Third person POV

The trip to the pier wouldn't take long, but Atsushi and Kunikida made sure to review the file closely.

"Hiromu Arakawa. Age: 20. Sex: Female. Height: 165cm. Date of birth: July 7…UGH! THIS DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!" Kunikida yelled with obvious frustration.

"Kunikida, please watch where you're going…" Atsushi said with concern.

"Relax kid. I am an excellent driver and we are stopped."

"But last time-"

"Don't worry about last time! It was Dazai's fault anyways. He kept distracting me!"

"Ok…if you say so…Hey Kunikida, it says here that her ability is called 'Fullmetal Alchemist.' What do you think that means?"

"I don't know. Must be something with metal."

"OH! Kunikida! There's a picture of her on the back side of one of these pages!"

"Oh that's helpful!"

Just as Kunikida looked over to see the picture, a figure started to walk out into the street ahead of their car.

"KUNIKIDA WATCH OUT!" Atsushi yelled

Kunikida slammed his foot on the brake pedal and the car stopped just shy of the man standing now in front of the car.

"Aw! Now why would you two go on such an interesting job without me?" The man said from outside the car.

"DAZAI!" Kunikida jumped out of the car and latched onto Dazai's coat. "Why the hell would you walk out in front of a moving car? YOU SUICIDAL MANIAC! What the hell are you doing all the way on this side of town anyways? You should have been in the office doing your work!"

"Relax. I was gathering some information for this job. It's caught my attention." Dazai said with a smug look.

"Did Ango also contact you, Dazai?" Atsushi asked.

"No. I had another informant. One that I just met myself." Dazai's eyes glanced up pasted Kunikida and Atsushi. "But I'll tell you more about them after we meet Hiromu."

Atsushi turned around to see, just for a split second, the figure of a girl turn around the corner walking away. A flash of her long orange hair was the last of her.

"You weren't just hitting on some girl again were you?" Atsushi asked with accusation.

"…ew…no" Dazai looked very disgusted. This was obviously very confusing to the other two.

"….what?" They said in unison.

"Kunikida, Atsushi, and Dazai. Thank you for coming." Ango interrupted.

"Don't think I don't have more questions for you Dazai. Yes, hello! We got the in formation from our president," Kunikida started, "but I'm a little confused. I believe there was a mistake. It seems that this 20 year old woman hasn't even been born yet."

"No that's not a mistake." Ango assured, "This woman is actually not from our time."

"What do you mean not from our time? Are you saying she's from the future? Seriously?" Atsushi was more confused now than before.

"Yes that's exactly what I'm saying, but I'll leave the explaining of her situation to her. Come with me."

The four of them followed behind Ango as he brought them to an abandoned warehouse. The middle was already set up with tables full of papers, files, and pictures. Scraps of metal scattered the floor. A large tent just to the side of the set up. A woman sat in the middle of the mess.

"Hiromu, member of the armed detective agency are here. Just like you requested. Since I brought them here, I expect you to keep your end of the deal?" Ango said with a hint of warning.

"Of course I will," the woman said, "I promised didn't I? I'll be sure to contact you if I run into any issues."

The woman turned to the three ADA members as Ango walked away. This was their first meeting. They finally get to meet the source of their confusion. The girl had short brown hair cut into a bob. She wore clothes resembling a mechanic, but a little racier. A black crop top with tan bottoms, a light colored jacket tied around her waist, and a scarf tied on her head. A total tom boy look.

"Mr. Kunikida, sir, I know you're probably mad I ruined your schedule, but please hear me out!"

The three stared in amazement. She seemed so familiar with them. Why?

"My name is Hiromu Arakawa. I will become a member of the armed detective agency when I turn 17. I've been a member of the agency for 3 years now, so I swear I mean no harm. My friend and I were hit by an ability where we come from. We ended up traveling back here. I would've come to you all sooner, but I've run into an issue.."

"Hold up! This is a lot of information!" Atsushi interrupted.

"That's not as much as a problem as how we still can't take your complete word for it." Kunikida started. "How do we know everything you've said so far is actually true?"

"You don't," Hiromu began, "You would just have to trust me. I pasted the entrance test just like everyone else. I learned from you and your ideals. I currently am training with my friend to become the new Soukoku."

"She's telling the truth." Dazai said. "How else do you explain Ango's involvement and that file you received from him?"

"Hmm…Very well. I'll listen to the rest of what you have to say." Kunikida said.

"So are we just going to ignore the part of her training to become the new Soukoku?" Atsushi asked quietly.

"Like I was saying before, we ran into a problem. It turns out that while it was a mistake for us to come here, the ability user coming to this time wasn't a mistake. We discovered that his goal is to either kill or kidnap my friend and I as babies."

"Who is this friend you keep mentioning? And who is this time traveling ability user?" Kunikida asked.

"Well….. I was told not to talk about my friend at the moment." She said while looking at Dazai. Dazai gave her a sweet smile. "As for the time traveling ability user, his name is Chiyomaru Shikura Naotaka. His ability is called Steins;Gate."

Kunikida looked annoyed at Dazai. Of course he would be handing important facts about the case. It must be for good reason, though. He chose to ignore it for now.

"Alright. I won't push the issue any farther unless I need to. We will help you. At the very least, I can't allow someone to murder or kidnap babies." Kunikida said.

"Yeah. Is there anything else you can tell us?" Astushi asked

"Unfortunately that's all I know. We've been trying to resolve this issue ourselves for a week now, but we are getting closer and closer to our deadline. We have the same birthday so we'd have to protect both babies from two different locations with just the two of us. He's a strong ability uses and we don't know if he has allies in this time period."

"A complicated situation indeed." Dazai chimed in.

"For now, let's pack all this up and head to the agency. There's no reason for you to stay here anymore. You need to contact your friend, as well." Kunikida said.

"Don't worry about her. She's already taken care of." Dazai chimed in again looking proud of himself.

"So the friend is a she. Was it that girl I saw for a second outside?" Atsushi questioned.

"Yes," Dazai started, "But you don't need to worry about her just yet. She'll be fine of her own."

"Is that why you said 'ew'? Because she's technically a baby in our time?" Atsushi asking with relief thinking he now knows why Dazai was acting weird.

"…sure….that's why…."

NOTE: Yes, Hiromu has the same hair as the creator of Fullmetal Alchemist, but the same style as Winry.