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"Aiden!",shouted a black haired woman,"Please save him! He's all I have!"

"I'm sorry, but there is no one left to save.",spoke an firefighter as the lady cried.

The woman's house continued to burn, the ground started to shake, lightning struck, the ground froze, and it started raining heavily.

As the unnatural events occurred, a black jet appeared in the storm, and as it landed, a woman with snow white hair and a black uniform with a red 'X' on it flew out of it.

"Storm, try to control the storm!",spoke a man with a red visor over his eyes, wearing a black and yellow uniform with a 'X' on the center.

"What does it look like I'm doing, Cyclops?",asked Storm as the weather began to slowly stop.

"Scott, can you help me out here?",asked a red haired woman in a green, yellow and black uniform, lifting some debris away.

Blasting the door, Cyclops made a path to reach the center of the events,"Jean, you're clear!"

Jean nodded, and created a force field around herself and headed to the source.

"Please, stop this madness!",spoke Storm as she managed to stop the lightning," I know this is out of your control, but try to assist me in someway!"

"Please back away from the area!",said Cyclops, looking at a large man in an orange and black uniform,"Logan, prep the Blackbird for takeoff!"

"Got it, Shades.",said Logan, running back to the ship.

"Jean, you there?",asked Cyclops, not receiving an answer.

"JEAN!",yelled Cyclops.

"Scott...too loud, too hot...focus…",Jean spoke telepathically.

"Be careful, Jean…",said the brunette.

"I guess I can cancel that tanning tomorrow!",said Jean as she slowly entered the chamber of heat, clearing a path to a human figure.

Reaching the figure, Jean grabbed his head, and the flames died, with the figure revealed to be a teen male, who passed out on Jean's chest.

Carefully lifting him, Jean used her telekinesis to carry him out the danger zone, and once he was loaded into the Blackbird, it took off.

The woman had continued to look around for any of her belongings, when she realized that she never should have left the oven on.

In the Blackbird, a bald man in a wheelchair rolled over to the medical table.

"You will be alright, Aiden Jackson."