Jack Frost had been at Arendelle High for two weeks. He knew he wouldn't have much more time, despite his parent's promise of letting him finish his senior year there. He never stayed at any school long; this one would not be different.

Therefore, the boy knew this was business as usual. He never attempted to make friends and ignored those who talked to him. He never stayed after school or made plans with anyone. There was no point to any of that; it would never last.

"Want a brownie?" Elsa Winters sat down beside Jack in the cafeteria, something she had been doing without his consent. She held out the food, smiling at him with her head slightly tilted.

Jack shook his head. "I never eat brownies." He had given up ignoring her existence as she never stopped talking anyways. They weren't friends though.

The blonde's eyes widened. "Never?" She looked horrified, staring at him in shock. "What a sad existence; brownies are delicious!" The girl lit up, staring at the brownie as if it had magical powers.

"They take five seconds to eat," Jack reasoned. "Not enough time to properly enjoy it. Not to mention, brownies are bad for you; there is no sufficient reason for eating it."

The senior seemed unfazed, smiling at his words. She shook her head slightly, almost in amusement. "Like I said: what a sad existence." She was back to staring at the brownie like it was sacred. "Brownies are delicious. Those '5 seconds' are pure bliss. I'll admit they aren't the healthiest but that doesn't mean you should never eat one. Brownies are a sometimes food."

The white-haired boy felt a headache coming, more than a little annoyed with Elsa's persistence. Why wouldn't she leave him alone? She insisted on talking to him every day even though everyone else had gotten the hint and left him alone.

"Will you let this go if I try a bite?" Elsa nodded eagerly so Jack tore off a chunk of the brownie, plopping it into his mouth with a frown on his face. The content surprised his mouth with its sweetness; Jack never ate desserts, after all. Despite the almost overwhelming sweetness, his mouth still seemed in love with the content.

Elsa smirked knowingly, pushing the brownie towards him. "I made way too many brownies last night so you'd honestly be doing me a favor if you'd eat this one for me." She fluttered her eyelashes innocently.

If the blonde ate too many brownies, she'd get sick; Jack was sure he had to help her with this. After all, his parents had raised him to take care of others. It was one brownie; it wouldn't kill him. Furthermore, he'd never do it again.

The blonde pouted, sticking out her lower lip. "But, Jack," She whined. Her child-like antics could be somewhat adorable, despite how annoying he found them.

Jack rolled his eyes. "I'd never jump in, Elsa." He stared at the lake in front of him; he wasn't even sure why he had gone here with her. She was obnoxiously persuasive sometimes. He supposed that being raised as the heir to Winters' Enterprises would do that to a person though.

The senior was already in the water, seeming unfazed with the fact her clothes were soaked. She was in her school uniform which consisted of a blue and white checkered skirt, a white button-down shirt, and a blue tie. The girl had at least had enough sense to take the tie off. However, she was ruining the rest of her uniform.

Furthermore, the blonde didn't seem aware that being in the water made her skirt rise up and reveal her panties underneath nor did she seem to realize her white shirt was now sheer. It was scandalous, really. Maybe Elsa could get away with such recklessness but Jack would never allow himself to behave in such a way.

Elsa raised a brow before laughing gently. "We're the only ones here, Jack. Stop staring at my outfit with such disapproval and get in." She gave him that soft smile Jack had a hard time saying 'no' to.

Still, it was preposterous to get in. "You're not hiding anything, Els." The nickname he never meant to call her slid off his lips. Elsa smiled but didn't comment on it. Jack gestured to her outfit, keeping the disapproving look on her face even though she said not to.

"Really?" She glanced down, finally noticing her sheer top and rising skirt. "What a relief! It was uncomfortable keeping them on." Jack watched in horror as the blonde began unbuttoning her shirt, throwing it onto a large rock near him. She then slipped off her skirt, tossing it to the same place.

