Until We Meet Again

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Last Chapter

Their father sighed and stood up and said, "It seems that the parent must hear the selfish demands of their children." He stood up with the coffee in his hand, "And the parent also must scold their selfishness. This is your last chance." He began to walk away until another voice spoke up.

"It's also sometimes the duty of a child to tell the parent that they are wrong." Nino, Itsuki, and Yotsuba turned their heads to see Naruto standing in front of their father. Naruto was staring the man down, "You don't get it do you, even from our talk before. Do you have any faith at all in your daughters that they can succeed if they try hard enough? Do you have a single ounce of love or care at all? Seems to me that hasn't been the case at all? I never see you at the house, have you once at least come to visit them in their new apartment? Have they invited you over for dinner, and you never accepted." Naruto tightened his fist, he's seen Itsuki's phone, there have been texts from her asking him if he wanted to eat dinner with them. There was the only time he said he would come, but then he said he had something come up. Naruto shook his head and said, "I understand you're a doctor… but your daughters needed you… not once have you been there for them? You can't even look at them and support them in their endeavors. It's sickening what type of parent you are to them. Rena Nakano would be disappointed in you… so would Kushina Uzumaki as well. Look at what type of man… parent…, if you can even call yourself one, have become. I understand you paid for their food, clothes, a roof over their head, water, and more. But now it's different… they're trying to live their lives. They're looking out for one another. Isn't that good enough for you? Isn't it good enough that they're going out, and working hard for themselves, so they can be independent? I say it takes a lot of guts and determination for what they did… you can't even praise them for trying on their own. Studying hard, working hard, and living out in the real world. The only one here being a child is you… you clearly don't understand your children. The only thing you know how to do is dangle a credit card in front of their faces to get them to do what you want." Naruto closed his eyes and walked past him going towards Itsuki and Yotsuba. Naruto saw Yotsuba on the verge of tears and pulled her into a hug. Itsuki began to sniffle as well, for whatever reason Yotsuba was feeling. Naruto stated the exact thing she always wondered herself. Why did their father never try to encourage her, support her, or help her? More important do something to help her sister and be the parent he is supposed to be. Money and providing are only part of being a parent. Being the one involved in their lives means so much more, more than what money could ever buy.

Nino was in complete and utter shock as she slowly made, he way toward Naruto. He was currently hugging her two sisters as Yotsuba cried. She was crying, Naruto must have said exactly what Yotsuba has been wanting from her father. Yet he never gave her that, their father never gave them anything of true importance. Nino began to feel her boiling hate for her father for the way he has been. Was it truly wrong to believe in their friend, Naruto, then their father? Because right now, everything that Naruto has said, has been true.


This Chapter

Naruto shook his head as he rubbed the back of his head, "Transferring? That's the last thing I wanted to hear from him. It's imperative that you guys pass, we can't fail again."

Itsuki looked down and she said, "I'm sorry for getting you caught up in our family matters."

Naruto smirked and waved it off, "What are you talking about? Do you remember the wills our Kaa-san wrote? We were technically supposed to be family. So, it does involve me, we're friends anyway. This is what friends do, they help each other when the other asks for it." Itsuki had a tint of pink stain on her cheeks.

Just then Yotsuba slowly pulled herself away from Naruto's hug. She said, "I-I don't want to transfer."

Naruto then said, "That's not my concern anymore." Naruto looked at the three as they turned to him with a shocked expression on their faces, "It doesn't matter what he wants, what has happened, or what will happen. Because none of those matters, I'm going to do as I please. And I'll make you all pass! I'm going to make sure you all get to graduate together!" Naruto closed his eyes as his grin grew bigger, "I can see it now… we're all graduating together… none of you are left behind!" Naruto shot his eyes open and shouted, "We'll do it! Together! I believe in all of you!"

Itsuki smiled, she slowly shook her head, but that's Naruto for you. "That's reassuring Naruto, we'll be in your care!"


January 1st *Nakano Apartment*

Naruto was at the Nakano apartment standing up before the five quintuplets. Naruto pointed at a calendar, "We have two months before the final exam." Naruto raised both his hands and made a fist, "Let's do our best! Everyone!"

Itsuki stood up and got up close to Naruto's face and said, "Please do begin! And find out for us what we need to do to pass the exams!"

Naruto smiled happily at Itsuki's enthusiasm. Naruto gently placed a hand on Itsuki's head and said, "Yeah, I'll help the best I can." Naruto turned to the other four, "Now, let's start." Just then a line of blood ran down Naruto's nose.

Itsuki and Yotsuba both screamed out a little taken back by that. Yotsuba quickly handed Naruto a tissue. Nino who had her arms crossed on the table looked at Naruto confused, "What's the matter?"

Ichika put a hand up to her mouth and smirked, "Maybe he's been reading something naughty."

Naruto took a tissue, "Thanks Yotsuba." He quickly rolled it up and stuff it up in his right nostril. Naruto looked to his right at Miku, "Miku has been having me try different chocolates lately for some reason.

Miku smiled as she held up some more, "I brought some more if you want some."

Nino spoke up and extended her hand out, "Hey, I've been craving something sweet."

Miku then turned away and said, "No, they're not for you."

Nino looked at Miku annoyed, "Hey! Stop being greedy and share some!"

Just then Miku turned to Nino with a slight blush on her face and a smile, "I'm not." Miku turned back to Naruto and said, "Have all of these and tell me what you think."

Naruto chuckled nervously and said, "Uhhh yeah sure." Naruto didn't know why the chocolates, but at least it's being made by one of his friends.

