There was a darkroom, nothing was in it until something appeared from the nothingness a phone

Welcome dear readers to the story that will be different than any other stories before.

A female voice said as the sight of a phone shows the details, with its pink case, a screen that had a curve showing a button.

This story is about the emotions people hold, a story about how a normal girl and her friends become something else, a story about how they defend their city with the power of emotion, a story about how they became The First Glitters, this is the story.


The phone turned on shining bright then everything begins to spins before the view enters the phone causing everything to turn white


Date: March 20, 2020

Our story begins in a continent that is unknown to the world, a continent where there were three major cities, this continent was called Riseria, and the city which resides in it were, Quanta city, Creationa City, and the last but not least, Feelia City, Feelia is a city which is considered to be very very modernized city due to everything looking so futuristic. In this city many positive emotions are spread all over the place, not a single negative emotion can be seen.

Well except for one.


A boy with his brother and an officer behind him and they were chasing after a female thief who had taken his phone and his brother's wallet.

"HA! Jokes on you kid the two are now MINE!" The thief said, "AND YOU'LL NEVER CATCH ME, NEVER, HAHAHAHA!" she declared laughing while doing so.

As she was running down the sidewalk and saying that line, a foot with a pink shoe on stuck up at the thief's path, and the thief didn't notice it until and without warning





The thief tripped and hit her chin on the ground dropping the kid's smartphone and the brother's wallet in the process.

"Ow!" the girl wheezed

"Next time you try running on the sidewalk, make sure to looking where you're going,"

Coming out of the shadow was the owner of the foot that tripped the thief. It was a girl with back-length chocolate brown hair and bangs with brown eyes, a white dress, a long sleeve pink shirt, pink skirt with black shorts with black knee-length socks. She also has a brown shoulder bag.

The officer came in and arrested the thief taking her away with her growling all this time.

The girl picks up the wallet and the phone and returns them to the two. "Here you go, boys."

The two boys get their stolen item back and they smile.

"Thanks, Emilia."

With that, the two boys left with a now smiling girl who was named Emilia standing there.

Emilia breaths in the fresh air. "Haaa, helping someone on the first day of summer, that's joyful," she said.

Insert: Viva! Spark!トロピカル~ジュ!プリキュア

Hi everyone! my name is Emilia Sumairu Shinchaku, I am a seventeen year old happy-go-lucky girl who has been living in Feelia City for my entire life. I love helping people out all the time because my dream is for everyone to smile and will make them smile by giving them my joy to help them. I've been helping everyone in the city out since I was a toddler so everyone knows me and that, that is joyful to know.


She then begins to walk down the sidewalk. "The feeling of knowing people are happy never gets old," she said then she began to run down the sidewalk excitedly. "I have a feeling that today is going to be…"

She then does a small leap then slams her feet on the floor before coiling up before springing up super high and her fist in the air!


She then lands on the floor and begins to run into the city

XxMrV4xX Presents:

Glitter Force E-MIX

music edit: instrumental only

Emilia runs around the city enjoying the breeze on her face, she then goes to a sudden stop as she sees a window washer platform going off balance with a rope being too high than the other.

"Let me help with that!"

She then runs to the rope on the ground and starts polling hard with all her might able to align the washer platform.


The men thanked the girl. As she runs off.

She then hears something behind her and sees a girl carrying a stack of boxes about to fall on her.

She runs then jumps high as she catches the boxes that were about to fall and lands on the ground with the fallen boxes in hand,

"Here let me help," She said as she carried the boxes into the car and closed the trunk. The girl then shakes her hand

"Thanks, Emilia."

"No problem."

She continues to run down the street until she hears a voice.

"Hey Emilia!"

Emilia turns around to see a girl with short brown hair, an orange tank top with a white t-shirt underneath, brown shorts, and orange shoes with black socks.

"Chelsey!" She said as she ran to the girl.

"How are you?"

"Oh, I am doing fine, even though you just asked me that yesterday after our last day of school," Chelsey said

Yo, I am Chelsey Kofun Ekisaito, a seventeen year old challenging athletic extraordinaire. I loved to sprint a lot when I was a kid ever since then it was my dream to become the fastest sprinter ever known to man.


Emilia chuckled in embarrassment for a moment. "So what are your plans today Chelsey?"

"Oh, I am just planning on going to the running tracks for the day, how about you?" The athlete asked.

"Me, oh you know the usual," she answered.

"Okay then, see you," Chelsey said as she walks off

"Well then time to continue helping people," she said as she ran down the sidewalk to continue helping once again.

music edit: play the vocals

After that Emilia began to help other people around the city such as help the elderly cross the street, walk dogs, organize books inside a bookstore, and even water the plants of a plant shop.

She then continues to run through the street recapping what she has done. 'So, I helped the elderly, walked the dogs for a dog walker, organized the fairy tale books in the book store, and helped water the plants at the plant shop.' she thought before getting an idea of what she can do next. 'Well then, now that I was able to help a few.'

"Time to play at the park!"

With that she began to head towards the park and entered it when arriving.

After that, she begins what she defined as "Fun"

She jumps high and runs on the roof of all the stands while flipping over some gaps,

She then jumped off of the last roof and grabbed on the light pole, and began to bar swing it at fast speeds

She launches herself from the bar before landing on the handrail and begins rail grinding on one of them.

She then jumps from the railing and begins to jump off every side of every tree before grabbing on a telephone pole and spins before launching herself one more time into the air with her fist pumped into the sky and before landing she begins flipping in the air before landing on the ground sticking the landing.

She then stands back up and raises her arms to the air smiling.

End insert

*clap* *clap* *clap*

"Nice moves Emilia."

Emilia then turns around to see a girl with black neck-length hair, a yellow jacket, a black undershirt, a white skirt, yellow boots.

"Hey, Milly," she said running to her. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Oh observing the romance in the air," Milly answered as she saw a man and a woman accidentally bumping into each other and just stare at each other.

Greetings, I am Milly Utsukushi Hato, I am just a seventeen-year-old girl who has a 2015 IQ and a master at using electronic devices. I am most fascinated with the emotion of romance so it is my dream to create romance with the power of technology.


"Um, okay," Emilia said, sweat dropping.

"So what are you here Emilia?" Milly asked.

"Oh, I just helped a lot of people today and decided to play in the park." the long-haired explained. "Anyways where's May and Clover? I haven't seen them all day." She asked

Milly then laughed for a bit making her confused.

Milly then wiped a tear out of her eye and stopped laughing "Emilia didn't you know. May and Clover are out of town right now." Milly said


Outside of Feelia was a van driving through the road of the countryside, through the window were two girls sitting patiently doing nothing, their faces weren't seen. What was visible though was one of them having long hair the other having short hair, one had green clothes and the other had blue clothes.

"The two are going to the Feelia countryside of Riseria to visit a relative of theirs who is living there."

The car continues to drive through the empty road.

"They said they won't be back for a couple of days at most."

Back with Emilia and Milly

"Oh, thanks for the explanation, Milly." Emilia thanked her sad for the fact her two friends are out of town on the first day of summer

"What really made me laugh was the fact that you didn't know about their departure," Milly said. "Didn't you text them about it yesterday with your E-Phone?" she asked, pulling out and showing her yellow smartphone called the E-Phone.

