Hello everyone, this is my first oneshot about Lucie and Jesse! I just finished reading Chain of Iron and the ending was so sad and literally left me in pieces. Since we'll have to wait so long for the next book, I wanted to give Lucie and Jesse a happy ending for now! This came to my mind and I just had to write it down. Please let me know what you think, that would be awesome! Also beware if you didn't read Chain of Iron yet, there are lots of spoilers!

I don't own the characters or places!

And then there were arms under her, and someone was lifting her off the floor. Carrying her. Jesse, she thought, clinging to consciousness as they crossed the Sanctuary floor. She let her head fall against his chest, a sound in her ear she had never before heard: Jesse's heartbeat, steady and strong.

I did that, she thought wonderingly. There was a creak of hinges, a blast of cold air. She heard Malcolm say something about getting her into the carriage, but she could no longer hold on. She slipped away into the darkness and silence.

Lucie was woken by the sound of carriage wheels clattering over unsteady ground. It felt as if the soft surface she was lying on was shaking by the movements and slowly, she opened her eyes, just to blink against the light that was blinding her. How long had she been asleep? And what happened? The last thing she remembered was going into the Sanctuary, where Jesse's body was...


She'd commanded Jesse Blackthorn to live again. And it had worked. That's when it all came back to her. How he'd woken up and said her name, right before she'd passed out in his arms. I brought him back. I commanded him. She'd said to Malcolm, and it was true, though Lucie couldn't explain how that worked.

Outside, she heard the sound of a horse and then the reality hit her. She was in a carriage and it was moving. They'd planned to leave London to head to Cornwall. Jesse had been carrying her before she'd passed out. He'd carried her to the carriage. Which meant that they were really on the way to Cornwall!

Then she noticed something else. She was lying in the carriage, but someone had a hand placed on her back, stroking it with his thumb carefully. Very slowly, Lucie moved and she heard a sharp intake of breath.

"Finally you're awake!" It was Jesse's voice and Lucie turned around hastily to look at him. He drew his hand – which had been on her back – away quickly and when their eyes met, he smiled.

Lucie stared at him. He was really here, right in front of her, in broad daylight. His skin was still incredibly pale which let his black hair seem even darker. The green eyes were focused on her and shining. The light was reflected in them. His cheeks turned a little red when he noticed that she was watching him, but the smile remained on his lips. The lips she'd already kissed back when he'd still been a ghost. He was looking at her with amazement on his face, she noticed. Most probably she was looking at him the same way.

"You're here." She breathed and reached out to touch him. However, she hesitated in the last moment, knowing that it wasn't proper just to touch someone. Especially a young man. Jesse didn't seem to care. He reached out and took Lucie's hand. His skin was surprisingly warm.

"Thanks to you." Jesse said. "You brought me back. I didn't know you could do that."

"Me neither." She admitted. Suddenly, the carriage shook and Lucie nearly lost her balance and fell off the seat – she was still very tired. Jesse placed his other hand on her arm to steady her without hesitation.

"Where are we?" She asked, trying to look out of the window. However, she only saw fields and trees outside. They could have been anywhere.

"On our way to Cornwall." Jesse explained. "Malcolm is outside, just in case you're wondering about that. I think he didn't want to sit in here with me because he fears that I might ask far too many questions."

"Which you will, I assume?" She narrowed her eyes and smiled.

"Honestly, I'm still quite shaken from waking up in the Sanctuary of the London Institute." He admitted. "I don't know how my body got there or how you managed to bring me back. It never worked before."

"That's a long story." Lucie whispered and leaned back. "So we really left London." It had always been their plan, but now that they were really doing it, Lucie felt... sad. She was leaving everyone behind. Her parents. James. Cordelia. She frowned. "Grace isn't with us?"

Jesse looked surprised. "No, she isn't."

"She wanted to come." Lucie muttered. "But most probably, she didn't get a chance to leave the house."

"How are you feeling?" Jesse changed the subject, not looking comfortable when his sister had been mentioned. Lucie wondered why and made a mental note to ask later.