Ichika looked at the scene of Miku trying to give Naruto chocolates. Ichika's own heart began to ache, "I-Is… d-do I really have a crush on Naruto? T-This feeling… when I see Miku trying to give him chocolates… why does it bother me so?"


Later That Night

Ichika came walking out as she finished fastening a white t-shirt to herself, "You're still up?" Ichika said with a tiered voice. Ichika opened her eyes and turned to Miku finding her baking some chocolates.

Miku then looked at her worried, "Oh, did I wake up? Sorry."

Ichika shook her head, "No you're good." Ichika came and walked over to see how she was doing on her cooking, "You must have a good idea of what type of things Naruto-kun likes by now."

Miku looked up at her elder sister and said, "So you realized." Miku turned to the side and said, "I don't like sweet stuff, so I don't know what to do." Ichika looked towards the bowl to see the melted chocolate, but for some reason, there was an ominous, menacing, glow coming from it. Was that a skull too? "I'm making test batches."

Ichika chuckled and asked, "Is that a skill icon?"

Miku didn't take such a good reaction from that. Her eyes dimmed as she said, "This is a safe kind of skull icon."

Ichika looked at Miku a little worried, "What's a "safe kind" of skill icon?" Ichika simply raised her arms into the air making a shrugging motion, "Why don't you try a simpler recipe? Just melt and mold it." Miku seemed to close her eyes and sigh, while Ichika leaned on the counter, "I'm not particularly good at cooking, either." Ichika then opened her eyes and looked up, "Oh, that's right. I know someone who's a great cook." Miku looked to Ichika for her answer; Ichika rested her face in her hands, "Why don't you have them teach you?"


*Nakano Apartment*

Naruto stood in front of the four Nakano sisters, with Itsuki being absent, "So… where is Itsuki? Wasn't she like the one who was most energetic about this?"

Ichika smiled as she said, "There, there."

Miku then said, "There's a reason for her not being here."

Yotsuba however does ask. "Thought… where did she go?"

Nino sighed, she had her arm on the table with her head resting in her hand. Nino closed her eye and said, "Itsuki has that thing, remember?" Nino looked to her left to look at Yotsuba, "It's that day for her." Everyone's eyes widen remembering where Itsuki went.

Naruto got the hint of, 'that day for her', Naruto then waved his hands in the air, "Okay! Don't need to know any more! Why don't we all just continue then!"

Nino looked at everyone rather reserved, but Nino then said, "No! It's not that! Today is the day that our Kaa-san died. She died on the 14th of August, but Itsuki goes to visit every 14th of every month."


Later That Day *Nakano Apartment*

Miku looked down at the chocolate she made as there was a comical 'poof' that came from it. Just then Miku looked up to see Nino come walking in, "Huh? What are you doing all by yourself?"

Miku then said, "Nino…" Miku was rather surprised to see her home so early, "I thought you had a study group at school today."

Nino placed her bag down and she said, "Ichika made me come back."

Miku deadpanned as she said, "Wait, are you the person she was talking about?"


Outside *Nakano Apartment*

Naruto came walking up to the Naknao's apartment as he saw Itsuki peeking through the window. Though when Naruto made it to the top, he heard Ichika say, "Why did I end up liking him?"

Naruto froze for a moment; he didn't know what to say either. He appreciated just how much the girls meant to him. Though, he also knows he'll have to choose eventually, whether it's Mito, or Ino if she ever wakes up and wants to, then there are the five girls. Why does life have to be so complicated? Then decided to play it off and said, "What are you doing? Are you all right?"

Ichika quickly turned around and hit her hand up against the metal gate around their apartment's window, "Naruto-kun?!" Ichika had a blush on her face as her eyes widen in shock. Then Ichika recoiled and held her hand after hitting it.

Naruto walked over and knelt gently taking a look at her hand, "What are you doing… Ichika?" Naruto rubbed his hand over hers to help ease the pain. Ichika simply let him do as he wished while blushing.

Ichika looked up at Naruto as he tended to her hand, "It seems it'll bruise, but you seemed to have cut yourself." Naruto leaned forward to look at the metal cage that was around the window, "It doesn't seem rusted so you should be alright." Naruto knelt back down and took out some bandages. Ichika looked at Naruto rather confused, "I know, I know it's weird for someone to just carry bandages around, but it never hurts to be ready." Naruto gently placed the bandage on, "There, you should be good to go."

Ichika who stayed kneeling under the window looked at Naruto with a smile, "Thanks Naruto-kun… you're always looking out for us? Huh?"

Naruto smiled and he simply patted her head, "Yep, what would you girls do without me?" Naruto went to stand up, but Ichika's eyes widen as she leaped forward.

"Wait don't stand up!" Ichika said in her best whisper, so she wasn't too loud or too quiet. Just then Ichika tripped on Naruto's feet pushing him over and falling on top of Naruto. The two fell to the ground as Naruto made sure to wrap his arms around Ichika. That way she wouldn't fall onto the concrete. One had on her waist, the other on her head to protect her.

"Itai." Naruto said as he slowly opened his eyes, he looked down to see that Ichika was perfectly protected, "You okay?"

Ichika slowly sat up placing her hand on Naruto's stomach, "Y-Yeah… thanks for the catch. To the question from before… I'm pretty sure we'd all crash and burn if you weren't here." Ichika giggled and so did Naruto. Ichika went to move, but she found herself straddled on Naruto, with her hands on his stomach she said, "Woah… you must be shredded down here?!" Ichika blushed as she felt Naruto's muscles through his shirt.

