POV third person

Meanwhile in the port mafia…

"Mr. Akutagawa! We got reports that the Armed Detective Agency is working with the government on a new case." Higuchi reports.

"Are they now? Have you got any information about the case?"

"Sir, I do not. I did order the Black Lizard to tail the weretiger and his coworker, Kunikida."

Just then, three more member of the PM walked in.

"I'm sorry I couldn't tell she was a girl at first!" Tachihara yelled!

Gin and Hirotsu gave him disapproving looks.

"A girl?" Akutagawa questioned.

"Yes, sir. There were two girls seen." Higuchi said.

"It seems like Dazai is trying to keep one of the girls a secret from the other members of the ADA. She left as the others got there. The GIRL inside the warehouse seems to already know the agency members." Tachihara explained.

"Why are you emphasizing the word 'girl' like that?" asked Akutagawa

"He was sure the young lady in the warehouse was a boy at first." Hirotsu explained.

"Well I'm sorry! OK! Gin confused us all for the longest time, too!" Yelled Tachihara

The Black Lizard and Higuchi began to bicker as Akutagawa looked toward the opening door. He bowed slightly at the man who walked in.

"What's all this about?" Asked Chuuya.

"Sir!" The four bickering members stoped their conversation to bow and pay their respects.

"It seems we may have more trouble coming from the agency. They are working with the government on a new case. Two girls are involved." Akutagawa explained.

"Well actually," Hirotsu interrupts, "the girls seem to be young adults. We were able to snap these pictures from afar."

Hirotsu hands over printed photos of the woman. Some of the mechanic looking girl, and others of a girl with long orange hair. Akutagawa and Chuuya began looking through the photos.

"If I may say, it's possible that this situation may not interfere with the mafia at all. This may be just a simple case. Maybe we shouldn't push too much into the agency's business."

"I wouldn't be to sure of that." Chuuya says. "Look at this picture."

Chuuya shows the others two pictures. One of the orange haired girl and one of the mechanic girl.

"Look at Dazai. The bastard is staring right at the camera. He knows you were there taking pictures. You can tell by that disgustingly smug face that he wants us to get involved." Chuuya says with irritation. "Why does this asshole have to stand so close to these girls anyways? What the hell is wrong with him?"

"I'm just wondering who these girls are." Says Tachihara.

"Just a couple of girls from the future!" A new voice chimes in.

Immediately the 5 mafia members look alert and turn to the voice. A small woman was standing there in the doorway wearing a long hooded cape and a mask around her mouth.


"Do we attack?" Higuchi asked.

"No, let's listen to what she has to say. If she was speaking to Dazai and he wants us involved, she must have more information for us." Akutagawa said.

"I'll explain. Just not to all of you." The woman began. She turns to Chuuya and points. "I'll speak to you alone for now!"

"You think you have room to make demands little girl?" Tachihara yells.

"I'm not a little girl! I'm 20! I'M AN ADULT!" The girl yells back showing her temper.

"Relax Tachihara. I'll talk to her in private." Chuuya interrupts.

"Are you sure about that, sir? We don't know anything about her. She could be dangerous." Hirotsu says while staring at the mysterious woman. "She is obviously strange. She said she's from the future."

"It's fine. Come. My office is this way." Chuuya says calmly.

He walks past her out the door. The other mafia members watch as the four leave. Chuuya guides the woman through the halls of the mafia headquarters to his office. Once there, he holds the door open for her then shuts it. He walks past her to his desk and sits down.

"Wow, that's twice now you turned your back on me. You're really not concerned at all." The girl begins the conversation.

"Well that bastard obviously sent you to me. I highly doubt you're here to fight."

"Haha! That's so funny! Especially since I am a port mafia member. I was raised to fight."

"Ah right, you said you were from the future," Chuuya says studying her closely. "How am I supposed to believe a story like that? Who the hell even are you? Who raised you?"

"You did, dad." The girl says naturally.

The two stared at each other in silence for what seems like a lifetime.

"…the fuck?" Chuuya said breaking the silence.

"Haha..yeah…my name is Aya Nakahara." The girl says taking off her mask and hooded cape. She reveals her long orange hair of similar kind to Chuuya's. Upon looking at her closely, he realizes she looks just like him. The major difference being her red eyes.

"That doesn't make any sense….How can I have a kid when I'm not even into women?" Chuuya begins to show some panic. "Did I get drunk or something? Did I become a donor? WHAT THE HELL!?"

"NO NO! Sorry I should explain some more. I'm not actually fully your daughter. Rather, you just provided some blueprints….I'm a clone…like you…" The girl says.

Chuuya stares at Aya. A rush of emotions go through him. Anger, sadness, guilt, confusion, care. Too many things Chuuya doesn't understand and doesn't want to feel.

