The nightmare was over.

Primis and Ultimis had sacrificed themselves for the greater good, and now Samantha and Eddie were free, walking towards a new universe, one without the hordes that had plagued them for a majority of their existence. As Sam and Eddie walked through this empty expanse, Sam thought to herself if she would ever truly forgive herself. The things she's seen, the things she's done. If it weren't for her, they would still be alive.

They wouldn't have had to suffer throughout the hordes she and others brought upon them. They would've just lived their lives, never having to hear a word about the undead. Except for Richtofen. Richtofen, however, wasn't the one who truly started this. Her actions alone had killed billions of people, and yet she was the one to live.

She tried to think of her father, but the only thing she could see was him being ripped to shreds by that monster. She tried to think of the ones who fought against her horde, and all she could see was her pointing the revolver at the younger Nikolai, telling Eddie to look away before she pulled the trigger. She honestly didn't know what she would do with herself when she arrived in this new universe. All of Primis and Ultimis had something they wanted to do while she didn't, and yet she was the one that fate chose to keep alive. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic she was. She didn't deserve this, she deserved to be in that hell with Monty, for all she had done. She honestly wished she could just forget it all, find a new direction. But the world doesn't work that way.

Pulling herself out of her thoughts, she realizes she can't feel Eddie on her right hand. "Eddie?" She says, trying to hear from the one piece of her current life still around, to only hear nothing. She pulls her head up and looks around, seeing nothing, not even the bright light she was seeing earlier. This was when a thought she did not want to have popped into her head.

You are alone.

She looked for what felt like hours, hoping to find the light again, or at least Eddie so she could be stuck here with him. It was at this point that she collapsed, balling her eyes out as she had felt like she had lost everything. No family. No friends. No home. Just her, alone in the darkness once again. As she was crying, she failed to notice that she was falling. "Nein! No! I can't die here! I can't…" She screamed as she fell, feeling her eyelids begin to feel heavy. As she closed her eyes. She could feel only one thing. Emptiness.

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Sam woke up again. She was in a log cabin, laying near a fire. She was wrapped in an old blanket, which was very warm, and felt nice. She saw an older woman, in her 50's if she had to guess, watching her. "Oh, you're awake!" She said, glad that the young girl she found about to be torn apart by Beowolves had finally woken up. "Can you tell me your name? It'll help me find where you're from." "Sam." Sam responded. "Any last name?" The woman asked, while dread crept all over Sam's face as she realized something.

"I...I.. can't remember."

Yessiriee! A new story idea I've been working on for a while. This story was born out of my love of cold war zombies and RWBY, which can easily cross over at multiple parts. I decided to go with the end of BO4 zombies storyline, as Sam is probably the one that would most likely adapt to the world, and not just be outright psychopaths like most stories with ultamis. Also, the little thing around the end is nothing important. Definitely not. No way. Please r&r, as it gives me feedback for what I need to do better.