Emilia then started to chuckle in embarrassment. "Hehe, um about that you see…" she began making Milly raise her eyebrow wondering why. "I...I…"

She lowered her head

"Don't have an E-Phone and never had one, to begin with,"



Emilia winced at her friend's screaming.

"Why do you not have an E-Phone, every kid including me and our friends got our E-Phones when we were younger!?" Milly asked with disbelief knowing that her best friend NEVER had an E-Phone.

Emilia started to blush in embarrassment now, knowing that her friends had E-Phones longer and she didn't, she scratched the back of her head. "I guess I never really thought about having one before."

Yes, I know, you are probably asking, "Emilia, WHY DON'T YOU HAVE AN E-PHONE!?" well you see because I started to help a lot of people when I was younger I never really paid attention to the E-Phone stuff. Yes I know the basics of it, you can text, call, and take pictures with it but I never really got myself a chance to use it because, well I was distracted with helping people smile. Well, I do have a computer at home but I never had a phone.


"Well Emilia you should really buy an E-Phone then, everyone has one," Milly suggested. "And I think that with a phone, you can help spread joy to more people around!"

When Milly said that Emilia started to get excited and pumped up.

"Seriously!?" She asked with Milly nodding. "OH thank you, Milly, for the suggestion, I'll go and get an E-Phone right away then, BYE MILLY!" she then ran off back into the city determined to get a phone now.

Milly chuckled at Emilia's enthusiasm and got up. "Emilia never gets old." she then walks off in the opposite direction.

With Emilia

Emilia runs down the sidewalk of the city heading to the store side of the city. "Okay, so all I need to do is to find myself a phone that suits me a lot," she said to herself. "How hard could that be."

Really hard it seems

For almost every store she went to, E-Phones were sold out everywhere. Apparently E-Phones are popular in the summer season.

Every store she went to,

every district she went to,







She walked down an almost empty street leaning forward gloomy in defeat.

"Awww, this is not joyful at all, every store I go to is all sold out of E-Phone." She said gloomily. "And the next restock they said will be next week," she said.

"WAAAAA!" She whined before she began to mess up her hair while looking up and walking. "Now I'll never get an E-Phone now!" she whined more, then her foot accidentally hit a box.

She stopped and looked down at the box. "Huh?" she said before looking to her right and seeing a vacant cafe with boxes stacked outside of it. "What is this place?"

"Hello there."

Emilia then turns around and sees a woman in her thirties with long silver hair, with black and white clothing, white polo shirt and black pants, with shoes being black and the other being white.

"Um, hello to you too." she greeted back. "Um, who are you and are you from around here? Because I've never seen you before."

The lady chuckled to her question

"Well for your first question, my name is Balancia." The lady now identified as Balancia introduced herself. "And for your second question, I am not from around here I came from out of town."

"I have just moved into this big city to open up a cafe here after I bought this vacant place for a very good price."

Emilia's ears perked up after hearing Balancia's explanation of opening up a cafe.

She then gets excited with her eyes suddenly sparkling. "REALLY!? What's this cafe going to be!?"

Balancia smiled at the girl's curiosity "Well, this cafe I'm making is just like a normal cafe but, I want to make this cafe a place where many positive emotions can roam freely around the place for people to be happy when entering and leaving." she explained before looking up at the vacant cafe. "I will call it, The Emotia Cafe."

The long haired girl's eyes sparkled at the idea before looking at Balancia and went close to her with Balancia taking a step backwards as a response.

"Can I help!" she asked

"I really want to help make your idea into reality."

"So let me help."


Balancia sweat dropped at Emilia at first but then started chuckling at the girl's enthusiasm to help her, and she actually needed help.

"Okay, you can help."


And within a blink of an eye Emilia dashed to the boxes and carried a stack of three boxes,

"Let's finish this right away, to get your idea closer!" she announced.

Balancia smiled at that.

With that the two began to move boxes in.

The first brought in furniture like couches, coffee tables, high chairs, high tables, normal table, chairs, and round tables.

They then brought the boxes filled with the needed materials used in a cafe, spoons, forks, knives and coffee cups and plastic cups for milkshakes.

Then the two brought in the electronics for the cafe like the cashier, a milkshake mixer, a blender, a coffee maker, and last but not least the two brought in five to ten fridges into the cafe.

After bringing in the last fridge Balanica thanked Emilia.

"Thanks for helping me out, young one."

Emilia smiled.

"No problem Balancia and call me Emilia." she said. "And also, I am not done yet."


"I'll take the liberty on making this place look pretty and complete."

This surprised Balancia. "Oh you don't need to, I can handle it myself." she assured her.

"Don't worry I'll be fine." Emilia assured her back.

Balancia's surprise then faded and she just closed her eyes and smiled "If you say so, Emilia."

Emilia smiled as she ran to the boxes and got a broom and dust pan. "Okay then let's make this place joyfull!" she announced as she began to sweep the floor of the entire cafe.

She swept every single grain of dust on the floor in a record breaking time of thirty seconds and when she was done she threw the dust at the near trash can, she then got the duster dust cleaner and began dusting off the dust on the walls and the roof of the cafe. After dusting off the dust, she began to move the furniture to comfortable spots of the cafe to make it look organized and pretty.

"Done." she said, wiping off the sweat she had. "Next up." she said looking at Balanica.

"The lighting."


Balancia was surprised by what she did after she said that. She took off from the Cafe and returned with a paper bag full of lightbulbs. She then began to install each lightbulb into each socket of the cafe, even installing cute looking hanging lamps to the cafe to add the cuteness.

"FInished." She said as she slid down the ladder and then went into the paper bag and pulled out.

Plumbing tools?

"Now time for the plumbing."

She then began to fix the plumbing system of the cafe, even though Balancia didn't check, she had a gut feeling that the plumbing here wasn't good so she decided to clean it herself. And she was right. The old pipes were full of mold that could've been bad for the water. So she uninstalled the old ones and installed new ones.

"Finished." she said as she whipped off the dirt of her cheek. Then there was a car honk from outside.

"What's that?" Balancia asked

"Oh that's just the two new aircons I bought for this place."


Emilia wasn't lying because after she went outside the car left and she pushed in one big circular and one rectangular air con. Balancia's jaw dropped at the sight and she saw this.


"H-How did you buy those, aren't those expensive?"

"Oh that." Emilia said. "Let's just say, the appliance estore wanted to give me something in return after my help in the store last week."

"You really love to help people huh?"


Shethen places the rectangular one at the cashier area of the shop for Balancia to have a cool breeze close up while working and she then places the circular one at the center of the cafe inside a circular table.

"There you go now for the aesthetics." she said she then looked at Balancia. "Um do you have a telephone here?"

"Um yes." Balanica answered by scratching her head. "But I didn't pay any bills yet for this cafe."

"Oh that, on my way I went to a nearby water company and cable billing company and paid your bills for you."

"Oh." Balanica said with a blank look. "Okay then."

Emilia then went to the telephone and dialed a number. She then waited until someone answered.

"Hi, is this the plant store…..this is Emilia the one who helped water your plants just this morning…..I am calling because can you send cute looking plants to an cafe that just moved in downtown, that will be your way of repaying me for what I did….okay thanks." she said through the phone before hanging up

"Who was that?"