"Dad…I know this is a lot. Dazai warned me that you wouldn't be the same person that I know in my time, but please listen. You took me in when I was created. I was designed with the genetics of many different ability users. The majority of the DNA being from you when you were created. While this might not be natural, I am still your daughter."

Chuuya emotions seemed to blend together now and numb him. He didn't know what to do or say. He just stayed silent and looked down.

"I am Aya Nakahara. Daughter of Chuuya Nakahara and member of the Port Mafia. Co creator of the PM and ADA alliance and apart of the new generation of Soukoku. I like wine and sweets. My favorite memory is when you and I looked for shooting stars back when I was 12. When I was little, Dazai would kidnap me just to irritate you. He unexpectedly became my regular babysitter. You get mad whenever someone mentions that I'm an adult and will start dating, having sex, and maybe get married. You might not have all these memories I have, but you will! I'm from the future! I know you will!" Aya's voice begins to tremble, "…so please… please look at me…dad…"

Chuuya sighs. He realizes he can't let these emotions get the better of him. Not in front of her. A girl so obviously reliant on him. A girl he realizes he will care a lot about.

"Alright." Chuuya begins. "Alright…I'm good now. I'll listen. I'll help. What do you need from me Aya?"

The girl lets out a breath of relief. "Damn I can't wait to get back to my time and give dad a big hug." She says with a laugh. "Where do I even begin? OH YEAH! A man is trying to kill me as a baby!"


"Well…he might now kill me. We think his plan maybe to kidnap up and raise us himself so he could use our abilities."

Chuuya starts grunting and mumbling with irritation. "Ok. We'll come back to that. What even is your ability? And who is that other girl the agency members were talking to?"

"Oh! That girl is my best friend Hiromu! She is a member of the ADA and the other half of the new Soukoku. We are partners!"

"What the hell do you mean best friend? How can you be best friends with an agency member and be in the port mafia?"

"Well we both are also co founders of the PM and ADA alliance. There are many members apart of our group. Most of both organizations work separate, but we in the alliance work together on major jobs that require an alliance. We sort of work as a common base and neutral ground."

"..I got to admit, the more the idea sits with me, the better idea that seems."

"Right!? Hiromu is so smart~" Aya says with fondness.

"You still haven't told me your ability."

"Lovely Complex!"

"That doesn't tell me anything."

"Haha! Well it's sort of complex. I manipulate a special kind of fire." She ignites her entire hand in colorful flames. "The colors of my fire have different purposes. The red and orange fires being the most destructive while my purple fire is used for healing and is the least destructive."

"So you have a fire for every color of the rainbow? With both destructive and healing capabilities?"

"Yes! Each color has their use. There's a lot to explain."

"Ok. I can see there's a lot to unpack there. What about the mechanic. You said her name is Hiromu?"

"Yep! Hiromu Arakawa! Her ability is called, Fullmetal Alchemist! She can create various times of machinery at will."

Just then, Chuuya's phone started to ring. Instead irritation showed on his face when he looked at the caller ID. "What the fuck does he wants?"

Chuuya answers the phone, "The hell do you want Mackerel?"

"Chuuya! How's your first meeting with Aya?"

"Fine not that it's any of your business."

"Is that Dazai?" The girl asks with excitement. "Tell him I want Italian for dinner."

"The hell? You're going to dinner with him?"

"Not just me, you're coming too!"

"Why the hell would I go to dinner with him?"

"Don't be like that, Chuuya~" Dazai says in an annoying tone, "Just because I favor Aya over you doesn't mean you have to be jealous."


"Oooo so scary. I'm not interested in little girls. You're just a slug."

"Haha this is nostalgic." Aya says fondly.

"Don't say that so suspiciously! What do you mean nostalgic?" Chuuya questions

"Nostalgic?" Dazai says over the phone, "Chuuya, find out if I get to commit suicide! She won't tell me! Hmm 'nostalgic.' Maybe that means I do, and she remembers all of our bickering from years ago!"

"Shut the hell up! Why the hell am I still on the phone with you anyways!"

"I'll meet you outside the port mafia headquarters around 6 to go get dinner. Try to look presentable Chuuya." Dazai says.


By the time Chuuya finished that sentence, Dazai had already hung up. Aya started to laugh.

"I can't tell you much about the future. I can't reveal anything that would change the course of events. Whether or not Dazai succeeds in killing himself is apart of that."

"I get it. Say no more. Not like I care." Aya could tell on his face that it was a lie. She let it go. She smiles sweetly.

"Don't worry dad, dinner tonight won't kill you. Now! Do you want to spar with me?"

"Oh? That sounds fun."

"Yeah, but I got to warn you not to go easy on me. You did train me after all. I'm amazing if I do say so myself!"

"You're on brat!"