Naruto blushed as he nodded his head, "Just a daily workout I do every day, run for a mile and a half, pushups, sit-ups, squats, and other things." Naruto went to slowly sit up, once he sat up Ichika and Naruto found themselves mere inches from their lips. Naruto swallowed, he went to say something, but he couldn't. The only thing that went through his mind was the kiss they had back during her shoot she had.

Ichika was thinking of the same thing as she leaned forward. It was as if it was her own body that took over her mind. Before Ichika knew it, her heart was racing, and she already leaned forward onto Naruto. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Ichika closed her eyes as she kissed Naruto. Naruto didn't know what to do as he placed his hands on her hips, unsure of how to react. So, he did what only knew what to do, he returned the kiss. The two held it for some time and soon separated. Naruto looked at Ichika with a curious look on his face, "Ichika… does."

Ichika placed a finger over his mouth as she shook her head, "No… it doesn't, I don't if you've ever kissed any of my sisters. What about Mito? You have so many girls after your heart Naruto-kun… but… that doesn't mean I won't try… just give yourself more time. I don't want you to think that kissing us means anything. Sure, it would have been our first, but in the end, you're the one who has to decide. I can't imagine how hard it is, but I just hope you."

It was Naruto's turn who placed a finger over Ichika's lips, "It's okay, I understand, even though I'm not sure about my feelings truly. You're all important to me, I'd hate to hurt any of you girls, but even I'm not sure 100%. All I know is I care about you all very, very much. Truly, I'm not sure what to do. So, finding out how I truly feel, this way is a way to go about it. But… it makes me feel as if I have this connection with you. What if I did it with Mito or Miku. I mean, it makes me feel like."

Ichika shook her head, "You aren't cheating, you aren't dating anyone, you're still exploring." Though Ichika did smile and say, "Come on, we should go before people start staring or Miku or Nino come walking out."

Naruto nodded his head, the two carefully made their way to the steps and walked down heading back to the school to continue tutoring with Ichika, Yotsuba, and Itsuki. Though, Ichika did grab onto Naruto's arm holding him close. It couldn't hurt to almost make it feel like they were dating.


Month Later February 1st *Nakano Apartment*

"Alright, guys! Just one more month before the final exams! Let's get started with our lessons, everyone!" Naruto held up their lesson book and said, "The part which you all need to understand is to read provided text from the author. Your goal is to find out what the author wants their readers to feel. Not what they think." Though Naruto froze as he saw all the girls were wiped out from the constant studying.

Naruto sat down next to the girls as Nino looked over at Naruto, "Is there something on your mind, Naruto?" When Nino asked this Naruto was currently observing the rest of the girls seeing what they had to say.

Ichika nervously looked down at her work and said, "I don't think we can focus anymore, let alone answer these questions."

Itsuki chimed in saying, "We've been studying nonstop for days." Itsuki seemed quite tired along with Miku.

Though Yotsuba spoke up shouting, "I-I can still keep going!"

Naruto then decided to take a break, they have all been studying a lot lately. Maybe everyone would like to take a break and do something else for a change. Naruto pipped up and said, "Girls, why don't we all go have some fun and take the afternoon off!"


*Nagaoka Resortland*

Soon Naruto and the five quintuplets went to the amusement park to go relax and have fun. Naruto rode on rollercoasters with Ichika, Itsuki, and Yotsuba. Miku and Nino aren't rollercoaster fans. Naruto went into a haunted house with Nino and rode around on a merry-go-round with Yotsuba and Miku. The group hung out and had fun for the next three hours.

The group was walking with Itsuki dragging Ichika to the next ride or game. Naruto was hanging back with Miku and Nino. Though Nino said, "Huh? Where did Yotsuba go?"

Miku took out her phone and saw a text from Yotsuba, "She said she had a stomachache and went to go use the washroom."

Nino raised an eyebrow and asked, "Why doesn't she just say so?"

Naruto shook his head and looked around, but for some reason. Naruto decided to close his eyes for a moment and feel around for people. Thanks to Tsunade and Jiraiya, Naruto did learn to sense someone's chakra signature. Naruto sensed Yotsuba over by the Ferris wheel. Naruto then said, "I'll be right back, I'll go wait for her so she can catch up with everyone."


*Ferris Wheel*

The operator of the Ferris wheel asked, "Just how many times are you going to ride on this?"

However, Naruto walked up and said, "Excuse me."

The operator said, "W-Wait just a second, that's occupied."

Though Naruto ignored him and jumped in. He found Yotsuba and said, "Mind if I join you?"

Yotsuba who looked up to find Naruto in front of her say, "F-Feel free." The two began their ascent, Yotsuba chuckled and said, "I thought I was doing a good job of hiding." Yotsuba crossed her arms under her chest, "How did I get found?"

Naruto chuckled as he said, "Remember? I can sense for your guy's chakra; I send you in a certain direction is all. Then…" Naruto pointed to her ribbon, "Your ribbon gave your position away exactly."

Yotsuba looked up shocked and said, "The ribbon was out of the bag!"

Naruto saw her pencil case along with her homework with her, "So, you snuck away to do some homework?"

Yotsuba nodded her head slowly and gave Naruto a small smile, "Yes. I thought I could keep going since I have more stamina than the others." Yotsuba smiled brightly as she held up a finger, "Also, the secret is that I'm the biggest dummy of the five of us."

Naruto simply flicked Yotsuba on the forehead, "Shut up, you don't know what you're saying." Naruto had his left eye closed and right one opened when he scolded her. Naruto leaned forward on both knees and closed his eyes, "You should take a break. We came here to have fun; you should enjoy yourself too."