"Oh it was the plant shop I helped earlier this morning, they said they wanted to repay so they told me that whenever I want I can call and tell them to give me free plants as a reward for helping."


After a few minutes a plant truck came and Emilia went outside and thanked the girl at the truck who gave her seven plants before leaving. After that she brought in the seven plants that were pretty. she then placed each plant at every corner or side of the cafe.

"Now for the finishing touch."

Emilia then pulled out a perfume bottle. "My special good scented perfume." she then began to spray the perfume all over the cafe.

After a minute of spraying perfume.

Balanica and Emilia shook hands outside the cafe.

"Thank you Emilia, if it weren't for you I wouldn't be able to finish tidying up the cafe if I was on my own." Balancia thanked the young teen.

"Oh don't mention it Balanica." Emilia said as she let her hand go off Balanica before turning to the sky and reach up high to one of the clouds. "It is my dream to make everyone happy with my joy of helping them."

Balancia smiled at the sight of the girl's aim to reach her dream then suddenly clicked in her mind which caused her to widen her eyes.

'Her dream is to make everyone smile with her joy?' she thought. 'Could-Could she be the one?'

'Only one way to find out.'

"Well for helping me out in tidying up my cafe, why don't I show you my gratitude by giving you an award?" she asked.

Emilia lowered her arm down and turned to Balancia. "No need Balancia, I still have something to do."

"Oh and what is it?"

"To find a phone." she answered before remembering what happened before she came to the cafe making her slouch for. "But mostly all of the store's are all sold out on E-Phones." she pouted.

"I spent an entire day looking for one!"

"Isn't it just eight in the morning though?"

"Well yeah but, I searched every store and there's none!"

Balancia smiled because she knew something. "You know Emilia, I am also planning to sell phones in this cafe."

Emilia perked up at the word phone and sat making her turn to Balancia and her eyes sparkled once more. "REALLY!?"

"Yes, this cafe used to be an electronic store and when I bought it they had phones at the storage room and I was planning on displaying them on the shelf to sell."

"Can I see this storage room full of phones!?"

"Yes, yes you can." she smiled smiled


With that Emilia went back inside the cafe and ran to the door she hadn't entered before and went in and there it was, the storage room full of phones.

she wandered through the aisle of phones "Woah there are so many phones displayed here." she said before stopping and looking at the phones. "Now which phone will suit me?" she asked herself.



Her eyes widened hearing a faded voice calling out. She looked around the aisle in place wondering where the voice came from. "What was that?" she asked herself as she walked deeper looking into the storage room.


There it was again it was now close and for some reason she can feel something about the tone it had a feeling of joy, excitement, love, kindness, sympathy, empathy, shyness, even sadness, anger, fear, and more. When she turned to where she heard it, she was now looking at a shelf full of displayed phones, she had a strange feeling to move the phones so with no problem with both hands she gently moved the phones to the side and then saw at the wall part of the shelf there was a black box.


The voice called out coming from the small black box, there was no doubt to she now, this is where the voice is coming from. Then with a strange feeling she raised up her right arm and reached for the box and before she grabbed it the voice called out one last time.


The voice was now louder and higher this time as her hand went into contact with the box and the voice stopped.

She pulled the box out of the shelf and held on to the box with both hands. She sees that the box was dusty so she blew on it blowing off the dust, some coming to her face.

*Cough* *Cough* she coughed at the dust going into her mouth. After that she then looked back at the box and then swiped off the final grains of dust left on it.

After that she opened up the box and what she saw made her eyes sparkle to it.

Inside the box was a phone, a phone that looks like an E-Phone but it had a circular button at the bottom of its screen. She could see a bit of the phone's side and pink was visible.

Her eyes were glued to the phone amazed. "Wow"

"Have you chosen a phone yet?"

"AH!" Emilia screamed and jumped at the voice before turning to see it was Balancia.

"Have you found a phone you want to keep?"

"Oh." she said before nodding. "Mhm, I did. I choose this." She said showing the phone inside the box.

Balancia closed her eyes and smiled before opening her eyes again. "That's a perfect choice."

"Joyful!" she said, "Let me pay for it now." she said handing the box over to Balancia before going into her shoulder bag to get her purse but then.

"Oh no need," she stopped when Balanca said this and looked at her. "Because of you helping me out, it's on the house."

She gets excited when she hears that. "Really!?" she receives a nod. "That. Is. JOYFUL!"

She then gave her a big hug. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"You're welcome, Emilia." Balancia said, patting the chocolate brown haired girl.

Emilia then stopped hugging and got the box and it's cover and ran to the exit.

"Oh, and keep the box, there's accessories that come with it inside the box!" the lady called out to the girl.

"Okay Balancia! Bye!" she said leaving the cafe and running off.

When Balancia went outside she saw Emilia was now far away from the cafe now. During it all Balancia smiled. "There's no doubt about it." she said.

"She is the one."

With Emilia

Emilia re-enters the park and runs into the forest part of the park. She then enters a small clearing within the forest. This place was her hiding spot where no one goes.

She looked around the area making sure no one was looking at her, although no one went there the clearing is still visible from a far distance.

"The coast is clear, Good." She said to herself before looking at the box. "Now let's open her up and see what this phone has in store!"

She then sat on the floor and placed the box down. She then opened up the box and now with the light of the sun she can now see the front details of the phone. "Wow."

She then picks the phone out of its box and looks at the details around the found. The phone with the edges or sides of the phone being pink,

"Wow, it's pink, I love pink."

The screen was its own flat piece, it had a curve below which shows the button and what makes this phone different from the other phone is that this looked more futuristic than the others.

"Wow, I've never seen a phone like this before." She said before thinking of a possible idea. "I know, this must be an exclusive phone! Ooh they're going to be jealous when I show them this." she told herself then she looked at the button.

"Hmm I wonder what this button does?"

she then pressed the button out of curiosity and then suddenly.


"Eek!" she yelped

The screen of the phone suddenly popped upwards halfway of the entire phone, now revealing more components to the phone,

After calming down she looked at the details revealed

Inside there were 10 small buttons, four buttons were placed on the corner with 6 buttons at the center with a slot.

'What is this meant for?' She thought before remembering what Balancia said about the accessories.

"Oh that's right, Balancia said there were accessories that come with this." she said before placing the phone down and checking the box to see where these 'accessories' are.

After removing the foam separating the phone from the bottom, she finds what these accessories were.

On the bottom of the box there was a second foam holding a pink pendant which is a circle with a heart molded into it and a crystal embedded in the center and beside it was a strange rectangular object with a wrist band attached to it.

She first pulls out the pendent and inspects it. "What's this." She then notices that the shape of the phone has the same size as the slot on the phone. she then decides to put the pendent into the port, it attaches and clicks perfectly but..

Nothing happened.

"Hmm, nothing happened." She said, thinking to herself now. "I'll just figure this out later." she told herself as she removed the pendant off the port and slid the phone front back down clicking back into place.

