Ruby was having a hard time against the two of the culprits that to her knowledge and putting piece by piece, is the reason why the Atlassians robots are rampaging through the kingdom along with the White Fang and the Grimm, Roman Torchwick and her accomplice and Cinder's teammate Neo even with her imploring them and warning them that they should stop or all of Vale will cease to exist, they only laughed at her and said to her face, "THAT IS THE PLAN",

Which shocked her to a degree and to an extent made her angry at them at the suffering they are causing and to find out that they are loving it is sickening and this time resumed to fight them once more with more fight and resolve in her heart and soul, "Then all the more reason to bring them down then", and she again went on the offensive to Roman but was again stopped by Neo who still has that arrogant and haughty smirk towards her.

"Little Red, this is really becoming a bore you know?", Roman taunts her as she evaded Neo's attack and block another, pushing Neo back to slash at her by the waist with her scythe of which Neo against use her powers to fool Ruby Rose into destroying it but anticipating such move she suddenly look to Neo's real location and blocked her attack which surprised Neo but also made her smirk wider and as the fight goes on.

Ruby Rose began to adapt to her moves, clones she sent in front were cut to pieces and made sur to fight her on par but again Neo too was also adapting as well coupled with her own experienced in fighting in the path's of both living people and Grimm, manage to make Ruby on the defensive once more adding with Roman taking potshots at her is proving all the more difficult and another feeling on that she cannot place on as she feels himself sluggish.

Then with one mistake by Ruby did Neo waste no chance and pinned her to the ground and this time she was having a hard time trying to get out, Roman smirked and readied his weapon, "Well Ruby", Ruby tried to disengage Neo but to her shock, her own aura is already diminished and she had no strength to fight through Neo's whom still has a reserve, "I really want to fight more and enjoy but I think it's time we had a change of heart", then he took his weapon and began to point it at Ruby with a haughty and arrogant smile and when he was about to kill her suddenly something happened.

Someone or something just crashed onto the ship that relent Neo's hold on the reaper and she once again leaped out of the way and readied once again her weapon but then they felt a big wave passed through in the color of blood, and as they were passed by it, they heard screams of pain and suffering that made the three cold with fear, then they felt something landed behind them and when they look both behind them, it was unlike anything they had ever seen.

It was a being covered with a dark miasma and when it finally cleared, it became clear for all to see, its own entire body was covered by the a dark robe, and its own hands were skeletal and was grasping what seemed to be a sword and in his other hand is a scythe but unlike crescent rose, it is more longer, sharper and for some reason, they felt it to be alive and malicious and the appearance is darker and archaic along with the sword whom to Ruby is like Jaune's but bigger and longer and seemed to be more majestic and amazing in design.

Without anymore preamble or introduction, it appeared in front of Neo and Torchwick and proceeded to slice through them with his sword with his scythe preparing as well, but because of Neo's alertness and instinct, she block the attack but the being again used its own scythe to follow up and Neo conjured her own clone but the being ignored it and was already beside her real form of which shocked her and again began to slash through her which ripped some parts of her uniform but evaded some of the slashes and she followed by her own attack but again which the being blocked with minimal effort and even though she wants to help the being, it felt like she was being denied to move, like she was being controlled.

Ruby was looking at all of this from the sidelines and seemed to be stuck in her place, the being was ignoring her and went for attacking Neo and Torchwick and also another reason was the fight itself, the being was fast that she could not even see clearly and thought that her eyes were blurring that she rubbed it, and every attack that Neo gave was repulsed along with the help Roman was firing at.

Then she saw Roman prepping his attack and pointed it the being, Ruby tried to say something but Roman already sot the bullet that hit the being in the back of which gave Neo the opportunity to ready her position and pierced the being, the sword was sticking from his back, "Phew, are you okay Neo?", but before Neo can give the sign, then they heard laughter and saw that it was from the hooded being which confused and shock Neo and the other two as well, then suddenly the hooded figure grasped Neo's head then Neo began to get away but the grip was hard and she felt like her skull was being crushed and she tried to use her semblance but she felt it being erased and she tried to remove her sword but it was too gripped by the being, Roman tried to stop but for some reason, he cannot move a damn thing and the hood was blown behind his back, it was revealed why.

