Hey everyone, I decided to do a Evangelion/Kamen Rider fanfic with Shinji being a fanfic one. Hope you all enjoy it. Now I made a couple of changes. The war starts 2019 so everyone except Maya are 4 years older so the pilots and their schoolmates are in the last year of high school or first year of college. I need someone to help me on that. The world of Neon Genesis and the world Rebuild are merged but currently only Shinji remembers but others might later. This a harem fanfic. So far it is Shinji x Hikari x Sakura x Maria x Maya x Mana x Alice (American McGee's Alice). I will maybe add Mari, Mayumi, and other characters from different series. If anyone is wondering if Asuka and Rei will be with Shinji the answer is a big fat no for Asuka and a maybe on Rei. Why no for Asuka is because I don't like her because she is a self-center abusive brat. Now I know why she is the way she is, and I sympathize with her since I am a mama's boy and proud of it but that doesn't give her the right to abuse Shinji. With Rei she looks like Yui with different coloring and was made with her DNA and Lilith's DNA so she could be considered Shinji's half-sister. Now I am not an expert with DNA so I could be wrong about that or change it to work for this fanfic. I don't what I am doing with her yet. I might give Shinji a secondary Rider later on and pair her with him. I am also not adding Misato and Ritsuko to the harem. Thanks to CMXB and Dantrockon122 for their help. If anyone is interested I am planning on doing a Harry Potter ideas I have that are available page that I will put on Osmosis. If you see an idea you like please PM and you can have it. All I ask is credit for the idea and a few conditions that will be display with the ideas. Thanks for taking time to read the AN.

(Tokyo-3: 1:27 P.M. May 8th : 2019)

"Looks like she's late again. You think how people like to say, "Third time's the charm." you think she wouldn't be late again for the third time. But I guess that's part of her charm." An 18-year-old Shinji said with a small smile remembering some of the good times he had with her. Looking different thanks to the two worlds somehow merging together and causing two Shinjis to merged together leading him to be born somehow keeping the memories from both and turning him into an Angel and something else. He now has snow white hair that was in the same hair style as Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing and ruby red eyes that shine like them. He was also wearing Duo's clothes with the colors reversed. On the shirt was a pair of golden angel wings starting from the back wrapping around his sides with the wing tips ending on the front close enough to touch.

"Still being late is irresponsible and not proper of her since she is a captain and today is the day the Third Angel appears." The young woman next to him said. She has straight, dark hair that has a reddish tinge is cut just past the shoulder, which has a center parting and no fringe. She is wearing a navy-blue dress with short puffy sleeves, a fanned-out skirt that is cut to about mid-leg and a skull decorated with a white bow and ribbon. To complete the outfit, she was also wearing a simple white apron over the dress, black-and-white stockings underneath, and black knee-high boots which are secured with silver buckles. Her outfit sports astronomical symbols on the apron pockets. The symbols are (Eris) and (Jupiter). She was also wearing a silver necklace of the Greek letter Omega: Ω. Her skin is pale, a long oval-shaped face and large eyes with a shade of emerald-green. She is of average height for a woman, possibly slightly under average. She was wearing make-up in the form of peach lipstick and black eyeliner with dark pink eye shadow.

This is Alice Liddell (The American McGee's Alice: Leviathan version or Madness Returns version if you prefer that version better minus the blood on her clothes, and a healthier figure.) and Shinji's girlfriend who is from another world.

"Oh yeah that's right. We should probably find a place to hide so I can Henshin in secret and take it down before Sachiel gets here or else Misato will be here, and I'll have to use the Eva." Shinji said not wanting to be in that abomination ever again. They then left to find a place which they luckily did in a few minutes since Sachiel was five minutes away.

"He's almost here." Shinji said looking at the direction that Sachiel coming in from.

"Shinji I love you." Alice said moving closer to him. She knows that Shinji will win but she is concerned for him. Shinji move closer to her and was about to kiss her.

"I love you too." Shinji said holding her close as they kiss. They pulled apart as they smile at each other. They then kissed again conveying all their feelings towards each other. As their kiss ends Shinji touches his forehead to her.

"No matter what happens I will win, I will survive, and I will come back to you." Shinji said with strong sense of determination in his voice.

"You better." Alice said with a loving smile.

"I don't mean to interrupt but Sachiel is one minute out." A weird looking cat said. The cat vaguely resembles a Sphinx cat, with its very thin coat of fur and thin body shape. It has an emaciated, almost skeletal appearance; his bones can be seen through his fur-less, gray skin. He has a large head and paws, a disturbingly human-like smile, a long neck, sharp claws, big, pointed ears, and a long tail with a tuft of fur on the end. He wears a silver hoop earring in his left ear, and his skin is covered with black markings similar to prominent tribal tattoos. His smile looks maniacal, and he appears to have under-grown yellow incisors that are covered in blood. His eyes are also dark yellow, and glow with a bright, illuminating light.

This is the Cheshire Cat. A creature created from Alice's mind.

Alice sighs a little upset that the moment was ruined but relaxes knowing she and Shinji will have all the time they want later. Shinji moves away and puts on a device on his waist as a belt shoots out from its right, wraps around his waist and hooks in on the left. It looks like the Sclash Driver minus the Jelly tank, a cross shape in the middle that's hollow, and a lever instead of the wrench like crank. The lever was neon green and the blue that is on the Sclash Driver is royal purple on this Driver. This is the EVA Driver.

OK! EVA Driver!

Shinji then places a royal purple cross with the name Raphael on it in neon green letters in the hollow cross shape on the Driver


A tune plays from the Driver (Fate/Extra CCC OST BB Channel).

"Henshin!" Shinji yelled out as he presses down the lever and he became covered in royal purple and neon green lights.


He looks like the Big One Warrior monster from Yugioh with the white is changed to royal purple, the green being a more neon green, the one symbol on his head is removed, and is replaced by Unit 01's horn.

"Heal the world and everything in it with the power of Hope! Kamen Rider Raphael!" The new Kamen Rider Raphael yelled out as Sachiel (Neon Genesis version without the second face) arrives and was battling fighter jets. Raphael runs towards Sachiel as he starts glowing. His size starts becoming bigger and bigger as he becomes as big as Sachiel. Raphael using his A.T field to piece Sachiel's A.T field and punches Sachiel in his core. Sachiel is knockback as Raphael grabs his and runs him out of Tokyo-3 and throws Sachiel! When Sachiel lands Raphael summons a sword (Qrow's from RWBY weapon Harbinger with the gears covered with a cross shape hollow on the covering). Sachiel recovers and releases two lances of light from its two arms and rushes towards Raphael. Raphael points Harbinger's blade tip and pulls the trigger shooting Sachiel in the core knocking Sachiel back and cracks its core. Raphael then starts slashing Sachiel dealing massive damage. Knowing that it won't survive Sachiel grabs onto Raphael and starts to self-destructed. Raphael unleashes a pair of beautiful wings and flies with Sachiel to space. Sachiel finally self-destructed creating a massive explosion in a form of a cross. As it starts to dissipate Raphael is showed that he taken moderated damage. He then glows disappearing from space and reappearing near Alice human sized. Raphael takes off the Driver as his form then disappears.


Alice glad to see her love was ok went to him and hugs him tightly. Shinji hugs her back.

"I kept my promises." Shinji said with a small smile.

"You did." Alice said hoping that he will continue to keeping them.

"Well done Shinji. One down and sixteen to go." Cheshire said ruining the moment again ticking off Shinji and Alice for doing that again but they let it go knowing that once the plans of SEELE, Gendo Ikari, and Yui Ikari, and the Angels were defeated they can get married and start a family together.