"I'm fine. Still a little tired, but I think that's not surprising after what I did." She ran a hand through her hair and sighed. It felt like it was a complete mess.

"You're beautiful." Jesse whispered with a soft smile on his lips. He was still holding her hand. "Lucie... what you did back there. It's incredible."

"I'm glad it worked." She whispered and looked at their joined hands. That's when she noticed something. He was still wearing the black trousers with the white shirt, which meant that she could see much of his arms. On his one hand was the scar where the first Voyance rune had been placed. But something else caught her attention. The runes Belial had placed on him were still there. "Jesse, the runes..."

"I don't know how they appeared there." He said slowly. "And Malcolm also wouldn't tell me." She noticed the unhappiness in his voice. "Something happened back in London, right?"

"As I said, it's a long story."

"Considering that it will take a while until we arrive in Cornwall, I dare to say that we have time." He smiled slightly.

"It's not a nice story." Lucie sighed and closed her eyes when she thought of everything that had happened in the past days. The murders, Emmanuel Gast, discovering that Belial had used Jesse's body to do it, Cordelia being Lilith's paladin... "So let me think of where to begin."

"At the beginning?" Jesse asked.

Lucie rolled her eyes. "Very funny." She smiled. "You remember our visit to the Shadow Market?"

When he nodded, she started to tell him everything that happened after that. This time, she didn't leave out anything. It was a strange feeling, being honest to someone for the first time in what felt like ages. But this was Jesse in front of her and Lucie couldn't bear having secrets. It should have shocked her, wanting to tell him everything when she even kept most things from her brother James or Cordelia, who was supposed to be her Parabatai in the future. However, it didn't. Telling Jesse the truth felt right.

When she came to the part where she'd discovered that Belial had used his body to murder Shadowhunters, Jesse inhaled sharply. "He used... my body?" He whispered and when Lucie nodded quietly, he closed his eyes and swallowed.

"This is not your fault." She reminded him and moved closer to take both of his hands. He was wearing the Blackthorn ring, she noticed. "Emmanuel Gast placed the anchor on you when he cast the protection spells. You couldn't have done anything. So he's the one to blame."

"Or my mother." Jesse muttered dryly. "She let this happen in the first place because of her mistrust towards the Nephilim."

"The others know that you're innocent." Lucie squeezed his hands. It was still too good to be true that they were warm.

"Will they still think that when they notice that my body's gone?" He didn't sound convinced.

"They know that Belial can't possess you again." She said determinedly and quickly told him the rest of the story. How they'd brought him back to the Institute, just to discover that Leviathan had attacked there and how she'd went to the Sanctuary at night, where she wanted to meet Malcolm.

"Well, bringing me back from the dead won't be necessary anymore." He noted when she'd finished her tale.

"However, I still have to talk to Annabel's ghost for Malcolm." Lucie reminded him. "I promised to do it. Even if he didn't have to help me with getting you back."

"I don't like this." Jesse muttered darkly. "It's too dangerous."

She chuckled. "You always think that the things I'm doing are too dangerous."

"Like throwing yourself between Cordelia, while she's been under Lilith's influence, and me, being possessed by Belial?" He raised his eyebrows.

Lucie sighed. "I didn't have a choice. Daisy would have killed you." She remembered that moment perfectly well. Her furiously beating heart, the fear for Jesse and also for Cordelia... James' voice, telling her to get out of the way. Just that she would have never done that. She would have died for Jesse, Lucie knew that.

"I was already dead."

"Not really. After all, you're here now." After a few moments of hesitation, she placed her hand on his chest to feel the steady beating of his heart.

"Yes, I'm here. Thanks to you." He said thoughtfully. "You risked so much for me. You're still risking everything."

"It's worth it." Lucie replied immediately. "I think I know why I was able to bring you back."

"Because the anchor was gone?" He asked.

"That, and because of our feelings. I could see a few of your memories, back in the Sanctuary. The first time you saw me... In the ballroom." She hesitated.