As underneath the hood was nothing more but rotting skull with half its face showing the skeletal side, then it laughed like a maniac along with Neo's scream as its hands began to turn red and to Ruby and Romans horror began to burn half of Neo's head and Neo is now screaming more and more as the being laughed more and more, Roman is now trying to get out of this hold this monsters has on him and through sheer will and desperation, he was able to get out, changed his weapon to that of a gun, aim his weapon and began to shoot at the beings back and manage to shoot a few bullets but saw no effect.

"GET AWAY FROM HER YOU-", but then the being turned its head towards him as he finally let go of Neo and threw through the near the entrance of where the ship goes to and used its scythe, faster than Ruby can process and along with Roman as he already sees the scythe behind him and pulled him through and the being punched him to the jaw that cracked a few teeth he has and when he was about to thrown again, he was bounced back by the beings shadow of the form of a whip on his back, of which Ruby decided to name.

Then like what it did to Neo, it gripped him by it's head up close, Roman's weapon is now in the hands of the being and turn to face Neo with Roman in his grip, whom is weakly trying to get up and use her weapon and her eyes widen in fear at what she is seeing, Roman like her before, held by his head by the being in front of her, she began to stand up but she was becoming weak and coughing up blood and her entire body is screaming that singed in her mind.

"Neee-e-ooooo", Then Roman began to feel something at his head, at first it was a gasped as Roman felt it like a prick slowly piercing his head and then as the longer it passes, that prickling pain became unbearable and raging headache, he felt as if a searing sword was plunged and burning through his head, he tried to remove it by his hands, clawing at them and he produced hidden on his wrist and stabbed it numerous times until it broke and its shards clutter and were catch up by the wind, he did all that he could do but found them to be useless.

He tried to look for his weapon but when he look, he saw that the weapon is in the monster's hands and it was smiling down on him by his rotting half face and then he began to scream hysterically echoed through the dark night and one that pierced through Neo's heart and mind as she tried but to no avail and she can only watch along with Ruby, whom is frozen with fear.

Until he was no more and one that remained is malnourished, mummified-like corpse, and the being just crashed him along with the weapon Roman uses and only dust and pieces remain but they were all flow in the wind along with the uniform Roman uses, no longer having a body to suit it, "ALL IS DUST", the being said and glowered at Neo whom was looking in shock and remained numb at what she had seen, then as the truth began to creep into her, for the first time in her life, she found her voice through some the power of the dark lord and she screamed so loudly that it was heard all over Vale and that it made Ruby cover her ears and she look to see the voice was so piercing that it destroyed every glass in the airship to her astonishment meanwhile the being just look at her with indifference and with the same grin on her face, mocking Neo.

Gripping her weapon for what seemed to be the last time, she ran and collided with the being with vengeance and emotions of negativity clouding her mind and began to slash and hit the being with everything she got but the being did not even block her and instead just evaded and sidestepped every move she makes at it, even with the use of Neo using multiple clones to entrapped the being was thwarted as with his presence alone cause them to break down like they were flickering on and off, Neo was screaming at the being who took Roman from her but the being was smiling the whole time, like he wanted this to happen, of which terrified Ruby even more and tried to leave but was again stuck to her place and saw tendrils hooking around the shadow of her body and when she followed the tendrils, they all came from the being, of which made her even more terrified.

"CHILD, DO NOT WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF AT MY PRESENCE", as if he was already what Ruby was talking about that Ruby look again and like a glass breaking, she saw that the being has again subdued Neo already and this time she was no longer moving and again made her question if they ever fight at all, Neo was bloodied, bruised and barely speaking or even moving anymore, she was only twitching and shaking as the being has her by the throat.

"SUCH A FEEBLE MIND THIS IS, FOR ALL IT'S TRICKERY AND SCHEMES IT HAD DONE AND ALONG WITH THE LOWLIFE THIEVES AND SENSE OF ARROGANCE AND SUPERIORITY SHE HAS FOR ALL, SHE IS STILL AT HEART, A CHILD", and then just like that, the being threw Neo off the plane like she was nothing and she began to fear the worse of what the being will do to her.

"THAT SHOULD DO IT, OR EVEN IF SHE SURVIVE THAT, IT WILL BE MORE FUN TO BE HONEST TO SEE HER AGAIN IN THE FUTURE", as the being was looking down while at the same time talking and chuckling in its own raspy voice that she can compare that to a whisper, then it turned its head and body towards her and saw that its own body is like the human anatomy she sees in science class but more gruesome and gore that made her closer to vomit.

