Common Name: Lambeosaurus

Species: Lambeosaurus Lambei

Time: Late Cretaceous

Diet: Herbivore

Temperament: Skittish

Wild: Lambeo's are well known for being extremely difficult to hunt or tame. It is difficult to track them, and even harder to kill them. A lone Lambeo is difficult, but one found in a herd of other Hadrosaurs, makes them near impossible to do anything about. Because of their special diet, taming them by Knock out is impossible. Their abilities require their diet to include Narcoberries and Stimberries, which is basically their fuel.

Their abilities are extremely unique for a dinosaur. For one, they can mask their scent from most predators. Second their defense mechanism of producing a large amount of smoke to cover their escape is known. Some can even emit a gas that can cause drowsiness, making their pursuer sluggish and in rare cases induce sleep. Any Hadrosaur caught up in this sleeping gas, will be immune. When in a herd, this effect can create extremely dense fog.

Domesticated: Lambeo's are living smoke and gas grenades. I've seen tribes using Lambeo's during raids to provide smoke cover. Tamed Lambeo's can be taught to control just how much gas or smoke they emit, and require a large amount of Narcoberries or Stimberries. Taming them effectively, requires gaining their trust through "playing" with them, or by feeding them Narcotics or Energy Brew. Their abilities are excellent for base defense as well being able camouflage their owners and building in smoke for sneak attacks. It seems that those who manage to tame a Lambeo, learn to be able to somewhat see through Lambeo smoke, however, they are just as vulnerable to their sleeping gas as anything else.