Yotsuba then said, "No. You don't have any idea how dumb I am." Naruto looked up at her confused, "Do you know why we transferred to this school?"

Naruto did look down and nodded his head, "Ichika told me. You were about to flunk."

Yotsuba giggled at the memory as she said, "Our high school was what you would call a prestigious one. It wasn't unusual to be held back a year if they failed an exam. Naturally, we failed."

Naruto deadpanned, "You make it sound so natural." Naruto chuckled making Yotsuba chuckle as well.

Yotsuba smiled as she said, "We were given a chance to retake the exams, so we all tried our best." Yotsuba's face began to hold a half smile, showing how much, it hurt herself.

Naruto's eyes widen and asked, "Wait… are you saying out of the five of you, you."

Yotsuba replied, "That's our Uzumaki-san. You get everything right." Yotsuba looked down at the floor, "They all came along with me. They never so much as frowned."

For Naruto, something then clicked for him, "Is that from what you were taught about staying together?" "It's a good perspective to have, it's kept them together and strong in rough times. However, it's also dragged everyone down as well. Not just because of Yotsuba, it's for them to move on and be their person. Just like when I came into their lives and began to run a muck of things. Their fighting and all that, along with how their feelings are changing for me so much."

Yotsuba bowed a bit to Naruto, "So, please. Just let me study as much as I can." She then bowed further, "I don't want to drag the others down anymore."

Naruto smiled as he lifted her head, "Don't ever bow to me for help Yotsuba. We're friends if that's what you want. We can study together, one-on-one."

Yotsuba looked up with a smile that sprouted on her face, "Yes!"

"Well, let's go over that passage from before!" Naruto gestured, but Yotsuba smiled and held her book up for Naruto to see.

"Actually! I already figured it out!" Yotsuba said with a giant smile on her face.

Naruto's eyes widen a bit more and smiled, "I see… yeah you got it. The other girls had so much trouble here." Naruto smiled and said, "I think we have all five pieces together now." Naruto leaned forward and gently poked Yotsuba's forehead causing her to blush, "I get it now Yotsuba. I never knew how to do it right, I thought you guys helping one another would help you study. That's what your father meant by getting someone to help teach with me!"

Yotsuba looked at Naruto confused, "What do you mean by that? Please dumb it down for me?"

Naruto smirked, with his finger still on her forehead he said, "You'll help teach Japanese with me. To your sisters."

"Me?" Yotsuba looked at Naruto shocked. She then began shaking her head, "I can't! I can't!"

Naruto retorted back, "Yes you can! I've always known about your guy's exam scores, especially how you five say you all are one-fifth that equal a whole." Naruto moved to sit next to Yotsuba and pulled her in for another hug, "Meaning, for now on, you'll have to teach me Japanese. Sometimes I think the girls understand it better coming from their sister than always me. Miku is good at social studies. Itsuki is good at science. Yotsuba, you are good at Japanese. Ichika at math, and Nino at English." Naruto saw the look of surprise from Yotsuba, "You've always been special Yotsuba, just like your sisters. You're each good at different things, but this, if we have you guys help me teach different subjects. I think you'll all begin to understand things much better." Naruto smiled down at her homework, "If you can tell yourself, you can do it, that builds the foundation for your sisters to succeed alongside you. That means anything each of you can do, you all can do."

Yotsuba looked down, she asked, "I can be useful to everyone, even if I'm stupid." Naruto didn't let her finish that as he flicked her on the forehead, "Itai!" Yotsuba rubbed the flick mark on her forehead."

"You aren't stupid Yotsuba, you're learning and growing at your own pace. From now on we'll all be the teachers and students together." Naruto smiled at her gently, "You'll pass, you and your five sisters will pass. I believe in you, your Kaa-san believes in you. So do your sisters, we all believe in one another. This time you won't drag anyone down, you'll be pulling everyone forward." Naruto turned his head towards the horizon.

Yotsuba stared at Naruto silently as her cheeks heated up. Her heart began to throb and hurt; those have been words she has always been wanting to hear for so long now. Yotsuba saw how the sunlight hit on Naruto's face, bringing out his facial features. Yotsuba jumped forward and wrapped her arms around Naruto, "Thank you! I'll do my best! I can do it! Thank you! Thank you!" Yotsuba hugged Naruto tightly, those words he said, meant the world to her. To have someone state that they believed in her. Even though she knew she was a dummy. Yotsuba gently broke the hug and looked up a Naruto. She blushed when he looked down at her with a gentle smile adorning his face, "Naruto… you mean a lot to me, so thank you." Yotsuba placed her hands on Naruto's lap and hoisted herself up so her mouth was next to her ear, "For your information… back then when you weren't feeling well and I let you lay on my lap. That was a lie… when I joked when I said I 'loved you.'" Yotsuba then moved her face in front of Naruto's and gently pressed her lips up against his.


Time Skip Morning of February 14th *Cemetery*

Itsuki was kneeling in front of their mother's grave. Naruto came slowly walking up and said, "You do come here every 14th of every month."

Itsuki turned to her right and was surprised, "What are you doing here?"

"Well, I plan on rearranging my tutoring methods, this goes around you'll be helping me teach everyone science." Naruto smiled as Itsuki stood up next to him after getting off her knees.

Itsuki nodded her head understanding Naruto's plan, "I see… if everyone is a tutor, it shows our strengths in different subjects." Itsuki remembered reading this in a book, "I realized you can learn some things better by teaching than by being taught."