"DO NOT WORRY MY CHILD, THIS IS JUST A ANOTHER FORM OF MINE IN THE WORKS, NOTHING MORE", the being gestured to its self and began to blur as its skeletal hand passed through and for a split second something change in the "form" of what the being is saying and she saw a form of a man with a metal sticking out of its body but seemed to be mechanical and not just an injury or a fatal one and it is glowing, the face of the being changed to that of a rotten and horrid face to that of a man with an eternal scowl and his entire body is fit and muscular that she sees no fat everywhere like her and everyone else.

"It was perfect" and she quickly shut it out and look at the beings eyes along with its glow in the chest are alight like the Grimm but compared to the Grimm, the man was full of life and benevolence but at the same time full of malevolence and anger.

Then it blurred once more to the being she disgust and fears and that the being is slowly being turned to dust and being scattered in the wind, she saw that it started in the arms and slowly creep into the body and the sword as well along with the scythe, and saw that little by little, the being like what he said, is slowly turning to dust, but the being was not concerned by such as if it knew, then the being slowly raised its hands and made a swirling motion and clenched its hands in a fist motion, and she felt a rumble in the wind behind and when she look, she was again shocked.

Behind her was a large black portal enough to fit the ship and it was going closer, on the each of its sides was swirling with dark red energy and little lightning was being produced everywhere and whatever it touched turned to fire, it was like a large monster, "DO NOT BE AFRAID", the being began to walk in front of her and stopped by a few meters and it was still jarring to see the being, the smile is no longer on it's face but a stern one, then it kneeled in front and then she felt the ship rumble, "THE ATLASSIAN MECHS AND PALADINS WILL BE DISCONNECTED AND SHUT DOWN AT THIS SHIP'S ENTRY ONTO THE PORTAL, TAKE IT AS A THANKS AND GRATITUDE FROM ME, LITTLE ONE",

Then she felt herself being lifted off her feet and hover onto the air, "H-H-HEY!", but it did not stop as like the ship, another portal opened in front of her, "WE WILL MEET AGAIN, LITTLE ONE, BE PREPARED", and with it, the figure disappeared in the wind and she was flung into the poral.


On the other side was one of the buildings of the kingdom, one of which is still infested with Grimm and their howls could be heard from everywhere and along with the Atlassian mechs and Paladins as well, and to their unknown knowledge, a portal opened inside of one of the buildings and thankfully is abandoned from even before all the mayhem happen and it spouted the little red girl with her scythe that clanged on the ground.

But she landed gently as the power of the being are carrying her slowly onto the ground and when she was put down at last, the portal closed and being reminded what is happening, she quickly look to the sky and saw that the Atlassian Ship is going into the portal that she was also put in and has its own half already in and she could only watch as it slowly disappeared and the portal as well along with the being that talk to her.

She was having a hard time believing what she saw, a being that is a corpse and yet made short work of Roman and Neo, who have been making an easy battle out of his team in a manner of minutes whereas them culminated in so many battles and he did it, it was the first time she saw the life of someone in front of her had there life taken away and in a brutal and mind numbing manner, she can still remember Roman's screams and his attempts to live and be free from the grip of the being but it was nothing as she saw it drained Roman of almost every single life on its body and Neo's revenge and defiance to the being but again, in the manner of seconds that she did not even see, was also defeated and dropped off the ship like nothing.

It was all very hard for to comprehend and the fact that it was not even the true form of the being is jarring and she came back to the moment where the being's form blurred and it showed what seemed to be its true form, and she cannot even believe it as well and then in her own thinking she felt another wave and then slowly gripping her scythe off the ground and look to the entrance and she saw in the distance are rows upon rows of marching soldiers she thought to be Atlassian works but then when they saw Grimm in there way or even any Atlassian paladins, they were all killed and there parts littered the ground and in there uniform and weapons, some still have paladins part on there weapon, like what it seemed to be trophies in a way.

She could hear their marching boots echoed through the darkened district and then he heard another sound but this was loud and in front of them appeared an Atlassian Mech with its weapons readied to kill all of them and without any doubt in her mind, she suddenly began to ran and warn them, "HEY, YOU ALL NEED TO STOP, YOU CAN'T STOP THEM, PLEASE!", with every worry she can muster in her voice but they did not stopped and marched on to the Grimm that she saw is gearing up to kill the marching soldiers.

