Trying to Do my Job

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Last Chapter Next Day After School *Library*

"If only the other four were as positive as you are." Naruto sighed as he was tutoring Yotsuba.

"I did call them, but…" Yotsuba looked at the door and smirked, "It's not 'the other t, here though." Naruto turned his head to see Miku, "Isn't that right Miku?"

Naruto saw that Miku was blushing, and her head was turned the other way, "Well do you want to have a seat or." Naruto stopped once Miku walked over to the bookshelf and pulled some books out.

Miku then placed them on top of the shelf looking out the window. Miku had a small smile appear on her face, "You put this idea into my head Naruto…. that maybe… but just maybe, I can do a little bit better, too." Miku looked at all the books that Naruto checked out. She giggled seeing the date he took them out. Then the day he returned them, "So." Miku turned around with her arms behind her back with a cute smile appear on her face.

This Chapter

Naruto came walking up to the Nakano residence apartment waiting to get in. He turned his head as Miku walked up at the same time, "Ahh Uzumaki-kun you're here."

Naruto shook his head, "Yes I am, like I said before you can call me Naruto if you want. Though Uzumaki-kun is fine if you're okay with it."

"I see… well anyways." Miku walked over to the control panel and swiped their apartment card into the slot to open the automated locks, "All you need to do is punch in our apartment number on this keypad. It will let you in." Miku walked towards the open doors. She turned around to see Naruto with a smile on his face. Miku smiled and added, "So… are you going to come to tutor us today?"

In the Apartment

Naruto had to go around the other Nakano sister's rooms. Thankfully, Naruto was able to get Itsuki, Ichika, Yotsuba, and Miku to come out and study. After trying to find clothing for Ichika to wear, Yotsuba stood by their coffee table ready to go, "Okay, we're all set. Let's start studying!"

Ichika who was drowsy and sleeping lifted her head up from a pillow she had on the couch. She sat up and stretched, "I think I'll watch."

"You mean sleep." Naruto deadpanned as Ichika giggled laying her head back down.

Miku smiled ready to learn, "Teach us Japanese history like you said you would."

Itsuki went over to a side table and tapped a few books in her hand, "I'm just going to be studying on my own over here, don't mind me."

"Well then… I guess we can get started." Naruto was glad to get one of them to at least start trying to study.

Just then Naruto looked up to see Nino walk towards the railing of the second floor, "You're still here? Still haven't given up on tutoring huh? I must say next time I'll put enough in your drink to knock out four elephants."

Naruto smirked and didn't back down, "Say what you want, next time I'll just be careful or I'll make sure to filter out the drug. I have my ways; besides, I'll get you to study with us one day. Maybe not today, tomorrow, or even a week from now. However, I'll make sure you get tutored and you guys' pass. It's all I could ask for. Though it still doesn't hurt to ask." Naruto extended his hand out to her even though she was on the second floor, "Would you like to join us?"

Nino turned her head away, "Over my dead body."

Naruto narrowed his eyes at her, "Keep acting like that you won't have a body." Naruto added a hint of sincerity in his voice. This made everyone in the room feel on edge. Whatever the reason was, Naruto seemed to have a demeanor or even tone in his voice that made them almost want to believe him, "Anyways let's begin."

"Oh yeah, Yotsuba my acquaintance on the basketball team is looking for someone to fill in for a game." Nino held her phone out, "You're pretty athletic. Why don't you go right now?"

"R-Right now?... um…" Yotsuba was a little conflicted about the sudden news from Nino.

However, Naruto seemed to see the game Nino was playing at, "Apparently, they only have five members, and one of them broke a bone. They won't be able to play if they don't find someone. I feel so bad for them." Nino acted well enough to try to guilt-trip her sister into leaving tutoring to go help them.

Naruto smiled and placed a hand on Yotsuba's head, "Go ahead, if they need help, I won't stop you." This surprised Nino and Yotsuba, the other Nakano sisters looked at Naruto surprised by this.

"Thank you, Uzumaki-san! I can't abandon people in need!" Yotsuba ran up to her room, grabbed a change of clothes, and ran out the door.

Ichika sat on the table looking at the front door where Yotsuba left, "That girl doesn't know how to say no."

"Didn't you say you had work at two Ichika?" Nino smiled as she closed her eyes, trying to get everyone busy would mean Naruto couldn't tutor them. If this continued to happen often, it would mean he couldn't tutor them and would be fired. It was a win, win in her mind.

"Oh shoot! I forgot!" Ichika stood up, she completely forgot, she's been so tired that she forgot she had work today.

Nino then backed up to where Itsuki was, "You should go to a quieter place, like the library or something."

"Good idea." Itsuki stood up and gathered her books and papers to leave.

Okay, now Naruto was beginning to get a little perturbed, but he couldn't let Nino get to him. In all honesty, Nino was just like Kasumi, though Kasumi was a lot worse and the most stubborn person you could ever meet. When it came to studying, she didn't like to do it either. Naruto sighed as he found himself in the room with only Miku, "Well it seems we're the only one now."

That was until Nino stood up from the table, "Huh? You're still here Miku?" Nino walked over to her surprised. Nino smirked walking up next to Miku and placed a hand on her hip, "You owe me a drink from when you accidentally drank mine."

"I already bought it." Miku added pointing down at a bag on the table.

"Let's begin today's lessons." Miku walked away with Naruto walking behind a confused Nino. Nino at the same time picked up the drink that Miku bought her.

"Well let's switch gears then." Naruto said following Miku to her room.

Nino noticed it was Macha soda, "Hey Miku." Nino saw how close Naruto and Miku were.

"Where do we start?" Miku asked curiously.

Naruto said, "Why don't we start with the Kamakura period then work on the Ashikaga period."

Nino intervened as she walked up to them, "Since when have you two been so close?" Nino put her finger up pointing at Naruto while looking at Miku, "So you have a thing for plain-looking guys, huh?"

"You know I do take offense to that. I'm told I received my Kaa-san's looks. I take a great deal of pride in that." Naruto narrowed his eyes at Nino, he can and will hit Nino if she tries to make fun or laugh at his family. To Uzumakis and Namikazes, family is everything.

Miku smartly replied with, "You're too hung up on looks, Nino."

"Hey." Naruto turned his head to Miku a little hurt by that.

"Huh?" Nino pushed Naruto away from Miku, "What's wrong with going for good-looking guys?" Nino knew she was lying internally, if anything she took one glance at Naruto and she did like him. He was cute, but the one issue is the bad boy side of him. She has only heard rumors about him, she doesn't know if they're true. Though, the only thing that's stopping her is the tutoring part of Naruto she doesn't care for, "Are you telling me it's all about inner beauty?"

"What if I am?" Miku shot back not changing the look on her face, she did not falter or add any emotion. She said everything plain and simple trying to prove her own point.

Nino smirked placing her pointer on Miku's chest and pushed in a bit. Naruto saw an invisible lightning bolt appear in between them, "I see… It's because you don't care about appearances that you can go out dressed so shabbily." Nino's eye had a shadow appear around them to show she was serious… dead serious.

Miku being Nino's sister had the exact same look and shadow around her eyes, "And those pointy nails are supposed to be fashionable?"

Just then an imaginary red lighting bolt shot past the two breaking the tension. Nino placed her hand on her hip, "You wouldn't get it, would you?"

"I don't even want to." Miku stated clearly that she had no interest in changing her attire, clothing, or makeup like what Nino does.

"I don't know about you two, but there's no need to argue. Everyone is different, inner or outer beauty isn't what's important right now." Naruto tried to break up their fighting, he didn't want them to get angry at one another.

Miku turned away ready to leave, "I guess so. Just stop being a nuisance."

"A nuisance?" Nino leaned forward annoyed; she didn't like being called a bother. Which is exactly what she was doing earlier.

What a hypocrite.

Naruto just then felt his stomach growl and Nino smirked turning away, "Fine, then. Why don't we compete on "inner beauty," as you say? Let's have a cooking battle to see who's more homely." Naruto simply facepalmed, it was Nino's way of trying to stall Naruto.

"If I win, no studying today." Nino said as she smirked victoriously.

"Are you sure about this Miku?" Naruto asked worriedly.

"I'll end this quickly. Just sit and wait, Naruto." Miku rolled her sleeves up ready to fight.

Naruto sighed walking over and sat down at the table. He watched the two cook for about an hour. Naruto also texted Naruko and told her that he will be a little late. Naruto placed his phone on the table. Soon after that Miku and Nino walked over with their cooked dishes. They both walked up placing the dishes in front of him. Nino placed a skillet in front of Naruto. It was a Dutch Baby with seasonal veggies and ham. Naruto turned his head to see Miku with an upset and disgusted look on her face. Miku knew she didn't make nearly as good of a meal as Nino did. Miku made an Omurice which definitely didn't look as good as Miku's.