The boy's eyes widened. Elsa Winters was in front of him in nothing but a bra and panties, her creamy white skin glistening under the sun. Not to mention the fact she was soaking wet which was strangely appealing. The boy found himself licking his lips, unable to tear his eyes away. The girl was gorgeous.

She chuckled lightly. "Well, join me?" She roamed around the water, smiling blissfully as if that would tempt him. "Come on, Jack! It's practically 100 degrees outside; it makes sense to swim. If you're worried about your reputation, don't be. This lake is on my parent's property; no one will see either of us."

Jack began undressing before he knew what was even happening. Suddenly his shorts, white shirt, and tie were all being tossed onto the ground. This made sense, didn't it? His uniform wouldn't get ruined. He wouldn't be seen. Furthermore, it was hot; cooling down was practical.

Still, there was more to it; Jack knew that. He was standing in front of Elsa Winters in nothing but his boxers, enjoying the way her eyes were roaming his body. Not to mention, his eyes were still on her. It was nothing more than pesky teenage hormones, Jack decided as he jumped into the water. He couldn't be blamed for hormones.

Elsa shielded herself from his splash, laughing happily. "Took you long enough!" She teased, approaching him in the water. As usual, she didn't bring up the fact he had just done something he claimed he never would. The blonde wasn't the type to rub it in. Instead, she would just smile at him.

The blonde splashed around in the water, letting her eyes close as she twirled around. "This is ama-" She opened her eyes in shock, her look mirroring Jack's own. "You just splashed me.

He had, hadn't he? That was childish and Jack was never childish. Her eyes were closed though, making her the perfect target; it was about strategy. How could he resist the perfect opportunity?

Elsa laughed again, smiling wider than he had ever seen her do before. "I knew you were fun; I could see it in your eyes." She twirled happily again, letting the water move around. It seemed the senior could not stop laughing nor smiling. "Can I tell you something?" She tilted her head slightly, her face growing redder.

The white-haired boy shrugged slightly, gesturing for her to go on. There was something happening right now that he didn't understand, something addictive. He felt this pull towards Elsa, this need to be closer.

As if granting his wish, the blonde got up right next to him, her arm brushing against his slightly. "I just wanted to say I really like-" She cut herself off, nibbling her bottom lip. "I really like spending time with you." She smiled but it didn't quite reach her eyes. Before he could ask what was wrong though, the blonde had backed away.

"Now, splash war!" Elsa began throwing water at him with all her force and the boy returned the action. He didn't miss the way she stopped splashing, smiling fondly at him when he began laughing.

Elsa rolled her eyes. "You're too stubborn." She shook her head slightly, seeming somewhat annoyed. "It's been a month, Jack. Why did you just introduce me to your parents as your 'peer'?" The blonde slumped down on Jack's bed, a frown still on her face.

The boy didn't understand what he had done wrong. "We are peers, aren't we?" They were both seniors at the same school. Why wouldn't he introduce her that way?

Her eyes narrowed slightly, her fist clenching. "Sometimes I really want to strangle you," she confessed. She took several deep breaths before locking eyes with the boy. "I'm not Elsa Winters, your peer." She rolled her eyes again, not seeming to like the words she had just said. "I'm your friend, you jerk." She glared slightly but it held no heat.

Friend? "I never make friends," the boy replied without thought. Friends were pointless; he'd just leave them behind anyway.

For the first time, Elsa laughed bitterly, her eyes darkening. "Never?" She kept clenching and unclenching her fist, her breathing becoming deeper. "I-" She shook slightly, anger radiating off of her as she sat up in the bed. Only a few minutes later she threw herself back down, looking near tears. "You make me feel-" The girl tried again with no success.

She groaned, thrashing all around his bed. "I want to punch you and hug you all at the same time," the blonde decided to go with. "Mostly punch," She added, taking a deep breath. She sat up in the bed again, making eye contact with the boy. Her eyes glistened with tears. "I shouldn't be surprised you would say that; I guess I'm not. It just hurts, Jack. It really hurts."