Naruto nodded his head and chuckled, "Well, I'll still be there if you need me. More than happy to help."

Itsuki turned to Naruto as a grateful look appeared on her face, "I appreciate what you've done for us Naruto-kun. Thank you. So, how does it feel to be thanked by someone you taught?"

Itsuki smiled remembering how she helped Yotsuba, "I want to cherish that feeling, of being thanked for helping someone understand something."

Naruto placed an arm around Itsuki, "I see… you'd make a great teacher then if that what drives you?"

Itsuki looked up at Naruto and blushed at the close contact, "Yeah… I hope to be a teacher, just like my Kaa-san. Though, I'm going to be a teacher in my own way."

"You got it Itsuki! I'm with you all the way!" Naruto gave her a thumbs up giving her one of his trademark grins.

"I appreciate it, it means a lot coming from you. Thanks, Naruto-kun." Itsuki went up on her toes and planted a kiss on his cheek, "I hope you stay by our side, even after it comes to the time for you to choose. Whomever you chose, we stand by you and support you 100%. But that doesn't mean we won't try to steal you if you aren't ours." Itsuki said with determination, for some reason a fire seemed to ignite in her eyes. Naruto looked at Itsuki a little surprised, that was a side of Nino or something like that. Or is it their mother's? Red Heads usually tend to be quite feisty.


*Nakano Apartment*

Miku yawned as she came walking into the living room. She was wearing her PJs and her top was quite loose. Just then Itsuki spoke up saying, "Oh! Miku! Good morning."

Naruto waved to Miku, "Morning Miku, you and Nino enjoy sleeping in huh?"

Miku was surprised as her eyes widen, she remembered what she was wearing so she fixed her PJ top. She made sure it covered both of her shoulders, "N-Naruto-kun! You're here." Miku quickly fixed her hair as she began to walk towards the kitchen, "I wish you'd told me you were coming over. I'm glad you're here though." Miku walked into the kitchen to find the plate of chocolates gone. Miku looked devastated, "Huh?! Where'd the chocolates go?"

Naruto stood up, which now Miku got a better look at. Naruto had a tissue in his nose, "Ah those, I ate them like always." Miku's eyes adjusted and widened at the same time looking at Naruto, "They were great, much better than before. You've improved a lot, Miku."

Miku was speechless, she brought both hands up to her chest. Her right sleeve on her PJs slipped off, "T-Thank." Though not enough to see everything, "About those chocolates…"

Naruto walked up and smiled as he placed a hand on Miku's head, "You're doing great Miku, your food has gotten much better. You'll have to teach me how to bake sweets too, I'm usually just a regular cook, not a baker." Naruto gave her a foxy grin which caused her to blush.


Evening *Nakano Apartment*

Miku was waiting at the top of their apartment stairs are Ichika came walking up, "Ichika. Long day at work?"

Ichika looked up to see Miku, "Oh, Miku what are you doing out here? How'd it go today?" Miku walked over to their railing to give Ichika room to meet her on the balcony.

Though Miku avoided the question and asked, "Aren't you giving Naruto any chocolates?"

Ichika looked at Miku a little surprised by this and rubbed the back of her head, "W-What brings that up?" Ichika's blush deepened as she turned her head to the right, "I mean, I'd feel bad for him if no one did." Ichika looked to the right and smiled saying, "I thought about buying him some." Ichika then opened her eyes looking at Miku, "But I figured it's all good if you're going to."

When Ichika opened her eyes, Miku was right next to her face on the right, "What do you mean by 'all good'?" Miku took a step back and walked up to the railing to face the water, "Naruto-kun sees us as a girl, don't you see. I'm sure he has said things along the lines of understanding we had feelings for him. Him not sure how to act on them. Not only that, but he also has two other girls who have been part of his life before us." Miku turned her head to Ichika, "Don't you like Naruto-kun? Don't you want to be the one who falls in love with him?" Miku looked ahead determined, "I decided after I pass this final exam. And I'm going to get the highest scores out of all of us. And if I can gain confidence and graduate from being his student." Miku looked up again staring dead ahead at the horizon, "I'm going to tell him that I have feelings for him. That I want to go out with him, as his girlfriend, and in hopes, he'll return those feelings to me."

Ichika steeled herself as she looked up for a moment as her hair covered her face, "If that's your way of keeping yourself disciplined…I'm sure you can do it."

Miku turned her head back to the horizon, "I will not wait for you. This is a race. Naruto-kun… he's so kind and caring. He has a lot of love to show and give… I want that for myself. Who can win Naruto-kun's heart first."

Ichika smiled as she stood next to Miku looking off in the distance, "I see… well it looks like I can't be slacking off either now… can I. So, I'll be working hard."

Once everyone went inside Ichika's sisters prepared for bed, meanwhile, Ichika was sitting at the table working on homework. She let a yawn out, "I'm beat… maybe I should just." Ichika then recalled a memory back in the woods during the school festival. The place where Naruto and herself got stuck in that shack. Ichika took both hands and slapped her cheeks, "I need to keep going… I need to keep up with everyone. Then… I'll pull ahead. Naruto-kun… I'll make your heart mine."


Time Skip March 1st After Final Exams

Naruto just got his grades for the final exam. He saw Yotsuba running up to her, "Yotsuba!"

Yotsuba turned around to see Naruto, "Uzumaki-san." Yotsuba bowed to Naruto as tears began to run down her cheeks, "I feel vindicated for the first time." Naruto smiled as he brought Yotsuba into a hug comforting the girl.