"Well, it's up to you to judge which one's better." Nino smirked placing a hand on her hip, in all honesty, it made her a little nervous.

Just the Miku stepped up, "Actually, never mind. I'll eat it myself." Miku didn't want Naruto to eat her shitty food. She knew it was.

Nino put her hand up and cockily said, "You made it, so you might as well have him eat it."

Naruto simply put his hands together, "Thanks for the food." He grabbed a spoon and took a bite of Nino's food. He then took his spoon and took a bite of Miku's food, then a little bit more of it. Naruto continued to finish Miku's meal. Then he went and finished Nino's meal as well and Naruto felt his stomach relax and stop grumbling. He was already hungry as it was, and his family isn't poor but is facing some financial issues. So, he wasn't a picky eater and considered anything to be really good, "Hmmm both are really good."

"W-What?! No way?" Nino's eyes widen with her hand going on her head confused. Miku's eyes widen as she put her hands up to her face happy. She had a tint of red stain her cheeks as she seemed to almost glow standing there, "What the heck!" Nino stood straight up and closed her eyes and walked off annoyed, "Lame."

"You know." Naruto took another bite and Nino stopped to hear his response, "If you were going to have someone properly judge your food. You should get someone who's is a legitimate food critic for these types of things. I enjoy most of any meals made by anyone, I see no issues in how you made your meals." Naruto took another bite as Nino continued to walk off.

Once Naruto finished, he stood up and made his way towards the sink. Naruto helped Miku clean the dishes, "Not it's late… we fell right for Nino's trap."

"Sorry." Miku did feel bad, but then again she was happy to hear Naruto saying he liked her food.

Naruto began to think to himself, he couldn't put his finger on it. But there was part of Nino that seemed to hate him. It was definitely him trying to get everyone to tutor and her trying to kick him out. Naruto knew he could get Nino to warm up to him, how? Naruto has no idea, but he knows she will come around eventually, "Do you have an idea why Nino dislikes me so?" Naruto asks as he placed the clean dish into the sink.

Miku turned the water off and dried her hands. She walked towards the window in the family room, "She isn't always like that, and I think you're right in a sense. However, I think if you face her in good faith she'll come around.

"I see… well I guess I'll just hope I can figure her out." Naruto rubbed the back of his head and sighed; he would have to figure it out.

"Well, I look forward to seeing what you do to get Nino to come around." Miku turned to him and gave Naruto a bright smile on her face.


Since it was late Naruto left the building and exited. However, once the door closed behind him he realized he forgot his phone on the table. Naruto went to the intercom and called the Nakano residence. Miku responded, "Nakano residence."

Naruto recognized the vice as Miku, "Hey Miku, I forgot my phone on the table. Can I come to get it?" Naruto sheepishly asked.

"Yeah, I'll be taking a shower." Nino responded hanging up with Naruto trying to ask her if it was really okay. However, Miku was gone.

Naruto sighed as he made his way back up to their apartment. Naruto opened the door and called out, "Hey I'm coming in… so be careful… wherever you are." Naruto did NOT want to have any type of cliché anime accident when he sees a girl naked. When Naruto walked in he noticed Nino sitting on the couch drying her hair, "Oh Nino why are you out here and dressed like that?" Naruto looked at her confused.

Nino was a little surprised by how well Naruto was able to tell them apart, "How are you sure I'm not Miku?" Nino pretended to be Miku seeing if this was just a lucky guess by Naruto.

"Okay, "Miku" if you are Miku, then tell me why I came back up here?" Naruto asked with a deadpanned expression on his face.

"Miku" Who sat there and tried to think of the reason why he was there, "Your notes right?"

"Wrong." Naruto put his hands up in an X motion, "Nice try Nino." Naruto walked over to the table ignoring Nino in nothing but a towel, "I'm here to grab my phone."

"H-How did you know it was me?" Nino asked still surprised Naruto was able to deduce them.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head as he looked out their family room window, "It isn't hard, your postures are different. Your shoulders are more pronounced, and you keep them up. Unlike Miku who relaxes hers more than you, granted it's not a huge difference."

"T-Then what about our voices?" Nino asked quickly which earned a grin from Naruto.

"Miku tried to play the stunt on me trying to impose Yotsuba. Easy, her pitch wasn't high enough, and the energy in her voice was lacking. Like you just did now but in reverse, your voice had too much energy behind it. Miku is a lot timid and quieter with her voice." Naruto placed his phone into his pocket and went to leave, "Also… not to be weird but you five have different energies too. Think of me being able to senses your auras. Yours comes out strong, headstrong actually, Miku is timid, quiet, but sweet."

"Hey Naruto… can you get my contacts for me. They're on the shelf above the fish tank." Nino stood up which Naruto walked over and began to open up the cabinets. Naruto had a hard time finding them, so he bent down a bit to see better in one of the shelves.

"They're not there, they're in the one above you." Nino added as she pressed her bare chest on Naruto's back. Naruto didn't react, in fact, he was quite used to this. Let's just say Kasumi has a bad habit of codling Naruto and Naruko when they were kids. That would mean pushing his face into her developing chest or pushing her chest on his back. She did it to Naruko too, and Kasumi did have a bit of a brother and sister complex too.

Naruto moved out of her way not wanting to get her mad. That's when Nino finally let it out, "You know I'm mad at you…"

Naruto turned to her, "Tell me something new."

"It's because our Tou-san ordered it. This home is for the five of us. There is no place for you here." Nino turned her head to look out the window upset. Nino gripped her fist, "Why do you keep coming! Why can't you just leave us alone!" Nino waved her hands in the air as it hit the door open on the top shelf.

Just then Naruto saw books, but not just books, what seemed to be an old paperweight as well. Naruto ran over to Nino, "Hey watch out." Naruto wrapped his arms around Nino in a hug, Nino's eyes were open as she saw the books hit Naruto on the head. Then the paperweight fell on his forearm. Once the fallen items hit the ground and Nino was safe Naruto let go, "Are you okay?"

Nino looked at Naruto and wondered, "W-Why?" Nino looked at Naruto wondering why he would take the hit like that.

Just then the two heard a flash, the two turned their head to see Itsuki taking a picture of the two, "You pervert." Itsuki saw Naruto's hands on Nino's shoulders.

Scene Shift

"Actually, there is no case… he just stopped books and a paperweight from hitting me." Nino responded which Itsuki holding her head down in shame.

Miku held up Naruto's left hand revealing his forearm, "See it's from a paperweight he wouldn't come back just to sneak a peek at me. Besides, he knew I was taking a bath; he didn't know that Nino went in anyways."

"Why are you defending him? You know he isn't at fault?" Nino raised an eyebrow confused.

"Let's not argue you two." Itsuki defused the situation before Miku could retort from Nino's response.

"It makes me wonder though, all the rumors I've heard about you are true." Ichika smirked, she heard a lot of news from the people around the area, "I heard that people are grateful and thank him for driving off Yakuza gang members, you beat up bullies, and help the people who need them."

"I heard that he gets into fights a lot. He's a troublemaker, a delinquent, but I can see that. Being at the top of our grade makes more sense." Itsuki nodded her head, and this really piqued Nino's interest, "So not only is he smart… but he is also a bad boy…" Nino could feel her inner desires trying to surface. However, she needs to see just who this Naruto really is.

"Though I'm sure we can all agree here that Naruto is innocent?" Ichika clapped her hands together hopefully to put the end to everything.

"Well, we have the evidence, don't see why not." Miku added, she knew Naruto wasn't like that. Then again, it did make her wonder what Naruto was into or at least what he thought of them.

"It's been a while since we've all agreed on something. We all used to get along so well together." Ichika smiled reminiscing on the past.

Naruto took note of that and saw Nino usher, "We all used to get along." Nino kept her volume low enough, but not low enough for Naruto to hear her. Nino ran out of the room with Naruto clearing seeing she was upset.

"I think that upset her." Naruto tilted his head, he never liked it when he upset his sister. Then again when was the last time he has ever done so? Well, maybe when they asked him to sing and refuse once. That's when their Tou-san was around so he would sing for them. However, he's never singing again since the passing of their father.

"Let her go, it's alright. Besides it's late you should probably get home Naruto." Miku sent a small smile towards his way. Naruto nodded his head making sure he had his phone and headed out waving to everyone.

Naruto got onto the elevator and looked at his phone as he got a text from his sister, Naruko, "Hey! Dinner's ready! Get this, we're having your favorite! Pork miso Ramen!" Naruto smiled as he texted her back "Thanks, I'll be home soon! Get to bed you have school tomorrow." Naruko simply replied with a sad emoji.

