Seer followed behind the woman named Petra while the two guards walked even further behind him, holding a rifle in each of their grips. They seemed to look straight ahead and past him, viewing everything around them at once. Petra, on the other hand, seemed anxious as her eyes kept darting back to him and down branching hallways. This had the effect of making him anxious as well, not understanding much of what was going on. This environment was completely foreign to his brand new mind.

"Petra, where are we heading?" Seer asked the blue woman.

"To see the queen, she will know what to do with you." She replied.

'Well that isn't ominous at all.' The hybrid thought to himself. He felt more than heard whispers in his mind, seeming to laugh at him or his situation. He must really be out of it if he's hallucinating in his own mind already.

"Look, you shouldn't have anything to fear as long as you aren't an enemy to the reef. I can assure you the queen is not a monster." Petra voiced, seeing the discomfort in his blank gaze. This answer gave him some pause.

"What is the reef? Is that where we are?" He asked back, quickly stopping when she turned around to look at him with an incredulous look.

"You really don't know?" She returned his look.

"Lady, I just woke up an hour ago and can't tell my ups from my down. And I've got a freaking monster arm. You would know more than me at this point."

"Yes, this is the reef, home of the awoken. We live here outside the Sol system. If you truly do not know what that is then you might be-" She cut herself off, making a short bit of eye contact before turning around and continuing her march.

"I may be what?" He asked.

"It's not important right now, the queen will explain."

"Listen, if you know anything about me I would really appreciate some insight, I don't know anything and I'm kind of freaking out over it." She just ignored him and made a few turns, continuing on her way with the two guards bringing up the rear.

After a few minutes more, they reached a grand door set in an open foyer. Two guards were stationed on either side of it and watched the small group approach. They seemed to wear the same garb as the two following behind him, if not more ornate. Petra approached the two at the door to converse with them, leaving Seer with the two guards behind him.

"Hi, I'm um, new to the area. Thanks for showing me around." He looked at them, trying to lighten the oppressive mood that he felt. The two just stared at him for a long while, not replying to him at all.

"Good talk." He muttered.

"The Queen will see you now, outsider." One of the guards from the door said, walking alongside Petra to where he was standing in front of the door. With a nod from the former, he followed them once again, though the giant doors.

The hall beyond seemed to be more of an open landscape, meaning there was nothing but a small catwalk leading to the middle of the room, the rest was just dead space dropping off to nothing. The middle platform he was slowly being led to was suspended over the void by various wires and strings tied off to various points in space, the amount was incalculable to him in the span of time he had to reach the throne in front of him.

As he approached closer he was able to make out the form of a man and woman, the former seated upon the throne in a relaxed manner and the latter hovering nearby, looking towards his general direction. The male figure seemed to wear a tight fitting form of armor covering that allowed for mobility, a cloak was draped around his neck and down his back. His black hair obscured one of his eyes, but Seer didn't need to see both to distinguish the piercing glare sent his way as he approached further with the guards at his back.

Seer didn't have enough time to get a good look at the Queen before his attention was stolen away towards the two figures moving out from behind the throne. They brandished spears in their arms, all four of them? He felt himself nearly stop walking as he was taken back by this new revelation of a creature he hadn't ever seen before. They chittered towards him, mandibles hidden under their masks clacking in a no doubt threatening manner as they pointed their spears towards him.

Seer quickly glanced between the two, thinking of ways to defend himself in the likely event they would lunge at him with those weapons. His head darted over his shoulder to the weapons holstered on the guards, if he could move fast enough and grab one of those long rifles he might be able to take them out before the guards reacted and were on him. He looked back to the creatures in time to see the Queen wave them down. They relaxed their stances and held their weapons to the side.

"It is afraid of the fallen, but it does not realize these ones are mine." She spoke with a voice like honey dripping over his ears. Seers eyes flicked to the male as he let out a short scoff with a predatory grin adorning his blue face. His teeth are shown in the dim light of his gold irises. The Queen seemed amused as well when Seer returned his attention to her. The flowing white locks of hair cascading down her head framed a raised crease of her lips and silent amusement written in her eyes. Eyes that held a malevolence that made him shudder inside his body. She was without a doubt the most dangerous one in the room, even unarmed as she appeared to be.

"Fallen?" He managed to speak through the oppressive atmosphere of so many potential enemies around him. The Queen didn't seem to be all that surprised by his question, or at least she was very good at hiding it. The male on the other hand gave more of a reaction.

"Do not hope to pretend you have no idea of the Fallen, the race that has mindlessly destroyed this system. These animals even took over most of your planet, Human. Or should I even give you the grace of using that title. For all I see before me is a monster." He stepped forward, approaching Seer with a snarl directed towards the half-breed, body tense as if expecting a fight.

"The Queen requests an audience with her brother." She raised her voice, stopping all movement in the area. The brother slowly turned around and returned to the throne, kneeling down beside the queen and turning his head to listen to her.

