after waking up to the alarm the strange woman name Katherine started walking over to Harry Potter. she picks up the infant and walks over to the last vials of blood. as she start her incantation cheap crabs a specialized warded box, and says the incantation " oh Magic Hear My Call this child has been cursed and I wish to undo it, made the half-baked horcrux become undone and let this child leave a normal life. for I have seen it and I shall say let the horcrux become trapped in this box so mote it be." once she has finished her incantation a horrid scream came from the lightning bolt scar is a sickly grayish black gooey smog came from the scar and into the box. she immediately snapped the box shut and had magic chains wrap around it. after that Katherine sighed in relief and walked over to this child and muttered" well kid one thing done now to make you legally my child Through Blood." she walked over to the blood vials and started the next incantation. " oh Magic Hear My Call and unbind fate to this child and love him to go his own path as he is now my child for I give my blood and another's for him to be so mote it be" the moment she said the last words she immediately erected a barrier so no one will know what's going on as a huge pulse comes from the child ask magic influxes and wraps around them she could hear a huge shattering sound almost like last has been broken and something has been undone. once it was over she looked down at the child in our arms and saw the changes that has happened. from what chicken tell magic has erased the child's name so she can name him something else so she muttered so now dark chocolate hair emerald green eyes child. " you shall now be named Harrison Orion Bloodrose Second Son to me and youngest of the family so mote it be so mote it be." after that the child giggled and flashed again accepting the name for he shall now be called that and forever more.