As Naruto traveled down the elevator, he thought back to what Ichika. He hoped they don't drift too far apart. To the Uzumaki and Namikaze family, the family was everything. When Naruto walked out to the entrance of the building, he saw Nino off on the side. She was curled up in her gym uniform holding her knees up to her chest. Nino quickly shot up and ran inside before the door closed. However, she was too late as the door closed. Nino, aggravated, walked back to her spot and curled up. She was upset and angry, she looked up at Naruto angrily, "What are you still doing here? I don't want to see your face anymore."

Naruto nodded his head, "Then don't look at me, simple. It's your world, I'm just living in it." Naruto sat down crisscross next t her. Naruto pulled his phone out as he got another text. It was from their mother, he smiled. She told him how she missed him and Naruko and asked how the job was going. Naruto smiled, "Nino family is everything no matter what happens. My family cherishes one another a lot. Don't get too upset at your sisters, you're your own person no matter what you say. It doesn't matter if you're quintuplets or not. You're Nino Nakano, and the others are their own self. You have different tastes and hobbies; you'll never always agree on things."

"I-I know… it's just it hurts to see everyone beginning too… wait why am I telling you all this?!" Nino shot Naruto a dirty look, but he continued to smile as he slid his phone to her.

Nino picked it up and looked at the photos from his album, "That's my mother the tall woman with red hair, the other one who is about her height is my Nee-chan Kasumi Namikaze. You might know her as."

Nino's eyes widen as she screamed, "KASUMI NAMIKAZE IS YOUR NEE-SAN?! She's also known as the Aka Atsui Akane!" (A/N: Translation is Red Hot Akane. Which Akane is just a nickname. However, Akane does mean Brilliant Red).

"Yes, yes she is don't tell the others. Well at least for right now, no one knows this. That's why she took on my Tou-san's last name instead of my mother's" Naruto smiled remembering his mother's story about her argument she won in keeping her last name. Along with Naruto and Naruko taking her last name too, this gave Kasumi the chance to be an idol without bringing Kushina, Naruko, or Naruto into the fray.

Nino could only smile and smile happily to learn this first. Before Nino could lose herself she gain her composure, "W-why are you showing me a picture of them?"

"So, you can look at your own family. Understand that my sister and completely different from me. Not by gender, but by personalities, hobbies, and more. Just because you five are quintuplets doesn't mean you guys will always get along." Naruto took out some flashcards and began to study. He liked reminiscing of the past a bit, not too much since it brings up bad memories.

"Hey who is this other redhead?" Nino pointed to Mito Senju.

"Ahhh her Mito Senju, my childhood friend. She moved to America to live, and study abroad." Naruto remembered the times he had to protect her or watch out for her. Also rejecting her feelings, he only could look at her like a sister. So to him, it would be weird.

"Studying? It seems like all you care about is studying and family. Studying is stupid too." Nino said as she stared at Naruto's family. It wasn't overall large, or too small. It was just right, it was perfect. It was the Uzumaki kind of perfect.

"Studying being stupid? That's a paradox." Naruto smirked as he looks up into the night, "Believe it or not, I'm studying because I'm stupid. Did you ever think of that?" Naruto said with a cocky tone which made Nino stare at the ground.

"Shut up. Everyone's so stupid. I hate them all." Nino said upset as she continues to look through his album.

Naruto raised an eyebrow looking at her using his right eye, "Everyone? Including your sisters? You're clearly lying."

"I'm not." Nino turned her head away along with her voice's volume lowering. Then her voice raised back up, "They've got to be crazy to let a delinquent in like you inside."

Naruto responded with what she told him earlier, "It's because our Tou-san ordered it. This home is for the five of us. There is no place for you here. Why do you keep coming! Why can't you just leave us alone." Naruto repeated what Nino said to him earlier today.

"S-Shut up!" Nino turned her head away from Naruto.

"You're mad at your sisters, aren't you?" Naruto smirked, as Nino was only getting irritated by Naruto, "Or is it the other way around? You love your sisters, don't you? That's why you don't like an outsider like me."

"What? What are you saying…? You're so incredibly wrong. You think you understand me." Nino curled further into her knees wanting to be left alone, "You think you understand me. That could never happen. Creep." Naruto sighed as he stood up and just then Nino stood up too smirked. She realized something, "I got it! Why should I be beating myself up about this! If they chose to accept you so, be it. However, I will never accept you!" When Nino said that she did feel a bit confused. She doesn't know what this feeling was. However, for now, this is what she would go with.

Just then the doors opened as Nino came walking out, "Nino get inside, how long did you plan on staying outside?" Miku noticed Naruto was there, "Oh Naruto, what are you still doing here? Good, you're here. About tomorrow…"

Nino quickly placed a hand on her shoulder, "Let's get going."
"Wait I still need to." Miku was interrupted by Nino.

"Forget it." Nino just wanted to go, though she was going to stay quiet about Naruto's Nee-chan being a singing idol. She could do that much for him trying to help her out.

Time Skip Sunday

Naruto was sitting in his room doing some homework and finishing up studying. He heard the radio talking about the fireworks at the Higashi-cho today. Naruto was definitely not going, why, well he has no one to go with. Let alone anyone he cared about, unless Naruko wanted to go. Naruto placed a hand on his cheek as he wrote down a math problem he was practicing. Naruto smiled seeing the problems at hand, "Some of these could go be good for Yotsuba, and Miku would like this." Naruto saw the English and then the history material for the two.

"You really seem to like them Onii-chan you got a crush on any of them?" Naruko teased which earned a sour look from Naruto.

"Naruko, you know how I feel about." *Knock* *knock* Naruto stood up and went over to the door, "Wonder if it might be Kakashi or…" Naruto opened the door to see Itsuki, "Oh hi Itsuki please come in."

Itsuki bowed, "Thank you." She walked in as Naruto sat back down at the table and Itsuki sat on the other side, "There's something I need to give you. My Tou-san left our pay with me."

Naruto nervously accepted the money, but then placed it on the table. He then proceeded to slide it back to Itsuki, "I can't accept money for doing nothing." Naruko raised an eyebrow confused about what Naruto was doing.

"I see then…" Itsuki closed her eyes and she quickly said, "What about the sexual harassment."

Naruto grinned evilly which made Itsuki flinch along with Naruko, "Uhhh word of advice Itsuki-san… but trying to threaten Naruto using sexual harassment. You might want to retract that statement. The last time a woman accused him of doing that, he was cleared of being not guilty. He made her life a living hell." Naruko knew Naruto very well, he would never sexually harass any woman. But he could make the person who accused him of such a thing would live in a living nightmare. No matter where you run, hide, fly, dig, or do you would never escape Naruto Uzumaki's wrath.

Itsuki quickly retracted that statement, "Honestly, I don't think you're not doing anything. I believe your presence is beginning to change something in the five of us." Itsuki had a true smile appear on her face it was genuine and sincere, "For them! Not me of course!" Itsuki had a tint of pink stain her cheeks, "Besides you can do whatever it is you want with it."

Naruto stood up and took the money and placed it back in Itsuki's purse, "Sorry, even if I helped you guys change. That doesn't change the fact I haven't done my job. You guys take the money and do with what you want. Consider it a gift of whatever you buy." Naruto turned to Naruko, "Hey Naruko did you want to do anything today?"

Naruko turned to Itsuki and smiled, "Don't bother when Onii-chan makes his mind up. He doesn't change."

Scene Change *The Arcade*

"Onii-chan look!" Naruko smiled happily as she sat in front of a coin machine that spat out a bunch of coins after her win.

Meanwhile, Naruto was also holding a bucket of coins in his hand it was about 75% filled. This is where some of their money came from. For whatever reasons, Naruto's and Naruko's luck was that of a god. However, they could only do so much, their luck wasn't infinite either, but when it resets.

Naruto patted Naruko's head, "Way to go!"

The three continued to play more arcade games. That included a game of ice hockey; however, Naruto wasn't so willing to let Itsuki and Naruko win. He did his best and blocked most of their shots, "Come on Onii-chan! Let me score a point!"

"No can do Naruko! You know the rules when Uzumaki's face one another! We don't back down no matter the age, gender, or skill!" Naruto viciously hit the puck which shot bounced off the sides and went into Itsuki's and Naruko's goal, "Woo! Let's go!" Naruto smiled which Itsuki saw a side of Naruto he rarely or ever shows, "Come on! Let's go see what other machines we can drain the coins from!"

Naruko gently nudged Itsuki's side, "Lucky you, you got to see Onii-chan smile. He doesn't do that often or have fun."

Itsuki tilted her head confused and whispered back, "He smiles when with us."

