Chapter 2: Freelance Demon

Hellspawn. Mentored by Beelzebub, and Servant to Malebolgia. A soldier in the armies of Hell to fight against Heaven. I followed the same path as my brother, and this is where it ended up. This suit, this armor is me now. I should curse my brother, but I won't. He did this first, and he did it to protect those he loves. Like him, I'm a dark guardian angel.

Odd words coming from a devil. A damned soul. I've made it to Tokyo. From the dark of the cities many alleyways, my green eyes glow. There is evil here that does not sleep, and one is my mentor. Yet from the darkness and from the tops of buildings, I can see the good too. It was midnight, and here I am sitting on top of the Tokyo Tower pondering.

My cape flows in the cool breeze as I hear the sounds of the busy city. I dived off the Tower, and took refuge at the Komazawa Water Towers. As I hid in the shadows of the old building, it seems my presence did not go unnoticed. A young lady about my age when I died was wearing a pink kimono and with blue hair was riding on a broom of all things.

"I thought I sensed something," she said

"Go away," I lightly snarled back at her,

"Come on, let me get a look at you," she asked

"Fuck off!" I snarled back, looking at her,

"Now, that's no way to speak to a spirit guide,"

"It's my way, you stupid cunt," I replied with a light growl, annoyed by the sound of her voice, but it's better than hearing 'Bee'. She didn't seem to take my words lightly. Still, I'll give her what she wants. From the blackness, my sharp eyes glowed, burning with green necroplasm flames. My bladed chains moved like snakes. This girl knows what I am.

"A Hellspawn...," she stuttered in horror,

"No shit, Sherlock, is that a problem?" I asked

"Well...you can't go around scaring people,"

"You got something better in mind?" I asked

"Spill it, or you'll fly with a broom up your ass"

"Alright, alright, no need for hostilities, my name is Botan, and I'm here to help," she replied, I calmed down a bit. At least it's nice to see a face that doesn't belong to a demon. I do not know how much help she is going to be. I retracted back my chains and cape, "let's start over shall we? Like I said, my name's Botan, what's your name?" she asked me

"Mariko, Kurosawa Mariko," I replied, she seemed to know that name. I can see the pity in her eyes, "stop looking at me like that, or I'll claw your eyes out," I threatened to her, she was taken back a bit by my words. Inside me, my blood burns with necroplasm. Botan took a moment to collect herself, "I will ask again, you got something better in mind?"

"Come with me," she said, and I followed her to another realm away from the World of the Living. This world looked different, and a far cry from where I've been. The skies are red, and the sky flashes with lightning. This vast world seems covered by a low-hanging fog of some kind. Compared to where I've been after I died, this world looks like heaven

"What is this place?" I asked her calmly

"Demon World," replied Botan

"Perfect...," I concluded clinching a fist

"I don't like the way you said that," said Botan

"And I can't stand your fucking voice," I snarled

"Ugh...prickly for a dead woman," Botan said, not liking that, "alright, I'll see if I can grant you an audience with the Demon King and see if he'll let you stay in Demon World," I nodded a single nod, and followed her. My cape flowed around me as she led me to a palace. My Hell's not theirs. I feel I can find my place in this world, and in the Human World

She kneeled before him, "King Enki,"

"Botan? What brings you to Demon World?" he asked

"Well, this one's seeking exile," she said,

At least Enki isn't Malebolgia, "Is that what I think it is?"

"It is, this is Mariko, she's a Hellspawn,"

It was best to be respectful to the king, "Your Majesty," I said on bended knee to the king. Yet it seems that even kings can feel fear. As I kneeled, I looked at him with my sharp green eyes. I was keeping my mask on because frankly I don't want this king to die of fright. His queen goes by the name of Kokou. These lessons have to learned the hard way.

"A Hellspawn, eh? You don't look so tough," she taunted, as she got up in my face. I lightly growled behind the mask that covered my mouth as I looked up at her, "what's the matter, you have something to say, ugly?" she further taunted me with a smirk. I lightly squinted as I glared back at her. I decided it was time to give this little queen a warning.

"You better get out of my face, or I'll rip off both your arms and both your legs...and shove them down your throat," I growled back keeping my tone low, she looked offended and appeared to be powering up her demonic energy. My crimson cape flowed as my chains came out as summoned, snapping like the pincers of a scorpion, "bring it, little imp,"

"You're mine, you ugly bitch!" she snarled,

Enki held her back, "That's enough, Kokou,"

"I'll allow you to stay in Demon World, Mariko," said Enki

"But no mischief in the Human World" he added

"Fair enough" I agreed to his terms,

"I really don't like you," growled Kokou

I looked back at her, "And I really don't give a shit,"