Okay! I just realized how fucking convoluted the Aether storyline is! I knew a pretty detailed summary, but checking the wiki for shadows of evil alone is irritating. If it isn't clear, I'm going to be taking some liberties with canon. If it's not stated otherwise, what happened in parts of the RWBY and zombies canon are canon. If it is stated otherwise, canon has been altered. Just giving you a warning.

The next morning was rough on Sam. Having woken up somewhere with no memories of how she got there is rough on you. She had practically had a panic attack when she realized that she couldn't remember her own name, much less how she got here. Thankfully, the older lady whose name was Maroon, had managed to calm her down. She told Sam that she knew someone who could probably help her, and that Maroon would try and call him tomorrow. Sam tried to get sleep, hoping everything would be better in the morning, but deep down, she knew it probably wouldn't.

She woke up to a girl staring at her. The girl had a light-brown skin tone, with similar coloured short hair. She had a mark on her left eye, but Sam wasn't sure what that exactly was. As the girl noticed Sam was waking up,she backed up a bit from her. "hey?" Sam said, hoping to get a response. "Hey" The girl responded. "Ms. Maroon never brings visitors here. Where are you from?" Sam responded as honestly as she could. "I don't remember. From what Ms. Maroon said, she found me in the woods in some old pajamas. My name's Samantha." "Amber" The now-named amber responds. "Is maroon your grandmother or something?" Sam asked. "No, she knew my parents. They died some time ago. Since I had nowhere to go, she took me in. She's really nice." Amber responded, drawing sympathy from Sam, because she felt like she had known that. Maybe not to the extent that Amber did, but she knew that it most likely had something to do with her amnesia. "I'm sorry about asking." Sam responded, being aware of how sensitive stuff like that is. "Don't worry, I was really young when they died. Thank you for the apology though." Amber responded, seemingly not hurt by the question, which relieved Samantha.

"So… Is there anything around here we can do while Maroon calls her friend?" Samantha asked, not seeing anything they could do while Maroon was calling her friend. " I have some toys in my room, we could mess with them for a while."

"I am afraid there is nothing on this Samantha you have found Maroon." Ozpin said. "How can there be nothing on her? She couldn't have fallen out of the sky!" Maroon responded, baffled at how a girl she had found had seemingly not existed before she had found her in the woods. " No databases indicate a girl named Samantha missing, and especially of how you describe her. She's, for all intents and purposes, nonexistent." Ozpin finished. "Can you do a deeper search? You're Ozpin! You should have access to these things!" Maroon pleaded, not wanting to see a young girl orphaned. "I can, but it will take a few months. The girl would have to stay with you and Amber for that time." Ozpin stated, giving Maroon an option. One that she immediately responded to. "I can do that, and I think it'll do Amber good to have a friend to play with."

"Then it is settled. I'll dig around a while, see if I can find anything on this Samantha, and you'll take care of her for the time being." Ozpin said, hanging up immediately afterward. Maroon walked out of the kitchen and into Amber's room, seeing the two girls playing with some of Amber's toys. "Girl's?" Maroon asked, and Sam and Amber looked at her. "Did your friend find anything?" Sam asked, hoping that it wasn't anything bad. "He couldn't find anything, but he said he'll do more through digging, see if he can find something. In the meantime, would you like to stay with us?" Maroon asked, not expecting Sam to take it well. She however did. " That's disappointing, but what I expected." "Why did you expect that?" Amber asked. " I don't know." Sam responded, not knowing why she had expected a grim outcome. "So would you like to stay with us? I understand we don't have much if you don't want to." Maroon offered. "Yes! You guys are so nice, I'd love to stay with you guys!" Sam responded enthusiastically. " Well then that's settled. You can sleep in the chair until we get somewhere better for you to sleep." Maroon said, happy that Sam was taking her practically not existing well.

After the call from Maroon, Ozpin was concerned. Someone who didn't exist appearing right on the doorstep of one of his closest allies? If he didn't know better he'd say it was a spy of Salem. But based on her reaction towards realizing she doesn't remember her name, she's not a threat. But that name. Samantha. That's not a common name in Remnant. He remembered something from back in STQR's heyday, something he, the immortal reincarnating wizard fighting his former fiancé, dismissed as crazy talk. Maybe it would have the answers. Maybe it would reveal the past of Samantha. He searches through his cabinet until he finds a file. On it, a title is spelled out.

'The Primis Incident'

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