"No, I mean… really, really smile. Then laugh and have fun, he's always stressed with studying. I rarely ever get to see him have fun." Naruko smiles seeing her Onii-chan have fun, "He's never been the same since then. I miss a lot of things that Onii-chan shut off from us." Naruko frowned a bit making Itsuki raise an eyebrow with curiosity. "Shut himself off from? Us? Does Naruto have another sister? I wonder where his Kaa-san and Tou-san are. Now that I think about it, I've never met them, and he never talks about them." Itsuki realized this now, after all the time that they have spent together. She hardly knows anything about Naruto herself. She does feel kind of bad relying on Naruto, she probably should be trying harder. To let him tutor her, the others are giving him just as hard of a time as she is. She feels bad, but she has a really hard time trying to bring herself to study.

The three continue to do more games winning Naruko a small nine-tailed fox plushie. They continued to play more games. Every game they did was to make Naruko happy, Itsuki saw how much effort of joy was behind his words for his sister. It wasn't fake or half-assed praises or laughs for her. They were true genuine laughs and giggles he let out when with Naruko, "Wow he really is doing anything and everything for his Imouto isn't he." Itsuki was shocked by Naruto's different personality, while at home he was himself.

"She's really enjoying herself." Itsuki smiled as Naruko seemed to move ahead of the two.

Naruto frowned a bit, "She's enjoying herself, for now, doing what she can to make herself happy." Naruto gave Itsuki a half-smile which Itsuki immediately saw something wrong.

"Naruto… what do you mean?" Itsuki looked at him as she saw Naruto on the verge of tears. But Naruto fought them back and wiped his tears away before they could flow. He cleared his throat and quickly blew his nose with some tissues in his pocket. Before he moved to join Naruko and her fun. He leaned into Itsuki's ear and said, "Our Kaa-chan was killed yesterday, it was by a rapist. She fended him off stabbing him in the neck, but he used another knife stabbing her right in the chest. She was not touched or anything. She fought him before he could do anything. Next weekend is Naruko's birthday, all she wanted was her Kaa-chan to be home for her birthday. If I could, I would gladly trade my life for our Kaa-san. I'd do anything for Kaa-chan, Naruko, or our Nee-chan. However, I know the three would give me a lot of lip for saying that." Naruto finished adding a hint of anger in his voice letting Itsuki know he really hated any type of rapist or a sexual harasser. He didn't like them when he was younger, but he especially despises and hates them now. Kasumi was recently told today; she was coming home this weekend for their mother's funeral. The funeral was being held the same day as Naruko's birthday party. (A/N: Please keep in mind, everyone. Kushina is an ordinary human, she is the same strength as an adult mother. She may be strong and feisty, but she is susceptible to a knife.)

Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Mito were dropping everything and booked a flight back to Japan. Jiraiya said he'd cover all expenses for the funeral. Also wanted to help provide support and money if they needed it. However, as Kushina told Jiraiya before that they would be fine. Naruto would get another job, study to get a better job, tutor, and continue from there. As long as he continues to manage their money, they would be fine. Jiraiya accepted the answer but asked if they needed anything, anything. Do not hesitate to call.

Itsuki stays there in her spot stunned not knowing what to say. Naruto said something that seemed to make almost time standstill. Itsuki saw how happy their family was, this, this would. absolutely crush Naruko's spirit. Itsuki could see that Naruto's own pain behind his own face. Sure he was happy now, and more than willing to do be happy for the moment for Naruko. The thing is, is when he would tell Naruko what happened, "I wish I could keep Naruko and Kasumi happy. I want their wishes to be granted, I want her to be able to go any place in the world."

Naruko smiled, she saw photo booths, "Onii-chan! Itsuki-san! Let's go do that before we leave!" Naruko pointed at what she wanted to do.

Naruto walked up and patted her head, "Sure Naruko! Let's go do it!" Naruto had a big foxy grin appear on his face as he extended his hand out to Itsuki, "Come on Itsuki! Join us!"

Itsuki blushed a bit, "I'm coming!" Itsuki felt her cheeks warm up as she joined Naruto and Naruko in the photo booth.

The three went into the booth as Naruto put his arm around Naruko with a big grin on his face. Itsuki did the same, but her arm went around Naruto, "Ehehe! It's just like a family photo!" Naruko said happily.

The three received their own individual picture. Naruto smiled as he placed it into his wallet. Itsuki smiled at it, then Naruko said, "Onii-chan! Itsuki-san!" Naruko pulled the picture close to her heart and smiled. As if on que a golden light, flowers, and bubbles appeared behind Naruko, "Thank you so much! I'll cherish this for the rest of my life!"

Once they left it was sundown and Naruto and Itsuki walked with Naruko who skipped in each step, "Well at least I can get some more studying in later. What about you?"

Itsuki froze, "I think I need to go."

"Onii-chan, I see four Itsuki-sans." Naruko was shocked to see that all of Itsuki's sisters looked the same.

Yotsuba was shocked to see Naruto, "Oh, Uzumaki-san?"

"Why are you with him, Itsuki?" Nino was surprised by the scene.

Ichika put her hand up to her mouth, "Ara, were you two in the middle of a date? Sorry."

"WE aren't!" Itsuki quickly stammered out with cross popping veins appeared on her head.

"Ooooo." Yotsuba walked over to Naruko and knelt own, "Are you Uzumaki-san's Imouto?"

"Hai." Naruko replied with her eyes wide, she was still surprised to see how much Itsuki's sister looked like.

"Let's go see the fireworks together!" Yotsuba suggested as Naruko's eyes widen with glee and excitement.
"YEAH! Can we Onii-chan?" Naruko's face took the face of a baby puppy whimpering at it's owner.

"Don't you five have homework?" Naruto scolded everyone as they all flinched, but then turned to Naruko and made a 180, "Come on! Let's go! But first! You all need to do your homework!" Naruto, with the help of convincing from Naruko, went back to their homes and did their homework.

"Come one! We're going to miss the start of the fireworks!" Nino complained, but Naruto put his lip to his mouth.

"I need you all to be quiet please, I'm having a call with my Nee-chan." Naruto stood up and went off to the side. Thankfully Naruko went off to take a nap in Itsuki's room, so Naruto went into the kitchen. The five listened to what Naruto was going to say, "Hey Nee-chan… yes I know… Ero-Sennin said he would take of it… yes I know, I know I've been doing what I can to keep Naruko happy…" Naruto rubbed this hand into his face, "Yes I know… even I don't know when or what to tell her. It'll hurt her so much… I know…"

The five tried to give Naruto his space and room, but they couldn't help but over here some words here and there. So, Itsuki decided to fill them after Naruto gave her a half-smile and a thumbs-up from the kitchen, "Girls try to give Naruto some room, try not to be too hard on him Nino." Itsuki didn't want to resort to that, she wanted to give Naruto his space.

Nino raised an eyebrow; she didn't buy it one bit. Something happened between her and Naruto and Itsuki didn't want everyone to know, "Come on Itsuki whatever it is spill it! I've been wanting something to get back at him! Especially for using his little sister to make him do our homework!"

"Nino no you need to calm down and respect Naruto this time. It's not easy to." Itsuki was trying to be serious and appropriate about this.

"Oh, come on I doubt it's that bad." Nino being oblivious as she is didn't read in between the lines.

"Nino try to take this seriously; we don't know Naruto all that well. We don't know what his life is like, and it seems serious." Miku butted in, she would like Nino to take it seriously. If it's important for Naruko and Naruto, which is also involving their Nee-san.

"Come on, it can't be that bad. I mean Ero-Sennin? What type of name is that?" Nino joked trying to throw this issue under the rug like it's nothing. Nino's voice also became louder which caused a certain someone to stir.

"Nino come on, let's give Naruto-san some space. I think it's more serious than if you think it is. Also, try to be a bit quieter, Naruko-chan needs her beauty sleep." Ichika tried to calm the situation down being the older sibling.

Nino was getting fed up, "Oh come on! This is Naruto we're talking about here?! Why are you all being against me! I doubt his whole secrecy is even important! It's probably about something stupid! Like studying or something!" Nino crossed her arms and puffed her cheeks out, "Why are you all against me here?! I don't get it?! Why can't we all just agree it's something about studying! This is stupid that we're arguing against this!"

Itsuki got upset herself, "NINO! YOU NEED TO STOP IT! IT'S NOT THAT SIMPLE!"

"HEY! DON'T YOU RAISE YOUR VOICE AT ME! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE! YOU'RE NOT MY KAA-SAN?!" Nino shouted back getting angry at Itsuki for raising her voice at her.

Naruto got off the phone, "Ladies please Naruko is trying to." Naruto was cut off from Itsuki.

