Will and the Word

Chapter Six

The morning after the announcement of Price Geran And Lady Eleanora's betrothal and upcoming nuptials was cause for0celebration throughout the city and Citadel went far into the night Ce'nedra for all that she was happy for her son was also worried about the situation that had cropped up Beldaran. Who was this boy, where did he come from, and was he good enough for her daughter?

They had been out to sea for most of the day when Garion had enough "Ce'nedra dear snap out of it, worrying like that causes lines and I know how you feel about those" Garion took his wife in his arms startling her out of her reverie.

"Oh, Garion you scared me is everything ok. I am just wondering about this boy. Where did he come from? Why was he brought here?" her eyes drifted back to the sea "Is Beldaran safe with him."

"I can't answer those questions Ce'nedra" Garion said hugging her again "What I can say is that Eriond would not needlessly put Beldaran at risk. Neither would anyone else in the vale."

"He is not a danger to anyone but himself. He carries a great deal of guilt and self-loathing" Eriond spoke up from behind them catching them both off guard "To answer your questions He came from a world where he was the Child of Light. He was a child of prophecy but other than that there are no similarities between him and Garion. Garion had support at all levels in his life. Young Harry had five friends one of whom he loved romantically he had no adult support until it was too late and from what I could see the dark lord he fought was every bit as bad as Torak or Zandramas." Eriond made a simple gesture much like he had as a child and touched her cheek "He lost everyone who was important to him he stood against the dark and won. He is immortal but unlike the immortality Aldur offers his disciples. Harry's immortality was forced on him. We brought him here to heal to find there is more to life than bloodshed, carnage and loss. I brought him to the Vale because between Polgara and Belgarath they have been family to many generations of the Rivan line. They raised us and we did not turn out to bad."

Ce'nedra Turned to look more fully on the young man "Is she safe with him."

Eriond sighed looking at Garion who tilted his head and mouthed 'Please answer her?' "Ce'nedra I can honestly say that even the gods cannot protect your daughter better than this young man. He will willingly, gladly even spend his life's blood if it will protect the merest stranger. The dark lord he fought killed his friends and fiancé later he animated their corpses and used them to try and break Harry. From what I saw of the encounter He cleansed an entire world in one moment to remove the taint of the dark lord. She is safe with him. However, the question you should be asking is he Safe with her."

Garion took it all in thinking back on his life everything he had seen and done he could not think of doing any of it without any real support and he shuddered causing Ce'nedra to look at her husband "I just thought of everything that happened during the quest for the Orb the journey to duel Torak and the desperate chase to reach Korim to save Geran…" Garion sat in silence "We could not have done it alone."

"He is a decent young man. I think he and Beldaran will be good for one another. She wants to see the world and he will be there to protect her." Eriond mentioned "Given what I saw back in your court maybe you could have them make a ruse of being betrothed. Trust me the first time the bear cult moves to use her they will get a rude awakening. Because if I read it right even if the betrothal starts as a ruse, it will not remain so for long"

"Eriond, do you know what they are doing right now?" Ce'nedra asked curiously and when she saw the blush of Eriond's and cheeks "come on Eriond it cannot be that bad?"

"They are sharing a blanket under the boughs of the tree. Where they fell asleep last night Fully clothed under the watchful eyes of your Grandparents, Polgara and Durnik." Eriond smiled "They both thought of it jokingly as their first date. Do you want to know any more?"

"Fully Clothed?" Garion asked faintly not ready to be a grandfather yet

"First Date our little girl is finally growing up" Ce'nedra gushed

"Yes but…" Eriond tapered off

"Eriond do not wind Garion up!" Ce'nedra said stamping her foot "You said they were fully clothed now what else is there."

"During the night due to the conversation at dinner he had a nightmare" Eriond said his embarrassment showing "Beldaran is holding him they are both still asleep. I believe they will remain asleep until we arrive to wake them."

"Why Is my sister holding a man she barely knows?" they looked over their shoulders to see pretty much their entire friends and family had been listening. "Uncle is she safe, really safe with this young man?"

"Yes, Geran she is." He said turning back to Garion and Ce'nedra "If you would like we can test my theory as to who this young man is and how he will react using Mandorallen, Silk, and the others to help. I think we can do it like this…"

Over the next four days the adults checked on them multiple times per day on the end of the fourth day the golden glow began dim this also coincided with Belgarion and Ce'Nedra's arrival at Durnik and Polgara's Farm. Noting the party that Belgarion had brought with them Polgara looked at her boys "What are you two miscreants planning." Belgarion looked affronted for a moment before a grin appeared on his face

"Why Aunt Pol. Why would we be up to anything" Belgarion asked innocently which caused Ce'nedra to giggle

Polgara looked at the friends and family gathered here "I believe I understand what you are trying to accomplish here. I want to go on record that this is a bad idea!"

