It has been hours and they are still reeling at the damage the human or what others have been saying is "GOD", of which he is skeptical and had my own eyebrows raised, had done and for a long time, the entire battlefield was nothing like that they had ever seen and if he is correct, this small battlefield even eclipse that of the Great War, craters that seemed reminiscent of mortars and explosives being thrown but a bit larger, the entire field was devoid of life and nothing remained except for the scores of Grimm still remained on the field and to the shock of so many, they are all decaying at a slower rate, slowly chipping off for all of them to see, and it was horrifying and to an extent, strangely satisfying.

Like the Huntsman they saw die a few hundred times on the field by the Grimm and some even not shown or even reported, now it was the Grimm this time, their heads were scores of bones being forcefully implanted by other weapons the Warrior did or made in the heat of the battle, some were crushed until it was nothing more but paste, eviscerated, ground to the dirt until dust only remained and the rest the following suit, some were impaled with many different and the various object's coming through their bodies, from wood to event here own bones, some were just outright ripped apart in half, to the waist, parts of their own bodies and just their own heads off.

Some are far worse, lower halves did not exist at all, as if they were not there, then we remember the powers the warrior did and it was unbelievable, the stench was awful, and the fires were still burning along with the wind carrying it is just horrid that we have to use cloths or even our own clothes just to get through and it is a long way through.

He, upon looking at the entire thing, had ordered them all not to touch anything at the moment as he felt that the bodies of the decomposing Grimm may have some toxin or disease on them and the bodies are just hideous to watch and wait for the bodies to disappear and even then, he does not know what to do as this is the first time that happened, the Grimm was supposed to disappear along with the blood and yet it remains and is slow as if it's being stopped or even changed, which horrifies him, "Is this because of the Warrior's power?".

Anyhow and way, All of this is a reminder of the Warrior's power and the leader fears what is to come now that he is in the village being taken care of, despite being hailed as a hero to his other friends and closest, he is still a possible threat that he sees will try to kill them all, as paranoid as that is and maybe as the warrior did not kill them on first sight and contact and saved them, he cannot help but feel cautious around this man or if it is a man at all despite being human in appearance but with the townsfolk at the moment, it would just stoke them or even be angered if he or the other skeptics were to say anything out of line.

Now here he is, in there house, leaning back on the chair and drank the glass of water in one gulp to calm his own mind and nerves, "This is very hard", and then he also remembered to the part of the bandits that stormed the place and invited the Grimm, his face darkened that he had seen a few of his other friends were taken by the bandits to be sold as slaves while some have been buried first before going to take care of the bodies of the Grimm, he gripped the table, and cracks begin to show and also shame that he was not able to protect some of them and he has to admit that he is thankful that the stranger has come to them although he doesn't like what the people are saying that it is the form of the Brother God incarnates.

Now it is night-time, his daughter is asleep and he is in here, he sighed as he began to clean the dishes and put them into place, his own wife has to sleep early due to the stress of managing the village, helping the people alongside him for how many hours we were and also tending to the warrior, who is now being watched by a chosen few he and her wife agreed upon, some are fearful as some are Faunus who have lived in this settlement alongside us, we never really cared for differences as Nature does not care for it and we all need each other to survive, he is a human and yet he has this power which made some of them fear what will his reaction be if he saw them.

It has been a hassle calming them all at once and in my thoughts, my wife has already went to rest, if not for my daughter helping me who is thankfully not amongst those taken, I would have lost my patience but even then I would be ashamed of myself if that happened, the people need me for help and I will not let them down.

Right now I am worried about what will happen tomorrow or what come's afterward and I sure hope that I will be wrong and everything will be alright. But also can I even ask the stranger something that is not even important to him?


"הוא לא יציל אותך,

בוראך מת"

"נא להציל אותנו!"

"כל ברכת האב החדשה"

"ייתכן שזרם הדם שלך ליצירה"

"למה אתה עושה את זה?!"

"נבגדנו" ,"הם הורגים את כולנו!"


He was quickly awaken from his sleep and was having trouble breathing, and his entire body was on fire that he could see his life sphere blink and pulsate, "Even when he as been in inferno for uncountable years, it is very strange to feel this after a very long time", looking all over the room for water and he looks to his left to see a glass of water, not wasting anymore time, he quickly took it and drank it all, the water helps him in soothing his pain and the pain in his body subsided slowly an in it he began to think more clearly, breathing in and out to remove the tension in his body and rolling his shoulders and popping off a few joints to produce a satisfying sound.

He began to exhale and began to look around, and what he saw was a mess, books, furniture, and everything was cluttered and scattered to the floor, even the windows were not safe as he saw them smashed, he began to stand and to see that the armour has not been removed, whether due to the townsfolk not having anything in return or because they do not know to remove it, it doesn't matter, he can remove this at any time.

He looks to the window and sees that it is night-time, the night was deathly silent with only the lights of electricity and fire's burning all around the settlement and houses to alight the dark place and he looks up to the moon but this moon was missing its other half with chunks hanging off the space that once captures it.

"גם כששבור, זה עדיין יפה",

He hears outside this room creaked and he can see through the door below that there are foot's underneath, to see the door opening, creaking sounds of the door opening, and the one who opened it was a man with animal feature's, and behind him was the guard's and they seem to be afraid for some reason, and he looks at the objects scattered to the floor, but made no movement and instead just looks at them.