She then dropped every notion and tried to get them away but much to her shock, they all opened fire and all Grimm that are in there sight that have now charged to them are being cut in droves, the soldiers began to fire more at the incoming Grimm horde with no hesitation and she watched streaks of lights flown and popped out of there weapons and began to rip the Grimm apart along with the unfamiliar sound of "BRRRRTTT" that she has to cover her ears just from the sound of it but kept her eyes open to see them all annihilate the Grimm to the last.

When it ended, in front of was no longer scary monsters from her childhood and today but a pile of meat and pest to be destroyed and she was still in her place and shocked at first at what she just and not notcing the soldiers are now marching once more and not caring for her, and only then did she exploded with joy and went in front of them and seemed to circle them all over of which startled the soldiers, "OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODCANIPLEASEUSEITCANIPLEASEUSEIT?!" as she says to them in her super-active voice at them and to her unknown innocent mind, seemed to frighten them a bit.

Laser Weapons are really really rare and could only be seen as fantasy to them and she can only see them in television, cartoons and movies from her childhood and she always wants to emulate or copy it but her dad forbade her at every turn as the last she did experiment, it blew there entire backyard and now in her years today and for her to see this in not only numbers but real life is also amazing as she could the damage that they could do especially to Grimm, not even Atlas can do this, and she wants to know how and even wants one and even there armor as well is a big curiosity to her.

She cannot wait to look into it more if given the chance but it gave them a menacing aura as the visors are glowing red and with a dark environment like this, they can be mistaken for Grimm or other monstrous ways of interpretation, but the soldiers only look at her meanwhile the others who raised there weapons at her in alert began to loosen there weapons and aim them again to the other direction and began to march once more and began to ignore the girl.

"HEY WAIT FOR ME!", and in the rest of there journey, this is what happened to be one of the weirdest and strangest encounters a regiment of the creator has encountered and it is only the beginning.


Unknown to the little girl, the soldiers or the armoured figures are speaking to themselves in a private communications only they can access and they were in disbelief and also surprised at this girl, "The little runt is still following us sir",


"Should we shoot her?"

"NO, direct orders are not to shoot civillians and even Huntsman of this kingdom, only incapacitate them if they try to fight us or intervene", and they all groaned in there helmet as the little red girl is trailing behind them and in a twist is also helping them fight the Grimm as they see her race through every roof and eliminate every Grimm she finds, "Weird Girl",

"Very amazing moves she has",

"Yes, reminds me of our great warriors back in Jekkad and the wars we fought, shame that she will not be the same as soon as she and the others have the opportunity leave the planet"

"I have to agree as well, one of the disadvantages there own energy has is its lack of power and it only is exclusive on this planet compared to other energy resources that even though dangerous, will give them a far more bigger advantage in terms of everything",

"For all the faults that this planet's energy has, at least it has a big advantage that had made them combat the monsters here with great speed and strength, albeit on a melee type", as the soldier look on to see the girl slice more of the Grimm in the distance,

"Yes, there own long range weapons are flawed that it is not even funny, it is just said, I tried it once and it did not even kill a fucking Grimm instantly and it just manage to scratch it, I even shoot myself with it and it did nothing but tickled me",

"I never knew it was that bad, I mean we are using it now on our energy weapons",

"Yes, but we have to combine it with a few of the elements to boost it as our own weapons require a whole lot of it that have to drain even our portion of this planet land of all of it that our place has little to no dust and aura left, it is also the reason why he only send two regiments of us, with laser weapons, to this kingdom",

"And the fact that our creator send the others to the settlement is a sound decision, right now the more weapons we have at the moment are gunpowder based weapons that our other cousins use",

"It is cheap but it is useful as the Grimm here fell to it, as I rain down on them, Laser weapons are hard to make after but not difficult, it is a good thing that we can mold our surroundings to our will, be grateful to HIM",

"Aye, praise to him", silence ensued once more and only the sound of the kingdom burning and there brothers fighting and the screams of the White Fang and Grimm along with the citizens of this country echoed through the air but it did not faze them and at this time, they have already past through many houses, districts and streets, killing any White Fang or Grimm they come upon and also saving or meeting people along there way whom are all looking at them with fear but ignoring them and it is only through the memorization of the kingdoms streets and pathways were they not to be lost, and as they walk, the little girl is still fighting, which is an improvement for her.