"You were stunning." Jesse whispered with a smile. His green eyes were shining.

"And later, when you said that you loved me..." She breathing in deeply. "I love you too, Jesse. That's what made it possible. What gave me the strength to bring you back."

For some time, they just looked into each other's eyes silently. Then Jesse leaned in carefully, giving Lucie enough time to back away. Just that she didn't want it. His lips were warm and incredibly soft when they met. First, Jesse kissed her hesitantly, as if he wasn't sure that she really wanted it. But then Lucie placed her hands on his neck to pull him closer and he gasped in surprise. His hands were on her back then, holding her tightly and they just kissed each other, enjoying the feeling of finally being together. Really together, and not just having a few stolen moments at night.

"It's true." Jesse whispered when they parted. "I love you." He laughed happily and the sound of it made Lucie's heart skip a beat.

"I still can't believe that you're really here!" She exclaimed and wrapped her arms around him.

"Me neither. And it's all thanks to you." He kissed her cheek.

"I don't want to interrupt the two of you" the voice of Malcolm Fade said suddenly and they both looked up in shock to see him watching them through a small window "but we've got a problem."

Lucie sat up straight, but Jesse kept his arms wrapped around her. Now that the small window was open, cold air came into the carriage and they both shivered. For half a second, she was amazed by the fact that Jesse shivered. Another sign that he was alive. "What is it?" She asked.

"Someone's trying to track me." Malcolm explained.

"My parents." Lucie whispered and she just knew that it was the truth.

"Most probably with Magnus Bane, yes." Malcolm said. "They won't find us, but since you left them a message, they will be able to guess that we're on our way to Cornwall. We have to make haste."

Next to her, Jesse looked at Malcolm curiously. "What's the plan once we reach Cornwall?"

"She will call Annabel's ghost and find out where her body is." Malcolm said simply. "After all, your dear Lucie made a promise."

"Which I'll keep." She said sternly.

"Leaving them a message was not a good idea." Malcolm said again and turned around once more, closing the small window.

"He's very charming." Jesse noted dryly.

"He's hurt." She argued softly. She'd also told him the part about Annabel Blackthorn.

"Understandably, considering what they've told him and what really happened." He sighed. "We should get warm clothes and a few more weapons before you summon the ghost. Somehow, I fear that it will cause problems."

"So you really want to stay by my side?" She asked carefully. From everything Jesse had said until now, she'd assumed that he would, but he never said it aloud.

He frowned. "Of course I'll stay with you, Lucie." He said as if he didn't understand why she was asking this in the first place. "I'll only leave you if you command me to."

"I can't command you anymore since you're alive." She noted.

His eyes gleamed when he grinned. "You see? So you're stuck with me forever."

Slowly, a wide smile appeared on her lips. "Forever sounds good."

They kissed again, but this time it didn't last that long. "The other Shadowhunters also might not accept me." He whispered. "Considering that I was dead and now I'm back, I'm sure that some of them will still believe that Belial can possess me again."

"We'll convince them of the truth. James and Daisy have also seen what happened with Belial, they'll support us. And I'm sure my parents will as well." She still felt guilty for running away like this, but it had been necessary. She told herself that it had been the right thing to do. She would explain everything later. Now they had a task to do.

"I admire you for being so positive about everything." He noted.

She chuckled. "I'm not, you just believe that."

"I've read your books, I know that you are." Jesse argued softly. Suddenly, he looked curious. "Tell me, will I get a part in The Beautiful Cordelia now that I'm not a ghost anymore?"

She stared at him for a few moments before she laughed. "You can get as many parts as you want."

They talked about the characters which could appear in the book for some time and it felt good to laugh with Jesse, something Lucie thought could never happen. He had an arm wrapped around her and she reached out to feel his heartbeat once in a while. When she did it, he would just smile at her softly, his green eyes shining.

Even if they had a dangerous mission before them and it surely wouldn't be easy when they showed up in London again (or met her parents in Cornwall), Lucie Herondale was happy. And from the looks of it, she knew that Jesse Blackthorn was happy as well.