At the deep heartlands where no mortals, Faunus or any with sensible minds can go, sits the castle of the former God of Darkness and in it where the inner circle of the Dark Witch and it resides, and the witch is furious and even raging all week for her plans in another is in shambles and all this because of the man from the stars.

She had underestimated the man who she thought to be hers, seeing the man trashed and destroyed her plans in Vacuo forced her to rethink strategies and tactics once more, she thought to again try to contact the man by using Cinder or one of her loyal subordinates and have him join her side in destroying Remnant or even conquering it as her own right hand man but to her eternal fury and frustration, in every step and every way possible and even earlier than Ozpin's henchmen, the man would disappear, leaving nothing behind and no sign of a trace and only in its wake but a pile of corpses of her own side and half of her plans in shambles.

Vacuo was one of her plan in the making. In the form of the delusional Asturias siblings, they will gather many brainwashed followers and with them will she have her prize in the relic that was in the Vault of the academy. It was easy as pie, but now, it was all gone, the Crown has been forcefully and gruesomely removed and destroyed beyond recognition, not even a single smidge remain and only a pool of blood remain and Vacuo is now being protected and reinforced by Ozpin's henchmen, consisting of a Veteran huntsman, a few operatives and a group of Atlas soldiers to protect.

But in a way, she could see the positive side effects in this debacle he caused as the despair the Vacuous have had in this fallout, to discover that the protectors they saw and along with the academy as the beacon of light and example of authority is a façade and a farce that she has been laughing about as well for a day, her own circle and Grimm can see it as well and it was relishing to see as she could see them trying to not only quell the citizens but also the Grimm that are now on the prowl in every direction, relishing in the negativity swelling in everyone's hearts and more are pouring in.

Adding as well the fact that Cinder stalked the man, and yet could not find the right time to talk privately as the Atlassian army went in and took custody of the man, much to her fury but also satisfaction as Cinder said that she saw the man ripped apart the base and the soldiers and guards imprisoning him in gruesome fashion and in detail as well that she saw her student blush with warped thinking in some parts.

She described the man the same of how she found him, killing and injuring fatally and heavily all those who stood in his way, she saw him pick up mechs, aircrafts and vehicles of the finest Atlassian made torn, destroyed, and in nothing but busted metal that has given her Grimm a hard time to sometimes take down, the mechs and soldiers were too destroyed and some even eviscerated that blood splattered the ground.

To her satisfaction is the face that he manhandled a specialists and played her like a fiddle, and already she can just feel and imagine the horror of the Atlassian troops seeing their own best of the best defeated like nothing and the man proceeded to destroy the entirety of the base and much to her surprise again, the weather was acting up to the man's will, like it was his, and in the back of her mind she agrees.

But she could feel something, that the man did not leave the place and instead taken residence in the kingdom of Vacuo but on what? Using her Grimm like last time, she took control of one Grimm in the forest of Vacuo and she found a suitable one for possession and it is a Beowulf but when she took control of it, she found it to possess flesh which shocked her to her core.

"HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! A GRIMM WITH LIVING FLESH! AND A SOUL! WHAT IN THE TARNISHES OF THE BROTHER'S IS THIS?!", and to her discredit as well, she cannot mold this to her image as it is no longer of her making but is now becoming something else, a living being and possessing a soul, one that she saw is defying her entrance onto its newly changing body, but it was nothing to her as she forcefully submitted it to her will and it became docile and the living body became her possession once more.

"You are mine Grimm, no matter the change of this man from the sky did, you are still mine", with her words that can petrify any known man and even Grimm but to her surprise not this one, as evident with the power it was given, it can no longer be classified as hers but half of hers and something else, the Hybrid was looking at her with cold rage unlike ever before it relented and walk in its own way.

"For the moment", the Grimm soul replied as it stood down and she look at it again with shock but she huffed and possessed the body, and she opened her eyes and she was lying on the ground, she look to her surroundings and found it to be empty, and everywhere around her was devoid of Grimm, like they were all gone but also she felt something in the air, it was not dust, it was energy that was reminiscent of the Brother's but something more, it was ancient, it was timeless, it was immense.