She then looks at the strange wristband object and pulls it out of the box and inspects it more, "What's this meant for?" she looks at the object for a second before having an idea,

She then straps the object on her left wrist. "It fits snuggingly." she told herself looking at the object now on her wrist. Suddenly the top of the rectangular object opened up revealing nothing inside but it has slots designed similar to the port on the phone. "Wait a second."

She had an idea what this might be so she tested it out, she picked the pendant up and placed it on the slot. It fits perfectly as well. "Oh it's a mini storage compartment." she said. "Cute." she compliments it before closing. She then checks the box to see if there is anything left and there was nothing left, only the foam.

"Well, looks like nothings left inside the box." She said to herself. "Which means." she said before picking up the phone.

"Time to see what this phone can do." she said. "But how do I turn it on?" she asked herself looking at the sides of the phone bottom and the back and for some odd reason, there aren't any buttons to turn it on or off.

"Come on, there's got to be a way to turn this on." she said as she does what she can to turn it on, she shines it under the sun, she shakes the phone, then she touches the screen.

And something happened

With an activation noise the screen began to shine rays of pink light everywhere.

"WHOA!" She screamed covering her eyes with her arm.

The rays shine for a while until it dies down.

She then removed her arm and opened her eyes. "What in the world happened?" she asked herself until she noticed something. "Huh." she said looking at something now on the floor

On the floor was something. It was pink, round puffy, had small fingerless hands and feet, and a head with round ears that are white tipped.

"Aww." The creature groaned. "How long was I asleep-feely?" the creature asked itself to rub its head before opening its eyes revealing a pink iris and then looking at her with her looking back at it.

Everything was all silent for a moment



Then birds flew away from the trees


At an outdoor mall people were just minding their own business but something was off about the mall, there was small sparks of purple electricity coming from one small black colored hole on the floor that no one can't notice

But then someone came by it unknowingly, it was a little girl crying on her own with her parents not around.

"I'm-I'm so sorry." She said as she let a drop of tear fall off her face but the tear fell into the strange hole and then.

The hole began to shine brightly with purple colored rays along the way, everyone covering their faces. Suddenly the hole began to spark up again and then the hole expanded and expanded causing people to scream and run away.

When the hole was big enough.

A metallic hand with claws came out and grasped the floor


Back with Emilia

Emilia and the creature were now looking at each other nervously.

'Who is this and what is it?' she thought. 'It's….it's' she tried to think before noticing the features of the creature


she grabbed the creature and hugged it in her cheek

"Gah! Let go of me-Feely!" The creature demand with a young female voice

she eyes widen at the voice before looking at the creature. "Oh sorry about that." She said as she placed the creature back down. "Anyways, who are you and most importantly what are you?"

The creature freely dusted itself off the dirt it had on then the creature looked at Emilia.

"For starters my name Feely and for the second one, I am an E-Pixie." The creature now identified as Feely answered.

"An E-Pixie?"

"Yes an E-Pixie, a creature that represents emotions-Feely," Feely explained. "I have been asleep for so long until you activated the E-Sparkler and woke me up. So thank you-Feely!"

"An E-Sparkler?" She raised her eyebrow.


"What's an E-Sparkler?" She asked

"That one-Feely." Feely pointed at her new phone.

She picked up the phone and looked at it. "My new phone. Is an E-Sparkler?" She asked


she then stared at the phone.

"An E-Sparkler is a relic that holds the power of emotion, yours is the Joy E-Sparkler and this Sparkler has chosen you to be its holder-Feely."

She stopped staring at the E-Sparkler then looked at Feely.

"Me. Chosen?" she asked. Feely nodded. "Why was I…"


"WHAT THE!?" She shouted as the ground shook. "What was that!?"

"They're here."


Feely then stares if to where the explosion came from.


Back at the mall there were explosions erupting inside and people leaving the mall screaming.

Inside of the mall strange creatures were destroying everything.

The creatures had black armor with visible purple cracks, razor sharp claws, shoes designed to look like three claw feet, and helmets designed to have a mouth with teeth with a visor going to the sides to resemble back horns.

The creatures slashed everything in sight and blasted anything insight.

Among the creatures was a lady.

The lady had long silver hair that went down to her legs, a black sleeveless dress with a purple skirt, silver shoulder pads, silver forearm armor, black tight pants with silver armor at the lower leg, with black high heels with purple lining. She had purple eyes, purple lips and she had a tiara.

"Go, run wild, destroy this place my precious Emotionless!" The lady ordered the now identified Emotionless.

She arrives and sees the destruction happening and was shocked at this sight before getting angry.


The lady and the Emotionless then looked at her after hearing her.

"WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" she asked while pointing at the lady

The lady then looks at the girl and sees a pink aura emitting out of her.

'This girl has strong emotions coming out of her.' She thought as she smirked. 'Perfect.'

"Well my child, I am Despera, General of the Desperials."

"Desperi what?" She asked


She looked at Feely floating beside her. "Desperials is an evil group who goes and takes people's emotions and replaces them with despairs to collect dark power for their army-Feely."

"Smart one I see." Despera said before looking back at her. "And for your second question and I am just leveling the playing field for my army to easily go around and take the people's emotion and replace it with despair."

She grits her teeth. "How cruel."

"And to start things off."

Despera then summons a spear and points it at her.

"You young child, surrender your emotions and I'll spare you with despair."

The Emotionless then surrounds the girl


Despera then her sword towards her chest making her step back

"You hear me, surrender your emotions to us and we will spare you by making you feel despair."

"Hey! Leave her alone-FEELY!" Feely shouted charging towards Despera only for her to be kicked away by Despera's roundhouse kick sending her to the sky. "WAAAAAAAAAAA!" she screamed before going you of sight

"Pathetic." Despera then points her sword back at her. "So kid, do you surrender your emotions?"

Emilia's face darkened saying nothing




"What?" Despera raiser her eyebrow

"I said NO!"

Despera stepped back by how loud her voice was raised.

"These emotions I hold is what makes me who I am, it what makes me help other people around." Emilia explained. "I won't let the emotions I have held get taken to these creatures and you old lady!"

Desepra's eyes then twitched by how she was called. "I AM NO OLD LADY! I'M ONLY IN MY EARLY THIRTIES" she shouted.

"Okay, old lady."

Despera growled before she screamed

"Emotionless, SEIZE HER!" Then she pointed her sword at her again this time with a commanding tone.

Emilia looks at the Emotionless surrounding her all now roaring before charging towards her. She then stood ready with a determined face. Then when the Emotionless were about to ram her.

She jumped high backwards which causes a...


Crash between the charging Emotionless. With her landing on the floor smoothly.

"Grr. Emotionless, get back up AND GET THAT GIRL!"

The Emotionless then got back up and began to run towards Emilia.

"If you want me that bad, come and get me!"

She began to run away from the incoming Emotionless going into the indoor mall with the Emotionless comingsuit, starting an indoor chase.

Emilia runs through the mall with the Emotionless catching up to her. She looks back to see the creatures getting closer. She then looks forward and sees all the outdoor decorations and furniture coming up in front of her. She then gets an idea.

"Skills don't fail me now."

After that she makes a jump and jumps on the tabletop causing the Emotionless that didn't notice it to hit the table but for others they jumped over the table.