Belgarion noted the edge in his aunt's voice "Why?"

"It is delicate, He is an orphan like you, he was an instrument of Prophecy like you, unlike you he lost everyone he held dear." Polgara said gravely "But it will be entertaining to see what he does."

Durnik looked at his wife "Are you sure that is wise."

"No, but sometimes even a king needs an object lesson" Polgara whispered then seeing her daughters come out of the house to greet her cousins Polgara motioned for them to go back in the house. Both girls sulked a moment before going back into the house before addressing the others "Ladies if you will join me for Tea Durnik if you can see to the ladies' horses, we will let the men go do what they feel they must."

Eriond was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable about the plan now, but when he went to speak to Belgarion he found himself silenced 'Nothing bad will occur, Harry and Belgarion will both get a wakeup call. You will see."

Eriond found himself relaxing after that riding to the center of the vale, he felt the tree and the pair sleeping underneath its boughs. Harry was healed physically but it would take time for the emotional trauma heal but he could feel the yearning to be whole once more.

As they approached the tree Belgarion could see Beldaran was splayed across this boy's chest and the plan went out the window as the king suddenly became an overprotective father, he urged his horse forward closing the distance before dismounting and drawing the sword of Riva he was about to speak when he noted the boy was actually awake and motionless. Which went a long way to telling Belgarion exactly what this young man was a about.

Harry woke feeling a weight on his chest and seeing blond locks he was lost in time for a moment before he realized it was Beldaran. And then he heard the thunder of hooves and looked up seeing a man in armor surrounded by others coming toward them "Princess" he said hoping she would wake up and when she did not Harry had rolled Beldaran onto her back as he stood, he covered her with the blanket and every protective ward he could think of. "Protego Maximum, Fianto Duri, Repello Inimicum." He then took a breath "That is close enough. I do not know who you are or where you are from but it would be in your best interest to leave

Beldaran had been having a wonderful dream she was walking along a lake somewhere she had never seen and she was holding Harry's hand and though, she felt safe she felt wanted, she felt loved. Then Her dreams were filled with the haunting sound of the Orb of Aldur. 'Awaken Beldaran' the necessity spoke 'your father has come, it is time.'

Mandorallen looked at the boy who was thin and wiry but moved with the grace of an apex predator. "How do you want to proceed"

Silk responded by throwing a dagger in Harry's general direction but it hit the shield Harry had raised bouncing off.

Suddenly Garion was very worried this person had enough power to make a shield that repelled physical items and he was not breaking a sweat.

"I do not know who you are but I do not appreciate you sharing a bed with my daughter." Belgarion said sharply. "It would behoove you to wake my daughter and bring her to me. Then you and I will have words."

Beldaran heard her father demand her return "Father I am awake and i will come back to the farm when I am damn good and ready."

"That's your father the king?" seeing her nod "He sounds plenty angry with me."

"He is not angry. he is concerned is all" She said mildly "He was likely trying to wind you up and give him some measure of you as a man. You want to turn the tables on him and wind him up some?"

Harry normally would have said no save for his inner marauder liked the idea "Sure what do you have in mind."

"Well nudity is out as it would likely get us killed" She said with an impish smile "So that leaves us with ..." she tapered off "I am going to kiss you now"

"Are you sure that's a good idea you being my healer and all?" Harry asked clearly not convinced

"Well as your healer it is up to me when you have made a full recovery." She said with a smirk

"That is blackmail" Harry mumbled "I have not kissed anyone since."

"I know about Luna I saw your life; I know how much you loved her and the agony you felt losing her then destroying her form at Hogwarts." Beldaran snapped "I have never kissed anyone who is not a member of my family. I am not without suitors but … I want you to be my first kiss."

"Why?" Harry asked

"Because you treated Luna like she was the most important thing in the Universe" Beldaran admitted quietly "Not like she was a means to an end."

"I am not ready." Harry said with a heavy sigh "Believe me Beldaran the desire to kiss you is there on multiple levels but let's face it I am a mess right now. Can we be friends for now and see where it takes us" Harry said plaintively

Beldaran was taken aback there were boys on the isle of winds who would be lining up to kiss her and here was this boy who was perfect. Except for the part where he would not kiss her… she turned and walked up to her father and her uncles. Who had all dismounted to give the petite princess a hug