She trek forward and saw more of the power and it was getting closer, she felt as if she bypassed something, like a force field but it was not of her care at the moment as when she came to the clear, she was shocked as in front of her was a giant, it was taller than her subordinates but she can feel the power it exudes, it was doing something that was akin to menial or labour work as she could see a hammer in its hand and a metal pick, wearing leaves and Grimm skin on its body, which makes it look like a caveman but on its eyes and posture tells a different story and behind it, there are more of its kind, and they were constructing buildings that are not still functional, and machineries as well and materials, how did she not hear the sounds is something that boggles her, it's like she wasn't meant to hear all of this, or even everyone.

Then they all stop and stared in her direction, there like Faunus and humans but that is where it stops, some are full human or animal with still human or even animal bodies but some are partial to even bestial, the partials have hair but the bestial have hair's all over there body, all of their faces have a feral look, they are muscular and some are even feminine but still muscular.

"WHO ARE YOU WITCH TO ENTER OUR DOMAIN?" she widened her eyes at word, they know me but how? she has not even made contact with their master, "GO AND LEAVE, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE", at this demand she was angered at such and stood up to them, space freaks or not, she will not be denied and be sent on like a child, this planet is hers and hers alone, "FOOL, HOW DO YOU DARE TO SAY THAT, YOU GIANT SCUM!", her speaking as well with disgusts to the giant whom has now her full attention along with its companions.

But the giant was undeterred and his Green eyes glowed at her, burning with hatred and disgust for the witch in front of him, "FOR THE LAST TIME IN YOUR PATHETIC LIFE. LEAVE NOW OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES, I WILL WARN YOU THIS LAST TIME", at this she too was pissed, and decided to attack, using her magic, she conjured a lightning bolt and hurled it at the giant and the giant was blown back but righted himself much to her shock, "YOU WIL PAY FOR THAT", she smirked but then she was shock as the Giant disappeared in a blur and the Giant she tried to kill appeared in front of her and took hold of her form of which she struggled, using her powers to knock him off but they were ineffective against the giant, whom has a large in his body but to her amazement, saw it heal and leaving nothing behind, not even a scar.

"NOW YOU SEE YOUR FOLLY. NOW GO, THE CREATOR IS STILL NOT DONE WITH YOU", and with that it tightened its grip but not before releasing a bit of its powers that electrocuted her and killed the form she inhabits as a punishment for interference, of which she was blown away back at the throne where she sits, making her back hit and the throne creak and even crack but not enough to destroy it, and to her humiliation, heard the laughter of the soul of the Beowulf until it disappeared.

Her servants immediately went to her side, nursing her and helping her, Tyrian was hysterical and being calmed down by watts meanwhile Hazel was helping her up and offering her water, she gulped the water immensely and felt blood run down her face, not Grimm blood but real blood, again to her shock.

She again fell to her knees from her throne as her servants help her up and for the first time, she felt fear, that rivalled and even surpassed her fear for the Brothers, they call the man from the sky their creator, and to be able to create such an army of giants was in the wildest dream she can have and it was impossible to do that she can bet that even the Brother Gods cannot do this perfectly.

Her minions cannot defeat such beasts of nature, she also felt the environment that she went pass through is becoming more than the atmosphere of remnant, it was changing, she felt in that place, those lands in the southwest. Aura was disappearing and she cannot understand why and even the Grimm that are around it is becoming more than just a normal animal but with a sense of individuality much more than the Grimm whom are tied to hers, when a Grimm is close to it, they began to change and she fears the implications as she thought more of this being left unchecked.

