With a scream, he awoke to the electronic screeching noise. Blankets, pillows, and all other whatnot flew off him, as he looked around the room in panic, hand close to his revolver. After a few seconds, he realized.

"Right. I forgot."

That was when he realized that he was covered in sweat. And he remembered. The nightmare. The nightmare that he had been having continuously ever since he came to live at Mori Kogoro's place.

Sighing, he went to take his shower. After that, he prepared his stuff for school. Pencils, notebooks, erasers, and textbooks went into the backpack. And then he removed the revolver with its six 7.62mm rounds stored inside its drum from its usal place on the table, and stuck it on the inside of his jacket.

Taking no chances. he thought.

All the while, as he prepared for school, the nightmare kept resounding in his mind as he finished his breakfast, tied his shoelaces, and headed for school.

At this point he could already recite it from memory every single detail.

He would be standing in that field of containers, unable to move. He would watch helplessly as he saw his father, mother, Kogoro, Ran, and everyone of his friends die each from a pistol shot, some to the head, some to the chest.

All the while, they would turn to face him.

"You killed us," they would say.

"You let them murder us."

"You knew about them, and chose to let us die."

"You knew that you can save us, didn't you? And yet you didn't."

Eventually, the voices would fade as they fell one by one, before the voices faded away completely in lieu of the speakers being all dead.

Then the assassin would point his rifle at him and squeeze the trigger.

Then the whole thing would repeat.

He would be standing helpless

They would murder all that he held dear

The voices would then berate him

He could do nothing

The voices would then fade

He would then be shot

Everything would repeat

The containers

The shooting

The friends

The family

The voices

The shot...

The nightmare kept repeating as he entered the school in autopilot, navigated his way through the tables, and picked one at random.

Little did he know, that that same chair would decide his entire life.

High up in the skies of Tokyo, Japan, the sun shone bright.

Cars drove throughout the streets, as pedestrians busted throughout. Schoolmates walked with each other, taking to each other like old friends since kindergarten. And indeed they were.

Save for one.

She kept her head low, walking by herself throughout the streets. She ignored the cute signs around her. She ignored the smells of the bakeries that would otherwise had her walking into the nearest one and buying a pastry, which was the way she did since she was little.

But she didn't. She wished that the cloud of kid going to school would ignore her. But every once in a while, they would try to coax her into joining their group—and she would refuse every single time.

I—I just can't, she thought.

Even her new classmates would try to make her do something that she knew that she can't.

Because I—I—

For Myano Shiho, alias Ai Haibara, it should have never been a question. She had transferred here because she wanted to avoid everything—and leave behind her life, but Fate never arranged for that. As she walked, her hands clenched in her pockets, close to where she had holstered her Magnum 357 revolver with its six rounds of doom. She would only use them as a last resort, but—

I just can't let them here.

After all, they were indeed after her.

And this place was near person for her. Nobody knew her. Nobody understood her. Nobody.

And she knew that was what she wanted, but deep down, she wished that she had a companion with her. She wanted someone to talk with, to cry on. Someone whom she could confide in on all of her troubles and yet still be loyal with her in times when she needed them most. But there was none. No one understood her. And whoever did, would be killed by assassins sent by that organization, that dark shadow that always hung over her. That darkness of the abyss that shadowed her. She knew, she always knew, that in the end, the deeper the relationship, the worse it hurt in the end. Always.

She knew. And it always hurt worse then ever.

She sighed.

At least nobody knows about that organization. she thought.

Save for whoever's already dead.

Entering the classroom, she navigated the maze of chairs and picked a seat at random. Almost immediately, a boy her age dressed in red, white, and blue sat down on the seat next to her.

She didn't know it then, but that moment would change her life... forever.


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