Seer untensed, his right arm had just been about to fly out and strike the man in something vital, and he had no doubt these claws could have ripped through that thin armor. But he hadn't even been thinking about attacking, and not knowing where that impulse came from jarred him more than the yelling that had just transpired. Things just didn't seem right about this appendage, like he was wearing a fake arm with minimal control over it. He studied the scales that were in place of what should have been a copy of the left arm. Purple wisps of smoke seemed to float from the skin and scales, drifting a few centimeters off of him before disappearing.

His eyes glanced back up towards the two creatures, Fallen, posted on either side of the throne. They both seemed to be looking at him even more intensely, if possible. The Fallen looked him up and down, sharing glances between themselves as if to communicate the strange sight. They clenched at the spears but didn't dare move them from the spots they had planted them in. The bluish tinged armor tilting and turning as they seemed to step uneasily.

Seer looked back towards the guards and Petra who were standing not far behind him. The guards with their hands resting on the pistols draped over their leg armor. Petra seemed to be staring straight ahead at the throne where the two were finishing their conversation. The brother nodded his head and stepped to the side without saying anything, his eyes returned once more to Seer as if he had been scolded and was blaming it all on him. Funny, he thought, it was only a question and the dog had lunged for his throat.

Seer decided he didn't like this brother to the Queen.

He felt a bubbly sense of humor in his head, like he found the situation funny on some level. But he wasn't laughing at any of this.

"You have washed up on my shore, claiming to have no memories of a past life and with no explanation to the strange deformities you possess. As Queen I must make sure you do not pose a threat to my people, and if you do, to eliminate that threat where it stands."

The Queen spoke loudly, descending from her throne and towards him slowly. Seer didn't dare to say a word unless requested, lest he get another verbal thrashing from the pet.

"So tell me then, outsider, what brings you to my domain,"

'Didn't have to wait long' He thought to himself, 'Right to the point, this one'.

"I honestly have no idea, one minute I was dreaming and the next I was here in one of the cells. I can't remember anything before all that. Hence why I have no idea what a 'Fallen' is or what the Reef is." Seer replied, looking over at the brother to glare his own sets of daggers. The Queen seemed to study him for a moment, taking in his words with her arms folded to hold her chin in thought. She never broke eye contact with the man.

"Interesting" Was her only reply before angling her body to gesture to the person now identified as her brother. "Prince Uldren was the one who brought you here from the dreaming city, a place no human has stepped foot in before. If you even are human."

Her declaration caused Seer to grimace and look down to his arm, once again taking in the sight of marred flesh that was now his arm. He looked up at the brother, Uldren, before raising his own question.

"So if you found me, then you must know something about me. Where I came from, what I was doing there, or even why I'm like this." Seer asked the blue man who had started to make his way forward from the throne to stand to the side and behind the Queen. His look of distaste never left his face.

"All I know is that you are an intruder upon our most sacred land, and that you were unconscious in the blind well." This just ended up raising more questions for Seer. What was the dreaming city and this blind well he was talking about? He didn't remember any of these names or places. In fact, the more he thought about himself the more he was coming up blank. Nothing before waking up was there, even though he could feel it. Like running water that slipped through his fingers whenever he tried to grab a hold of the memories. The queen looked between the two, before stepping towards Seer, reaching out towards his right arm.

"May I?" She asked, in a tone of voice that made it clear she wasn't genuinely asking. Reminding him he didn't have a choice.

Seer presented his arm to her, holding it up so she could grab a hold. Her left arm ran up his forearm, feeling the texture of scales and wisps of energy, while her right arm held his wrist to stop any movement. Not too hard, but far from gentle. Her face seemed to twist, faintly, into one of confusion as she made her way up his arm. The feeling of her hands was off, like she wasn't really touching him or at least very faintly. Like a muted sensation. She stopped at his upper arm, her fingers wrapping around half way over the thickest portion of the arm while her eyes closed and she seemed to be deep in thought. Quicker than before though, her hand moved to the side of Seer's head, eyes still closed. Her face scrunched for a moment before she quickly stepped back, recognition blooming on her face before turning around and marching back to the throne with Uldren in tow. Once she had sat down though, her brother kneeled at the side of the throne as they once again began to converse quietly. Seer turned from them for a moment to look back at Petra, standing just to his left.

"What was that?" Seer asked, shaken a bit by her sudden change in mood.

"I am not sure yet, but it has me worried." Petra replied, looking Seer in the eyes with confusion. She seemed to shift her weight before looking back towards the throne. He as well turned to look at the duo just in time to see a surprised look flash across the brothers face, his eyes darting to meet his. Unrecognizable emotions swirling in his face.

They continued to whisper for a moment more before the Queen looked back towards Seer and Uldren returned to her side. With her gaze trained back onto him, Seer quickly began to realize just how cold the open room felt.

"I do not know for certain what you are Seer, but I do understand the significance of what I have seen." She spoke in a booming voice, eyes creased. "For the time being I wish to see what you are capable of, and from there your story shall be revealed to us. You have intrigued me." Her arm was now propped onto the rest of her throne, legs crossed as she looked at him. Seer heard a breath of air released from somewhere behind him.