"Forget Ozpin and his group of crony's and pawns that her own servants or even her armies can match, the man is too powerful, I must find the relics or else we are all doomed". she began to think of ways to make this man suffer and then she has an idea as she look to the other side and she laughed which as well made her subordinates confused, "If you will not join me then I will take something from you", she would make this man from the sky, god or not, do her rules, she is the ruler and conqueror of this world, and will not be denied and this humiliation will make the man himself feel hopeless and at death's doors like he did to her husband's group centuries ago, her own power making her servants have a hard time breathing and the sloshing of the pools, producing more larger and powerful Grimm to counter this new foe and to make the tremble once more.

Unknown to her, a shadowy figure with red eyes accompanied by others was watching her, observing and nothing else. And the shadowy figure smiled as it turned around and left with nothing being left behind along with the shadows following suit, along with the soul of the Grimm that was recently killed but it is smiling as well.


It has been hours now that the celebrations have come in. It was a glorious day. The arena was packed with so many people and the crowds cheering like no tomorrow, contestants from the side-lines as well cheering their own respective groups and academies, and one that is competing right is the teams of Vale against Mistral and it seems not to be doing well, and Davoth is watching all of this unfold.

He again went back here after she felt the witch's essence near his home, and he watch with great pride his creations handling the witch her own medicine, his own creations still need more work but it will come, he has all the time in the world after all, even if his all-seeing eye is still functional to a fault as he can still not see fully into the future, he can still see some, like through a keyhole.

Now he is here, after watching as well the introduction of the headmasters, minus the Vacuo's because of the scandal and also the general of the technological nation and a few others, wishing good health and a great tournament, he was now watching the main event of the Festival each team's from the four academies square off to see who will take the championship trophy and the glory of this event.

It was rather fun and amusing to say the least, it reminded him of festivities again with his people of Jekkad, it even span weeks without end and even then they will still continue of such due to the bounty the world and I give, but then there is still the culture of maintaining to be not only prideful but compassionate, respect, loyalty, discipline, and the virtue and morals to strive for, and he was the one they strive for.

He sighed and shook his head as he again focused on the competition and most notable teams were of the team's called JNPR, against a team from Shade in Vacuo, of which some of his people resides, and the team called RWBY whom is fighting team ABRN from Mistral but even then it was just a way to kill time as he is now watching the next match of the JNPR's teammate in Pyrrha Nikos.

Although he can feel the morale of the Vacuous team is off due to the fallout of the scandal that left the entirety of the academy they sought to love is destroyed, he can see in the days before, that they are disorganized, and without morale, and was made short work of the JNPR, which to the eyes of many, pitiful even with them fighting against such motives.

Team RWBY was led by a child, Ruby Rose, compared to her other teammates are of the ages of eighteen and seventeen, she was of the ages of fifteen, but she was a genius, in the art of weaponry, if he were to give her meager materials and tools, she would still make a machine out of it and he could see it, her own crescent rose is a testament to that, sifting through her memories, he saw her create her scythe bit by bit of every metal she can find or her mother or father and even sister will give her and it paid off, she is naïve and very innocent, he can see the result of it from her sisters always making her look away from inappropriate things and has a sense of justice, and it was amusing, looking into their lives.

All in all, she is too pure, too pure, which made him smile, holding his hand is a soul of pureness despite its old, and he found it on the way when he found something on the mountains of the forbidden when the souls of this world were becoming unchecked and there are more to be honest, "Not yet", with that, he hid it back onto his body along with the souls of others.

The other three were interesting in their own way, Yang Xiao Long, sister of Ruby Rose, daughter of Raven Branwen, hothead of a mess that sometimes got her in trouble in so many establishments and particularly in one bar by the name of Junior but gets away with it due to the pain she gives to her enemies and to that establishment, "Extortion is what it is", but it gets the job done, will protect her sister at all costs, Weiss Schnee, heiress to the corporation of Atlas, Schnee Dust Company, SDC for short, and main supplier of dust and protector all the kingdom, a fitting name for a nation but filed with arrogance and in her, he could see the result of such teachings, that Atlas is the most powerful kingdom and the one that polices everything, reminding him of Earth's United States, past kingdoms and empires and so many alien empires and civilizations that are now non-existent due to time or by his making.

