. He was too fine a specimen of masculinity and grace. Nearly every part of his body was sculpted muscles, from his wide chest, narrow waist, and chiseled stomach, to his thick legs, and bulky shoulders. But where her eyes settled caused a gasp to be released from her lips. She had never seen or imagined anything like it. It stood to attention, and she could see it pulsating under her gaze. Without a thought, she reached out and wrapped her hand around him, not even noticing the groan, and slight wince, it created in her husband.

She held it, felt it throbbing under her fingers, and she forgot to breathe, so enthralled with her new discovery. Finally, she sucked in a breath and released him, only to trace her fingers along the side of it, looking up at him as she did, to see what sort of response a lighter touch would elicited. She was delighted to see him throw his head back as he moaned in pleasure, pinching his eyes shut.

Without removing her hand from the delicate area, she leaned over him, pressing her breasts into his chest once again, and captured his lips with hers. His hands gripped her body closer to his, and one moved between her legs, slowly slipping a finger inside of her. He stifled her surprise with his tongue, and they melted into one another as they both pet and stroked the other's desires until the burning need within was too overwhelming to keep at bay any longer.

Rolling her onto her back, Adam continued to tease and fondle her delicate folds, spreading the moisture that dripped out of her along the lower lips. She arched into his hand, letting out a whimper as his finger slid back inside, pressing deeper until she had to bite her lip to suppress a scream.

Feeling that she was close to some sort of pinnacle, he settled between her open thighs, removing his finger from her opening. She looked deep into his eyes with a hunger that only served to further inflame his own, and with as much care and control as he could muster, he entered her with a gentle thrust.

Only a bit of the tip actually breached her entrance, shocking both her and him with the heat that radiated off the contact. Slowly, and bit by bit, he slid further inside until he felt the barrier, and with a slightly more forceful thrust, it was broken, and he was sheathed completely.

Belle was desperate to fill the need that overtook her, but was not ready for the sharp pain that now was foremost in her mind. Her face betrayed her feelings, and he froze, giving her body a chance to adjust to his presence inside her.

"I'm so sorry ma belle, but I'm told that can't be helped." His eyes searched hers for some sort of reassurance she wasn't completely disgusted with him for causing her pain when all he wanted to do was to give her pleasure. Her hands grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him down into a deep, penetrating kiss, that made his arms stiffen in their strain to hold himself above her, not wanting to add crushing her under his weight to his recent offenses.

Instinctively, Belle shifted her hips slightly beneath him, and the soaring pleasure that had flown from her returned with a depth she didn't know what to do with as he slipped deeper into her. She gripped his shoulders and tilted her head back, exposing her neck to his hot, wet kisses, as he retreated and reentered her. A shutter of pleasure coursed over her body as his mouth took one nipple inside and his tongue flicked the hard nub, all while slowly increasing the pace of his thrusts.

It was too much sensation for her senses to process, and a tightness built inside her until she burst with the most exquisite delight she had ever felt. Her body shuddered as wave after wave of exploding pleasure crested with each thrust until she felt a warmth fill her. He then collapsed against her after his ultimate crescendo merged with hers.

They lay there panting, not willing to separate their bodies just yet, trying to recover themselves in the aftermath of achieving what felt to them like the most spectacular climax in human history. After a few lingering moments, he withdrew from inside her, and rolled to the side, bringing her with him as she nestled into his shoulder, the length of her body pressed against his side and her hand resting on his chest. Neither wanted to ever leave the room, or put clothing on again.

Belle was the first to speak. "That was... incredible. I had no idea…" She couldn't even finish the thought; words did not do it justice.

"Neither did I. And to think we'd both resigned ourselves to never experiencing it," Adam casually said while running his hand up and down her back, brushing across the crest of her buttocks.

"Apparently, fate had much better plans." She grinned and planted a kiss on his chest, while her hand roamed from his shoulder down to his stomach, stopping before reaching his now relaxed manhood. "We really ought to get back to the party before anyone suspects we're…" she trailed off again, this time flushing bright red at the thought her parents might draw the correct conclusion.

"I suppose you're right, mon amour. We wouldn't want anyone thinking we abandoned our own wedding celebration to be intimate with one another." He gave her bottom a squeeze before allowing her to stand up, a devilish grin splayed across his handsome face. Belle giggled at the ridiculous statement and gathered her chemise from the floor.

Stealing glances at his beautiful bride, he too started to reluctantly dress himself as she tried to lace up the back of her gown. With his shirt buttoned and pants in place, he assisted her in fastening her dress the rest of the way.

Belle looked around, but there was no mirror in the room. "Is my hair alright?" she asked, turning around to face him as he buttoned his waistcoat back into place.

He let out a disappointed sigh that his bride's glorious body was once again hidden from him. But he focused on her hair now, and twisted a ringlet around his finger. "I was careful to suppress the desire to run my fingers through it. It still looks perfect, ma belle. As long as you can keep those blushes at bay, no one will be the wiser." He winked at her, causing her face to flush.

Picking up the discarded cravat off the floor, he considered it before holding it out to Belle. "Would you mind? I don't know that I can tie it myself."

She happily took the garment and set about recreating the glamourous knot Lumière had supplied. It took a few attempts to get it just right, but she managed to accomplish what she thought would be an undetectable replica.

Pulling his jacket back into place, and doing a final once over on one another, Belle slipped her arm through his and they strolled back to the ballroom, hoping no one would be the wiser.