"She is not afraid of us",

"The only thing that can make her like us is if we gave one of our weapons",

"Yes, More like she wants our weapons in exchange for this",

"Lets just see"

"Should we even give her one? It is really grating on us as she is still in front of us, How about a pistol?", but their leader turned to the soldier and the soldier suddenly stopped what he was saying and went still

"NO, the technology we have is important and can be used by them to reverse engineer it and even turn against us, and looking at her, she is naive and very innocent and would not hesitate to give it to the authorities of this world and are you daff soldier? You need disciplinary action later then, how about three hundred later?", and the soldier only accepted his fate and saluted,

"Sound decision sir, forget I ever gave the question",

"Noted soldier and all of you, be on the lookout for the vermin's and pest in our way, our creator gave us this weapons for fighting against our enemies, not giving them in a whim", he then look in front of him and saw that the girl had already the Grimm that they were suppose to eliminate.

"So how about that huh?", and the girl look at them with a smile that is grating at his head, 'and he only sighed, "This is going to be a long, long night",


Lisa Lavender was having a hard time believing what she was seeing All around Vale, the videos, the information's and overall just everything at the moment, White Fang terrorizing all of the Vale civilians that she saw in one video killed on the streets, sent to her by one of the anonymous citizens and survivors of Vale and more came pouring in and she was distraught at seeing the White Fang commit such horrid atrocities and adding to the Atlassian paladins and Mechs betraying them in time for the train being destroyed and began to join the two main suspects in the slaughter, including those of the Atlassian's and Vale officers.

And more are adding by the second, reports and sayings of Aura's dropping all over Vale as if it was being cut off and she too experienced it people are reporting giants and armored figure in all shape and sizes, tearing through the Grimm, the White Fang and the Atlassian mechs and robots like nothing and in murderous ways.

Reports and eyewitness accounts spoke of them like divine beings to monstrous ones that is now both feared and respected as, tearing the Grimm and White Fang and even eating them, which made Lisa Lavender recoil in horror and disgust, despite the other reports of them looking like Gods with there own physiques and yet its like it feels to her is all a front, and yet some reports look upon them with revering words and praises which made her compare it to the people in the settlement and it disturbed her that they would actually worship this beings or even the one who created them and she even feared that the people of Vale are now dead because of them.

But for some reason, the report also said, for some reason, they did not attack any Vale or Atlassian civilian, soldier or officer and left them alone or even ignored them and even healed a few of them and even made secure to actually walk in the dark streets of Vale, but the resulting carnage made everyone traumatized and kept there distance from them as they tried to help the other parts of the city now freed by the Grimm, White Fang and Atlassian Paladins and Mechs and it would not be a long time as more are being freed from there clawed clutches by the Giants and armored figures of which demons and monsters to some but angels and gods to many.

But some are still in there homes, afraid to come out of there homes or even any others as they are stranded and locked themselves in to prevent any Grimm, corrupted Atlassian Mechs and Robots from going in and she understands it fully.

Now she looks at the videos, and for some reason, despite the horror she sees, there is an underlining part of her that seemed to like this, a fascination of sorts, seeing them tore through everything in there way is in a way appealing, but before her self could even dive further and look more in this new fascination she has, she shook herself out of it and quickly went to her sink to get a hand of water and splash on her face and she did three times before getting a towel and wiping off the excess of her face and after that, she put the towel on her side and look at herself in the mirror and asked herself.

"What is happening to me?", and she look back to her video once more to look for more of the reports being sent to her but for some reason, it was flickering and along with the lights as well and she look again to her device and it went out completely along with the lights of her house, leaving her in a pitch black place, "A blackout? At this time?", she cursed under her breath and look to her window and to her surprise and horror, she saw that everything was blacking out like hers was, her neighborhood and more are following and in the kingdom as well. Everything is going pitch black.

And then she felt it in an instant, she felt a hundred eyes or more staring at her coming from the darkness and she is frozen in place of her own home, she can feel whispers fly through her ear and her body frozen solid like she cannot move from the numbness in her body and she immediately closed her eyes in fear and instinct of seeing something and she is now pleading for help, for anybody, but she knew in heart, that no one will come.

"Please, stop this", she said this in her mind as she cannot speak but the whispers in response to her plea, only laughed and chuckled cruelly at her expense like it knew what she was talking or even thinking about or even doesn't care for what she wants at this time, then all of a sudden, she felt herself being lifted in the air and when she is about to open her eyes, she felt someone clasp her eyes and shut them with hands and it was cold, it was unnatural and slowly she felt herself being lowered on something soft and she recognized it as her bed and she felt sleepy all of a sudden.

"Sleep", came a raspy and scratching sound and that was the last word she heard as she went into sleep slowly, not being given a chance to see her own captors or whatever was in front or around her.