Blake Belladona is a interesting one, a child activists turned terrorists at a young age and now a former one whom is troubled by it and trying to run away from it like a coward always do, blames the whole world for not accepting them but what she failed to understand is to actually show herself but he saw her code and ideals eroded and all he can see is this pathetic mind, it really made him rage in his mind and one that he blames on her parents for their ineffectiveness to care as they see it as absolute and in other words "for the greater good" of which he despises the most.

Participating too in some murders to better suit the newly formed terrorists group, he laughs at their notion when he could see that amongst them, they cannot even have an understanding, giving up too early on the idea of the past where they are mostly protest that even have a positive result and have now turned into a riot and even conflict that even involved the Atlassian Military and other governments as well and most ironic, is there fellow Faunus whom have been living peacefully with other neighbouring humans, have been killed as well either to their own ideas or to other humans seeking vengeance, for the hatred or for the fun of it, making their idea moot and obsolete and in now, is in favour of dominance against humankind.

There are other teams as well in CRDL, CFVY, Cinder' Team, and a whole lot more from the other kingdoms but they are not relevant in the long term and at this time, the match now host is Mercury Black vs. Yang Xiao Long, both are extreme combatants but Yang seemed to be always on the offensive making Mercury always on the defensive, and try as the black one might, he will lose, the golden one is more tenacious and relentless despite his cunning and stealth, but he saw and look to the side-lines, her own teammate, the green one, was trying to use her semblance and from what he sees, its illusion she specializes at the behest of the leader of the Group.

From this girl, no that is not the right term for such, a woman, she is very deceptive, and has been tailing since the day I have been in the settlement, I can always feel her but the moment she always wants to come, it was always foiled and especially with her body that of a teenager, which baffled him again as this must be one of the effects of this worlds energy, everyone is younger than they should be, even the old as well from what he saw in the settlement, which fascinated him, but also made him curious, this world's energy, what if it was erased? Would they be like the humans of Earth, powerless but still has the potential of being like Huntresses with enough training and adapting?

The inhabitants of this planet have been dependent as they were born from it, it is in every facet of every living being in this planet, and if he were to erase such, what would happen, would the inhabitants live? or not cooperate to the power vacuum? His own plot of land seems to be doing well with his own supervision and it has been expanding as well with him creating another land to connect it to this continent. But due to the barrier, to the eyes of many it is just the same that always see in the maps that they have and also will be disconnected from the world, not making him see the effects of such.

So many questions to solve but that will be later as now he had seen that Mercury is losing and the golden one is winning but then in the stands, he could see the green haired woman conjuring her powers of illusion and he was furious, "This will not pass under my watch any longer", he has let it slide on the first and second fights with them using this tricks of their sleeves now it will no longer be acceptable, with a slip of his finger, the illusion that the green haired girl was trying to create to disqualify the golden one was slammed back to her with a full dose that knocked her off her chair.

Her own leader was shocked as she went to check and a few passer-by's seeing as were trying to help, meanwhile the Golden one was celebrating and now back with her teammates and other classmates and friends congratulating her for her success at reaching this far, "She will not be a bother for the next match of this tournament for other contestants", he frowned at such tactics and strategies as he has faced many opponents with this kinds of idea, one that he still loathe to this day, in ritual combat and in war, especially if they so brazenly challenged him upfront and arrogantly, from cheap tricks to even the smidge of scheme to defeat him and they all lie dead and worse.

He killed them all slowly and begging for mercy and have the rest be playthings for the demons and so many more he did, his own demons as well joined in the fray, being led by lords and rulers of arrogance and deceit and they as well died by his hand along with the houses that also conspired and dared against him, he made it known to the entirety of Hell the consequences of their actions and all feared him even when he is sealed.

