"-and did everyone have lunch?"

There's the usual chorus of groans and eye-rolls, and one or two beseeching glances at the leader of the Crazy Diamonds.

"C'mon, we want to leave already!"

But Mondo is just grinning, watching Kiyotaka lecture his gang on the importance of good nutrition.

"-I brought some sliced apples for everyone. They're tasty and full of fiber and I don't want to hear any complaining-"

Kiyotaka starts handing out little bags of cut-up fruit. Everyone takes one, knowing full well it's entirely useless to argue, and there's the occasional quiet snicker at the too-large jacket draped over the Moral Compass's shoulders.

"Thanks, mom," Mondo's second-in-command sighs, if only to get Kiyotaka's back to straighten, if possible, even further, and start yet another rousing discourse before Mondo scoops his kyoudai up from behind and deposits him onto his bike, taking back his jacket as he does.

"Ready?" he grins, as soon as the last empty bag is deposited responsibly in the trash.

And there's a barking chorus of agreement, a revving of bicycles, a cloud of burning rubber as the bikes race into action and Kiyotaka's ubiquitous squeak as he holds onto Mondo from behind for dear life.

Yeah, Kiyotaka can be just a tiny bit pompous sometimes, but his constant fussing is- well, it's kinda nice every once in a while.

And maybe it is a little funny watching a hall monitor mother-hen a biker gang.