"Nino! You need to stop! Naruto's Kaa-chan was just killed yesterday!" Itsuki lowered her voice from a shout to regular volume. Nino's eyes widen along with Yotsuba, Ichika, and Miku's as they stared at Itsuki in shock. Their heads turned to Naruto who stood there as he scratched his arm. He didn't know what to say to this, he could cry and be upset when the time came. For now, he had to act like a big brother.
"I'd appreciate it if you could read the situation a bit better. Besides… our Kaa-chan was killed by a "rapist". She did defend herself, but she was killed in the end. I didn't want too much said because this upcoming is Naruko's birthday. Her one wish was for our Kaa-chan to come home." Just then Naruto saw Itsuki's eyes looking upstairs as he stopped talking. Naruto's words also made Nino immediately shut up placing her hands on her mouth.

Itsuki's eyes widen as she looked up at the railing of the upstairs. Itsuki sucked her voice in and placed her hand over her mouth, "O-Oh no… I messed up."

Naruto quickly darted forward past Itsuki and to the middle of the stairs. Naruto froze as he saw the horrified. Naruko had tears running down her cheeks with cheeks red, her nose turning red. Naruto felt hurt, he couldn't stop the pain in his chest seeing his Imouto hurt. Kasumi over the phone couldn't stop crying either. He did what he could to calm her down, "N-Naruko… I-I'm sorry I was going to tell you before your birthday. I-"Naruto stopped talking as he ran to Naruko and pulled her into a hug. Naruto held her tight and Naruko did the same as snot ran down her nose. Tears flowed freely from her eyes as she clutched onto Naruto's shirt.

"Kaa-CHAN! kAA-CHAN! I WANT MY KAA-CHAN! ONII-CHAN! I WANT HER TO COME HOME!" Naruko screamed at the top of her lungs which made the Nakano quintuplets flinch. Itsuki couldn't help but begin to tear up along with Miku, Nino, Yotsuba, and Ichika. Itsuki felt bad for saying it, and Nino felt worse for instigating the argument. Not only that but tried to play off Naruto's life as if it meant nothing.

Nino for the first time in her life felt like a complete and utter bitch. A piece of shit where both of her pictures of her face would be by the definition in a dictionary.

"I know… I know Naruko… I know…" Naruto continues to stroke Naruko's hair and rubbed her back at the same time. He had his own tears running down his cheeks. He never got a chance to mourn for their mother, trying to stay strong for his sister was hard. Not telling her right away hurt him, it hurt him greatly.

Naruko continued to cry for another few minutes as she came to a stop. She continued to hug Naruto not wanting to let go, "Please forgive your stupid Onii-chan for not telling you sooner… I'm sorry. You were having such a good day, you were smiling, and having fun today. I just couldn't bring myself to ruin it." Naruto placed a kiss on Naruko wishing she didn't have this painful expression on her face.

"I-I know I-I forgive you Onii-chan." Naruko wiped her tears as she let out a few more huffs and hiccups from her crying, "I-It just hurts… it hurts right here." Naruko wiped some more tears from her eyes while pointing at her chest.

"I know baby… I know…" Naruto rubbed her back more trying to comfort Naruko the best he could.

"W-Will we have enough money now? T-To keep paying for our house… *hic* and food? I-I know that we weren't worried t-too much. B-b-but now w-what?" Naruko tried to collect herself and begin thinking a bit more critically.

"Oh, you silly girl." Naruto kissed her forehead, "Don't worry about such things like that now. I'll get another job; I'll continue this the best I can. We will manage, don't worry about the money that Nee-chan makes. She'll send home what she can, I'm sure Kaa-chan's friends will stop by and see how we're doing when they can." Naruto picked Naruko up and looked down at the girls who were quietly crying themselves, "D-did you girls finish up your homework?" The girls nodded their heads, "Do you still want to go to the fireworks?" Naruto asked as Naruko nodded her head, she wanted to do anything to try to get their Kaa-chan off their minds.

When the group got ready to leave the girls surrounded Naruto and Naruko. Trying to comfort them the best they can. Naruto insisted to comfort Naruko more, she needed more than he did. The only one who didn't say or do anything was a certain redhead with butterfly patterns in her hair. She lagged behind just slowly walking behind the group. She figured they'd have a better time without her.

Once they all changed into their fancy yukatas, they immediately took Naruko to get one. They didn't care what the designer brand or texture of the yukata was. They bought the best and finest yukata they could for her. Naruto noticed that Nino lagged back, so Naruto did the same walking at the same pace as her, "Brighten up, you don't have to beat yourself up. You didn't know, and I can't fault you for that."

Nino was still upset, she felt like a horrible shitty person, "I still feel bad… I've been told I could be oblivious when it comes to certain people. I-I didn't realize you were having such a hard time right now… what about your Tou-san?"

Naruto rubbed the back of his head, "Saved my life four years ago when I was thirteen. I was simply crossing the street with Mito. A drunk driver almost hit us… well, my Tou-san took the hit. I think you can picture the rest of it." Naruto gave her a half-smile which Nino only felt worse about what she said.

"I-I'm sorry for giving you such a hard time Naruto…" Nino turned her head away wanting to disappear.

"How about this then." Naruto gave Nino a smile which caused a blush to appear on Nino's face as she looked up at him, "I'll forgive you on only one and only one condition. It's not about studying or doing homework this time." Naruto walked ahead of her a bit as he moved to the side and gestured to Naruko, "Help me make my Imouto happy for the evening?" Naruto picked up his pace catching up with Naruko and the other Nakano sisters.

Nino slowed her walking a bit as she watched Naruto tend back to his little sister. It amazed Nino how loving Naruto was towards his Imouto, the lengths he would go for her. It reminded Nino of how far she would have gone for her sisters. While also how unfairly she has been treating Naruto, who is only trying to help them. He was so busy trying to help his Imouto be happy and live a happy life, while also trying to help five stubborn, failing, Nakano sisters pass high school. Whatever, it was, Nino decided right there and then, "No more…. I need to be better than this. Maybe it wasn't Naruto the entire time… maybe it was really me all along. Look what I did… I hurt someone in the process. The Imouto of Kasumi Namikaze and Naruto Uzumaki." Nino slapped her cheeks and got herself out of the dumps. She ran over to help Naruko had a good time.

"Let's try to catch a goldfish!" Yotsuba cheered on as Naruko join in on the fun, and currently, she was sitting on Ichika's shoulders.

Thankfully, Naruko was really light, though a little light for a growing girl her age.

Naruto stood off on the side and smiled as he watched the Nakano sisters playing a game. By the look of it, Naruto is going to have to get a small goldfish aquarium for Naruko to look after. Naruto smiled seeing everyone smile, laugh, and enjoy themselves, "What's with that unfestive look on your face?" Naruto turned to see Itsuki walking up next to him while eating a corndog.

Naruto chuckled a bit as he took out a napkin. He had one on him since Naruko ate a corndog not long ago. He took it and wiped off Itsuki's face causing her to blush. Naruto did pause for a moment as he stared into her eyes, "Beautiful." Naruto muttered which caused Itsuki's face to blush harder.

Itsuki had her hair nicely done in a round ball and with the two usual bangs that framed her face. Itsuki put her hand up to her neck rubbing it, "S-Stop staring at me… don't s-say such things."

Naruto tilted his head confused, "What's wrong in complimenting someone? Just because I say it, it just means I think your outfit is pretty?" Naruto was confused why Itsuki was getting all flustered. Yeah, typically when you compliment someone, they would most likely fluster. But she didn't need to get so worked up over it.

"W-wait a second…" Itsuki turned to Naruto as she narrowed her eyes at him, "You know which of the Nakano."

"Stop it right there, I know it's you Itsuki. I don't know why you girls play this card on me all the time. Besides, you just ate a corndog, you airhead. If any of the five of you are going to be snacking, it's you Itsuki." Naruto said dryly causing Itsuki to be impressed and annoyed by his comment. It was nice he could tell them apart, but it aggravated her how blunt he could be.

"Come on that's not how you do it. You have to compliment them like you really meant it." Ichika walked over to Naruto and leaned into his ear a bit, "Hey, don't you want to find out if girls truly wear nothing under their yukatas?"

Naruto deadpanned, "That was a long time ago. I already know." Naruto paid no mind to her comment, "Before you say it, I know you're not wearing anything underneath. No offense Ichika but you come off as a commando-type person. Before you get mad, think back to when we first met at the house." Naruto added letting her know he knew what she was going to say.

Just then Naruto noticed her laugh until her phone began to buzz. She walked off to the side, just then Nino and Naruko came walking up with Yotsuba, "Come on the fireworks will begin soon."

Naruto deadpanned, "Okay… I can see you already got an aquarium." Naruto saw Yotsuba pulling a wagon behind her. The entire aquarium seemed to hold a good 35-40 gallons of water. With at least ten of the fifteen goldfish in there.

