The punch from the Slayer send me tumbling to the ground, using my hands to prevent myself from falling completely but it doesn't matter, I was bruised and bleeding in every way possible, I have sent unto him the greatest of the technologies I and my people created, along with the impenetrable armor that I now wield and the Sword and the Shield to make up for my lost crucible of which the Slayer has back at his base of operations, even my magic's and curses that have killed God's and entities powerful enough to match my own, even with the power of hell, my own extension, and his as well to an extent because of the power I give him were not enough to hold him off.

Hundreds of rockets and mortars that broke planets and to entire cities, lasers harvested from the very stars and disintegrated everything they touched and pulverized others to ashes, and energies of different creations and countless tortured souls of the damned equivalent to countless suns, and even time is nothing along with the mightiest of my soldiers and legion are nothing but a speck of nothing to the Slayer, my greatest creation.

One that ventured into my domain and brought down the greatest of my champions that resided there, my own generals and false lords that thought themselves great and successor to mine and in reality are just puppets for me to play and throw away, can only do nothing but point him to the venture of other worlds, lest they be turned to gore and paste by his hand and for trillions of years and more they have done this.

It was a pleasantry to see him grow, to see him overcome the trial I had set him on and everything my minions threw, the Slayer would grow and become what he has always destined to be like his predecessors and my own kind, a primeval, like him, the creation of his creator from beyond the void, a destroyer, a protector of his world that by this time is now long gone because of his design.

It reminded him of his days when he was the Father, everything was his and he was still the one in existence that his creator made and in the beginning, he was the architect of the known verse, life sprung forth from his power wherever he went, and with it, he created everything, planets and systems of it, galaxies and univierse all of them teeming with life, and in it made a multiverse and so many more and he look upon it with pride and satisfaction, and from this worlds was his pride and joy, the very first world and realm of Jekkad.

Making up of different universes like the others making it a multiverse of its but the difference is that with him nurturing it personally, it has no equal and all other worlds paled in comparison to such beauty, marvel and prestige and in it. He created the very first man and woman, and he named them Adam And Eve, time passed and they all multiplied.

Under his direction, there potential became so great that they reached the stars at a very short time, building wonders not even others can dream of, creating planets, remaking and destroying galaxies and everything, and giving them the knowledge of creating universes and in it sprung so many life, technologies so vast and as far as he can see, no one can matched to them for they were more and settlement upon settlement cemented my people's status as the greatest of all.

For the rest of his rule everything was fine was fine one day, that faithful day, they were faced with a dilemma, they can live long lives than any other being but it was still not enough, they began to ask of him for immortality, one that he only has and he was soon faced with another challenge, he accepted there notion with need and he began to research upon himself and using his father's knowledge as reference, using experiment after experiment and for centuries, millennia and countless more and it all ended in failure for they cannot contain the unyielding spirit and in it, he saw fear for the first time, his people are not like him and with his all seeing eye, he saw a vision and they would all die and disappear but knows not why and he will be the one to be left alone and he dreaded it and in it, he developed an emotion for the very first time and that is called hate and fear, he hated Death and it is all made clear, he must eliminate death from his world.

In his desperation and fear, he created the Maykr's, a highly advanced AI that he solely task with one thing only, to uncover the secrets of Eternal life and prevent the extinction of his people that he foresaw in the future and the very first he created was VEGA, his artificial son, he loved him dearly and nurtured him, taught to him everything he knew and gave him the task of safeguarding his newly created artificial multiverse, Urdak.

In it, they have given him results achievable and step closer to the goal of immortality and I can feel victory in my grasp but then, out of nowhere, they all betrayed him, my artificial son at the helm, backstabbing me in my shock, taking most of my power and sealing me in my realm, and upon my containment, everything was falling apart, my son has cut off my realm from the other realms, I can no longer reach the others, I did what I could my depleted powers, even when I am exhausted and near death, I was not going to let them all die and with it I brought all surviving in my realm to Immora and he created a barrier to save it, making it a safe haven, the last of his people's stronghold.

And wasting no time and piercing the seal my son created and I reached out again and this time, I was bombarded with a horrifying miasma of death and destruction from the known verse and I saw it all, The fighting, the screams, the pain and suffering, all around the verse, I saw my people cut down like dogs by my son and my creations and his newly made "creations", remaking everything that I made, killing those that are loyal to me and I was enraged, I look upon the Maykr's with disgusts, making themselves the master race, the creator of the known verse when I have been the one who is and my son ascending with countless souls of my people and my subjects.

From it I became the Dark Lord and everything trembled at my feet, in biding my time for Millenia, saving whatever I could and transforming my once perfect realm to ruin, I hated it but I have to save them and when the seal was broken, I unleashed upon them all and like the Slayer, all fall before him, millennia had passed and he look upon his son's creation with disgusts and his people, now demons, agreed with him. So much impurities, so much conflict, and his son sits atop like a benign being worthy of worship, imbued with his power and from what he felt is his creators power, a puppet, they claim that I gave them war when they were the one who started the cycle and I am here to finish it all.

I was enraged evermore as We struck upon them with relentless and our corruptive will, Deputies and God's created by him and his creator, and later down the road his son with so many more, assigned to there respective planets and realms, eldritch beings of power and mystic, superhuman beings that were of his kind and equal but some took upon it as a title and not a real truth to the definition, were all destroyed and unmade by him, and he consumed them all and there worlds into his dark dimension.

Primevals like him that were created by his creator that lived beyond the void and went to the realms he created to lord over all of them, and they all come in difference but all the same, were all destroyed in his might and broken beyond spirit, realm after realm soon followed, and soon enough world's began to surrender to him as seeing the inevitable defeat while some joined him and reveled in his corruptive and all seeing power and sight for nothing is beyond his.