"Sir the armours have been made but it still in the works", his own caste warrior said to him in spectre form, kneeling in front, his own servant felt in the back of his mind that this is still not ready and he reassured him by putting a hand on his shoulder, "I understand what you feel but Do not worry about the implications, we will make more and better models, how many have been made?", his own servant calmed and answered straight away.

"It is still in the tens and is now approaching by the hundreds by now and ready for use, the others are still in production and the mining as well has been made underway", he was satisfied, now he will have the materials needed and it all needed was the barrier to hold for their own creations to be made, he look at his hand and electricity circled in like a snake and seemed to purring at his hand, and in the air formed and four letters were made and he send unto it to his servant .

"And also the Witch has made another move and it involves the settlement, my lord, she intends to destroy it once again as a message to you", Davoth smirked, "If she thinks my followers and servants are weak, then she is wrong and in need of another lesson", even when away, he is still there, supervising and observing them, and he could see the result, no more are they weak, meager and lost, now they are battle hardened warriors, trained by his guidance through the teachers and the woman he has assigned as his own hand, and ready to answer his call.

John, The leader of the settlement is too as well participating and is now one of his best and followers of his tenets but still has doubts in a way but it is understandable and in time he will understand, along with his daughter whom also follows as well is under my students command and teaching, what is an added bonus is they will not let anyone hear of this and with the added magic he had circulated all around the settlement, the passer-by kingdoms will only see then as nothing more but normal citizens but out of the look of anyone, they are soldiers and warriors that can even match a veteran hunter.

"Very well, have the two candidates that I have given you informed and the entirety involved as well, and have them here by the hour and inform the half of my servants to be send to the settlement, prepare yourself as well, you will be the one to protect the settlement, Patroc El", his own servant was shocked and even gave him recognition as his eyes flared and he bowed, "Your command shall be done, my lord", and disappeared once again.

And all he has to do is wait and watch.




"WOOHOOOO", it was an amazing for the one and only Yang Xiao Long, she won the match and that means one more and they are home free and Freaking Champions in their freshman year no less and with her sister as well, this was an achievement unlike anything they have ever and done and if its smooth sailing, then they can win all the way.

"WE DID IT GUYS, IT WAS SO AMAZING WHAT YOU DID YANG, HE CANNOT EVEN KEEP UP", her sister was hugging her, meanwhile Weiss was looking at her with jealousy for winning but still respecting her with congratulating, Blake was too as well happy, and she did not hid it behind her book this time but actively smiled at them with relative ease and it was amazing.

"Oh Ruby", she hugs her sister as well and walking as well back to their room and along the way is Cinder's team, the one that they have defeated, and for some reason, there other teammate, Emerald Sustrai is hazy and having a hard time focusing, she could see her swerve from side to side, that she cannot even held herself right, she was being helped by the Girl whom she has no idea who and the one she defeated, Mercury Black.

When they both met, she could feel the hate but also his own discipline just from the way he looks at me and my team meanwhile Cinder was in the back and following through, but also looking at them with disdain like what she sees in Weiss when she was still a bitch, "Congratulations Yang, you beat us fair and square", but it come off as obnoxious and even annoying but she manage to rein in her emotions meanwhile her teammates were also having the same feeling.

"Anyways, I am not going to be in your way anymore, so Xiao", as Cinder bade them goodbye but also irked Yang for using her name as a pun but she has to respect as well and smirked, "Cinder Around", and she walked away and she can already feel the hate intensified but to her group's disappointment at her pun again for what seemed like the millionth time.

"Really? Cinder Around?", Yang shrugged and smiled at them and waved it off, "At least it's a pun back at her, she used my named you know?", Weiss said as she went off meanwhile Blake went back to reading what was in her book, "Must be a love story or erotic, I must have found her own stash but by the time I got there, it was already gone. Smart Kitty Cat".

