On their way to the cafeteria, they look around and saw that very few students are in there classrooms, where in the past, it is thirty to even forty, now it has been cut in half to even smaller than they have ever seen before, heck even the professors are now small in numbers and one saw it to be the first in its history, not even the beginning of the academy is this low.

Because of the purge that happened due to the scandal and exposure that saw the school as a recruitment agency or school not for future and honourable huntsman but a school for future Rouges and soldiers of the newly defunct terrorist group The Crown, whom when its hideout was discovered, it was nothing more but a murderous pit filled with the bodies of huntsman's involved and much to the shock of many saw Xanthe Rumpole amongst those whom are part of the Crown's sphere of influence.

To the shock and heartbreak of so many that have been on Shade academy for so long that even exceeded by generations, even them as they really took her teachings to heart and adore her for her own great stance and unyielding and stern, cold will and especially Theodore Rosenbaum whom considers her a true friend and a closest confidant, she has been fired in the process despite that she has been brainwashed but nonetheless she did on her own accord as she thought it was right as it can be seen in her training of the students, of which she has been described as ruthless and cold that she implored others to be as well in her sessions and ways.

In one of the examples is still beating a losing opponent when a spar has happened between two students under her supervision and so many more cold and hard decisions she made she thought were in the best interest of the students but it turned out to be a false and a fatal one that will see her reputation as a distinguished teacher of this academy tarnished and muddied and dragged to the ground, they can still remember the first time she broke and cried in front of them and it was heart-breaking to see such a stalwart headmistress like this despite the wrong that she has made, she left willingly in shame the next day without saying goodbye and much to the headmasters broken and his expression and mind full of pain, taking some of her possessions while some are left abandoned, and it has been ages to be honest even though it was just a few days ago.

Now the entire academy is quiet, even dead to some extent, it was very uncomfortable, it was always nice and to have so many people always walking everywhere, the headmaster can also be seen as well doing his usual thing of being merry and talking to students, even having close fights with them and Xanthe Rumpole coming in to stop him from doing that, which is very uncouth and very funny, their own headmaster being a child but still a very bright man who cares for all of them, and accompanied by other professors but today it was not and it will never be in the next years or so.

The reputation of the Shade Academy has been destroyed and its prestige defiled, and its symbol as the sole government-like in this state or kingdom of lawlessness is forever tarnished and they fear that on the next year or so, there will be less to join because of this, which really makes them ache in pain over and over and they really like being here.

"Guy's this is really making me cry", we turned to see Dew looking at a classroom to see that it is empty despite today being class day, and she look on and saw more rooms deserted as well and some with fewer students and because of Professors being cut as well, they have to change the schedules, "Yeah, we know", there is no words to be said about all of this, "That man from the sky will pay", we look to see Darcy seething, and it is unlike anything we have ever seen, "Forget about what I said earlier about hunting Grimm, we're going to hunt that thing".

"Yeah well good luck because that thing could be anywhere and from what we have seen and the people said, I don't know anymore", Octavia said

"What did they say?", Nebula looking to Dew for information along with us,

"The Grimm that attacked them was unlike anything they had ever seen, it was in a spirit-like form like the Geist and other ghost like Grimm but more dangerous, it wielded weapons like us but more barbaric, think like us that it outsmarted even some of the best Huntsman in the Crown and has the bloodlusts like the Grimm, tank even the rounds that can even kill goliaths in multiple shots, Mam Rumpole even describe the being as terror incarnate and is like looking at your worst fears, she describe it taking the form of anything or anyone they fear but most of the time, it just took its original form and scare them all to death and killing them all",

Now that made us stopped and look at her, "Your kidding right?", Dew shrug, "Like I said, I don't know, maybe Miss Rumpole is just going crazy from being brainwashed or something but the beings she and they fought are powerful than the Grimm, and in description is more terrifying than the Grimm that instead of saying it, she and the others draw it", she pulled out her scroll and in there was the face of a being that should not exists.

The face was animal like with slits and horns thicker, and razor sharp, its own claws as well, his feet were hooves, its own body was muscular and hairy, covering it altogether, and a ever sickening grin with his mouth full of razor sharp teeth, promising pain and terror for days to come, and its own appearance in the form of a drawing really grates there nerves.

"Ok put that away, sheesh, where did you get those anyway?"