"For the time being, I will have Petra oversee you as we decide your worth to us here, and what your arrival means for my people." She seemed to contemplate for a second, deciding upon her next words carefully before looking towards Petra behind him. She quickly stepped forward and kneeled, head bowed in respect. Seer continued to watch the exchange between all in the room.

"Petra, I will have you train him to be a scout." The queen stated matter of factly.

"Queen Mara, are you sure that's a good idea? We still do not know if we can trust him." Petra replied, looking up at the throne to view the Queen.

"It is the best course of action I can see laid out before us. It will be a good test of his skills." Mara replied, a hint of a grin touching her face. "He's not going anywhere." Petra bowed her head once more before standing up and stepping back. "That is all for now, you may begin at once." She finished. Seer watched as the gathered started to move and disperse. The group with him turning back the way they had come and the guards of the queen turning to retreat behind the throne, spears dancing with electricity and jittery movements. Uldren stood where he was, gazing one last time at the man with malice.

Seer had begun to turn around when the Queen called out once more to him. Causing the half-breed to turn his head one last time. "And Seer, I hope my trust will not be misplaced."

The crackling blue of the blade arced one more time, striking the fingers near the hilt of the weapon again, causing a noise of pain to be released by the wielder. They quickly threw the blade onto the table, chittering in anger before turning to the next project sitting on the table. The two pairs of arms grabbing a hunk of metal and wires and pulling it closer along the steel bench. Quiet grumbles escaped the figure as they reached for various implements to begin working.

For a while they sat there, tinkering away on broken parts and replacing fried circuits from a pile of scrap laid at their chitinous feet. All four arms worked simultaneously to grab parts to add or remove, and tighten bolts of weld segments together. They were so invested in their work they didn't notice the second figure standing by the door.

"How long have you been down here Fyrrhas?" The new figure said, stepping from the shadows to reveal an Eliksni captain adorned in light blue armor with a matching cloak.

"Pyrrhic, I didn't hear you come in." The figure at the bench replied, not ceasing in its efforts of fixing the machine. The captain stepped towards the table, grabbing an empty canister from the wall to sit on. He pulled up a seat next to the bench to the side of the diligent worker.

"So, how long?" Pyrrhic asked again, looking over at the marauder class Eliksni. He watched them fittle with a hatch on the side of the contraption for a few seconds before they managed to get it open. A lever inside was flipped and various lights flipped on in the chassis for a few seconds before going dark, with sparks shooting out of the forward vent.

"Din Ba," The figure growled out, before dropping the machine back on the desk and pushing it forward. "Damn thing won't work."

"You've been at that thing for weeks, you should give it a rest." Pyrrhic added, watching as they started pilling scrap off to the side.

"If I could get it working, it would solve many problems for us. I just need more parts."

"I think you need a break, have you eaten today, Fyrrhas?" He quipped, watching them pace the small room.

"No time, what with the vex breaking through to our stores."

Pyrrhic watched the other Eliksni pick up the discarded shock blade and place it in a sheathe at their hip. The matching of the pair already adorning the other.

"But that isn't your fault, you helped to fight them off. Isn't that enough?"

"No, because there is more I can do." Pyrrhic was silent at this, watching from his spot on the canister for a few moments more. "I know why you're here. So just get on with it already."

"I think you should reconsider."

The figure scoffed loudly, turning away from the male and back to the table. They began to fumble around with more tools and implements.

"We lost too many captains in the skirmish, you have been a prime candidate for months and you still turn it down!" He shot back, voice rising a bit. "None care that you're a female."

At this, she whirled around, facing him with an angry posture and an accusatory finger pointed in his direction.

"It has nothing to do with my gender, I've told you many times that I do not want to be a part of this house. I am content enough with working on my projects to help my brothers and sisters. Not for the house, but for them." Fyrrhas yelled back, getting in the other Eliksni's face more and more.

"That's not what I meant and you know that. I just think it would be a good thing for you." He replied, calming down a bit. At this she seemed to deflate, stepping back a bit before replying.

"That's just it, you think. You think it would be good for me and you think I should do it." She turned back to the table, all four palms flattened down over the top of the metal. "I'm tired of hearing about what others want me to do."

"But I don't understand, it will only be a benefit. You would command more respect, have more resources and time to work. Why?"

"I'm leaving."

That two word reply stunned the male into silence. All he could do was look up at the female from where he sat. Mandibles moving but with no words escaping. She stood over the table for a minute more before turning to face Pyrrhic again.

"I've been thinking about it a lot. I don't want to be stuck here anymore, following the rules of a mad Kell just to live day to day on scraps."

"If the others found out they'd-"

"But they won't find out." Fyrrhas interjected, looking at the Eliksni with a more determined attitude. "They won't find out because no one will tell them."

"I might." came Pyrrhic's reply. She stopped to tilt her head at him.

"We have been friends for many cycles, I know you better than that." He didn't try for a rebuttal. She walked towards a shelf on the wall, pulling open the door to reveal a few scattered weapons that had either been scavenged or built by herself.

"When the next arena rolls around, I'm going to sneak away and no one will know."

"It's suicide, no Eliksni has made it out of the prison." Pyrrhic replied.

"None of them were me."