"You would not want the darkness to eat you alive".


"COME ON, WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!", as in a base somewhere in Vale that is of intelligence functions, many Faunus are now packing what they can take, documents, files, archives and all of this is full and filled with information, of the time when it was made, the actions they made, the atrocities they did and the end of it.

"Take what you all can before they arrive", and then the power once again surged and everything went black, all of them with there own look of fear, and began to look upwards and heaving there own personal weapons, shaking with fear at what is about to come next and the coming arrival of them.

Then they heard a sudden shriek outside and they all trained to the sound with alertness and out in the shadows, they saw one of there own walking to them or more like limping towards them but riddled with so many slashes on its body, uniform is shredded, its face and eyes showing despair and fear unimaginable.

"Please save me", the Faunus were being grief stricken and before they can, the Faunus was sucked back into the dark and his screams echoed in the bunker until a crunch was heard and because of there own night vision , they began to see and they regretted it, they saw the Giant jus t appeared out of nowhere and proceeded to rip apart there companion and sprayed there own race all over the hallway like paint, when it was done, it turned itself to them and its own smiling and manic face was there and it gripped there heart, soul and mind.

"OPEN FIRE!", they all began to shoot at the beast in front of them but adding to their already despairing minds, the bullets have no effect and each and everyone in there mind, they heard a voice that echoed through,

"WELCOME TO YOUR DEATHS", and a night of screams and wails passed through the night with no hope of ever coming.


All over the kingdom of Vale and in the darkest night of its history in the whole of remnant, The Giants and armoured figures are on a rampage and their extermination on the three remaining group suspects of this conflict, the first one is the White Fang and they are withdrawing themselves from the conflict and now in small and dire numbers unlike in what they came in, a barely alive Adam almost dead to rights that he is being carried by his suriviving lackeys, whose uniform along with the survivors, are burnt and and his body as well and even to his knees and a lot of broken bones that every move they take is already hell for him as he felt himself burning a million times over, his mask is no longer visible and his face is shown for all to see only to see the half of it burned, erasing even the SDC mark.

From a strong thousand that could even challenge armies, they are now a barely few of tens alive White Fang who seemed to have escaped and are now fleeing and clearly traumatized by the ordeal they have encountered, the bases as well were being abandoned as they are overrun and are still being harass at every corner by what seemed to be spectre's or the ghost that have been described by the survivors of the Vacuous bunker massacre where it ousted the huntsmen and women of that kingdom as thieves and liars, now they are now longer in the kingdom and even when out of it are now leaving for Menagerie, they can still hear it and it's even worse for those who stayed behind.

The same as well for Cinder, whom is now shaking in her makeshift bed and being carried by her disciples on a nevermore, but whereas her disciples see monsters, she sees nothing as the damage affected as well her sight and hearing as well as she misinterpreted the sounds she heard from the wyvern and in her last words before being unconscious, "Burn them all"

But the wyvern was crying for help as it was shot down from the sky by Davoth, vaporizing both wings that Vale can hear as what seemed to be cannons fire at close range and echoing through the chaos and warzone and it crash landed in front of part of the kingdom where a group or camp of survivors of this battle are hold up and is now being swarmed and picked off one by one by the spectres.

The wyvern fought by trashing and colliding with them with minimal success as some armoured figures were injured by it whether by being flung through the forest or nearly crushed by the weight but survived due to the gifts given by him but some are still injured that needed medical attention back in his newly created and still is in the thick forestry of Vacuo to the south, but the tremendous numbers of the armoured figures and strength of the giants finally stopped its thrashing and was forced down on the ground and is now hacked to pieces as it went from revelling in the slaughter to now being included in the slaughter.

It tried to fight but its arms, feet and tail that it used for trying to free itself were cut and by Davoth's power with his mastery over the wind that with a focused swiped of his hand, it released a large gust of wind and by Davoth's will and oozing energies, it was forced to be alive instead of dying quickly and the rest of the Grimm in the city, to live out there miserable existence as the very structure of the dragon was changing to that of a living form, to make it feel pain, suffering and despair even more than ever, the Giants and armoured figures relished in its energy being poured out and a few Grimm were attracted to it which even added more to the already great buffet.

Its own pitiful existence was ended when one of the Giants produced a sword from the surroundings and attuning it perfectly, jumped in the air for more power and sliced off the head in one slash that produced a great wind that blew off a few trees and in it, more cheers erupted as the Giants head was being held like a souvenir.

