a purple portal opens up on pivot Drive #4 in the middle of the night. a young woman stepped out of the portal with dark chocolate brown hair shoulder length and warm caramel eyes, staring forth into the Abyss. As She searches through the streets she finds a basket with a young infant boy with pitch black hair an emerald green eyes. on closer inspection she sees and lightning Bolt scar on top of this child's forehead. after inspecting the child she grinned ceilings kind what she was looking for as she picked up the child wave hand and disappeared into the house behind the she was at before. as the lights turned on into this house it could be seen to be lived in with a few photos of cats and dogs. she slowly but surely walks to the house like she owns it she puts the child to bed already made crib next to the Master's bedroom. after closing the door she let out a breath of relief. she walks through the dining room table where there is a folder as many papers she starts to look through them.

"lets see I seem to be in the harry potter world this time." the woman whisper to herself.

"it seems the world is a bit different this time. Now that I got harry who else can I get?" she says while looking at 3 different pictures of certain people.

"oh I know how bout Sirius Black and the insane one. I could reverse their age to 2 years old. and make them look like twins. but I first need to make the stuff to magically change their names as well." she muttered while plotting.

she continued to look through the papers she sees something "huh lets see how the world integrated me since I let it randomize this time and not choose my background myself this time." as she look through it she sees her name is now Katherine Bloodrose a hidden pure blood family that has doubled citizenship with the British and America. Not only that but she is the last of her family as well as the head of her family, Her husband Luther John is a half blood american that took her last name. It seems he is now dead and got a letter explaining how he died defeating a dark lord while in Russia. How odd... well that explains the vials of freely given blood, they must be his. She was a home tutor to rich kids for history

' ug this what i for allowing the randomization I hate history' Katherine thought annoyed by such a thing. She continued to look them over as she starts to finalize her plans.

getting up from her chair she says " oh magic of this universe hear my call bring me Sirius Black and Bellatrix Black and make a mud clone in their place. oh magic turn them into a toddler and take this blood and mine and make them into theirs. Let them forget their pervious past and let them be reborn into Alexander Leo Bloodrose and Belladonna Stellar Bloodrose. Once they turn 8 let the mud clones either die in their sleep or of a heart attack so mote it be." as Katherine finished she dropped to the floor as 4 of the 6 vials disappeared and two young children appeared with dark chocolate almost black hair and emerald green eyes looking almost like identical twins. Both seem to be sleeping almost dreaming of a better life, while Katherine was still catching her breath now exhausted from what she has done.

After resting for 3 hours its now 5 o clock in the morning. Muttering to herself " well that could go better, at least next week I will do the similar thing to harry but later." Getting up and moving the two to the couch and putting on a movie in the vcr and fast forwarding it to the end, she starts to move to the master bedroom room.