"I search and watch TV? Am I really the only one who watches TV for not only entertainments but news and all sorts of things as well?" Dew threw her hands in the air in exasperation,

"I like to read", Both Octavia and Nebula said and they both fist bump, "I just want to admire my knives and kill Grimm", Gwen said and Octavia sighed, "Fine but that is what it is said about what they encountered and you know what is the stake at hand here, and maybe we should stop overthinking at this, we really need to eat, like right now?",

Right on it, Nebula's stomach grumbled, making her scratch it and in embarrassment. Alleviating some of the pain they felt moments ago and went on their way, except for one whom is angry at what has happened to there once glorious academy, a laughing stock by everyone and especially when they come to the Vytal Festival tomorrow.

"If this being or whatever it is shows its own face at last, I will not hesitate even to kill it myself even if no one wants or even can".


"Ozpin, this "meteor man" or whoever or whatever in the annals of the Brother God's wisdom or in the bowels of the abyss, has gone far enough!", James has said to his friend who too is tired as well from the debacle, this week has been the most hectic he has been in a long, long time.

Not only is the scandal that saw Shade's huntsmen cut to the bone but to the addition of the deaths of so many that followed and the reputation of the Shade academy finally tarnished for days to come and even forever and also to his utter sadness and despair is his fellow friend, when he contacted him, he was almost dead and tired, even his words of encouragement did little to no effect. "After this festival, I will come to you old friend", and the headmaster of Vacuo only smiled and ended the conversation, which troubled him more.

Worst of all is the huntsman, all that are still young, dead and had there lives taken from them and even though they are sided with the Crown, they still deserve a chance but this being did not and proceeded to kill them all in gruesome fashion that has the entirety of remnant reeling and fear was skyrocketing that Mistral was affected but to his confusion and weirdness in all of this is that there are lesser Grimms showing and only in Atlas and Mistral where they are now becoming erratic, he had sent teams into the forest and all of them have little to no Grimm, "How? He is just one man",

Now the appearances of "portals" appearing everywhere that carried men and women from the Crown's base is another headache to ensue, it was one documented by Tai as well along with Qrow when the former arrived at the settlement while the latter at Vacuo, it carried all of the people that were taken by the Crown and not one was either missing or dead.

He was shocked when it was reported, he saw the video made by Tai and it was harder to believe it but in this world of strangeness and weirdness fluttering all over the world, and the fact that he is immortal, he has to accept it, this man's abilities is impossible to make, "He can make portals", that one sentence has been with him for days and the reason why Qrow cannot track him consistently and that when he was close, he manages to disappear and that not even the top trackers of the Kingdom's finest technology was able to see him now is because of this.

It has now become harder more than ever, and again another incident again happened but this is now on the Kingdom of Vacuo and it was two times in a row, one prior to it and another on the next day, the first one carrying forced slaves and entertainments for the crown's amusement's and were met with jubilation to see their loved ones come him but the next one was different and a lot more painful and even a nightmare and made him promise even more to hunt down this being.

The bunker they discovered carried bathes upon batches of Shade Huntsmen, soldiers of the Crown and to his and the entire shock of so many is Xanthe Rumpole, a respected professor and to see her among them made them clench their fists, their own uniforms caked in blood, they were unkempt, dishevelled, and outright worse up front that it seemed that they have not eaten in days and have been battling as well without any food or water.

"Its like in the last few hours, the battle had sucked everything out of them", it was mixed when they came back and came in front of the people of Vacuo, some were greeted welcomingly but some were given the cold shoulder to even outright threats, all of it because they were associated with the Crown, whom was responsible for the continuous kidnappings, murder, forced slavery, Human and Faunus trafficking, just from the symbols adorned on them.

After there arrival, they were met by authorities and questioned and saw that they did not know, did not know that they were there in the first place, which made the officials sceptical as to why this is likely and thinking of it as a ploy to fool them, they again conducted a more thorough examination and it lasted for days on end and when it was finished, the result came out and it seemed that they have been indeed brainwashed and hypnotised, and when they are asked for more information of what happened there, all of them were shaking as if forcing to relive a nightmare, some breaking down that some begged for death which unnerved the officials and him as well.

The look of all of them adding with the professor's is hurtful to be honest, and they gave the location, and knowing the dangerous and caution of such, they have prepared for such and when they went there, and in all of his years and Millennia of living, nothing prepared him for what is to come, upon arrival, he saw blood and the bodies of Grimm was everywhere on the sands, all torn up in so many ways, they can hear the blaring of the devices that alert anyone who hears it and walking more they see upon the bunker and when look upon what has happened to the huntsmen.