The two quickly made their way towards 'Revival' the place where Naruto works at. When Yotsuba told everyone her scores, Miku and Itsuki happily hugged Yotsuba on a job well done. Itsuki cheered out happily, "Yotsuba! You did it!"

Miku happily said, "Congrats!"

Yotsuba happily cheered out, "These are the highest scores I've ever gotten. I just barely passed with a total of 184, though.

Itsuki unfolded her score and smiled, "I scored with a 224 total." Itsuki looked at Naruto with a bit of a solum look, "I'm going to have to work on the subjects that I nearly failed."

Miku looked down and said, "I got a 238."

"Wow!" Yotsuba cheered out for Miku, "I knew you could do it Miku!"

Soon the doors opened ringing that someone entered. Ichika called out, "I'm here!"

Naruto stood up walked over to Miku and said, "Good job Miku, you've come a long way. You have a lot of potential, and there's still more that's untapped inside of you." Naruto brought his hand up and gently patted her head, "Keep up the good work."

Miku looked up at Naruto with a bit of a nervous look on her face. She gently squeezed her hand, "N-Naruto… I…"

Just then Yotsuba asked, "Ichika, what was your score?"

Ichika smiled nervously as she gently caressed the one long side bang, "240." Miku's eyes widen as Naruto diverted his attention to Ichika.

Yotsuba smiled as Itsuki then said, "That means you scored the highest, Ichika!"

Ichika smiled with a small little smirk as she looked towards Miku, "Oh… so I did." She said to herself, "Yay."

Naruto smiled and gave her a thumbs up, "Great job Ichika! You must have really put in the extra effort! I'm proud!"

Naruto's boss then shouted, "Congratulations on passing, all of you. Let's celebrate! Have as much as you like. I'll deduct the bill from Uzumaki-kun's pay."

Naruto glared at his boss, but shook his head, "Oh brother."

Naruto's boss fished out a note from his pocket, "The girl with the pigtails came earlier and left this with me." Itsuki opened the score Nino got. Meanwhile, the manager went up to Naruto and whispered in his head, "Also, she had a message for you. '209. Congratulations, I wonder who became the teacher, and who's the student now?'"

Naruto sighed as he went towards the door of the 'Revival' shop. Until Yotsuba called out, "Hey, where are you going?"

Naruto turned to Yotsuba and said, "This is a celebration for everyone. I'm going to get Nino." Like that Naruto walked out the door.


*Nakano Residence Suit* NightTime

Nino was standing outside their house late at night. She thought to herself, "He… knows about me… he knows about everyone else too." Just then there was a car door that was shut. Maruo, their father said, "You're back, Nino-kun."

Nino turned around to face her father, "Papa. I told you to stop calling me that. It creeps me out."

Maruo walked up and placed his hands in his pockets, "Sorry about that, Nino. I just received word that you all passed the exams. The six of you managed to pull it off. Congratulations."

Nino smiled as she blushed from the congratulations, "T-Thanks."

Maruo then said, "It seems I have no choice but to approve of Uzumaki-kun. So for now on, he can come here too."

This annoyed Nino, she shook her head and then said, "I'm going to keep seeing him Naruto-kun. He's a great guy and is sweet, and he's protective of his friends. Also, we've decided to stay at the apartment for a while longer."

Maruo looked at Nino and narrowed his eyes at her, "What did you say?"

Nino looked at her father sternly, "We're not going to make Ichika do all the work, of course. I'm going to get a job too; I plan on winning Naruto's heart… he's a man I want to be with. I'm not going to let him…" Nino froze as she shook her head and asked confused, "Did you just say you had no choice but to approve of him?"

"Hai." Maruo looked at Nino who was currently rather shocked by his words.

Nino had herself calm down from the sudden change in his words for Naruto. Apparently what Naruto said to him might have knocked some sense into him. Regardless Nino continued, "I know we're not doing the right thing, either. But I have a feeling that living like that will change us. I feel like we've made some progress."

Maruo looked at her confused as his hair covered his eyes, "I fail to understand. Abstract ideas like "progress" couldn't be less convincing. I've seen your so-called new home." Nino looked at her father rather hurt by his words, "To me, it looks like you've gone backward. You mustn't have forgotten in just five years. You don't want to live like that anymore, do you? Stop being selfish and…"

Just then a scooter came pulling up to the two. Naruto lifted the visor of the helmet and said, "There you are, Nino. We're going back." Naruto gave her a bland look.

Nino looked at Naruto surprised, but she also saw the bike that he was currently riding on, "W-What?! W-What is that?!"

Naruto chuckled as he placed his hand on the motorcycle, "It's my Kaa-san's bike, she used to be part of a biker gang in her early to middle twenties. It was recently given back to use by her union. It's what she calls it her 'Imperial Habenero' She used it to take her to different jobs." Naruto chuckled, "It's a crimson painted, finished Kawasaki Ninja 650 ABS Metallic Spark Black/Metallic Imperial Red." Naruto motioned her to get on, "Hurry up and get on, the others are waiting for you." Naruto took off the helmet on the back seat and tossed it to her.

Nino caught the helmet, then her father spoke up, "Nino." Nino turned towards her father, "The path you're about to walk is a theory one. It won't end well. You'll certainly going to regret it. Come with me." Maruo extended his hand out offering it to her.

Nino pulled the helmet close to her chest, "Papa, just watch us." Nino turned and put the helmet on and hopped onto Naruto's bike, "Go."