The boy wasn't sure what to respond to that with. Hesitantly, he sat next to her, placing a hand on her shoulder. He had no clue what he was supposed to do or say; he hadn't been trying to insult her.

"We hang out all the time. We help each other with schoolwork but also with personal problems. I'm your friend," Elsa insisted, her eyes pleading. "I know why you don't let yourself have friends but it is too late, Jack. Whether you admit it or not we are friends."

Maybe it was the sadness in her eyes or the fact her lower lip was quivering. Or maybe it was just the fact that, as usual, the girl made a lot of sense. "We're friends, Els," Jack agreed. It felt like a foreign word to his tongue, making his heart clench painfully. He ignored it though as he saw the smile overtaking Elsa's face. Then she hugged him and the pain left entirely.

Elsa handed him half of her brownie as they sat on the park bench. She closed her eyes soon after, leaning back and smiling blissfully. Therefore, she missed the way several of the guys playing soccer nearby were staring at the girl.

The boy felt his heart rate accelerate, his fist clenching. What was this emotion? What could explain why he wanted to punch every single one of those guys just for looking at Elsa? There wasn't anything wrong with it. Besides, he knew Elsa was attractive; he stared sometimes too.

"Something wrong?" Elsa asked, making the boy realize she had opened her eyes as if sensing his discomfort. She looked around for something that would upset him but couldn't seem to find anything.

Jack pointed towards the soccer players. "They keep staring at you." His cheeks flushed slightly though he wasn't sure why. The confession just made him feel shy. He wasn't even sure that was a proper explanation but it seemed to be considering the way Elsa smiled knowingly.

She stared at him a moment longer before slowly placing her hand on top of his on the bench. Elsa studied his reaction as if looking for a sign she needed to pull back. "Cute," She said finally, closing her eyes again. "You were jealous."

He opened his mouth to explain that wasn't the case but, even with her eyes closed, Elsa seemed to see it coming. "I never get jealous," The girl laughed as she impersonated him. "You're human, Jack. We all get jealous. For example, I get jealous when that girl in our math class hits on you."

He was glad her eyes were closed as his skin felt like it was on fire. Was he jealous? Why did it make him happy that Elsa also seemed to get jealous? They must be very possessive friends, he decided.

However, when a guy started to approach Elsa, Jack fully grabbed her hand, making direct eye contact with the other boy. The soccer player's eyes widened and he gave him an apologetic smile before running back to his friends.

"That was unnecessary," Elsa smiled and Jack was glad she didn't seem upset. "Cute but unnecessary. You do know what this means, right?" Her eyes were open now and locked on his.

The boy honestly wasn't sure what this meant. "We're possessive friends?" He tried his guess from earlier but Elsa raised a brow, scoffing slightly. "Or not," He added.

"Before we have this talk, maybe we should have a different one first. Do you know why I kept approaching you?" She asked, her face serious all of a sudden.

"Because you're annoying," the boy teased.

Elsa rolled her eyes playfully. "No!" She punched Jack lightly. "Because you were limiting yourself with the word 'never', making the world far too black and white. I could see in your eyes that you weren't happy." Her eyes were soft as she stared at him. "You're a lot of fun, Jack. You're more childish than me and you have an amazing sense of humor. You also want to love people, I can feel it. You have so much to offer the world but you were holding yourself back."

She didn't let him say anything, squeezing his hand gently before continuing. "I used to do it too: use the word never. I hurt my younger sister Anna when we were kids. We were messing around at a park and playing on top of a fixture there. My parents trusted me to watch her and yet I let her fall off. She was knocked unconscious, her hair red with blood." The girl shuttered at the memory.

"She had to go to the emergency room and the doctors told my parents we could have lost her. After that, I decided to never play with her again, that I was dangerous and irresponsible. I locked myself away. I said I would never let myself be childish again, never let myself be stupid." She smiled sadly at the boy. "I let my life be ruled by these boundaries I placed, all these things I could never be or feel. All it did was hurt, Jack. I was miserable; Anna was miserable; my parents were miserable. That's why I never say never anymore."