They opened the door and he was greeted upon corpses and corpses of huntsmen, all ripped to shreds, there blood flooding the entrance, dripping to the sandy grounds, there entrails and guts spilled everywhere, missing limbs were as well, and it made him squeamish and the other professors vomited on the office, which he has to forgive the professor's on that part as he cannot blame them, the man that did this came from the stars was ruthless and to see him murder them all in this manner, gave him all the answer he need, that despite him doing it for the good of others, it is done in the most gruesome way and manner that the man is blood-lusted individual and must be controlled at all cost.

Now after the whole ordeal, they have released a statement of the huntsmen finding no problem or even a sliver for they were forced and brainwashed, this still did not sit with others that the officials are just covering for them to lessen their sentence, which to his eternal damnation is right, but some accepted this and helped the others as well and even some came to an understanding but still with a slightest of not believing.

All around the bunker showed him that and by the end of the viewing, all of them were disgusted by what they had seen, and he can already see the fire and hate for the man, "Oz we must find that man now, it is now common knowledge for all that the meteorite is not just a rock, it is a demon", and he agrees with that, this man must be stopped despite the good he has brought.

"Because of the Vytal festival at hand, I cannot send anymore, but still if this will help in the capture of this man then so be it, I may be able to scrounge up a few ", James said, Ozpin nodded at his friends help.

"We must also know the weakness it has, and so far none have been seen, this is the most indestructible alien or whatever it is in the history of Remnant and it shows by him just tanking the bullets of your army and it will be no different to the Huntsman we have right now", Sir Oobleck said, as he had a finger in his chin.

"But where is it? I am all for capturing and even killing it but we don't even have an inkling on where it is, not the forest mind you as no Grimm activity or even a disturbance has been sighted or even felt, and all of the disturbance came in the desert and this man as shown is wherever he goes, the Grimm follow",

Professor Port said while twirling his Moustache, he too has grown suspicious, days ago, Grimm were following the man wherever he goes, and even to the Crown's bunker but now it has stopped and with the coming Vytal festival, it was eating at him.

"Perhaps we should still check those parts especially at the continents small islands, seemed more ideal for a being like him", Glynda said with her typical stern appearance but dishevelled to an extent from what she has seen from what this being has done.

"Oz, from what I can see, that thing wants to be left alone in one part, I don't know why but I have an inkling on it, something of that manner will definitely feel at home with being isolated", and she is right for one, as the man has been felt to go to places where no other will go.

"Glynda has a point Oz, this being must be biding his time and even attack the festival", James backing up Gynda's advice

"We cannot send any more James, Atlas has been stretched already with the protection of Vytal, stay your ground and I cannot as well send one of my own huntsmen as the Vytal Festival draws near and it would make the students of mine upset, I will let Qrow and Taiyang at the meantime handle this and Gynda, your own advice is noted and I will say this to Qrow", as he look at all of them.

"In the meantime, we must kept this and the entirety of the citizens of Vale under wraps, we must make them feel welcome and not like there is going to be war on the horizon, I will be making a moment of silence for the ceremonies to come and for all of us to come together in this time, we would just attract the Grimm and after this is over, we will finally deal with this once and for all along with the backing of the council and the three kingdoms", I say it to all of them and they complied immediately, I am serious, "We will come for you stranger and I will find out who you are and you will pay for what you have done".

As he said it, a green fire was seen on his eyes that only one can see.


He was breathing slowly as he heard and saw it and he chuckled, the cursed immortal's word echoed to him and his eyes promising justice and revenge for the Vacuous students and people that he killed, "You can try", as he stood up as look upon his work. He set about creating a tower that will help him with the energies around him, using the gadgets he has taken and are now at his disposal that his spectre's had taken, and along with taking a few components from the destroyed compound.

He cannot wait to take one of their own once again, he did not take at that time due to not having more time and he wanted to finish the debt he had with the settlement, "Perhaps I can break into one of another compound of theirs", the screams of the Atlassian always brings music to him, there arrogance just turning into straight-up horror and despair is a sweetener, he shook his head as he sees it as useless and a waste of time, he already has the schematics and everything he needs from the prior engagement he has with them, he just needs to create the schematics and everything they had made in his image but this time more effective and powerful and with the resources all around him, it is no problem.

The Immortal Man and the Pale Witch intrigued him, just as his powers are expanding so is his influence and it has already covering this world, and in it, he saw them, through his energy though faint, it was still detectable, and he can see it, the man's influence all over remnant, his actions and wrongdoings and also the beings he worshipped, they were pathetic and an outright disgust to him to be honest and to an extent, taking his creations and taking credit for all that he had work for and along with the woman and at the moment, he can see mustering her armies of Grimm, with her loyal subjects, one a hulk of a man, another a sadists, a scientists and a woman of ambition that he saw in the near future to burn everything to the ground.