Naruto smirked as he face forward, "So you have wished it, so it shall be." Naruto revved the engine


Back with Maruo

"Ebata… it seems, happily, that my daughters have all passed the exams. Am I smiling as I should?" Maruo asked with a bland look on his face.

"Of course." Ebata placed his right have over his chest, and a small smile grew on Maruo's face.

"Maybe… Uzumaki-kun wasn't so bad after all. Not every day you get chewed out by Kushina-sensei's son." Maruo smiled as he simply shook his head. Maruo was not only the student of Rena Nakano but Uzumaki Kushina. She was a slave driver when it came to Physical Education. Though she left the profession since she had kids and her husband made good money. When her husband passed, he learned she went and began doing jobs as a welder. A skill that Kushina would only have, not only that something a hardheaded stubborn woman like her would do, "Regardless… I am their Otou-san after all… of course, I'm happy for my daughters. That little brat." Maruo smiled thinking back to the things that Naruto yelled at him for.


With Nino and Naruto *Kushina's Bike, "Imperial Habanero*

"Why didn't you stay? It's something we all should be celebrating together." Naruto stated with an annoyed tone as he focused on driving ahead.

Nino puffed her cheeks out, "Well I need some time to think about something, I had to let papa know as well. Besides… I figured you and everyone else would." Nino was cut off by Naruto.

"Well, that doesn't matter, celebrate now, talk your papa's ear off later." Naruto narrowed his eyes, the guy still rubbed Naruto the wrong way. Naruto came to a stoplight, he could feel Nino's arms around his stomach and her body pressed up against his back, "Besides, I got my license a while back. Kaa-san said I could have her bike once she was done going around doing jobs. I wanted to pick you up in my steed, well my Kaa-san's noble steed."

Nino blushed as she said, "I-I see… Imperial Habanero." Just then Nino saw Naruto's piece of paper sticking out from his pocket, "Is this your exam grades?" Nino opened it.

Naruto looked at her a began to chuckle, "Nino, I'd rather you… and you're ignoring me." Naruto looked back at her rather panicked.

Nino with a bored voice said, "You probably got a 100 in all subjects anyways." Nino flipped the paper to see the grades. She saw 'Naruto Uzumaki. Japanese: 90, Math: 98, Science: 95, Socials: 94, English: 90: 467'. "You…"

Naruto waved it off and said, "My grades are still good, just because they're not 100s doesn't mean anything." Naruto looked straight ahead, "I was able to help you girls pass… that's good enough for me. Besides… this has been a lot of fun for me. I've enjoyed every moment I've had with you guys." Naruto smirked and said, "Hang on tight, I'm going to floor it." Nino tightened her hold onto Naruto's stomach.

Naruto hit the gas and the two took off together. Naruto couldn't believe that the girls finally were able to do it. Now, all they have to do is continue to do it on their own. He'll be there to help them when they need it. Naruto smiles, "You know… I'll miss it, but I'll never forget it." Nino's eyes darted up to him and then her eyes looked back at the ground.

Just then Nino blurted out, "I-I thought you were going to floor it."

Naruto then retorted saying, "I can, but I'd rather not get pulled over."

Nino just sighed, "Jeez sometimes I don't get you. You drive me crazy; you've always been like this." Nino looked to her left, "You're a real sweetheart… kind and caring… and." Naruto began to speed up slowly until he heard, "I-I love you." That's when Naruto hit the gas and the two took off back towards 'Revival'.



Naruto pulled up to 'Revival', parked, and turned off his bike. Nino took off her helmet and hopped off next to Naruto. Her face was red as Naruto took the helmet off his head. He quickly shook his head, Nino blushed harder when she was Naruto shake his head side to side. Naruto then turned to sit on his bike facing Nino. Nino turned to go inside, "I guess he probably didn't hear me huh?" Nino went to walk away until, "Nino… what you said back on the bike… did you mean it?"

Nino froze in her step as she turned to look at Naruto with her face even redder than before. Nino could just pass out right now. Nino came marching up to Naruto, she was blushing, but she pointed her finger at his chest, "Y-yeah that's what I said! I-I said I love you!" Naruto went to say something, but Nino shook her head, "I don't need a response! You're so frustrating!" Nino began to walk up to Naruto saying, "I don't know how many of us you see as girlfriend material, if not me well I'll force you to see me that way." Naruto was on his feet as he backed up against his mother's bike. Nino got into his face and placed her hands on her hips, "Remember how I said there's gotta be at least one girl on this planet who'd fall for a guy like you?" Nino pointed her finger up at Naruto, "That girl is me. Too bad for you!"

Naruto looked at Nino floored by her words, "Nino… I." Nino stopped him as she got closer to his face.

Nino upsettingly said, "I-I know Naruto… Na-kun." Naruto remembered that nickname she called him back during their 'date' "Like I said I don't need a response, but I want you to remember that. Remember it well!" Nino moved forward and claimed Naruto's lips, surely she wasn't his first kiss, but she knows he was her first kiss. That was enough for her, Nino soon broke it, "Come on we need to go inside." Nino turned around and stopped in her tracks. Naruto's boss was standing there with his arms crossed with a smirk on his face. However, Ichika, Itsuki, Miku, and Yotsuba all stood there. Nino's sister looked at her in shock, they couldn't believe that Nino took the initiative. Nino went to go inside, and she said, "Girl, we're all sisters, but we can only be with one man. I don't intend on sharing, for now, let's enjoy ourselves."