"Yeah, Nino-san won it at a dartboard game! Yotsuba-san helped me win all these fish!" Naruko cheered happily, "Thank you so much you two!" Naruko gave the two a hug, "I even caught one too!" Naruko held up a separate bag with a goldfish in it, "I want to name this Kushina." Naruko smiled as she held the fish close, "If you look at it closely… this goldfish has violet eyes." Naruko held it up for Naruto to see.

Naruto smiled and patted Naruko's head, "I'm glad to see you're happy Naruko, it won't be too expensive, but I'm sure we can take care of them all."

"YEAHHH!" Naruko cheered more that Naruto was allowing her to keep them! "Look!" Naruko held up some fireworks, "Look what Yotsuba also got me!"

"Oh, fireworks… seems to be the safe kind too. Be sure to thank Nino and Yotsuba." Naruto was glad that they got her a child-safe fireworks box.

Naruko nodded her head, she gently placed Kushina into the aquarium with the other fish and closed the top. She then pulled Nino and Yotsuba into a hug, "Thank you Nino-san! Yotsuba-san! I love you!"

Nino's and Yotsuba's lips quivered at the knelt down at Naruko's height and hugged her tightly. Yotsuba rubbed her cheek up against Naruko's cheek, "So cute!" Yotsuba cheered out, "I want to make you my sister too!" Just then Yotsuba turned to the readers who were reading this line, "If I married Uzumaki-san, we'd be legally sisters."

Nino could only deadpan, "You do know what you are saying… do you?" Even if Nino was going to be nice and try to be better. She was still going to defend her sisters. Nino turned to Naruto and poked his face with her finger, "And you better not get any weird ideas about Yotsuba!"

Naruto took a step back, "Hey easy! Calm down! Besides I don't have any." Naruto backed up into Miku as he felt his elbow push her breast, "Ops sorry."

Miku only turned to the side and blushed, "I-It's fine." She knew it was an accident, but Miku felt her heart racing.

Just then Ichika came running up, "Sorry for keeping you guys waiting. Let's go."

"Are you going somewhere?" Naruto asked curiously.

Miku replied, "Nino rented out a shop's rooftop.

"Oh, how neat, didn't think you could do that." Naruto was ready to go until Itsuki stopped everyone.

"Wait! We can't go yet! We have to buy the thing!"

"Oh, that thing!"

"I can wait to try the thing!"

Naruto at this point couldn't even tell who was talking, "What is… the thing?"

They all had a glow around them, they each said something different, "Shaved Ice", "Ningyouyaki", "Yakisoba", "Chocolate Bananas", and Candy Apples". It was said by Ichika, Miku, Itsuki, Yotsuba, and Nino respectively. (A/N: Ningyouyaki are small cakes baked in small molds and are filled with sweet Anko bean paste. Yakisoba is a Japanese noodle stir-fry dish). Ichika pulled Naruko up on her shoulders as the six girls all shouted, "LET'S GO BUY IT ALL!" "Hmmm anyone would say those five are the same. That would be in looks, voices, hobbies, clothing tastes, interests, and much more. However, I'd say you're totally wrong. They couldn't be more different from one another. Each Nakano is unique and different that's for damn sure." Naruto tucked his hands in his pockets and continued to walk behind the talkative and happy girls.

As the crowd grew bigger and bigger. Naruto noticed and realized they were going to get split up, "Naruko! Want to go play ring toss!" Yotsuba asked as Naruko nodded her head. Naruto took the wagon full of fish. He noticed he ended up alone with just Miku.

Just then Nino shouted, "Come one everyone! Hurry up!"

Naruto smiled, "Nino is pretty eager to get to the store huh? Though is there a special reason why you guys like fireworks? They happen normally every year." Naruto wondered if they had some sort of tradition.

Miku decided to enlighten Naruto on the details, "Fireworks were a big part of memories we shared with our mom. She loved fireworks, so we all went together every year. We continued to go every year, even after our Kaa-san passed away." Naruto nodded his head and understood. Miku smiled, "For us fireworks are special."

"That's why Nino is so eager… she really does love you guys. I can see how she does it in her own Nino way." Naruto added as he saw Nino up ahead wanting to get to the spot.

Just then the woman on the intercom spoke up, "Thank you all for waiting. The fireworks are about to begin."

Just then the entire crowd began to speed up and the streets were packed with everyone. Nino only saw Naruto until he disappeared in the crowd of people, "Guys… Miku! Yotsuba! Itsuki! Ichika! OW! Who stepped on my foot!" Just then Nino was pushed as she felt herself falling to the ground.

Little Bit Before

Naruto saw the crowd pile up as he pulled Miku off on the side and said, "Stay here with the wagon. It's always been a thing I've had; I can feel people I recognize. Meaning, I can track down every one. Give me ten minutes." Naruto took off into the crowd which Miku watching in awe how Naruto was going in to rescue her sisters.

With Nino

Just then a hand caught Nino's arm before she fell over. Naruto pulled her close, "Hey are you alright?"

"W-What?!" Nino blushed as she turned her head away not wanting Naruto to see her face blush.

"Stay close, we're going to stop by Miku and the wagon full of fish. I'm then going to lead you to where everyone else. Once we find everyone, we'll get to the shop. Understood?" Naruto looked at her with a serious and calm expression on his face. Nino couldn't help but notice how cool and really badass Naruto was being right now.

"O-Okay." Nino agreed to stay quiet as she felt her heartbeat beat faster.

Naruto and Nino looked up into the sky to see the fireworks going off. Naruto gritted his teeth and turned to Nino, "I'm going to get you five together, you guys have fireworks to see together. I know how important they are." Naruto began to push and pull Nino with him through the crowd. Naruto and Nino made their way towards Miku and the wagon, "Hurry up Miku! We need to get the others." Naruto took the lead as he pulled the wagon.

"Naruto the shop is here, get the." Nino couldn't' finish and Naruto was already off to find the others.

"See he isn't a bad person Nino; he really does care for us you know." Miku sent her sister a smile which made Nino turn away with a blush on her face.

Naruto continued to run and found Ichika, "Oh! Hey, Ichika thank goodness I found you I." Naruto extended his hand out to place a hand on Ichika's shoulder.

However, a man with brown hair a mustache grabbed his arm, "Who are you? What is your relationship with Ichika?"

"I'm her." Before Naruto could finish the two disappeared with Naruto knowing where they went. That's until he saw Itsuki, well he would get her later, "Itsuki over here." Naruto waved her over.

Just then Naruto was pulled away into an alley. Before he could get his bearings Ichika was in front of him. She had him up against the wall with her hand up against the wall near his face, "I just got called in for urgent work. So, I can't watch the fireworks. I know we were doing this to help your Imouto be happy too. Ichika smiled as she backed up and placed her hand on the back of her head, "Besides, ya know, we all look the same. It won't matter if one of us isn't there."

"You're wrong about that Ichika." Naruto narrowed his eyes at Ichika for thinking that way.

"Sorry… someone is waiting for me." Ichika went to leave.

"Wait Ichika." Naruto tried to stop her, and she stopped before leaving and asked.

"Why?" Ichika turned to Naruto with a curious look on her face, "Why are you going out of your way for us? It is because you're our tutor?"

"You idiot, it's because I'm your friend, I'm your sister's friend too." Naruto chopped Ichika on the head, "Don't think otherwise, come on we need to get back to the others." Naruto tried to leave with Ichika in tow, but she stopped him.

"Hello? Yes, I'm sorry." Naruto and Ichika turned their head. Naruto recognized the mustache man that stopped him from going to Ichika before, "We just ran into some trouble. I assure you this won't happen again during filming!"

"Oh, your job is filming huh?" Naruto was impressed by this.

Just then Ichika pulled Naruto towards her as she hugged him making it look like they were a couple, "He is just a cameraman, I work with him."

"As a cameraman assistant?" Naruto corrected his initial mistake.

Ichika let her head rest on Naruto's shoulder. She smiled and closed her eyes taking in Naruto's smell, "I try to come up with ways to make a better shot. It's what I love doing more than anything right now."

"I completely understand, but it is important no matter what you do. You girls need to study hard to get a degree from college." Naruto tried to remind Ichika it was important for a good education. While also doing what she loved.
Ichika moved away slow from Naruto and asked, "Naruto, why do you study?"

"Oh." Naruto remembered his past.


The vision was quite blurry, and Naruto couldn't see the face of the woman. It was an older woman who was next to his Kaa-san, Kushina. Naruto couldn't remember what the woman looked like, but he knew her and his Kaa-chan were really close friends. He remembered his Kaa-san's words, "Study hard Naruto, I know you may not like it. However, if you do *Unknown Name*-chan here did in school. I'm sure you'll be successful and have a family of your own one day! Maybe you can end up running Jiraiya's business alongside him like you Tou-chan."