She then grabs a hold of a wall banner pole and starts swinging over and over. An Emotionless jumps towards her but she makes a quick turn on the pole and swung forward kicking the Emotionless with her two feet sending the creature towards the others. She then drops back to the floor and continues to run away from the Emotionless with more coming.

Coming up was a huge wet floor she looked up to see decorations on the ceiling held by a rope. She gets an idea then jumps up and grabs the rope and swings over the wet floor and makes it over dropping back down and running away with the rest of the Emotionless slipping and falling to the floor.

She then runs up a downwards escalator slowing her down before she jumps on the railing and jumps again grabbing onto the second floor railing before hopping over the railing and continuing her run forward. The Emotionless however some tried to go up the escalator but that leads to a stack up of Emotionless but a few more come and use the pile as a staircase to reach the next floor and continue the chase.

She runs through the second floor and sees that the Emotionless were getting closer to her, she then looks forward to seeing she was reaching a right turning point of the mall's center. She looks over the railings and sees an indoor river on the ground floor and more decorations coming up in front of her and then she gets the craziest idea ever.

When she reaches the turning point instead of turning she jumps over the railings before grabbing hold of the rope and swinging through the center of the mall before landing smoothly on the floor and running back to the entrance. With the Emotionless, they all stop but due to how many there are some fell off the edge and...

Missed the river and went splat

she ran out of the mall and back into the field




Despera hits her with an energy slash sending her to the ground as rain begins to fall.

Despera then walks towards her. Emilia looked up at her. "No matter how much you try you will still lose your emotions." She said as Emotionless came from the roofs and entrances surrounding her. "Give up."

She groans from the pain she received while looking at all the Emotionless surrounding her, her face darkened.

"I guess this is it then…" she said as she looks down and closes her eyes in defeat.


"Promise us,"

"You'll let your joy shine bright for all."

Emilia's eyes widened

Despera's hand glows purple as she begins to reach for her until.


She grabbed Despera's wrist.



She got up.


She pulled Despera closer. And then


Kicks Despera in the stomach with both legs pushing her away and making herself flip backwards before landing back on the ground.

Despera groaned from the hit to the stomach before looking back at Emilia with anger.

"I'll never let you steal my joy I have inside and replace it with despair!" She said. "The joy I have is what makes me alive, what makes me who I am, what drives me to help people with their problems, I have made a promise to share this joy I have to all, and no one shall stop, for my joy…"

She then stomped the ground.


Her voice echoed through the outdoor mall with Despera and the Emotionless just looking at the girl in shock.

Despera growled in anger. "Well if you are not going to hand it over." She said as she pulls out her sword and charges towards her. "Then DIE!" She then swung her sword down to her.

Emilia covered her face with her arms as the sword came down


The E-Sparkler in her pocket activates and shines pink on its scream.

Then when the sword was about to hit a huge shockwave was unleashed out of Emilia pushing Despera and the Emotionless away from the girl.

Despera regained her footing.


Emilia was shocked when she saw them far away from her.

"Huh, what happened?"

She then sees her pocket glowing pink and she pulls what was inside out and sees it was her new phone.

"My phone just saved me?" she asked herself while looking at it

Despera looked at the phone and gasped at the sight.

"No way, an E-Sparkler!?"

"How?" Emilia asked herself again until she remembered what Feely said,

"This Sparkler has chosen you to be its holder-Feely."


Suddenly the phone shined bright once more blinding Emilia and the Desperials.



"What's going on!" she shouted covering her eyes.

"Oh how long I waited for this moment." A voice said

Emilia opened her eyes and uncovered her faces to see she was now inside a dark room with fog on the floor,

"Who-Who said that?" she asked, looking around until she heard footsteps from infront of her. She looked forward and there she was. Her eyes widened at the sight.

In front of her was a girl with a similar appearance to herself wearing a pink dress, detached sleeves, a white feather looking skirt, and yellow hair but the hair goes down to the waist.

She slowly walked towards her "Wh-Who are you?"

The girl smiled. "Do you remember me?"


"Do you remember me?"

She was confused by what she was saying until she remembered the voice from before.

"Wait, you're the voice that called me to the phone?"

The girl nodded.

"That's right Emilia," the girl said, shocking Emilia for knowing her name. "I am Yora, I am the embodiment of joy and I have been waiting for so long calling out for the one who shall use my power, to be my partner,"

"And to be my friend"

"Friend?" She asked

Yora's face darkened with a frown seen confusing her.

"I wasn't supposed to be awake before you found me, I have been awake inside the E-Sparkler for more then two thousand and fifteen years with no one around to talk to, in short I was lonely." she explained.

Emilia felt bad for her.

"But now." Yora smiled. "I can no longer be lonely because you have found me."

She felt happy about that before wondering something.

"Wait why me?" She asked. "Why choose me?"

Yora looked at her with a warm smile. "Because you are not like any other, you would help anyone in need and will always smile and enjoy helping others whereas many people won't, and you said it yourself you would use your joy to help other people, that's what makes you different. And because of that the E-Sparkler chose you to become its wielder to help protect those in need and help stop the rise of the Desperials."

Emilia just stared at her in shock with the idea of herself being the one to fight this threat.


She was snapped out of her shock from the word and continued to listen to what Yora had to say.

"You accept it." Yora said. "You have the choice to accept it or reject the offer, if you accept there is no return with what you will do but if you reject you can return to your normal life and I will just find another user who can use this power."

After she said that, Emilia was now conflicted with what she can do.

'So if I accept this I can possibly die but if I don't accept it I return to a normal life what will happen to Yora.' she realised if she rejects this Yora will be lonely once more and it will possibly take a long time to find a new user also if she doesn't accept it no one will.

'What should I do?'

She thought until she remembered that line.

'Emilia. Promise us. You'll let your joy shine bright for all.' the words of one man and woman said through her head.

After she remembered her line she gave Yora a determined look.

"My dream is to help people smile with my joy, I have made a promise that I will help people with my joy, I will not allow anything to make the people I care for sad and go to despair, I WILL stop the Desperials and make my Joy,"


Her voice echoed through the dark room.

"Well then Emilia, what is your decision?" Yora offered a hand. "Do you accept or reject?"

Emilia looked at the hand offered to her and then she smiled.

"I accept."

She then grabbed the hand and shook it causing a wave of pink to consume the room turning it into a white empty room which began to have futuristic pink tech lines.

"Well done Emilia, you are now the warrior of joy,"

"And the first Glitter Force of the universe."

"Thanks." she said before she realised something. "Wait if I am now a warrior, how am I supposed to fight, I only know little of it!?"

"Don't worry Emilia, now that you are my partner, I can give you power and skills to fight." she told her. "So."

"Are you ready to fight?"

Emilia gives her a determined smirk.

Everything then faded


The bright light faded away allowing Depera and the Emotionless to see clearly again and when they looked at Emilia, she was just standing still, arms down with the E-Sparkler held on her right hand and head down.


Her head lifted up and her eyes opened with a pink glow shining within, causing Despera to take a step back.


The lady's eyes widened by not the way She said it but what she sensed from it. She then points at her.

"I will not let you any more emotions from these people no more!"

Despera growled.

"Oh yeah, and how are you gonna do that?"

Emilia smirked.