"My, what a mess that happened here, perhaps something happened as of late, Mr.?", the voice of this man is irritating, but it will do enough with what he has, but I kept staring at the man and the guards beside him in silence, of which I can feel their heartbeat pumping to hilarious degrees but I was not here to talk as if the weather is good or the place is nice.

"Well, it seems we have reached an impasse at this time of the night, the guards have been chatty as of lately because of the ruckus that happened in this room, ranging from the thuds and the crash there that they called me in for the disturbance happening, may I just ask why?", he pointed to the window of which has crashed but I kept quiet as I look at the man with nothing, and this frightened some of the guards behind the man and the man himself too shivered but controlled it.

The man finally lets up and sighed, "It would seem that you do not want to answer or you are just either deaf or cannot speak, for a warrior you are uncooperative, well then, let me and my subordinates go, we will be out of your hair but I please say that to stop the ruckus in this time of the night, there are other people wanting to sleep and others a peace and quiet, I am pretty sure you can understand that", with that, the man turned and left along with the guards who are compliant and relieved as well to do it and closed the door behind them with haste.

As soon as their footsteps are now out of reach, I can finally relax in peace to enjoy the tranquility of the night has offered, he looks again to the window that was smashed, he feels that his powers are slowly returning, the one that he showed at the battle was just a taste of what's to come, the souls of Grimm despite small are needed for me to become stronger, even with the emotion's also as well from this world, although I may have pushed myself too far in that battle and for what? This meager race that is reminiscent of mine but still full of potential.

He clenched his fists and everything in the room began to shake, as soon as he saw it, the shake began to stop, is it even worth it that I did such? What does this mean? I am the Dark Lord, Supreme Ruler and Protector of my Realm and Conqueror of countless worlds and yet I am now weaker now than ever that a potential god of this planet or even this universe can match or even kill me with ease, I sighed, "How the mighty fall",

I look again to the moon and the window that was destroyed, I raised my hand and everything began to levitate and began to rotate my hand counter-clockwise, everything from the room is slowly being affected as they slowly put themselves back together but the power is just too much as I collapsed along with everything in the room scattering back to the ground but now in different places, the coldness of the air run through my skin, blistered with sweat from using my still growing powers, and just from that it already took a toll on me.

I began to breathe slowly more and more to catch myself, I began to slowly push myself correctly off the ground and onto the chair, landing with a creak as the chair can hold me, I laughed and look on again at my hands, emitting electricity but still not enough, I began to lean back onto my chair and relaxed myself off to sleep, this time however no longer dreaming of the past but nothing.


"Dad I want to see him",

"No you will not, you will only disturb him",

"But he is fine, he is amazing", her father turned to look at her but shook his head, I was infuriated and went back to taking my book and coming upstairs.

"You sure you are OK? I mean she did want to see the man, not do anything else", his wife was in the kitchen, cooking their own meal meanwhile John is reading a book that he bought when he and his daughter were in the city weeks ago, I sighed and went up to the fridge to take out a beer.

"John, I know you are stressed but she is not the kind of a woman, she can control herself and also it is morning so No you will not drink", I stopped myself to look at her with a raised eyebrow in which she returned with a snark, we both laughed as I settled my own beer and hugged her close, resting my own head on her shoulder meanwhile when caressed my hands.

"It's just very hard lately, with her acting all giddy over the man, the entire people really wanting the man to stay and even wanting to hear him again like he is a God, of which is horseshit but after seeing, I may be inclined to do so and the shortage too of water and food at this moment and adding to the cleanup and the all of this is just hard", she let go and let me lean on the table as she put a lemon in front of me.

"Come on dear husband, we all have our problems at hand, with the rebuilding of this settlement, the protection of the people around us is very vital along with the man that saved us", she looks again to see the townsfolk converging on the infirmary clamouring for the man.

"And the fact that I failed to protect this village from the bandits", he can remember them, there uniform was black and they wore a sash on their shoulders, containing a crown. He felt a hand on his shoulder and his wife hugged him.

"It was not your fault about the bandits, they caught us all off guard, and we are powerless to it and to what happened, the only thing we could do is make sure that we are better next time and for those bandits to brought to justice", He reacted with squeezing her hand and basking in her comfort.

"Now we have a man from the stars, just appearing like a guardian angel but scarier but still a guardian angel, that was sent here to protect us from harm and he proved just that, and like him, we should never give up despite the odds", and she placed in front of me is a glass of lemonade.

I look at her like she is crazy of which she rolled her eyes, "It is not poison beloved that will come at a later time", I laughed again and took the glass and chunk it to her and I gulped it down and it was delicious.

My wife is right at least we're not Grimm poo. Life is great after a-,

"HE HAS AWAKEN", I quickly choked on my drink as my wife again pats my back and a few of the drinks spilled to my shirt but that was not important.

He is awake and there will be mayhem.


"He will not save you, your Creator is dead"- "הוא לא יציל אותך, בוראך מת"

"Please save us" - "נא להציל אותנו!"

"ALL HAIL THE NEW FATHER!" - "כל ברכת האב החדשה"

"MAY YOUR BLOOD FLOW FOR THE CREATION" - "ייתכן שזרם הדם שלך ליצירה"

"Even when broken, it is beautiful" - "גם כששבור, זה עדיין יפה"

"WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?! - "למה אתה עושה את זה?!"

"THEY ARE KILLING US ALL!" - "הם הורגים את כולנו!"