Back to Reality

Naruto could only remember that his dream was to be an accountant like his Tou-san was. That way he could fill in the role that Jiraiya has been missing for four years now, "I'm studying to be a."

Just then the man from the corner stood up, "Ah! Ichika-chan! I found you!" He ran towards them to get her, "What are you doing here? Come on!" The man came walking back to the place he came walking with Miku in tow.

Nino at the time was looking for Itsuki, Yotsuba, and Naruko. She told Miku to stay where she was.

"Oh no." Naruto shot off before Ichika could react. Naruto ran after Miku to stop the man from taking her. Naruto quickly caught up to Miku and the man and quickly grabbed Miku's hand away from him. Naruto protectively places a hand on her hips to prevent her from falling. Miku looked up with her eyes widening as she looked up at her hero.

It was none other than Uzumaki Naruto.

The man looked back to see Naruto, "You're that guy from earlier!" He then turned around and pointed at Naruto, "What do you want?! What is your relationship with Ichika-chan!"

"I'm her… no I'm their friend and I want them back. I won't let you just take them as you please." Naruto said defensively earning a shocked expression from Ichika's face. Ichika just walked onto the scene where Naruto and Miku were.

"What on earth are you talking about?!" The cameraman walked up confused not understanding what Naruto was talking about.

Naruto pulled Miku closer to him and pointed at her, "Take a good look idiot, this isn't Ichika. Ichika has short red hair. This is Miku she also has red hair, but her hair is longer. If you remembered Ichika doesn't have long enough hair for a balled-up ponytail."

The man grew irritated and shouted, "I'd never confused her for anyone else. She is our precious actress! Let go of her!" Just then he spotted Ichika, "Huh?! Two Ichika-Chans?!"

"You idiot their sisters." Naruto mocked his intelligence, "Did you ever consider thinking when I tried to tell you that this wasn't Ichika. That she possibly had a sister? As a matter of fact, she has four other identical sisters too." Naruto was annoyed with the situation.

Especially for his perception, some cameraman he was.

Naruto looked at Ichika along with Miki. Ichika held her face up and blushed, "That's the film work you do?"

"Well, I'm sorry then." He bowed to Miku and grabbed Ichika's hand taking her.

"Hey!" Naruto grabbed Ichika's hand and pulled her away from him protectively.

"What are you doing? I already said I was sorry for grabbing the wrong person!" The cameraman said turning around confused.

"Sorry but I need to go, tell the others I'm sorry." Ichika smiled as she removed her hand from Naruto's grasp and walked away.

Naruto turned to Miku, "What now?"

"Go with her, I'll manage on my own. I know where I need to go anyways." Miku smiled as she turned to leave but in front of them was Yotsuba and Naruko.

"Miku, you take them to Nino, I'll get Ichika." Naruto took off running after Itsuki.

Naruto ran towards a flight of stairs and slid down the railing. Ichika turned her head surprised to see Naruto, "N-Naruto-kun?!"

"Where is the cameraman?" Naruto asked curiously.

Ichika turned to face Naruto, "He went to get a car."

Naruto gave her a half-smile, "You really don't plan to go back?"

"Naruto… why are you going out of your way for us when you're just a tutor?" Ichika answered back turning the questions onto Naruto.

"Because we're friends." Naruto walked up to Ichika to get a bit closer and stopped a foot away from her, "I was told by a buddy of mine who rode in my Kaa-chan's biker gang. He was in a gang before hers where he lost two of his best friends. Let's say he wasn't the best and didn't make great choices, but he learned a valuable lesson. He told me, in this civilized world those who break the rules are scum." Naruto walked past her as he leaned on beams that held up a structure just before the road, "That's true, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than scum. Since then, I promised to always look out for the people I deem important… precious even. I don't go back on my word either." Ichika couldn't believe the words Naruto spoke, it made her speechless. She smiled, "He really does care about us… we've never had many friends. Because we kept failing all the time, we kept moving schools. To think he see us as such."

Ichika took out a tablet, turned it out, and showed it to Naruto, "A script… I see."

Ichika explained, "I was recruited by my current boss six months ago. Ever since I've been playing minor roles every now and then. I just got the news that there's an audition for a major role in a pretty big movie. I'm finally making my official debut." Ichika closed her eyes and smiled since she was achieving her dream.

"I see… your dream is to be an actress huh?" Naruto deduced as he smiled, "I'm happy and proud for you." Naruto gave her a foxy grin which earned a blush from her, then Naruto realized something, "Shit… this is the movie that Kasumi is playing in…" Naruto couldn't believe it, she was going to act with one of Japan's biggest singing idols.

"I also get to act with Kasumi Namikaze too! One of Japan's biggest singing idols! Hey! Since you're here, why don't you be my practice partner?" Ichika said with an excited tone in her voice.

"Okay sure." Naruto smiled agreeing to help Ichika out, he didn't mind it.

Ichika moved about two feet from Naruto's left, "Alright, now if you would."

Naruto read from the script, "Congratulations on your graduation."

"Sensei, thank you for everything. When I met you in that classroom, for the first time, I… Sensei." Naruto turned his head to see Ichika still in her yukata, but he could see her in her school outfit, "I'm glad you were my teacher. I'm glad I was your student."

Naruto still in his acting role, "I was glad to be your student too." Naruto read the script as walked over and placed a hand on Ichika's shoulder. Once Naruto looked up from the script, he saw Ichika blushing. Naruto quirked an eyebrow and continued to read, he stopped when the script said he would kiss her on the cheek, "Oh…."

"Huh?" Ichika tried to play it off, "Were you moved by my acting? I have to say you weren't half bad either!"

Naruto pinched the bridge on his nose and then dropped his hand, "I did not realize the scene was this."
"That's what go you?!" Ichika said surprised by what seemed to catch Naruto off guard.

Just then a car from the corner pulled around, "It's the boss's car." Ichika turned to leave, but before she did. She smiled at Naruto, "I'm going to go land that role."

"Wait Ichika." Naruto called out to her. He turned her around and gently slapped her cheeks. He leaned in close to her, "Stop with that fake smile too." Ichika's face turned bright red as Naruto was leaned in close. He then gently pulled on her cheeks to make her smile, "You're always doing that. In the alleyway, when you were about to leave. You always smile to hide your true feelings. It's okay to be nervous or scared. It's normal, I also hate it when people lie, especially to themselves. Work hard and you'll do fine… my family isn't in debt, but we're getting by somehow. With the loss of our Kaa-chan and Tou-san four years ago, it's been hard to make money. Because our Nee-chan who works sends what money she makes back to us. I'm tutoring you so I can pay to keep our lights on, and food in our stomachs. I work hard to earn what I get, what about you? You act like you're cool with everything. Explain to me, why were you shaking back in the alleyway?"

Ichika nodded her head and relented, "I thought I could finally stand tall, as the eldest of the sisters. I promised myself I wouldn't tell them until I'd actually made it. So, I couldn't tell anyone I got this audition so suddenly. I silently bailed on our fireworks plan and to help make your Imouto feel better. If I bomb this audition, I won't know how to face them." Ichika looked up at the fireworks and smiled, "Look at the fireworks… wow." She turned to Naruto putting both of her hands behind her back, "But, wow, I can't believe you noticed such subtle change in me."

"Did you really think I wasn't perceptive; I've known how you felt all along. I got this weird thing about me; I can sense emotions. That's what my Obaa-chan was able to do. Every time you smiled, I noticed how much different it was from the others."

Ichika smiled and relaxed as she leaned back. She then leaned forward with her dark blue eyes open with a smile on her face, "I can't even fool you? I'm starting to lose confidence here."

Naruto chopped her on the head, "Idiot, you should have some confidence and believe in yourself."

Just then the cameraman honked the horn, "Come on Ichika-chan hurry up!"

Just as she was about to leave Naruto said, "Well, I'll join you when you apologize to them. We're friends after all." Naruto's hair covered his face.

Naruto quickly dialed a number and picked up the phone, "Hey Kasumi-Nee I got a favor to ask you, I know it's sudden, but I got a request. Tell the others to give her a chance, she's a good friend of mine."

At the Auditions

"That's it for today's auditions." The man with a blue polo shirt and combed hair lifted his hand up.

"Wait a second." Kasumi spoke up after coming into the room, "I just got a request from my Otouto of later arrival. He said to give her a chance, but still, judge her fairly."

"Oh, your Otouto? You know if you can maybe we can get him to owe us a favor then?" Kasumi's boss had a smirk appear on his face.

Kasumi sighed, if Naruto wanted this then he should expect to repay it back later, "Well he suggested it, I'll make sure he owes ya one. Her name is Nakano Ichika."

Just then the door opened with Ichika walking in trying to catch her breath, "N-Nakano Ichika!"

The producer said, "Everyone else the announcements will be posted later. Nakano-san you may go once everyone leaves."

