Chapter 1: Blades and Chains

"Are you done having your little shower cry?" I heard a voice mocking me, a squeaky female voice like a little imp, "oh no, I died, and I just found out my guardian angel is my own dead brother, oh boo hoo hoo hoo," I looked to see the little imp that the annoying voice belonged to, how fitting, "look at it this way, your brother made your own destiny"

"What do you mean by that?!" I snapped,

"Your brother is a Hellspawn, and so are you, all because of Brother Dearest," said the little imp, "it'd be better for me to show you the ropes than 'Violator', call me 'Bee'," I was confused by all these names. Who was Violator? What happened to me because of my brother? "I wouldn't look in a mirror if I were you, no amount of makeup'll save your face"

I grabbed her, and threatened to crush her, "Shut the fuck up, already," I snarled

"Oh? So there's the 'American' to go with your 'Japanese'," 'Bee' teased as I tightened my grip with a snarl, "go ahead and try it, Mariko, it won't do you any good," she smirked, with that, I let her go to hear her out, "honestly, I was kinda hoping your disease would relapse and kill you that way, but it had to be a plane crash, still it is what it is in death,"

"Until then, I dub thee, 'She-Spawn', 'Baroness of the Butchered', 'Countess of the Condemned', 'Dame of all the Damned'," said 'Bee', "let me explain, when your brother died, he became a Hellspawn, a servant of my brother Malebolgia, and now it's set in stone that you will follow down the same path as him, now I'll be back after your armor hardens"

"Armor?" I questioned looking at my hands

"And don't pick at it either, or you'll go blind, I'll show you the ropes tomorrow night, or should I say the chains, tah-tah," with that 'Bee' vanished with the snap of her fingers. I got up from the ground, and looked at my face in a puddle in an alleyway. My eyes were green, sharp, and pupil-less and looked to be burning, and my face looked like raw meat

I couldn't damn my own brother. He did this for me, and those he loved. I clutched my face in my anguish. Everything I have is gone, and nothing but my ugly reflection staring back at me. The night went on. In the daytime, I stayed to the dark of the alleys of San Francisco. My tears. They burn. This is what I am now. This is me. I need to accept this.

"You done with the melodrama?" 'Bee' mocked

I looked at her, and turned away. I sat on the roof of a building in the Mission District. My cape on the suit flew in the wind as I stood up. My suit is as black as night. My arms were covered by red armguards with white spikes resembling teeth. My shins were covered by black spiked greaves, "I'll be honest, the white slingshot thong looks cute on you"

I snarled at her, "What can I say? Designed by yours truly," said 'Bee' with a wink

"First things first, your suit is made of souls and it's at your command, and it's a part of you whether you want it to be or not," she explained, my head was covered by a fitted, black hooded mask with white marks that look like crescent moons, or two blades on a battle-axe as I clinched a fist, "that anger and frustration you feel? Your suit reacts to it,"

My fist and forearm sprouted blades, and I punched a chimney, "Careful now,"

"I did that?" I asked seeing a hole going through the other side of the brick chimney and looking at my blackened hands, 'Bee' nodded with a satisfied grin. I wanted to punch her next. My suit came with a belt with a fanged skull for a buckle, and small fanged skulls holding my cape which I found can retract into my suit. 'Bee' then flew up to face me.

"Now you know what you are," said 'Bee'

"As a Hellspawn, you are a Spirit of Vengeance, Mariko," 'Bee' explained, sitting on my gravestone like it was a park bench, "this is what you are while your corpse is now worm-food," 'Bee' showed me what else I can do, "take up a fighting stance, and reach out with an open hand," I did, bladed chains sprouted out like tentacles, "see? you're a weapon"

I retracted the chains back into my hands and forearms, "Take your time, get used to your powers, you never know when you'll be called upon," with that, 'Bee' vanished though I feel like I'll see her again. I looked up at the full moon over The Bay. I looked at the TransAmerica Tower, and decided to see what else this suit can do, and ran as fast as I can.

'So my brother had these powers?' I thought as I ran faster than I ever could

I leaped off a building, and found that I can teleport. I closed my eyes under my mask, and tried again. Now I was at the top of the Tower. As I feel the breeze coming from the Bay, I'm starting to realize what I can do with these abilities. I saw a container ship going under the bridge. I saw my chance. I dived off the top of the tower, landing on the ship

The cape acted like a parachute as I landed on the ship. Quietly, I looked around, and I hid at the first sounds of voices, male voices and speaking Japanese. This ship is heading to Tokyo. My life is over, but my undead life has only just begun. I suppose there is some wisdom in that infamous American saying I'll take to heart: 'Life's a bitch, now so am I'