Jack raised a brow. "You just said it several times, actually," He couldn't but tease. Was that what he was doing? Was he giving himself boundaries? "The first time we moved I was 5 years old and I remember crying as we left. Then at the next school, I made new friends and everything was fine until we moved again and again and again." He sighed. "I've been to more schools than I can count and everything just felt pointless. The things I never do, well, the reason I never do them is because there is no reason to. It never lasts."

Elsa shook her head. "There is a reason to; it makes you happy. That is reason enough. I can't say I understand what'd it'd be like moving all the time but I do know that these things aren't pointless. And, Jack?" She asked, waiting for his full attention before continuing. "No matter how far you move, I will always be there for you. I'll facetime you every day and send you a billion texts. You aren't getting rid of me that easily."

"I don't want to get rid of you."

That made the blonde smile. "That leads me to our second talk. Jealousy is revealing, you know?" She fluttered her eyelashes innocently.

For once, he wanted to put the pieces together without her saying it. He didn't like that those soccer players were interested in Elsa because he didn't want them to ask her out. That could make Elsa happy though so why wouldn't he want that? He didn't want them to be the ones making her happy, so that means he wanted to be the one making her happy then, right?

He shut his eyes, trying to focus even more. He heard Elsa chuckle slightly but ignored it. He wanted to make her happy. Jack already did that though, didn't he? Elsa claimed he made her happy as a friend. That meant he just didn't want to be- Jack's eyes shot open, his heart nearly bursting out of his chest. "I love you." The words were soft as they left Jack's lips. He wasn't even facing the girl, just staring straight ahead with wide eyes.

Jack claimed he would never fall in love; as usual, Elsa didn't care about that. He loved the way she teased him. He loved the way she fluttered her eyelashes and wouldn't back down even when he was stubborn. He loved the way she had continued to talk to him no matter how often he shot her down. He loved her smile and her laugh. He loved how kind she was. He loved everything about her.

His face flushing, Jack turned towards the girl, his eyes hesitantly locking onto hers. "I love you," he repeated. Jack knew what would happen now and he prayed they could stay friends.

Elsa laughed, shaking her head in amusement. "You look like you're waiting for me to kick you or something." A kick would be better than a rejection, Jack decided. "Seriously, Jack, you don't have to seem so scared. I'm glad we're on the same page. I didn't think I could treat this like the whole friend thing by talking you into realizing you love me. I'm glad you understand."

The boy stared at her in confusion. He wasn't surprised Elsa figured it out before him. Still, was this really how love confessions worked? Wasn't she supposed to reject him now?

"You're making that face again." She smiled at him fondly. "I suppose it isn't fair of me to expect you to understand without me saying it. You realized your feelings for me because of jealousy and I already told you how that girl in our math class makes me jealous."

She giggled slightly as she watched Jack piece it all together. "I love you too," the girl said finally. She tilted her head slightly, smiling at the boy. "Loved you for a while actually."

"And you made me say it first?" Jack huffed, faking a glare.

Elsa only laughed in response. "Oh, c'mon, stop pouting." She smiled. "Admittedly, it's kind of cute but still. You can't blame me; when I told you we were friends you said you would never have friends. I hardly felt like hearing about how you would never love me."

He supposed it was somewhat smart of her to wait until he realized it for himself. "I accept your apology."

"I didn't apol-"

"Apology accepted!" Jack interrupted happily.

The girl rolled her eyes. "If you really want me to go first with something then so be it. I'll lean in first." Sure enough, the girl closed her eyes, leaning towards Jack. The boy hadn't kissed someone before and felt himself panicking. His body seemed to have some sort of autopilot though, as his eyes closed and his body leaned forward. Soon, he was kissing Elsa Winters.

Her lips were soft against his own, her tongue lovingly exploring his mouth. He knew Elsa had warned him about the word 'never'. However, Jack was positive he would never get tired of this.