Once that was done Kasumi waited on the side waiting to see how Ichika would perform. Also, wondered if she could be Naruto's first girlfriend. Kasumi giggled, "Okay let us begin. C-Congratulations on your graduation."

Ichika thought back to Naruto's smile and incorporated his into hers. She let out a smile that made the judges lean in, "Sensei, thank you for everything." Ichika looked at the ground with the same smile on her face acting out the scene perfectly, "When I met you in the classroom, for the first time, I…" Like that Ichika continued to perform as the judges watched her with big grins on their own faces. Kasumi was amazed by the girl's performance; she was really glad that Naruto got in touch with her. Ichika continued to think back to her sisters, she was doing this for them. She wanted to make them proud, but she then also saw Naruto too. He was smiling back at her giving her a thumbs up. His foxy grin, then a question flowed into Ichika's mind, "Why does his smile make him look like a fox?" Ichika finished, "I'm glad you were my teacher." Ichika had a big grin appear on her face, "I'm glad I was your student."

Kasumi leaned in excitedly, "THAT'S IT! SHE IS THE ONE! Well… at least I think so anyway."

Little Later

Naruto was sitting out in front as Ichika came walking out, "Oh how did it go." Naruto stood up hoping she go the role.

"Yeah, it went well." Ichika was happy, she was glad Naruto helped her out in the end.

Her cameraman crossed his arms and nodded approvingly, "I must say, I never thought Ichika-chan could be so expressive. Not only that but she got a great reaction out of Kasumi-chan."

Naruto was glad, but before they could leave, "NARUTO-CHAN!" Naruto and Ichika turned their heads. Before them was Kasumi Namikaze as she came running out and grabbed Naruto into a hug, "How are you doing! I've missed you so much!" Kasumi began to mess with Naruto's hair while she wrapped her other arm around his neck.

Ichika and the cameraman were just as shocked to see Kasumi Namikaze being so friendly with Naruto. Then Ichika's eyes widen as she saw Naruto and Kasumi together, "Hey… Naruto… is it just me or does Kasumi kinda look like you." Their faces were similar and round with their facial structure being almost the same.

Well minus the whiskers marks on Naruto's cheeks.

The cameraman raised an eyebrow, "What no way, look at their eyes and hair color."

Naruto chuckled as he scratched his cheek, "Well look how perceptive you are… the thing is Ichika, Kasumi-Nee… is well my Nee-chan. She just took on my Tou-chan's name so Naruko and I wouldn't be publicly known about our relationship with Kasumi-Nee."

Ichika was stunned, "Oh… wow… I-I had no idea!"

"Come on! We're going to be late." Naruto grabbed Ichika's hands and his sisters.

The cameraman nodded his head happily as he also closed his eyes, "I'm personally becoming interested in you, too Uzumaki-kun." He then snapped his eyes open and said, "Chuu~!" As he brought his left hand up to his mouth. However, he realized the three were gone.

With Naruto

"Naru-chan where are we going?" Kasumi asked confused.

"The park, they're waiting." Naruto smiled dragging them along.

"They must be pretty angry with me for missing the fireworks." Ichika said with a nervous smile, but Kasumi patted her on the back.

"Don't worry so much Ichika! Whoever they are I'm sure they'll forgive you!" Kasumi said with a supportive tone making Ichika feel a bit better.

"Yeah, but it's a bit too early to give up." Naruto finished as they came up to the four at the park with sparklers in their hands.

Yotsuba was the first to notice them, "Oh! Welcome back, Ichika! And Uzumaki-san!"

Ichika put her hands upon her cheeks, "Although this isn't as impressive as the firework show earlier.

Yotsuba held her sparkler in the air, "We couldn't wait, so we got started… uhh who is… AHHHHHH! KASUMI NAMIKAZE!" Yotsuba screamed in shock as Kasumi just waved to Yotsuba.

The others shot their heads up to see Kasumi Namikaze standing in front of them, "Hello everyone, sorry for intruding! But I wanted to come with my Otouto and to see my Imouto too." Kasumi waved to them hoping they wouldn't be too upset.

"OO! Kasumi-Nee!" Naruko shot from the bench as she ran up hugging Kasumi.

"Oh, Ko-chan! I missed you so much!" Kasumi lifted Naruko into the air as she kissed her cheek and began to rub her cheek against hers.

"I-I can't b-believe it! Naruto why did you tell us you were related to Kasumi!" Itsuki said with shock, "That's the one thing we all love together! We've all been a big fan of Kasumi!"

Miku was shocked too, she was nervous and even more nervous since she was developing feelings for Naruto, "Hello… Akane-sama."

Kasumi waved it off, "Hey don't worry about it, besides I prefer Kasumi. I don't like the -sama or nickname I was given. A friend of Naruto's is a friend of mine. Better yet a girlfriend of my Otouto is a sister-in-law for me!" Naruto hid his blush as he turned away.

Naruto smiled at the girls, "Nino, Yotsuba thank you for looking after Naruko for me. Also for buying the fireworks."

"Oh, it's nothing, if anything she was taking care of me!" Yotsuba grinned as she rubbed the back of her head.

"You." Nino pointed at Naruto with a small glare, "I need t give you a piece of my mind." Nino walked over to Naruto as he slowly backed up.

He was a little nervous about what she might say. But then again her emotions were in alignment with how she was acting.

"T-Thank you… for working so hard and for bringing us all together." Nino had a blush appear on her face; it was embarrassing for her. Though, she doesn't know entirely why yet. She does know slightly, but she is wanting to deny it.

Itsuki smiled, "Come on Ichika join us for fireworks." Itsuki smiled as she handed Ichika a sparkler.

Everyone began t prepare more sparklers, but Ichika wanted to tell everyone, "Everyone." Everyone turned to her as she bowed, "Sorry. It's my fault things ended up like this. I'm really sorry."

Itsuki was the first to speak up, "You don't need to apologize so much."

"She is actually sorry, there's more to it." Naruto spoke up in Ichika's defense.

"No kidding why didn't you contact us? You're the main cause of what happened today." Nino didn't hold back, she scolded someone if they needed it, "But also, it was my fault for forgetting to tell you where we were going."

Itsuki sighed, "I'm sickened by my own awful sense of direction." Itsuki said with embarrassment.

"I screw up a lot too." Miku added while holding sparklers.

"I don't know what's going on, but I'm sorry, too." Yotsuba added in not knowing what was what anymore, "I got distracted by all the food stalls."

"Girls." Ichika stood back up as Nino walked up.

Nino held out a sparkler, "Here. This is yours."

The girls stood in a circle, "Remember what Okaa-san would say?" Itsuki smiled, "If one of us messes up, the give of us overcome it together. If one of us finds happiness, the five of us share it." Itsuki finished as Nino took over, "Whether in happiness…", Miku continued, "Sorrow…" The girls all lit their sparklers by a candle on the ground, Yotsuba said, "Anger…" Itsuki finished, "Or affection." The five then all lit their sparklers together.

Itsuki continued, "We are five-fifths, and together we are one."

Naruto, Kasumi, and Naruko sat on the side with their own sparklers. They watched as the Nakano sisters shot off a small firework into the sky, "Hmm seemed kinda small?" Naruko said with a frown.

"Yes, but fireworks are important for the five. They reminded them of their Okaa-san." Naruto smiled as Naruko let out a half-smile. The three were reminded of their Kaa-san, once their sparklets went out. The three remaining members of the Uzumaki and Namikaze household held one another. They didn't cry, pout, grieve, or complain. They had one another, they were still family, and they were still alive. For now, they would remain strong, they're still together. Because in the end, family matters.

After a little bit Ichika came walking up, "Since we're friends, I guess we'll have to help one another. Be ready, because I'm not the easiest to work together with."

Naruto and Kasumi both smirked and said, "Who do you think we are? We're Uzumaki/Namikaze Naruto/Kasumi. It's not hard for us to work with you. It's hard to work with us." The two gave Ichika a shit-eating grin which sent shivers down Ichika's spine.

A/N: I hope that satisfies all of you for a little while. I hope it wasn't too bad, but yeah I did plan on Kushina being killed. Regardless of what people would say, I do believe she would have killed him first. She would have fought to survive, but nonetheless, they're human. Kushina doesn't have access to chakra like Naruto does. Even then Naruto's chakra reserves are so minuscule. It merely gives him a strength and stamina boost. Nothing more, nothing less. Pretty sure kid Naruto could whoop this Naruto's ass, lol. Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed it! I hope you liked that Kasumi was part of the movie Ichika was going to perform in! Also, Kasumi, Naruto, and Naruko will grieve they just haven't been able to find the time to do it. Anyways! I'll see you next update! Sage of Prophecy! OUT! Ja Ne!