*Uzumaki/Namikaze Residence*

Naruto drove home on his mother's bike and parked it inside their garage. Naruto took his helmet off and thought back to the girls. They all stared at him, they all seemed rather heartbroken, Naruto didn't know what to say during their celebration. He did his best to interact and talk to them, even the Nakano Quintuplets all went along with it. It was clear that they would have their discussion about this as well.

Naruto went through the garage door and opened it to find Kasumi and Naruko talking at the kitchen table. Naruko called out waving to Naruto, "Onii-chan! Welcome home! How did the exams go!"

Naruto chuckled and said, "I passed with a 467."

Naruko jumped up and cheered, Kasumi smiled happily, "Good job Naruto, uh… is something wrong?" Naruko then stopped seeing that her brother seemed relatively shocked and unsure.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head and sheepishly said, "Well… yeah… Nino… she… she confessed to me. Even though I still need time, Ichika… Itsuki… Yotsuba… and even Miku, all kissed me. It was a sign of affection; it was to show me they liked me. They had interest, and I was still hesitant. Then… Nino… she… she confessed… and then kissed me. Said that she liked me and that she was going to make me like her. Well… at least that's how I'm thinking about it."

Kasumi and Naruko were both shocked by the news, and not only that but Naruto has been holding out on them! That got them both, annoyed, giddy, happy, excited, and angry, angry because Naruto never told them anything juicy! Let's just say, Naruto did not get a lot of sleep that night.


*Nakano Apartments* Day After

Nino was sitting at the table with her arms crossed. Itsuki, Yotsuba, Ichika, and Miku all had mixed feelings about everything that happened. Just then the door rang as Ichika went to go get it, when she did, it was Kasumi, Naruko, and Mito, "Please come in girls… it seems we all have a lot to talk about." Ichika did her best to smile, to be honest, she was completely shattered from the other day.

The girls all sat down, and Kasumi and Naruko took the head of the table. Naruko looked at the quintuplets and Mito who sat near one another. Naruko could feel how tense everything was, Naruko asked, "So… all you girls… you all like Naruto-Nii-chan?"

"Yes, yes I do!" Nino said with her arms crossed under her chest.

Kasumi awkwardly raised her arm, "What about all of you?"

Ichika blushed as she gripped the hem of her shirt, "W-well… I-I do too. Naruto-kun has…" Ichika felt very nervous to be talking about Naruto like this, "It's just that… he's been there to help us so much. He did everything… he's so kind and caring… and deeply cherishes his friends."

Miku did her best and nodded her head, "Y-Yeah… he is, he is very loyal and puts us ahead of himself sometimes. All the things he does… i-is to help us out even if it hurt him. Like his grades. I-I just want to be there for Naruto. I-I really… do like him."

Itsuki blushed as she placed a hand on her cheek, "I-It was when he l-listened to me about… Okaa-san…about how I wanted to follow my dream. H-he supported me… he wanted to help me get there. When he said it… it made me feel like I could do anything. He's so smart, caring, and helpful. He doesn't bat an eye to anything, he's so generous."

Yotsuba had her blush on her face as well, "W-well… i-it's the fact that U-Uzumaki-san… No! N-Naruto…" Yotsuba was so used to always addressing Naruto formally, "N-Naruto was one of the best friends I've ever had. He helped me stop seeing myself as dumb and stupid, when I felt at my lowest, I felt like he hoisted me up and I kept going up. He wanted me to be happy, so I could make my sisters happy. I could only do that if I passed… so when he helped me study on that Ferris wheel. I-I k-kissed him…I've never felt such joy and happiness from it. He helped me really open my eyes. I-I want to e-explore Naruto as an individual. Because I-I care about him greatly."

Mito smiled, she could see why the Nakano Quintuplets liked him so, and he's been such a big influence in their lives. There is no question that they liked him for him, but so did Mito. She didn't want to lose Naruto to them. Mito looked to Kasumi and Naruko, "You guys know why I've liked him for so long, we've been friends since we were kids. I tried to ask him out when we were in middle school, but he shot me down." Mito smirked, "Things are different now, I've hung out with Naruto lately more than once. Just on the days when he wasn't tutoring the Quintuplets. We still get along, I still love him for him. He's been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I want to be with him, he is still important to me."

Kasumi nodded understanding everyone's reasonings, this would be difficult, everyone will understand that their hearts will be broken. However, putting this all on Naruto neither is fair because so many of them like him, that they are all friends. Naruko spoke up sadly saying. "I'm happy that you all care for Onii-chan, but he can only love one/or all because I'm sure you all don't want to share Nii-Chan. Can you accept the fact and still be friends even if Nii-chan doesn't choose you?"

Kasumi spoke in and said, "Because if Naruto knew that if he were to date one of you. It would hurt everyone else, meaning you will have to verbally tell Naruto. Otherwise…"

"He'll turn us all down, to avoid hurting us, even if it meant he was alone for the rest of his life." Nino said as she brought her finger up to her mouth and gently placed her nail in between her teeth.

Silence filled the air for a moment while everyone thought about what they could do. However, before anyone could say anything. Kasumi's cell phone went off, and Kasumi fished it out of her pocket, "It's Naruto…" Kasumi hit the answer button and held it up to her ear, "Hello Naruto, what's up?" Naruto continued to talk to Kasumi and the girls could hear his voice was quite excited, "Naruto! That's great news! I'll bring everyone and be right over!" Kasumi immediately hung up and stood up. Everyone looked at her confused and Kasumi simply smiled and said, "Guys… in a few hours Ino will be waking up. The doctors have finished their testing and have administered her the cure. She'll be awakening soon; it seems we have one more to add to the list of a potential girlfriend."


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