Will and The Word

Chapter Two

Hall of the Rivan King

Eriond appeared near the Stables after he dismounted, he was walking toward the closest entrance into the hall he saw Geran surrounded by the children of his former companions they were arrayed in a circle Laughing at Geran's embarrassed visage. However, Geran stopped looking down when a Brunette lifted his chin with a finger gently kissing him. The Rivan prince wrapped his arms around the girl leaving his circle of friends struck silent for a moment only for cries of Congratulations to spread through the group when.

Geran closed his eyes when she kissed him enjoying the feel of her lips on his. When they broke the kiss and he opened his eyes and saw Eriond he smiled approached him with open arms and the two embraced as Uncle and nephew for it was what they were in all but blood. Besides how many people could call a god uncle even in jest "What brings you here Uncle?"

"Something happened in the Vale with your sister and we need your mother and father. So, I came to get them." Eriond told the young prince "Why aren't you in court?"

"Because not only would I not hold Sir Mandorallen back when someone insulted my mother. I got to the man with steel in my hand. The head of house Thordahl has cowed most of the nobles on the island and is trying to pressure father to put aside mother for a more "acceptable" bride and he is trying to force a betrothal on Beldaran."

"I am sorry to hear that. I also heard that you are still single. That seems to have changed" Eriond said noting the blush "Care to Introduce us?"

"Uncle I would like to introduce you this is Eleanora Lord Brand's youngest daughter. Eleanora I would like to introduce you to My uncle Eriond. We are to be wed next month during Summit in Tol Honeth. We are announcing at the end of the court this afternoon."

"Well, then I am glad I am here to see it," Eriond said smiling "Let us go disrupt court it should put a smile on your father's face."

They entered the throne room from the side antechamber on the west side across the way Prince Kheldar of Drasnia and his lovely wife the Princess Liselle saw Eriond and smiled Eriond cocked his head toward the herald and mouthed 'Announce me' Kheldar smiled ruefully and approached the herald subtly gesturing to Belgarion as he crossed the hall. Belgarion smiled this was going to be good.

"Your Majesty" Aric Thordahl began his address "Simply put you need more heirs and since Her majesty is not completely human, we feel that perhaps it is time for you to…"

"Oyez, oyez Your majesties and distinguished members of the court It is my pleasure to Introduce Eriond, God of the Angaraks and adopted brother of his Majesty Belgarion of Riva."

The pompous man's eyes bulged.

"Lord Thordahl, as you can see my little brother is here. I have not spoken with him in some time. I am sure you understand" receiving a nod from the overwhelmed nobleman he continued "We will not be having this discussion again if you bring up my wife's heritage or disparage her in any way, I will banish you from the Aloria … Not your family Just you and then I will hold your house in regency until your Heir is finished training with her Grace Polgara the Duchess of Erat."

"You wouldn't" the man sputtered

"Try me it's either exile or death" Belgarion snapped finally reaching the end of his rope "You come into my Court, my home and you insult my family under the guise of me needing more possible heirs. What you mean is you need more ways you try to infect my line with the stupidity that is the bear cult."

"By Royal Decree, Lord Aric Thordahl is stripped of his title and his house is to be held in regency until his Heir is trained by My Aunt the Lady Polgara and Her husband Durnik Disciple of Aldur. Is the Lady Thordahl present?"

"Yes, My Lord, I am here" a heavily veiled woman limped into court with the assistance of a nine-year-old boy, and with great effort, she took a knee before her king Ce'nedra eyes narrowed and she leaned over and whispered into Her husband's ear and motioned guards and Her champion to apprehend the man. "Except for my companions and other visiting royalty this court is now closed we will reconvene on the morrow"

"How May I serve your Majesty" The lady

Steeling himself "My lady Please lift your veil." Belgarion asked gently when Aric made to move toward his wife Belgarion released his will freezing the man in place

The woman tried to raise her arms but cried out in pain "Your majesty I apologize I cannot lift my arms or bend them" Belgarion could hear both Barak and Mandorallen growl. He looked up and caught the man's eyes and, in an instant, could see the things he did to his wife "It is okay my lady he will not be laying a hand on you or anyone else ever again." He turned and saw the orb was angry "Aric Thordahl You are under arrest for sedition against the Crown and more importantly for abusing your Wife. Guards take him away. Before I turn Sir Mandorallen loose on him"

"My lady I offer the hospitality of my house to you and your son until he reaches the age of majority" Belgarion intone formally "Ce'nedra Love could you see to…"

"Ildera and this is Darred my only child," the young woman said as her son pulled the veil allowing the king to see his mother

"How long?" Belgarion asked gravely

"The entirety of my Marriage ten years

"Father, this cannot stand." Geran stated his hand on his sword "I and my betrothed have watched for months now as this man has cowed the good people of the isle." Murmurs started going through the court some did not like the news that Geran had chosen a consort. "insulting my mother and trying to force my sister into a marriage against her will." Geran paused "I know for a fact that this man has been watching my movements and has tried to have me killed at least once. Sending undertrained thugs to kill me on my way home from lord brands three nights ago was sloppy." Nodding to Mandorallen's son Edrik and Kheldar's son Rhodar grim-faced they left the throne room only to return with three boys scarcely older than Beldaran. They looked much worse for wear.

