Rated T for safety.

A/N: I'm a non-native in English so forgive me any misspellings and all. Also, I'm looking for a beta for my future writings (and possibly to edit some of the last works I've done), so if anyone is up to it that'll be great!

Summary: A search for a wanted criminal goes sideways and sombody gets hurt.

"Okay, listen up everyone," sergeant Grey started the Thursday with the roll call. "Today we have a bit different morning ahead. I just received a call from the detectives' department, and they are asking our help with a task."
"I hope it's not guarding the evidence again," Jackson whispered to Lucy as quietly as he could. "I'm not really into being a statue for tourists."
Lucy tried her best not to laugh out loud but apparently failed miserably, for Grey gave them a suspicious look. Lucy and Jackson both went immediately silent and avoided the sergeant's gaze.

"They are looking for Monica McAdams," Grey said and showed a picture hanging on the white board. "She's wanted for drug dealing, several assaults and vehicle thefts. She is also possibly connected to a larger drug dealing ring. The detectives have been following her for a while now, and they believe she might be hiding somewhere in the area shown in this map."

Everyone turned to look the paper that Grey was now putting up.
"We start from here," Grey said and pointed a specific area on the lower left. "There are mostly high-rise blocks of flats, so you understand why we are stepping in."
"What's the strategy?" Nolan called out from his usual seat at the front.
"We team up and go through every floor as efficiently as we can. You will be given a photo of McAdams, you will knock on every single door you can find and ask if anyone has seen her. Search the apartment if necessary. But be cautious, we don't know whether she's armed or not, so be prepared for anything. You may go now."

The room was filled with movement and noises as the officers rose to get their stuff.
"She didn't look that dangerous," Lucy commented to Jackson as they grabbed their gear and headed for their shop. "I mean, she was kind of looking awful but…"
"Looks can be so deceiving," Jackson commented to her. "For example, no one would believe I'm the strongest and utterly the most handsome fellow in this department."
"Pffft," Lucy snorted and slapped him with her free hand. "You are so full of bullshit, you know that?"

Half an hour later they arrived at the first building, put on bullet vests, and checked they had everything they needed. The detective in charge was already giving orders for the crew. Lucy and Jackson went with others and did exactly what Grey had instructed earlier. Building after building not a single lead was found, it seemed no one had seen the woman at all or totally refused to speak with the police. Some apartments they had to investigate better, but often showing the picture and observing the residents' reactions was enough.

"I'm starting to believe they are wrong," Jackson said as he parked the car at the next scene. "That's possible, right?"
"Everything's possible," Lucy shrugged and stepped out. "Maybe this one is the lucky building."
"Nah, she's not here. I'm sure of it."
"You wanna bet? A dinner?"
"Hell yeah! Free food, here I come."

This building was significantly bigger than the first ones. It meant there were a lot more doors on each floor to knock on, and therefore the pairs were further teamed up. Angela was one of the detectives on the scene.
"How's my favorite rookie doing?" she smiled as they went past.
"I'm not a rookie anymore," Jackson smiled back.
"What, so now you're so big and tough?"
"Something like that." Jackson knew his former T.O. was just teasing him, but he was really glad she had been part of his path to become a police officer.
"You can go to the second floor," Angela said waving towards the building and focused on something else after that.

Jackson and Lucy walked inside and found the stairs. On the second floor they almost groaned out loud; the hallway seemed to continue for a long way, both ways. They couldn't see if the hallway did any turns at the end, but it was the most likely scenario.
"Geez," Jackson said.
"You're already tired?" asked a familiar voice behind him. Jackson and Lucy turned to see Tim and some other officer coming up the stairs. "You two take the left part and we take the right."

The younger pair did as told and started knocking on the doors.
"LAPD, open up!"
"Sorry to bother you, but have you seen this woman?"
"Hi, does this woman look familiar?"
"Do us a favor and call this number if you see anything."
Not a single person admitted knowing McAdams.

