E-0: The Waiting

Waiting, that was all she was doing, waiting.

Trapped Inside a compacted space, everything was dark, the only thing illuminating the room was the light she is emitting. She was sitting on the floor legs bent towards her, with her arms wrapped around the legs.

She was trapped, but how long was she trapped and why was she trapped there.

For the entire time she was inside this room she counted the days of how long she was inside.

"two," She said. "Two thousand and fifteen years, twelve months, one week, and two days, since I've woke, up," she said

The question said was why was she trapped tut the real question to be asked was, why was she awake.

She wasn't supposed to wake up at this time but unfortunately due to some circumstances she was awake, and now have spent two thousand and fifteen years inside this strange room awake, unable to sleep, and most of all, unable to make contact with another living being,

She was alone,

She was trapped,

She was sad

She was lonely

At this rate, it is already too much for this girl, she can probably just give up.

But she can't

"I can't give up."

She was made for someone to use her power for something greater.

That is why she can never give up.

That is why she just has to wait.

To wait for the day when that person will find her

All she can do now is just call out.


Welcome everyone to my first book for the GLITTER FORCE SERIES, Yes I know, this is a girl series THAT WAS CANCELED but this was a part of a bigger series in japan so, I have to add it, so I hope you enjoy it.