She lifted her left wrist holding the storage compartment which showed pink glowing from inside, she pressed a button and suddenly the small pendant stored inside was shot out from it and into the air, Despera recognized it.


Now the identified E-Charm fell till Emilia catched it. When she held it the crystal embedded in the E-Charm was glowing pink. While holding it to the side of her head, her eyes had a determined look while it was still glowing pink.

"Let's begin."

She then lowered her left arm down and lifted up her right arm holding the E-Sparkler.

"E-Sparkler, Ready!"

She shouted as she pressed the button of the Sparkler causing the front to slide up like before but this time the Sparkler had a ring coming out of it before a music began to play from it looping.

She then spread the hand forward and turned the phone to see the front.

"E-Charm, SET!"

She then inserted the E-Charm into the slot like before this time, there was a sound when it was inserted.

[E-Charm, SET!] The phone said with the voice of Yora. Then new music comes out of the phone looping as well.

"Now," Emilia said


She lifted her arm.


Her pointer finger was out.


She then brought the arm down to the E-Sparkler and it pressed the E-Charm and suddenly it rang.


After that Emilia then spread her arm forward showing the screen forward as well, as suddenly the gadget began to shoot out pink orbs of light now beginning to fly around hitting Emotionless and some hitting Despera until the glow fades to reveal pink armor pieces.

The armor pieces then fly towards her and start to fly around her as her clothes glowed pink and began to show her now wearing a pink short sleeved leotard with shorts, the armor pieces then began to attached themselves to her forearms, lower legs and feet which formed boots, and the shoulders, as they attached themselves pink tech lines appeared from her waist to upper body and lower leg to the lower thigh before materializing into a pink dress that had light pink linings with a white skirt with pink linings on the tip of the skirt and pink high socks, then a belt with a belt buckle of a heart appeared with two holsters on the left and right sides, with ribbons appearing on the wrist and, then her hair glowed pink and began to grow longer until it reaches the waists, the hair the splits to two sides which then gets strapped by two pink hair bands, then lastly two armor pieces attaches to the side of her ears before forming a head band and a long spike at the back.

[E. E. E-MIX,]

A weapon which was a white and gold fun with a blade on the lower part then materialized in front front of her, she grabs it and placed it into the left holster and she placed her E-Sparkler in the left holster, she then opened her eyes and the eyes changed from brown to pink.

Then she did a pose.


After the posing and the announcement a pink beam shot up to the skies.


Shockwave erupted hitting Despera but not blowing her away but sending Emotionless to the air as the rain stopped and the clothes were pushed away to reveal the clear skies.

When the shockwave stopped, Despera looked at the newly transformed Emilia and she growled.

She looks at Despera and points a thumb to herself.

"The Pink joyful E-MIX.".

she wore a pink short sleeved tight leotard with shorts underneath, a pink dress with light pink linings and a white skirt with a pink lining on the tip and the sides. which connects with the light pink lining, black knee socks, with pink metallic gauntlets with pink ribbons, armored leggings and boots with ribbons strapped into a bow on the ankles, small pink shoulder pads, pink hair with light pink bands to form two ponytails, and pink eyes, with a headset that has a spike sticking out of the earpiece in the back.

"Glitter JOY!"

Emilia or now Glitter Joy said, after that she realised something.

"Wait a second." she said as she blinked three times, realising what she was doing and what she was wearing. "WHA-WHAT AM I DOING, WHAT AM I WEARING!?"

[Emilia calm down, you just transformed into a Glitter Force.] Yora said from inside Joy's E-Sparkler.

"What? But how?" she asked

[Remember what I said, I will give you the power and skills, this is what I mean.]

"Oh okay, wait Yora are you're inside my phone?"

[Um Emilia, enemy.]

"Oh yeah right." Joy said as she cleared her throat and looked at Despera and pointed at her.

"Despera, you have tried to destroy this mall and tried to take my emotions, now you are gonna pay the consequence of those actions."

"Oh yeah, I would like to see you try, EMOTIONLESS, DESTROY HER!"

The Emotionless roared and began to charge towards Joy.

"Well if that's how you are gonna play." Joy cracks her knuckles.


Insert: GBN Version 1.78 by Hideakira Kumira

The Emotionless charges towards Glitter Joy with her standing still, one the Emotionless tries to slash her with its claws but she catches it with one hand without looking, she then turns her head to it and punches it sending it away. More emotionless gather up around her and charged at her at once but she dodges every attack coming towards her, she dodges slashes from every side, she kicks and punches every Emotionless the tries to scratch her, she then grabs two Emotionless and swings them around to sending the others to the floor before she throws them away, She sees more Emotionless coming towards her so she pulls out her weapon.

[E-Blasword, E-BLASTER!]

Joy then fired energy bullets at the Emotionless making them fall to the ground. Then she heard and saw more were coming from all sides and were getting closer yet again, so Joy decided to go for her alternative plan.

She pressed a button on the top of the handle and bent the gun part upwards making it straighten with the handle before pushing out a blade.


Joy then spinned 360 degrees slashing every Emotionless that came near her before slashing the one in front of her, before jumping over the army and slashing every head she came over before landing on the ground and turning around to slash four incoming attackers. One tried to slash at her but she slash back, another tried to attack from behind but she blocket the attack from behind with her sword before flipping over it and slashing from behind instead, more attacked at once but she blocks it all with her sword before pushing it all away and spin slash them, she sees another group coming towards her so she goes for another special attack.

She holds the trigger.


The blade glows pink

She pulled the trigger


Joy then fires an energy slash which destroys the incoming emotionless.

She sighs before she realizes another wave of Emotionless are coming at her, she reacts by stabbing the sword to the ground and pulling out her E-Sparkler.

She turned it into Slide mode and pressed the pink button.


She then pressed the E-Charm


She closes her eyes then places the E-Sparkler back in its holster and pink energy began to surge through her body, when she opened her eyes her eyes were glowing bright.


She quickly grabs hold of her blade again and suddenly charges forward with blazing speeds. She slashes through every Emotionless the was in front of her, most didn't react quickly due to how fast she has become the ones that did react were only met with a blur slashing them in half, She was slashing everything in front of her, she also made a jump over the upcoming groups and transformed her weapon back to blaster mode at a short time and blasted every Emotionless underneath her before landing on the ground and running back to the center with her weapon back in sword mode with an attack ready.


She pulled the trigger



Joy spun 360 one more time this time creating a giant construct of a blade slashing through every Emotionless that survived her attack leading them all to explode.

She stood at the center of the explosion unscathed as the ability she used started to subside.

End Insert

Glitter Joy sighed in relief with that being over but it was short lived because.


She turns and sees Despera chagrin towards her from the side going for a slash with her sword but she blocks it with her sword.

"You have made a fool out of my army, now you shall pay the consequence."

"Will I, Old lady?'

This angers Despera.

"Oh you are gonna pay now!" Despera then pushes Joy away and she charges up with purple energy with her eyes glowing purple. "HRAAA!"

Suddenly Despera went super fast and began to attack Joy from all sides. Joy blocks the attacks she was landing with her sword but she was getting over powered, so.

"Two can play that game."

She then does the same thing she did before with her E-Sparkler.