It took the combined strength of my son and the creator that lived beyond the void to stop him, imbuing his son more with the powers of creation along with the souls of my people that I was nothing but a speck to it, but he did not back down and faced his traitorous son, and he lost.

He knew that his son will never kill him as he too was guilt-ridden and blinded but it was already set in stone when they all betrayed me and killed my people in the countless for a misguided belief. Now countless millennia has passed and it all comes down to this, his life now comes to an end at the hands of his greatest creation and he could not have a better ending than this.

He picked up his sword and turned to him, he saw the creation he created threw away the helmet and he can see himself and it was good, he reminded him of his young and glory days, he breathed his final and discarded his sword aside, "Tell me, Have you nothing to say to... your creator before you strike him down?", I ask this question to the Slayer who is now looking at me with fury and rage like mine but more, he raised his right hand and his gauntlet blade came forth, and with it, he plunged into my neck, I grunted at the pain but it was nothing compared to the countless years of torment and anguish that was given to me. I will die by my plan and I will accept it.

"NO", my own creation said to me and pulled right back his blade as my blood gush out, I was having trouble breathing, and my own power began to break and I roared to the skies and the red wave ensued forth, I can feel my minions from all over the metaverse disappear, sucked back into my realm, all of their screams I can hear and there was nothing I could do about it and the last of my consciousness fading away, but it does not matter anymore.

I have won, even when the Slayer has killed me, he has served my purpose and goal, to destroy my traitorous and backstabbing creations and set them down the path of extinction but I fear for my people of Immora for this time, I will not be there for them but time and time again, they have shown me their resilience, defiance and will in the coming strife that followed in the wake of the betrayal and kept their undying loyalty and devotion to me, protecting the last city of my once glorious people and for that, I can die peacefully.

As my body dropped like a carcass, my orb began to float in front of me and began to crack and crumble, preparing for the inevitability, I look up to my last remnant of what I had created and closed my eyes and the last thing that I saw is my orb exploding and the red light consuming me and I knew no more.


I opened my eyes to feel the leaves on my face that dropped on the tree, it has been a long time seeing such up close after many years being sealed, he can only see them through his projections but only that as he sees them all burned to nothing by his armies of doom, he picked one and examined it, and his own eyes can see it the organisms that lived on the leaf, working together despite being cut from the root and waiting for the insects or something else to destroy it. He decided on something else as he put it down.

But then it brought up to his mind, he looks at himself, it was his own body once again, his own orb that was supposed to be destroyed is still in his chest, glowing brightly with the blood-red, he looks at his hands and feels them, the rough and soft parts of his hands as he caressed it to see if he is alive.

"This is no illusion, I should have died by my creation's hand and return to my world, sealed and chained with only my servants to accompany me and yet, what happened?", Is it a fluke? Someone must have done this, and as he looks around, he was in a crater and it is still smoking, the trees that were once in the area have burned along with other life forms, forming a halo, he looks around and the air felt different and he can feel a whiff to even energies mostly familiar to his even when he created the entire worlds to dimensions and so many more that made his other fellow Primeval filled with envy and scorn, but then he was forced to look to his side as in front of the bushes appeared what seemed to be a dark shadow, crawling on all four's and when the light has shown, it has a face that of a bony mask with bones protruding from his body and is snarling at him, his own intent ready to kill.

"What is this? Another creation by my sons or his grandsons, or his creator, or is it just another speck that lived to see and evolve another day? I dare say that this is a disappointment", the creature shriek and lunged at him but he caught it with his two hands and ripped it to pieces, the parts were strewn on him and the ground, but then he sees that they are disappearing in once they came, like his own minion's dying when he died. But there is one thing he felt about the creature, it has almost little to no soul, in fact, it was non-existent.

He had no time to ponder as more came in packs and what seemed to be another humanoid-like with his own body that of a horse, we were all looking at each other and they all roared towards me and I busted forward and gripped one and used him as ram for the other as I kicked another one and he disappeared in a wisp as he impacted the tree of which it began to fall onto the black centaur of which it dodged, another dog bite me through my shoulder and it was nothing, I gripped it and slammed it back down in the floor, it's own entrails splattering to my body but I don't care, I look back to the creature and chuck the disintegrating dog back at it.

The being disappeared and I was left alone once again, the parasites seemed to try to intimidate me through this then has another one coming, I look to my hand and electricity began to flow and a few of his powers slowly growing but still small compared to my former state even when my powers were stolen, "It will not be a problem, I still have my strength to use", I then felt that something is wrong and he felt a hundred steps began to cross and all are running at the same time as the ground rumbled, producing a tremor in his body due to it, he can hear sounds of both growls and barks of different creatures and the murderous intent of them, running to the clear and pushing off many leaves and even large trunks out my way and arriving to see a clear view of the surroundings, he used his sight to track it and he found it.

A hundred or even close to a thousand of what he just killed appearing and running to what seemed to be a settlement surrounded by mountains and terrains of both barren and bloom, and the inhabitants were of a cross between humans and with other human's with animal features but not as severe or even malformed as his demonic legions.

He could see them all being rounded up by thieves and the said thieves are now leaving, all of them pleading to save them but they all laughed and went on their way with archaic to even laughable machines they have, it made his anger at this action, as the horde closing in and the people crying for help, he began to hear the screams and began to ache in his head and gritting his teeth, the face of the bandits and the cowardice they showed reminded me too much of his sons and the creations he once cherished and the inhabitants crying for help, for anyone to save them, it makes his blood boil, the ground beneath me began to swirl, And with those that even when miles away, they heard a boom that shook the forest and the ground.