Sarah and Kyle realize too late the truth. Their son, in the body of a hardened grown soldier made with machines was not a bad guy. He was smiling sadly at his parents.

"Mom. Dad. Forgive me." He was one with Skynet, but wasn't controlled by them. It was their mistake. He became the Trojan Horse. He was the Hero of Humanity not Skynet's Bitch. He looked at 'Pops' the obsolete T-800. "Thank you for protecting my mom." He smiles sadly at Sarah who he always looked up as a hero. She never cried. But she had two tears running down her cheeks. "Dad. You are dismissed." He smiled sadly at his most loyal soldier who was openly crying.

The T-800 let him go. John saluted at Kyle who saluted him back. He turned and saluted at Sarah.

"General Conner. You are hereby relieved of duties. I love you. I love both of you." He turns towards Pops. "Let's finish this."

"Yes sir." He looks at Sarah.

Sarah didn't know who to cry about. Her son dying or losing the only father figure she has ever known. John was being controlled by Skynet. However, It underestimated John's humanity. When both were about to turn on the machine, Sarah starts screaming.

"John! Pops! Don't do this! We can start over! We can live somewhere quietly!" Her family. She started sobbing when John tears up.

"I'll see you again. Goodbye."

The T-800 looks at Kyle.

"Take good care of my Sarah."

"NOOOOO! John! Pops!" She continues screaming as Kyle pulls her away.

A Few Years Later

Sara and Kyle were having a picnic. Both of them were celebrating their five years anniversary as man and wife. Their love affair didn't happen overnight. It took them a long time to get to the first date. They both ran into a bar, challenged each other in darts, drank hard whisky, then ended up behind a alley. It took them another year to have a proper date. Long story short, had a passionate affair, with Sarah proposing a year later. It was true love. They didn't need time travel to know they were meant to be. Sarah got her white gown, Kyle wore a tux and repeated their vows in front of a priest.

Kyle lifts his toddler son in the air. John was giggling at his dad's touch.

"Kyle! John! Lunch!"

''Daddy. I'm hungry." Two year old John says in his toddler voice.

"Anything for you." He walks hand to hand to his wife. She was wearing a dress. Sarah never wore a dress. Except to her wedding. "That's a nice dress. What's the occasion?"

Sarah smiles and picks up John who was eating a banana.

"I have something to tell you..."