Which made Blake look in her direction as if she heard the words, but she just smiled, "Hey Blake, what you reading anyway?", making Blake snap out of her stupor and shook her head, "It was nothing, I thought I felt something or someone said something about me?", Holy shit, she felt it huh? Must be one of those senses that cats have, she blew a breath, "Hey guys come on, let's go back to our room and even buy some grub and wait for the next opponent, I wonder if Penny can defeat Pyrrha?".

"It is really hard to pick who will win, we have on another corner, an android and on another a champion, I'll go with Pyrrha on this one",

"I will go with Penny", Weiss said,

"Really? Because she's Atlas and you are as well?", Weiss brought up an eyebrow at the question,

"Yes and she is an android, whom can learn moves and adapt to strategies and tactics by the enemy, and she is made by the finest of Atlas scientists and robotics", Weiss said meanwhile Yang shook her head.

"Have you hit your noggin or something princess, we have Pyrrha, whom is a champion of mistral, won many tournaments and is a seasoned veteran by the time she got here because of also fighting the Grimm, nah Weiss, Technology is not all that anyway, experience", Weiss crossed her arms meanwhile Yang look at her, electricity coming out of their eyes in a comical sense that even entranced Blake.

"Guy's, Guy's stop fighting, we just won and we have to fight amongst each other?! That is it, No fighting, for both of you, Understand?', Ruby said to them in an authoritative voice that demanded their utmost obedience and it is non-negotiable and Blake and Were had a tingle when she said that and Yang had a shiver down her spine and with a nod of their head repeatedly, they all complied with Ruby's orders.

With that Ruby went back to her jovial and happy stance with a smile on her face, "Alright now let's go get some and CELEBRATE!", and she was skipping all the way to their dorm meanwhile her three teammates look on with amusement and happiness. "I am lucky that your sister is the leader", Blake said.

"Yeah", meanwhile Weiss was irked a bit even though she had accepted it, and she sighed, "Well then, let's go, cannot let my sister keep waiting in the dorm, lest her happiness overload just trashes the places and they went on their way.


On the way to the infirmary, Neo and Mercury were helping Emerald recover and even used the way as a means of escape and incapacitating the medics in the van, meanwhile Cinder look on with a puzzled face, "What just happened?", there was nothing wrong with Emerald's semblance and yet why did it burst or even does it even do that, this is a first time for her to see what happened to Emerald and she has no clue why this happened, but then there is only one way this could happen. "Is there another in this coliseum whom has a semblance that can disrupt others? Then who is this person?", she will have to find out more but not at this time as she has to proceed with the plan even without Mercury to rig it further.

Opening her scroll, she contacted Watts and immediately a jovial voice was heard from the other line, "Oh it's you Cinder, How is the maiden of the mistress faring well and give my condolences for Mercury losing the tournament, it was quite nice to see", Mercury heard that and he turned towards her and onto the scroll of which Cinder rolled her eyes at, "Is the virus ready for deployment?",

"Anytime Cinder, signal it to me and let us get this party started", Cinder smirked and it was a predatory one, "Good then let us show the world of the might of Salem", Watts laughed as well, "I like you Cinder, what is the source of this new found joy that I can hear?", she held her hand and her flame flared in it, "Accomplishment".

With that she turned off her scroll, and they all went to the location. She is eager to set the stage for what will change the world of Remnant forever. Even when the plan has changed, it will still go the same.



Hours have passed and the battle between the child of atlas against Mistral is underway but that is not of his concern right at the moment as he already knew who would win anyway, what he is preoccupied at the moment is his own people and of the settlement are now armed to the teeth, and are ready at any time to heed his call and he had told them to wait, much to the chagrin of the others especially his creations but it will be worth it, he can already see the bloodlusts radiating off them even from here but thanks to the barrier, only he can feel it and not anyone else, lest they ran in fear of it and the Grimm go to it like a moth to the light.

His own two servants are now in the armour of Jekkadian with a mix of the Argentan, showing a part of their skin but covering the parts altogether on the body and showing only their stomachs and have a helmet to boot, but Asturias chose not to as it is really hard meanwhile Hilda wore it with pride and even love, for some reason, she loved it when he gave it to her, much to the confusion of him and his people but he chose to ignore it and he is satisfied with their training as they too trained with his creations and every day they would fight and spar and in it began to grow stronger.