"These "gods" of this world, pathetic", it will have to wait as he snorts in disgust, putting the finishing touches the machine that even though is smaller than a radio tower, it is still enough to harvest the aura and dust from the surroundings, he held his hand outstretched to the sky, lightning struck it and absorbing it and bending it to his control and when it was enough, he redirected it to the machine and upon it, lights flickered on and the machine hummed like an awakened beasts and the tower began to light as well, seeing as it is enough, he stopped the redirection and see the machine work and he look upon it with joy.

He can see dusts being absorbed and into it, the pads and everything is flickering to life along with the scrolls and gadgets that he took, for hours he has been mulling in thought and thinking of ways to make this work and he did it, and he watches it all unfold before him little by little. "Just like the boy". He has been watching him and slowly but surely, he is now learning little by little with the mental battles they have and molding him in his image, his own teammates are noticing it and are concerned but to his credit, the boy did not say anything about him or the dreams they are having, "Good, it would be problematic if that were to happen", the old Jaune is now slowly fading away and he is just doing the smallest of things to make it work and it is paying off.

Having his arms outstretched, his power, now growing by nanoseconds, snaked through his skin and hands and playing it on his fingertips, his chest and tattoos pulsating with power and held out an index finger that released an energy so fast that at a blink, that saw a part of the cliff on another island obliterated, clenching his fists and letting his power course through, growing and surely multiplying, affecting the overall area and everything in its vicinity and range, trees that were once cut form their roots by his orders were slowly growing and the ground is now filled with grass that covered the rocky terrain of where he removed it, the seas saluting to his command as it crashed to the lands, forming a tidal wave and battering it, and the sky surging with power once more, lightning and thunder race through adding to the light, piercing through the clouds and the ground rumbling in its wake as multiple plates appeared in the oceans and too some are appearing on the islands along with the other that rose from the sea, connecting islands all together now, heeding his call.

"I am not the creator for nothing", he then felt and looking down, he saw that the girls have awakened and saw him in awe, they were agape and have their mouths open like fishes, and he can see even fear but that is too blinded by the awe they give him, slowly descending on the ground he approached them and saw they kneeled in front of him, and adding to the nature's celebration and him as well, it was befitting.

Behind them were his servants, all kneeling as well, still in there spectre form, it was uncouth sight and he would have to rectify that, "My people, it has been far too long that you are in this state, no form to feel and no life to touch, today that will no longer be", closing his eyes and held his hands in an embrace, gathered the earth's sturdy grounds, the hairs of the trees, the blood of the sea and the energies of the planet, and opening his eyes, this materials taken from their roots slowly and formed, slowly and surely, different humanoid forms and shapes were made and more soon followed as well, in the form of this planets inhabitants but have a very different structure compared to them and all of them lined up in perfect formation.

Upon there master's work and grace, the spectre's sang praises and honour to him and descended upon the bodies with frenzy until there was no one left, the two students watched them all and were awestruck, it was like the sea that they were seeing, from the blackness that they seep it was becoming white, like the darkness is slowly being removed and turned to an orb in there chest and when they possessed the bodies, their bodies shook and felt like it was hit that it slumped and the rest soon followed.

What soon followed was a series of cracks of bones and the body rearranging in so many ways, and the light grew in the center of them were he resides, and slowly it grew along with the bodies and the light encompassed that the two students have to cover their eyes and feel the heat touch their bodies but they stood there, covering their eyes and kneeling and when the light grew too big, it exploded that pushed them both, and the machines as well affected as they were shut down forcefully from the explosion.

They were both reeling and feeling their backs and bodies ache and pushed themselves up, they both stood and look to the plain that is covered by dust and then they saw a shadow emerge, they got closer and when the dust settled, they look upon them with horror and misunderstanding.

Like what they saw earlier, they all come in shapes and forms, but it felt like the evolution took both a step forward and backwards, some of the bodies were animalistic compared to the Faunus and still human forms, here it is now a full-on animal's, they all came in the form of Leopards, Chameleons, Tigers, Dogs, and many more that they did not recognize in the books of animals that they were taught of and even fear what they are capable of adding to the height differentiation as even them bigger than that of normal humans and Faunus's.

Gisselle, with her own slowly repairing prodigal mind, made the number and they were all from 6ft, 7ft, 8ft to even 11 ft tall, but what really shock them was a large hand passing through their heads and look to the shadowing form of a giant, his eyes shining like a red pit like there master, and when the dust settled, it was the face of a man, it's hair was long and unkempt, and like the Enhanced Animal Faunus and Human's in their presence has hairs as well, and then they felt the giants in front of them move, creating a pathway and out walked the man, his walk was gait and perfect and like that of a warrior.