Lucy sighed deeply and knocked the next door. After waiting 10 seconds or so she knocked again.
"LAPD, open up," she called out and finally heard someone moving behind the door.
The door opened a little, and a woman, maybe in her 30's, appeared on the doorway.
"Hi, have you seen this woman?" Lucy asked the woman showing the photo. The woman glimpsed the paper only for a couple of seconds and shook her head then.
"Are you sure?" Lucy asked again. The woman standing in front of her looked almost terrified. "Are you okay?"
Further away Tim heard the change in Lucy's tone and glanced at her direction. He saw Lucy moving her hand slowly to the gun holster.
"Can I come in?" Lucy asked the woman and pushed the door fully open.
The resident bolted and Lucy found herself staring at a gun pointed towards her.

Before she could react, shots were fired and she let out a gasp as the force sent her backwards to the floor.
"Take cover!" Jackson shouted and ducked inside the nearest apartment. He peaked carefully to the hallway but did not see any movement there.
"Lucy?!" he called for his friend. "Lucy!"
He didn't get any response, and so he proceeded to rush to Lucy. From the corner of his eyes, he saw someone jump from the window.

"We have an officer down!" Jackson shouted to his radio. "The suspect is on the loose, she jumped from the south side's window! She is armed. I repeat, she is armed."

Jackson turned to check on Lucy, who was still laying on the floor.
"Lucy! Are you okay?" Jackson asked barely registering someone crying nearby.
"Yeah," Lucy winced in pain. "Go, go, go!"
Jackson glanced at Tim and the other officer, who were now running down the hallway towards him, and left after the suspect.

"Are you okay?" Tim asked Lucy as he reached her. The other officer checked the room and secured the crying woman. "Lucy?!"
"It hurts," Lucy answered gasping for air.
Tim holstered his gun and checked first the vest. "I don't see any blood." Then he started ripping the vest off her, quickly but carefully not to do any further damage.
"I think the vest got them all," Lucy breathed, eyes shut and furrowing. Through the pain on her torso, she could feel Tim's hands gently touching her abdomen and backside, trying to find any bullet wounds.
"Yeah, I think so too. Probably just fractured your ribs," he agreed and radioed the update. "Just breath, Chen."
"I am breathing," Lucy answered sarcastically but realized the air wasn't going in and out as smoothly as it could have. She tried to relax herself and focus on the breathing. Faintly she heard Tim say something else but didn't really register anything, not even the hand resting still on her left side.

The paramedics arrived at the scene fast and lifted Lucy carefully to the stretcher. Lucy winced at the movement, and Tim sent her a worrying look.
"It could be worse," Lucy managed to say to him before she was taken away.
Because Jackson was still looking for the fled suspect, Tim offered to ride with her to the hospital.
"You don't have to. I'm fine, really," Lucy said.
"And I'm the current President," Tim answered sternly hopping inside the ambulance.
"You should go to catch her."
"I think there are already quite many officers running after her."
Lucy sighed but was secretly happy that she didn't have to go alone.

Later at the hospital, Tim got a message that McAdams was caught five blocks away from where she had been hiding.
"Well, that's good news," Lucy commented, resting her hand on her abdomen. The bullets hadn't gone through the vest, but because the shots were fired so close to her, the impact of the bullets had hit her hard and fractured two of her rib cages. Luckily, they were only hair fractures. But they still hurt badly.

"Hey girl!" Jackson greeted happily walking in the hospital room. "I heard you are alive."
Lucy gave a small laugh. "Yeah, I guess I am."
"How are you feeling?"
"I'm good."
Tim gave her a look that said he didn't believe her.
"Oh c'mon, Bradford. I only got some bruises," Lucy huffed.
"Well, I'm glad everything's okay," Jackson said and smiled. "I actually have to go back, I just wanted to see how you were doing."

"Oh, by the way," Lucy called out as Jackson was halfway out the door. "You owe me a dinner."