Belgarion recognized the three of them as sons of prominent opponents to Belgarion's marriage to Ce'nedra their fathers were in the process of leaving the court when they were brought in Belgarion nodded to his guards who quickly grabbed the three noblemen. "You will all be held at the pleasure of the crown. Get them out of my sight." Belgarion seethed

Belgarion closed his eyes, exhaled, and counted to ten before looking at his seneschal "Well?"

Kale having been married a long time did not hold back "They tried killing the Crown Prince and my daughter. They also had designs on your daughter. I believe you can be 'firm' in your punishment."

"This is getting serious. They are trying to hurt my family." Belgarion sighed looking at his wife hugging their son and the Princess to be next month will not come soon enough. He then took in Eriond's visage sensing that something might be up he cleared his voice and said in a loud voice "Unless you are My family, my Friend, or under the protection of my house leave the court now please."

The throne room cleared out and Eriond separated from Geran "Hello Belgarion, you were looking a little put upon I figured it was my duty as the younger brother to you know lighten your load a little" he said with an easy grin "However I don't think I could have sold it without Kheldar."

"Just dropping in for a visit?" Ce'nedra asked, "Not that we are not glad to see you Just curious."

"Something happened in the Vale" Eriond sighed before continuing "I need you to keep in mind Belgarion that while my father and Brothers created this world there are other … realities where for instance you might not have married Ce'nedra for example, there is one constant amongst this multiverse of realities. Death, our encounters with her are very few and very far between Today she travelled bringing a wounded man roughly, Beldaran age." He paused looking for a way to tell the only other person who might understand "The necessity spoke with Beldaran and it has been tight-lipped to me as to why. What I do know is that you and Ce'nedra are to accompany me back to the Vale ."

"How bad has this child suffered." The mother in Ce'nedra screamed for her to know "How do we even know it is safe for Beldaran to be near this boy"

Eriond hugged the Rivan Queen. "That's why I am here so we can go find out together. Polgara has looked into his mind He was covered in cuts and bruises. His whole being reeked of death. He has been sent here to heal and I believe as the necessity spoke to fulfil his life. Now before we go, I believe My Nephew has an announcement to make

"Yes, Uncle. It is my pleasure to announce That Eleanora Lord Brand's Youngest daughter has agreed to be my wife."

The orb which had been angry just moments before exploded in celebration. The Celebration went on into the night

Durnik pulled up with the wagon and together with the family lifted the boy into the bed of the cart "I made a small cottage behind our home we can care for him there." Durnik blushed still unused to showing his power "Your aunt told me you would be caring for him. The cottage has two bedrooms, a small hearth and a common area. If I had more time, I would have rather have done it by hand."

Beldaran loved her uncles all of them. Kheldar and his sardonic wit, Barak with his jovial laugh, King Hettar's severe countenance, Relg's righteousness, Lleldorin with his simple world view, and Mandorallen her mother's champion but she held a special spot for her uncle Durnik. Reluctant to use his gift. Preferring instead to use his hands "Uncle whether you built is by hand or by the will and the word I have no doubt it will be a sturdy cottage. For now, it can serve to help with our guest however at some point it will likely be used by the twins."

"That was the idea Polgara and I had after you return to the Isle of Winds in the fall…"

"I was not planning on going back really I was thinking I might inhabit uncle Beldin's tower," Beldaran responded quietly almost unsure of how she would be received "Do you think the others would mind?"

"One thinks that you are a bit young to make such a decision," the wise voice of her grandmother said soothingly "That being said visiting Beldin's tower in furtherance of your studies will not be opposed."

"She is right you know" Came the voice of her grandfather as he loped up and transformed from his customary form of a wolf. "Many things can be said of my brother. His library is second only to the Dal's. But your immediate future will be dealing with this one" Belgarath stated pointing the boy in the bed of the cart. He is like us I could feel him at the center of the vale."

"I wonder what his name is" Beldaran wondered aloud she looked around and all the adults and her cousins were smiling at her "What? It's a valid question!"

"Of course, it is dear but come ask it again when he is awake and not mostly naked!" Polgara said with a laugh.

Beldaran quite suddenly became mortified and turned away from the boy's well-defined if injured body.