From his presence, they saw the eyes of the giants shone and faced towards his walk in perfect unison, it was beautiful, he look to the giants before him and said something that they did not understand.

"COME AND SPREAD ALL OVER THE ISLANDS IN OUR FAVOR AND CRUSH THOSE THAT GOES YOUR WAY BUT GO NO FURTHER FOR IT IS NOT THE TIME FOR SUCH ENDEAVOR, SEEK TO THIS AS THE NEW CONTINUITY OF OUR BELOVED KINGDOM IN JEKKAD'S NAME, SMALL AS IT MAY BE BUT IT WILL BE THE CORNERSTONE TO OUR SALVATION!", and from his words, they all roared in jubilation and sang guttural voices to him of which they too did not understand but he can as again they saw the very mark etched on his back light up once again and once again saw it etched too on their bodies and all alight at the same time.

Unknown to the girls, His mind again drifted to the pale witch and the immortal wizard along with their cohorts and followers, he smirked, and he took another tool in his hand and began to walk as his creations walk to the islands he had given them, there steps rumbled as they walk while some ran through with frenzy and to their shock can jump so high that the can touch the clouds and the students in front of him were not believing what they were seeing, even though he is smaller than them, he is larger than them all and life and it shows.

"Come my students, Let us celebrate this momentous occasion", and once again, with the lift of his hand, the machine comes back on and the lights flickered again, the scrolls too in this were displaying holograms.

"I have a surprise for you, actually make that you as well Asturias", and he struck upwards and flew to the sky, we were blown and a swirling pool of clouds reached onto us and surrounded our master, the Ax that was by Hilda's was snatched and unto it flew and along with her bow that was quickly snatched as well from her hands, both could see the lightning as well in the swirls, the light of the sun shining in the most brightest they have ever seen, and they too feel the heat that they began to back away a bit, they saw various materials in the base and in the crates shaking and all of them were taken to the raging storm.

They began to feel the rumble and tremor increased and it stopped for a few seconds, sucking the wind and exploding that again pushed them back down but this time they were blown from the blast that saw them struck upon the trees, leaving a dent on it, and both of us are groaning, "Master really has a penchant for explosions", She joked as Hilda, the name of the Axe girl, was standing up from the tree she was stuck upon and ignoring her, look to the skies and she saw it as well, Master was descending upon them and in his hand were the women's weapons, and this time it was different.

Gone was the Grimm bones and wood that made their weapons, now it was metal, sleek, smooth and elegant. Both can see the words and text inscribed upon it, and already knew it was the language that he was saying to the spectres now turned into something else, the bows upper and lower limb was metallic and coiled, the riser was gold and the bowstring was thin but she can see that it was thicker.

The ax was bigger than hers that it even reached past her height, the handle was long and the blade was bigger, sharper and savage as with the design that gives her the feeling of, "I WILL KILL YOU EVEN IF I BREAK EVERY BONE IN MY BODY", and it scares and even thrills her.

"Both of you will wield this weapon and as you grow stronger so will your weapon as well, take it", we both look at each other and both took our respective weapons and then the pain starts, we felt searing pain on our hands, we wanted to let go but found the weapons seemed to have been attaching themselves to us.

"Do not fight it, bear the pain and you will find something more"

Heeding his advice, the pain started to go away and felt it not sticking to us anymore and to our shock, our weapons are changing unlike the Mecha-shift in the weapons in other huntsman but breaking into smaller and crawled upon our skin, we would have been afraid but we kept it in and the weapons formed on our entire arm covering it like armour.

"In the time of combat will your weapons again form, but this time it will be attached to your bodies, do take care of yourselves and the weapons I give, because this will be your test and fail will see you fall and it coming back to me, Understand?" both of us nodded without fail and he turned his back and began to walk to the house as his newly created army is working on the Islands.

"Now come, I will be the one this time to cook as a part of this celebration, you can examine your weapons in the meantime" as he went to the house.

Both of us look at our new weapon and saw it as a long one, we can see the metal vibrate to even make water like actions, and I forgot that it too covered our half but we do not mind it. I look to his back and saw the symbol and look upon my hand and saw the same symbol as well. "Who are you?"

But she and Hilda were only met with nothing more but a cold touch of the wind and the sound of the Giants already working around them and the Islands they landed upon of which she doesn't know what.


Note: Because of not having a official translator of Enochian like Google, and that compared to the words of English being inscribed, it is harder to put in so I will have to put in English but the girls do not understood it as for it is Enochian he is speaking.