Davoth, satisfied with what he has seen, in his all-seeing eye, diverted his look from scene and look again to the progress of the city being liberated is now close to completion, his students are as well in the fray of the battle and they all love it, Gillian and Julian Hilda, side by side, actually working together but at the same fighting independently, he could see them fighting and murdering all the targets and with his powers, a craze look on Julian's face but on Gillian a focused one.

Julian, using her skill in hunting and fighting when she was once a nomad with her family, was killing scores of White Fang, Grimm and Paladins in so many different ways, and mechs and large sums of Grimm are a delicacy for her as she uses her powers to empower her weapons or bare hands meanwhile she stuck her axe on the ground and when she unleashes herself, the mechs or any in her path became nothing more but halves of themselves and exploded in fashion behind or in front or just become a splatter and she is just getting started, grinning like a psychopath and giggling at every kill, making her enemies quake in fear even the Grimm as well were put off by their human enemy, in a way, she reminds him of the Slayer of when he was stuck himself in hell.

Gillian in the meanwhile, was not fighting like Hilda is doing and instead was fighting with her focused and disciplined state and mind, she uses the knowledge and power she knew and has from her previous engagements in the academy, being a false queen to her idiotic and delusional brother, and now a servant to him, fighting the targets and killing them one by one with precision, accuracy and silence that unnerved her enemies at every turn and in their final moments is a shadow like that of his servants by the cause and effect of his gift to her and using it to benefit her at every turn, her bow is doing the job he intended it to be like the axe he gave to Hilda and he could see hundreds of arrows and even scores of lightning unleashed and turned everything in her path to being riddled with arrows and Mechs as well exploding and just dropping to the ground from the lightning arrows as their artificial insides are fried beyond repair.

His own people that they meet are now having the time of their life for once, the fight is invigorating them, the Grimm, robots and mechs and White Fang stained there body and armours but mostly their own weapons and now the very ground and surrounding pools with blood they ensued, due to the effects of him, the Grimm are now turning into living beings but the robots remained the same but have now the emotions in living beings due to his interference once again, it was a cherry on top to make it sweeten the murder they inflict and in turn they killed as well.

He could see robots are having malfunctions in there system because of his servants forms and are behaving now like human beings, some even pleaded which made him laugh but were nonetheless killed with the rest of the targets, the killing of the robots made him remember the Maykr's all over again, when they all stole his power and namely his son as the main culprit and defeated me through it along with the help of his creator and its minions, but there is a consequential side effect to having his power and that is madness and endless mania due to them not being real Primeval, especially his son unlike the Slayer, whom is a true Primeval, and over time he could see them succumb to it and one that they coined the disease that is happening to them, "transfiguration".

And to his eternal disappointment, his sons final solution to stopping the disease was to cowardly remove himself entirely from the system that he is stole from him to avoid being killed in the guise of "stopping" him and protecting the "creations he created but in doing so, made him amnesiac and totally forget everything, of which made his plan more easier to be set in motion to fully puppeteer the Maykrs through "divine voices and whispers", he was expecting more to be honest despite seeing the actions earlier but he was expecting too much.

It was a distant and pleasant memory to remember, his own creator cannot even do anything but watch behind the scenes like I was sealed and his servants can only delay the inevitable until the Slayer's final wars put the dagger in the lies of all of them, he breathed to let out and once again look on to everything in his sights and saw that the Grimm and the remaining White Fang fought who stayed behind to cover their other pathetic comrades escape with tenacity, are now regretting there decision with every move his soldiers made as they are cut down one by one, even taking someone hostage does not stop his soldiers and servants from turning that coward White Fang into a paste on the wall or the environment as they began to play with them now to make the extermination all the more sweeter.

He could feel the horror and the negative emotions of the citizens of this Kingdom flowing like the river but instead of the Grimm in the surrounding area or even world receiving it and having the kingdom already being a beacon to all the Grimm around the world, it was being only absorbed by him, his armies themselves and the Grimm already in the Kingdom and his armies have a use for it is it to track down the sources of each group that is the strongest and in turn eliminate the Grimm as well converging on that position, making a sound strategy but turning the citizens into live baits in the result, he scowled at it but its better at the moment.

The field as well that he created is spreading all over the kingdom is making it impossible for it to leave and being detected but in return is sapping this kingdom of everything that is connected to aura, good thing that this "aura" is not the one that is keeping them alive but only enhancing them for if it is, the death would have been catastrophic and he would have cancelled it right away.