With that Joy uses the same move again and charges towards Despera. The two became blurs and the blurs kept colliding with each other around the mall. In normal speed it is just blurs but in high speeds, Joy and Despera were trying to slashing each other down only for their blades to collide with each other pushing them away with every strike, this continues on as well.

Joy changes her weapon into gun mode.


She fires multiple bullets at different angles to see if one could hit but Despera keeps dodging her bullets, she continues to fire at her while running around the mall. She kept on firing at her until one of her bullets hit her leading to an explosion of smoke.

Joy kept looking at the smoke until it subsided and saw that Despera was not there.




Despera came at her from the front and slashed her at the side of her waist with an energy slash causing her to fall to the ground dropping her gun and successfully canceling her speed ability.

"I told you, you will pay," Despera said, turning around and walking towards her. "And now I can get those emotions you have inside."

She raised her hand towards Joy and surrounded her with dark energy and began to suck her emotions.

"With your unique amount of emotions I can finally get a reward from my mistress, HahahahaHAHAHAHA!."

She kept on laughing looking away from Joy thinking she had won but she didn't notice her clutching her right hand into a fist.


"Oh yeah."

Despera stopped laughing and looked down only to see.



Joy punched her in the stomach sending her away while tumbling as well. Despera ragined footing while tumbling. She looked at her, as she slowly got back on, her feet unaffected by what she was doing.


"You wanna know why?"


Joy was surrounded by a pink aura. "It is my joy which drives me on, which allows me to help other people out to make them smile, the very thing I have made a promise with to make sure no one is sad," after explaining She was fully back up standing straight looking down on Her. "That is my reason," she said

Her voice echoed through the plaza

"It could also be the fact that you're a Glitter Force and they never get affected by an opponent's absorption type attack." Yora whispered to herself but decided to let her think otherwise.

"And I will never stop, because my Joy." She takes out her Sparkler and goes to slide mode.


With that she pressed the orange button.



She then pressed the E-Charm

[E-Weapon, JOY!]

Joy slides her Sparkler back into her holster and right hand glows pink. She then opens a small pink portal with her hand before putting her hand into it and pulling out a white and pink katana with a guard shaped like a pink heart and a pink blade.


She then readies her katana

"Your fight ends here." Despera fires a dark ball of energy towards Joy but she slices the orb in half with her katana

She then charges toward, Despera fires more but it gets sliced by her katana, one by one every orb gets sliced till she was closed to Despera and slashed her chest.

Despera stumbles back and Joy charges fawared once more and her and Despera begin a sword fight once more. Their swords clashed over and over but Joy gets the upper hand landing more slashes then before causing her to fall back.

She growled and created a giant orb of darkness and fired it at her but she sliced through the big orb and slashed Despera as well.

"Well if I can't beat you this way, I'll beat you in another way."

She glows purple and goes fasts again

"No matter how much you try, I will always find a way to beat you!"

Joy glows pink and also goes fast once more.

The blues clashes once more with the pink having the advantage with colliding more powerful than before. She slashed Despera harder as well before catching her off guard and kicking her to tumble to ground canceling her speed.

Despera gets back up now damaged and Joy lands in front of her with her spread cancelled out and walks towards her, Despera tries to slash her once more but she was faster at slashing her more than herself. One after another she slashed and slashed her causing her to stumble back.

"Despera, I will say this one more time, my joy is shining bright once more!"

She stabs the sword to the ground and pulls out her Sparkler and presses the E-Charm twice.


Then pressed it one more time.


She then slides it back in her holster and she gets charged up with energy then her eyes widen to reveal it is glowing pink once more.

Despera looked at the eyes with fear.

Suddenly Joy went blazing fast, faster than before and began to punch her from all sides before grabbing her by the collar and jumping high into the sky and landing many kicks to her before pushing her away in the sky, then her right leg glowed pink.


She then descended towards the mid air Desepra with a flying kick.


Despera fires one energy beam at her to stop the attack but the Glitter Force's kick breaks through the beam and lands on her stomach and goes through her.

Joy lands back on the ground as Despera crashes to the ground now sparking electricity,

The lady gets back up weakenly and feels the pain and energy she dealt now kicking, all she could do was scream.



Joy got back up straight, and stood there as the explosion happened, her glowing eyes faded. She twirls then poses.


End Insert

When the smoke cleared Despera was laying on the ruble damaged badly. She weakened, looked forward and saw Glitter Joy standing there looking down at her. She gets back up and almost falls back down but keeps her footing.

"Y-Your may have beaten me this time, Glitter Force," She said. "But next time, I will win."

"Okay, Old Lady."


With that Despera opens a portal and leaves.

Joy inhales deeply and exhales vocally. She then stretched.

"What a rush."



She then looks up to the sides and sees





Feely falling down and hitting her faces hard making her fall to the ground on her butt.

"Ow, that hurt." Joy said as she looked down to see Feely laying on the floor. "Feely?"

Feely looks up and sees Emilia now as Glitter Joy. "Emilia is that you-Feely?"

She nods at her name.

"Oh wow!" The pixie said excitedly as she flys up to her face. "You actually became a Glitter Force, unbelievable-Feely."

"I sure did."


Joy's eyes widen at the sound of a young girl's voice being heard. She gets up and looks around, she sees the cry coming from behind a bench. She runs to it and sees a little girl crying. She then went over the bench and went down to her size

"Hey hey, don't cry little girl, what are you doing here?"

"I-I-I lost my parents when walking around the mall, I tried to find them but I got lost even more, they told me to stay close but I didn't listen, I think they are now mad at me."

She felt bad for the little one.

"So that's why-Feely."

"Huh?" she looked at the pixie.

"In order for a portal for Desperials to open up, there must be someone with despair inside them to open it up from their end-Feely. The portal must have gotten the bit of that despair and was able to use it to open the portal-Feely."

Joy looked at the girl and had a flashback.

"WAHHHHHHHH!" a young girl cries under the rain.

'I can't let her feel the pain I had." she thought. "Hey don't worry kid, I can help you find you parents."

"Y-You can?"

"Yes trust me."


With that Joy picked up the little girl and went to the exit of the mall.

Outside the mall were police officers and people sitting on benches, there were two adults sitting together with the woman crying and the man comforting her.

There were footsteps coming to them.


The two look up and their eyes widen as they see the girl with pink hair carrying a little girl.

"I think this child is yours."


The girl got off her and hugged her mother who was now crying in joy seeing her daughter again.

"I'm sorry!"

The man then got up and shook Joy's hand.

"Thank you so much for saving our little girl. What's your name?"


"My name's Glitter Joy."

'Thank you, Glitter Joy."

Joy looked at the girl with her mother and frowned for a bit confusing the man.

"Hey you kid!"

Glitter Joy stops growing and turns to see police officers coming to her.

"May we ask some questions to you?"

"Umm." she gets a strange feeling that she shouldn't tell them, so. "WHAT'S THAT!?"

Everyone turns to where she was pointing and she runs off.

"What do you mean by-" The officer sees the girl running off. "HEY GET BACK HERE!"

Joy hides in an alleyway successfully losing the cops as they pass her.


[That was amazing Emily!]


She pulls out her Sparkler and sees Yora on the screen.

"Why did you call me Emily?"

[Oh because I feel like it suits you.]

Joy then gets another flashback.