Leila from the settlement and entirety of the town have also been fortifying as well when they heeded his call, all of them have been armed and guarding the town for an hour in armour that has a mix of clothing, Leila helping the civilians move from their houses as the settlement has expanded since his inception to them, and with more people from Vacuo who have been part of his rescue from the Crown's influence and some being mistreated due to being part of the Crown despite their claims of being brainwashed proven, and have been finding a home ever since and they found it, in his own arms and grasp and this time, they will stay.

He saw them all following his will and law as absolute, more than even the Kingdoms themselves and forsaking them as hate for being cast out, he can also feel hate directed towards him even though they did not remember that much but is must be due to the fact that he is connected to the spectre's is already having me as suspect but also a sense of safety and also acceptance and even redemption, one notable among them was a former professor named Xanthe Rumpole, chased out of her own home by the very people she loves and protected, all because they do not believe her and hated her for joining the Crown even when like the other have been proven to have been brainwashed.

Lost and Alone, he watch her from afar suffer as she stumbled onto the desert with no one to turn to, her own headmasters and friends who want to help are forced to stay on the side-lines and watch as she leaves with her head bowed and in shame with no belongings and just left them where they are, wanting to give this lady a chance, by his own guidance did he created a light so bright in the sky and her taking it as a sign, she followed and after hours of walking, she stumbled upon the settlement.

From there she is unresponsive and weak from walking and mentally exhausted, but after a few days of being taken care of by Leila, she is now fine although on the edge but he look upon her as a former shell, no longer the strong willed he saw that even rivalled that of the Witch of Beacon but a dog merely following its owner even though she still retained a few of the attributes that made her a great teacher.

But he cannot say that it has not done the job as she has been helpful as well and in the days that followed that even led to a week, and is now an enforcer-servant of Leila, wielding her own choice of weapon in the mace as she has abandoned her weapon to the bottom of the sands, wearing the armour he has task to be created solely for her rank, along with a helmet that left the middle of her face shown but due to the shadow hovering that even in the day.

Her own face cannot be seen and only his own creations and servants can see and to the people of Remnant only her glowing golden eyes are seen, no longer the cheer of them but the cold gold now mixing in with the blood red with mania being seen in them, promising barbarous cruelty to those who would attack her and her new saviour but not him and as soon as he showed himself to Leila, who has jumped in joy that she hugged him in excitement and the feeling that of a lover, he felt an undying hatred directed towards him and not long as she lunge at him, much to the shock of Leila but not to him as he saw this coming.

He subdued her personally and put her to sleep and after that, her own student bowed in front of her for forgiveness but he forgave her for it as a first nonchalantly but he has to take note of her own correctness in linking his spectre's to him just by the power he exudes, "She must have felt the same energy when she battled my servant-spectre's now turned warrior caste, or is it jealousy I feel? I will have to look more into these and the effects of my own powers changing the very body of other Remnantians", this is very important indeed, her own semblance is her ability to change anything into gold, now he sees it to be changing, from the golden touch to a more corrupting one, much akin to his but still weak and even below but still an impressive and formidable ability to anything that is weaker than her.

And then in the distance followed by the crackle of the coming night, he felt it and saw in the distance, a nevermore is approaching, and behind it were upon thousands upon thousands of Grimm, waiting just outside the Walls, all in different shapes and sizes, "Just as when the tournament is getting interesting", now she has made her move and the pawns are in there place, "Now it begins",


"Watt's, commence the plan", Cinder said as she is now atop a building, and the scientists from the phone laughed, "As you wish", She turned off her scroll and now it is coming. What she has been waiting for. "Now all of Remnant shall feel despair and tremble at my name!", and with that the CCT is hacked and she is shown for the entire world to see.