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Ever since Ray and Nora had officially gotten together following the events involving the Legends encounter with the magical love guru Kamadeva, the new couple had been doing the best they could to find quality time with each other but it proved difficult due to the amount of missions they and their fellow Legends were consumed by.

The time would come however when the team would finally receive a reprieve between missions and the couple would decide to on their first official date together. While the other Legends went off to do their own thing, Ray dressed in a nice suit, jacket unbuttoned though, while deciding to forego a necktie and Nora dressed in a lovely blue dress with a bit of makeup on her face and the two of them disembarked from the currently parked Waverider and headed to a cozy restaurant located in the area where they were, which was located in France, and after entering, they were escorted by the maƮtre d to their table.

He thankfully spoke enough English to communicate with them and after handing over their menus, left and the waitress who'd be attending to them offered them a drink while they waited and they ordered a bottle of sparkling white wine. She brought them their wine while they browsed through the menu, which had the selections written in both French and English, and after sometime they finally made their decision and placed their orders for some particularly delicious looking but different dishes for themselves and the waitress took their menus and promised that their dinners would be brought to them as soon as possible.

As they waited for their food, they began conversing with each other.

"So what was it like being the owner and CEO of a multibillion dollar company?" Nora asked curiously while taking a sip of her wine.

Ray chuckled.

"It certainly wasn't easy. It had its ups and downs and sometimes the board could be pretty challenging," he admitted with a smile. "But I don't regret any of it because my work put me in a position to help people and hopefully create advanced tech to revolutionize the world. Plus my chosen path back then ended setting things in motion that would lead me to becoming an all-out superhero which has been absolutely amazing and not to mention pretty cool. And that of course also led me to become a part of this team and who knows but if I hadn't lived the life I lived or taken the journey I went through, you and I might not have ever met and ended up where we are currently."

"Don't be so sure of that. I'd like to think that somehow, someway, we would've eventually crossed paths regardless of whether or not you'd become the Atom and joined the Legends. Heck, but maybe you would've ended up being the one to invent time travel and we would've met back then during one of your crazy experiments with the tech," Nora suggested with a shrug and a smile.

Ray laughed softly in response.

"Perhaps, or maybe, and even if I hadn't joined the Legends, they would've still found and brought you to this time period and we would've somehow met back then. Perhaps you'd even be the mean old sorceress trying to off me and I'd sweep you off of your feet with my deliciously handsome and rugged looks," he countered with a grin while wiggling his eyebrows, causing his girlfriend to also laugh softly.

"Well at least we're together now and regardless of how it happened. And as far as I'm concerned, nothing else matters," Nora stated matter of fact while gazing at the man before her with all of the love and adoration she could muster.

"Same here," Ray agreed, his own eyes shining with love for her, after which the two of them lifted their glasses and shared a toast to new beginnings. The waitress then arrived with their dinner and after setting it onto the table, enquired as to whether or not they needed or wanted anything else. The couple politely declined and thanked her for the meal. After she left the two of them began eating while complimenting as to how delicious everything tasted. As they ate they resumed their conversation.

"So what was it like for you growing up in that asylum?" Ray asked her while taking a bite of his food.

Nora sighed.

"It wasn't too bad. Of course I was well cared for and it was comfortable enough. But quite frequently the orderlies and those in charge, especially the cult members who were ultimately in charge, behaved pretty harshly with me and sometimes pressed me beyond my limits when teaching me magic and combat skills."

"The Order Of The Shrouded Compass," Ray surmised, to which she nodded.

"Things could even be intense at times but I comforted myself with the belief that all of it was necessary in order for me to see my father again," she admitted. "I really wish I had gone with you and Zari though when I'd had the chance instead of listening to my father and the order and I'm so sorry I didn't listen to you guys. This whole mess is all my fault."

Ray on his part quick reached across the table and placed her hands in his.

"No Nora. None of that was your fault. You were only 13 then and you just wanted to be with your father again like any other child would. Don't blame yourself over being manipulated and by people who did not have your best interests at heart. And you might've helped your father in his actions and done some pretty bad stuff as well, some worse than others. But the woman sitting before me right now is no longer that person but is a hero, a great teammate, and most importantly the woman I love and my future and someone I would not trade for anything. Please don't look to the past but focus on the present and the woman you are now. A strong, confident women who's working to make up for her past actions and become a better person."

Nora wept softly as she listened to his reassuring words, tears streaming down her cheeks softly which she quickly wiped away, feeling truly loved and touched by her boyfriend's unwavering confidence in her and that he accepted her as she is.

"I love you Ray," she replied softly, squeezing his hands gently in love and gratitude.

"I love you to Nora," he responded with a gentle smile while returning her hand squeeze. They then continued eating and chatting about their past lives and their different adventures while Ray also regaled her with his adventures as the Atom, both with Team Arrow and also with the Legends, causing her to laugh at different moments when hearing something particularly funny.

They soon finished their meal and after receiving the check, Ray paid and then the two of them left the restaurant and went to an ice cream parlor nearby for dessert and then returned to the Waverider.

"I had a wonderful time tonight. Thanks for giving us both our first date night together," Nora smiled warmly and leaned her head onto his chest.

"Of course, and anything for my favorite girl," he answered smiling and then the two of them went back inside and to his room. Afterwards they spent the rest of the evening together talking which led to them exchanging soft kisses which escalated into a hot and heavy make out session and the next thing they knew, they found themselves in bed doing it like there was no tomorrow and making enough noise to the point that poor Mick was awakened while trying to sleep, causing him to grumble about obnoxious couples and beauty sleep. Though he privately admitted to himself that he was very happy for the new couple and hoped they'd have a great many years of happiness together.

The End

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