But again in return, he could already see the effects of those living on Aura, the huntsman and those with injuries, mostly the soldiers and officers in the front lines, are the most affected, the once easy to heal wounds are now slowly becoming fatal and making things harder for them to heal, which is very pathetic in a way and made him more angry at what this Brother God's did to his people by being reliant on this pathetic and weak energy if its even an energy at all, "When I get my hands on them-", but controlled himself as his arms began to crackle in dark red energy, he breathed again to let out his frustrations and stopped his overflowing powers and focused again on the people and he could see it, underneath the swirling negative energy, there was a positive one that is slowly matching the opposite wave.

He could see awe in their own eyes and mind despite the butchery they see, some were stuck were they were and not making a muscle as his army scour every single street, corner, nook and cranny, even buildings of the rats that fester and were hiding in, they all give praise to them, but he could see some of his soldiers not even reciprocate the praise they give and only walk away to fight the next battle, which is an ideal option for him as the praising will be later as he could see some of his soldiers helping the people, including a particular mother and her child,

There are orders to commence and it is extermination while some did it and went on to fight but some really irked him at the naivety of this world, he saw the Goodwitch version stopped his soldiers from killing the degenerate White Fang terrorists Faunus and even made him annoyed to some extent of their ideals, disappointment as well as that Faunus was faking it and even taunted all of them and the woman falling for it along with her students, thankfully his other servant is already on the terrorists way and killed it.

Some are trying to have them all filmed with their devices and to capture every moment they see and with it, the credibility as well, but upon their discovery is that they cannot access their own version of the internet or the CCT, and as the field he has made is now expanding throughout the kingdom, making aura and dust useless and in turn, their devices useless and nothing more but cheap plastic metals remain and some have their own messages but that's but they have eyes anyway, so they can use that, Davoth chuckled at the joke which his servant look at him strangely.

His powers of making a body made out of shadows as a temporary is still in progress, but it came out with brilliant success, it feels like at the same time, he was not there but he was there, it is confusing, he looks again to see that the red girl has awaken, is out of the place he had intended her to be placed, and is alongside his soldiers and to his amusement are in a somewhat alliance of some sorts, the cheery mood of the girl is really infectious as he could his soldiers struggling to show emotion and are being weirded out by the girl and some just try to ignore her and especially her addiction to their weapons, of which he too was tempted to order some of them to let her a hand of which made him laugh

He has to admit, the girl, unlike the blonde he has in his hands, has far more potential and even power, he can sense it, the gods of this world bestowed upon his own creations the power to combat Grimm and to an extent, hostile humans as well, but even then, this is still weak, as the power can mostly be activated by Grimm and he could see that this is a detriment and disadvantage in future endeavors she and her teammates will encounter but when he looks at the girl he could see her triumph despite the losses they will incur at the hands of the witch, he looks to all of them with an exciting emotion.

"They will have so many engagements in the future", he look again to his side where his servant was beside him and the servant straightened itself and in his hands was the blonde child, burnt to the bone, and has his skin removed entirely that his skull could be seen for all to see if they are seeing it, his blood no longer free flowing as all of it was burnt from Cinders attack of fire, wearing still his armour but is half burnt and is now completely useless for future usage, his shield and sword no longer usable too as the entire blade of the sword has been melted and only the handle remained, his shield was cracked in half by Cinders power.

Picking up the shield with both of his hand and tried to connect them and the symbol of Jaune's household is shown to him, and despite it being cracked, it is still an amazing symbol, a glowing half rising sun, it fits his new servant, but look at him with disappointment but also understanding, "You are supposed to be one of the most gifted warriors of this world", he gently brushed the boys burnt hair and head, feeling the skull as well but blood was no longer flowing as it was stopped by his intervention.

It was disappointing to see a boy like this with untapped potential and a pure of heart in this state and mind but in a way, a very good blessing as the boy is now his, and he remembered again the white woman, that seemed to have found him in this dark sky despite being up in the air and almost unrecognizable to all of the people of Remnant and smirked but at the same time smiled.

"That woman indeed", and he look again to his palm and it shows the picture of her training and pushing herself to the limit and so many more of the people he sees as important to his plans.

"In time we we will all meet, but at this time, just enjoy the show", and he closed it with his fist closing and his eyes glowing in the darkness as he looks upon the besieged kingdom.