"Let's call you Emily, it suits you."


"You're right it does."

[That's beside the point, you fought well for your first battle! You are definitely meant to be a Glitter Force.]

"I can vouch for that-Feely" Feelu said as she flew down to Joy.


[Anyways, now that you successfully drove today's threat away, you can now transform back to your normal self.]

"Oh okay, um, how do I do that?"

[Pull the E-Charm out of its slot.]


Joy then pulls the E-Charm off its slot and with that, she glows pink and when it fades she is now back to being Emilia.

"Wow, didn't realise it was that simple." She told herself till.

"Gah!" She felt a sharp pain coming from her waist, and grabbed hold of that part in response, she was confused of what was causing the pain till.

"Emily, your waist-Feely!" Feely said gasping while pointing to her right waist.


Emilia looks down to her waist and sees the side of her white shirt soaked in blood as well as her hands.

She looks at her palm, now full of blood.

"Well, this is joyful." she said as she became light headed before hitting the ground.

And it all went black.

13 hours later

Emilia weakly opened her eyes to see a cyan roof, she looked to her sides to see walls with E-charms similar to hers.

"Ugh." she said sitting up rubbing her head. "What happened, ow!" she winced holding the place where she saw the blood spill from before realising she is feeling a different texture, she looks to her waist to see her waist has now been bandaged up with blood stain being visible, she also sees she is now only wearing her white tank top she wore under her clothes, but her skirt and others below were still on.

"Wait who bandaged me up?"

"Emilia, you're okay-Feely!" Feely screamed in joy as she flew to her chest.

She hugged her.

"Hey Feely. Did you patch my wound up?"

"No, she did-Feely." she said pointing forward.

Emilia looked straight and saw a lady with silver hair, and red medieval futuristic styled armor on a holographic computer listening to the news.

[Today has been a very eventful day in Risera's history.] The news reporter said. [Not only were there attacks at the three major cities of our continent but there were heroes who appeared and were able to save the day.]

The TV then showed three zoomed in high quality pictures showing different heroes.

First, it showed a man probably 21 years old in red armor with a clock motif, wearing a strange gadget on his wrist, fighting against strange humanoids, and a man in armor

Second, it showed a man probably 21 years old as well in silver armor with a dragon motif, wearing a strange gadget on his waist like a belt, also fighting strange humanoids and a man in armor

Lastly, it showed her as Glitter Joy fighting against the Emotionless and Despera

[All we can do now is thank these heroes for saving the day, this is Newa Reportine, Risera Continental News] With that the news ended as the lady turned off the news.

"Um excuse me, who are you?' Emilia asked.

"I knew that you were very special the moment you helped me out in my cafe."


She recognizes the voice, it sounded so similar to the one she helped back at the cafe, she even had the same hair as her.

"But you are still new to this, because you just won your first battle but you almost died as a result. Even with that..."

The armored lady turned around and revealed her face.

"You still manage to beat them all."


She nodded at that response.

"Now that you've become Glitter Joy, your journey as Glitter Force E-MIX,"

"Has now begun."

Emilia did nothing but sweatdrop at the last statement.

"What have I gotten myself into?"

'I don't know what's going to happen but I know one thing is for sure.'

'My Joy is Shining Bright'


(Hero Too (From My Hero Academia) by Ama Lee)

*music plays*

Through a one way window, the view of Emilia is zoomed out to see she was underneath Emotia Cafe at night before the view looks up to the night sky and techlines filed up the background as a heart shaped power button was shaped with 6 colors in it before a title card appears

XxMrV4xX Presents:

Glitter Force E-MIX

What am I to be?

What is my calling?

I gave up, giving up

I'm ready to go

Emilia stands on a cliff looking out to the city before looking at where the wind is blowing, then shows Chelsey running down a racing track, then shows Milly on her computer before it shows her beginning to run off through the path.

The futures left unseen, it all depends on me

Put it on the line to follow my dream


From the sides, it shows Emilia running down the path, while she is doing that a split screen shows Balancia, then Feely, , then two silhouettes colored blue and green before jump cutting to her who stopped running and looking up to the skies

Tried all my life, I've tried to find

Something that makes me hold on and never let go


It then shows Emilia under the rain during a gloomy day, tears falling down her eyes, sad, then the background changes to a dark room which she has a stopped crying and turns around to see the E-Sparkler floating and glowing in front of her, shehad a happy expression as she reaches and grabs the phone then it zooms to the phone which shows a faint sparkling light and then it bursts.

Hero too, I am a hero too

My heart is set ( my heart is set ) and I won't back down

It then jumps back to her now as Glitter Joy flying through the sky before flying down to the coast of Feelia with a pink contrial, while flying through the coast she does a barrel roll then flies forward with a zoomed up look of her face showing happiness and joy.

Hero too

Strength doesn't make a hero,

Next it then shows colored silhouettes appearing one at a time doing mattack with the E-MIX symbol behind them, first a orange one with a bo staff, a yellow one with a gun, a green one with a hammer, and a blue one with a bow.

true heroes ( true heroes )

Stand up for what they believe

It then shows Glitter Joy flying around destroying missiles with her gun, before slicing some with her E-Joy Saber causing an explosion, she then appears from above the smoke with a glowing right foot, before she goes for a Rising Kick to the screen.

So wait and see

So wait and see

It then shows the E-MIX symbol forming with 6 colors appearing, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and red. Then it shows the title card one more time.

XxMrV4xX Presents

Glitter Force E-MIX

So wait and see

It then shows Emilia now back in civilian form smiling before pumping her fist to the air while holding her E-Sparkler on her other hand with Feely and Balancia at both of her sides and Yora being seen inside her phone smiling.


E-1: How Emotions Actually Got Me Somewhere


E-MIX Analysis

Emilia: It's time for E-MIX ANALYSIS!

Feely: Let's go look at the data-Feely!

*shows Emilia's E-Sparklers screen*

The E-Sparkler shows, Emilia as Glitter Joy fighting off against the Emotionless and Despera

Feely: Glitter Joy, the first Glitter Force. Her powers comes from her Joy E-Sparkler and the E-Charm of joy, with these powers combined she can access two of her weapons, her side weapon, the E-Blasword which has two modes and the E-Joy Saber, her special abilities is her speed called Joy Speed when activated and her Immunity to protect her emotions from getting taken. Her signature move is the Rising Kick-Feely.

Emilia: My Joy is Shining Bright!


Next Time on Glitter Force E-MIX

Emilia: Okay now that I'm a Glitter Force I need to keep my identity a secret.

Feely: ACHOO!

Chelsey: Hey Emilia, what's that you got there.

Emilia: Oh nothing! Nothing at all!

Emilia: *thoughts* Why is this so hard!?

Emilia: Next Episode, My New Life

Emilia/Glitter Joy Fire Maker form: Time for little FIRE SHOW!


HELLO EVERYONE, Welcome to the official first chapter of Glitter Force E-MIX, this took me 2 weeks to finish, getting the details correct and other stuff, fun fact, I didn't realise that my title for this book can also be thought as the R(E-MIX) of the old TV show Glitter Force, that's a plus I didn't notice, I hope you can find the many references I have made for this series, ENJOY and as always see you in the next one.