This is my first time writing fanfiction. Please be nice. Let me know if you have any helpful tips!

This story takes place after all the current manga madness.

CHAPTER 1 : Something is happening

Something's wrong…

It's way to peaceful today.

My name is Atsushi Nakajima and I live in a city filled with the supernatural.

It's been a year since I've come to Yokohama and joined the armed detective agency. A lot has happened this past year and frankly, this peacefulness is making me anxious. Nothing has happened all week! No jobs! No danger!

The me from a year ago probably would love this, but it just makes me suspicious.

Especially since Dazai is no where to be found. Things always seem to go south whenever he is disappears. No one else seems to be worried though.

"Quit making that face and get to work."

I don't even have to look up to know who is talking.

"What do I even need to work on? We've been slow all week!"

Kunikida sighed very dramatically. "I know we are lacking on field work, but there's still plenty we can do here at the agency. Read up on protocols and Yokohama news for instance. You need to stay up to date in case we do suddenly get busy and you need that information."

Kunikida hands me a newspaper with a strange title.

"Um Kunidida…Did you read this title?"

ADA Member Looking for Beautiful Woman to End His Life With






"I'm going to end his life myself."

"I don't know if you'll be able to find him," I better be careful what I say or Kunikida will kill me too, "Dazai has been MIA all week. It's been making me a little nervous."

And he's mad now. "Don't give that maniac too much credit! HE CAN'T EVEN DO HIS JOB CORRECTLY! THAT'S WHY HE'S NEVER AROUND WHEN SOMETHING HAPPENS! Just because he isn't here doesn't automatically mean something will happen."


We jointed backwards. I activated my tiger abilities while Kunikida pulled out his stun gun.


"Ranpo, now isn't the time to laugh."

I turn to see the president walk in the office with a folder. Ranpo is holding a speaker in his hands.

"I'm sorry President. I've been waiting for this moment to play this sound. It's been so boring lately. Atsushi on edge and Kunikida with his guard lowered was a perfect opportunity." Ranpo says between laughter.

President Fukuzawa ignores Ranpo. "Kunikida."

"Yes President!"

"I need you to take Atsushi and go to the pier." He hands him the folder.

"Of course, sir, but who are we meeting at the pier."

"I don't know," President Fukuzawa seems conflicted. "Ango Sakaguchi sent me this folder. I'm not sure what it means, but he said it will all start at the pier."

"The government being secretive. Well isn't that new." Ranpo says sarcastically. "How boring."

"Will we need backup?" I asked. I knew it was too peaceful. "Do you think Kunikida and I will be enough?"

"He assured that you will be safe. You will apparently be picking up someone." President Fukuzawa explained. "Read the folder."

Kunikida began, "Hiromu Arakawa. Age: 20. Sex: Female. Height: 165cm. Date of birth: July 7… Wait, how can that be? This birth date is for next month. And this family name…Isn't that the same name as that politician that is in the city? I don't understand. How can a girl not even born yet be 20 and is supposed to meet us? Was there some kind of mistake?"

"There is no mistake. Trust me, I asked." President assured.

Now I'm anxious and confused. "So we basically just have to go and see what's going on."

"Yes. Please have Dazai join you if you run into him." President said before turning and leaving.

"Would you like to join us Ranpo. You seem bored enough." Kunikida asked with a little of a hint of annoyance.

"Nah. I'll stay here. You won't be needing my excellence yet. You will, but not yet!" Ranpo states with more than a hint of excitement.

"Very well. Let's go Atsushi."

I have a very bad feeling about this.