Path of Darkness (S1, E1) The First Member.

The 10 or so amazons would be riding around on horses, watching for any intruders on their island. After 10 minutes of riding around, in an open field, they would see a Man leaning over somebody, going through their belongings. The Amazons would take out their swords, and jump off their horses.

"MAN! For trespassing on themyscira, you shall go to trial with the queen herself." They would then hear the man start to laugh, and he turns around with Stormkiller in his hand (Stormkiller is basically storm breaker in The Mcu, but the original Storm breaker here is like the one in the comics). This was Bard, son of Jane Foster and Thor.

Bard would stand up, and fire a bolt of lightning straight at one of the amazons, evaporating her completely. Two of the amazons would pull out their shields, while two other amazons rush at Bard.

One of the Amazons would try to stab Bard in the chest, but Bard would suddenly appear right behind the Amazonian, and used the axe side of Storm Killer to stab her right in the side of the hip. He would then yank storm Killer out of her hip and use the blunt side in order to hit the other amazon that attacked with the one he had stabbed, and hits her right in the face, sending her flying. He would then fly upwards and comes right down, Slamming Storm Killer into the ground, creating a huge crater and killing all 8 of the amazons. He would then fly off to where the city is.

After 2 more hours, The Amazons had fallen. Bard would be walking through the Main city on the island, apparently watching and waiting...Then he would hear two people walking up behind him. He would turn around and it was Artemis, with her bow And Athena, with her shield with the head of medusa on it and a spear.

"Ah, I was only expecting one of you. Doesn't matter, I'll kill you both."

Athena: "Boy, you don't even know ho-''. All of a sudden, Bard would interrupt her by throwing Storm Killer at her, but she quickly pushes Artemis away, and rolls over. Artemis would pull out a arrow, and put it into her bow, then pulls back.

But as she was getting ready, Bard started charging forward, and Called storm killer back to his hand. He then jumped, channelling a huge thunder cloud, and tons of electricity is channeled straight into Bard.

Artemis's jaw would drop, her bow shaking, "Oh my Zeus.."

In seattle, Asgerd would have been just given a cup of coffee at starbucks. She would walk out of the shop, taking a sip of coffee. She would have seen an Poster for the New Captain America, who has been just recently revealed to be The new replacement of Captain America, Who is John Walker. It doesn't really feel right, if she has to be honest.

As she walked out, Spider-Lad would have been on top of the building, alongside Ghost Rider, "We need to talk."