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"Ahh!",shouted Aiden as he sat up, looking around and seeing that he was in a hospital bed.

"Please calm down!",spoke a beautiful woman with white hair,"You are in a safe area, there is no need to be scared."

"Who are you?",asked Aiden, feeling like he has met this woman before,"Where am I?"

"I believe I can answer your questions, Aiden."

Turning around, Aiden saw a bald man in a wheelchair, holding his hands in his lap.

"I will answer all your questions, but I would like Ororo to check on you, just to make sure you are alright.",said the man.

Aiden hesitated, but seeing how he would get answers, he allowed the now named Ororo to continue checking on him.

His blood pressure and vitals were fine, though his temperature would change from 200 degrees to -10 degrees without warning.

Surprisingly, he also found that he had grown a bit, and gained a bit of muscle, putting him at 6'3 with a six pack.

"Everything seems to be alright, but I need a blood sample before I can finish.",spoke Ororo, pulling out a syringe.

Aiden allowed her to take a sample of his blood, trying not to look at Ororo's breasts out of politeness.

Once the checkup was complete, the man in the wheelchair rolled up to Aiden,"Aiden, have you heard of mutants?"

Aiden nodded,"Well, to be honest, I love mutants. I've been studying them since I found out about them. I have tried to replicate the X-Gene with multiple scenarios, cryostasis, being surrounded by flames, electrocuting myself with my generator, burying myself for weeks, and spending an entire 72 hours submerged in water, but nothing seemed to work, no matter how many times I tried."

The room fell silent as the man looked at Ororo with a smile.

"Aiden, what if I told you that you are a mutant, and we could help you control your abilities?",asked them man, interlocking his fingers.

"Well I would gladly accept, but there's no way that could happen.",sighed Aiden, looking at his hands,"I'm just a normal guy who fantasizes about impossibilities."

"Aiden, do you know why you are here?",asked Ororo, smiling a the teen who shook his head,"We are a group of people who help mutants that can't control their abilities yet, and while mos of the world doesn't know we exist, we try to help them as much as we can."

Aiden looked at Ororo, and widened his eyes in realization, hugging Ororo before hugging the man in the wheelchair.

"I'm not really sure how this is gonna work, but I promise I'll do my best to make you proud.",said Aiden, tears in his eyes.

"It's quite alright, Aiden, for now, I want you to get settled here. Your previous home was destroyed and if you stay here, then you will be able to learn about your powers more."

Aiden nodded, and the man began to roll out the room, with Aiden asking who exactly they were.

"Aiden, my name is Charles Xavier, but you can call me Professor X, and we are the X-Men.",said Professor X as he left.

"So, Chuck",said a muscular man with scruffy hair,"How's the kid?"

"Aiden is well, Logan. He knew about mutants, and was actually trying to awaken his powers with his own knowledge.",smiled Charles, rolling to his computer.

Logan chuckled,"The kid is a fan of mutants? Not many besides S.H.I.E.L.D. know about us."

"That may be true, but Aiden here is very intelligent, having built his own cryopod, generator, and he has also learned to hack into both the police radio,and surprisingly, S.H.I.E.L.D., which is probably how he learned about mutants."

"Shit,"whistled Logan,"That kid could give Stark a run for his money."

"Yes, but he will need all the help he can get in order to control his abilities.",said Charles, studying his new student's abilities from his file, before coming across a disturbing piece of information.

"Logan,"spoke Charles,"I have to go take care of something. I'm leaving you in charge in my absence."

The large man nodded, grabbing a beer and heading to train for a bit.

"So what's your ability, Ororo?",asked Aiden, wanting to learn more about his new friends.

Ororo chuckled as she helped him off the bed,"I can manipulate the weather, and change it whenever I want to."

"That's awesome!",smiled the teen, acting like a happy child when he was 16 in reality,"I can't wait to find out my power!"

"Let's just say we have a hunch of what you can do, Aiden.",said a male voice, catching the two's attention.

"Scott Summers",said a male with khaki pants, a blue shirt, and red shades,"Hope you don't mind, but I got you some clothes that we found when we rescued you."

Scott threw the clothes at Aiden, and catching them, smiled as a red headed woman wearing a green shirt and grey pants walked behind him.

"Scott, Ororo, is he awake?",asked the woman, who was a bit familiar to him,"I know what his mutant ability is."

As the woman saw Aiden, she smiled, causing the boy to blush, though he felt he was betraying someone.

"Hello, AIden.",said the woman, noticing his blush,"My name is Jean Grey. If you don't mind, could we talk for a bit?"

"Um sure",said Aiden, before looking at the hospital gown he was wearing,"Could I get changed first?"

Jean, Ororo, and Scott all chuckled, leaving the room to give Aiden some privacy.

"If you need us,"said Ororo,"Just think, and we'll be here."

Aiden smiled at his fellow mutants, and looking at the clothes, started to get changed.

"So, Jean?",asked Scott, smirking,"What is Aiden's ability?"

"Sorry, Scott.",said Jean, telekinetically grabbing a water bottle,"You'll have to find out when we all do."

"Well, you won't have to wait any longer, Scott."

Everyone turned to see Aiden smiling, wearing a white and blue jacket with the letters 'WM' sewn into it , a black undershirt, and gray pants.

"Nice look, man.",smiled Scott, with Ororo and Jean agreeing,"What's with the letters?"

Shrugging, the teen shook his head,"Not sure, it's like my memories are fuzzy. I'm struggling to put the pieces together."

"I might be able to help, but do you want to know about your mutation first?",asked Jean, smiling at the ravenette.

"Sure, I'm kinda excited about it.",Aiden's smile had just increased, causing everyone to chuckle before Jean handed him a tablet.

"As you can see from the DNA sample we recieved from Ororo, and from what we can gather, is that you are able to change your physical form into one of six elements, ice, water, smoke, lightning, fire, or metal.

I also found that you can reshape your body somehow, but I guess we'll get into that with your training."

"Wait a second, Jean.",said Scott,"Wasn't there a storm when we rescued Aiden? I mean, Ororo literally had to stop the lightning from hitting anyone."

Aiden winced at the unintended jab at him.

"It would make sense, Scott.",spoke the weather witch,"Lightning needs a good rod in order to be be under control, but Aiden had no control.

It probably didn't help that I myself was in the area as well. I'm still not sure about the earthquake, but we can worry about that in the Danger Room."

Aiden's mood immediately got better at the mention of the Danger Room, having heard of it from his research.

All the while, Scott looked speechless,"I'm not even gonna mention how broken mutant abilities are getting these days…"

"Luck of the draw?",chuckled Aiden, causing Scott to groan.

"I'm not sure, Aiden.",spoke Ororo,"It seems that your mutation must have reacted to the experiments you did on yourself."

Jean and Scott looked a bit confused until Aiden told them about the experiments.

"Nevermind that, guys!",Aiden spoke, smiling brightly,"Let's start training!"

Everyone's eyebrows immediately rose, before Logan appeared behind them.

"I guess it's time for you to figure out why we call it the Danger Room, kid."

Aiden could only gulp, almost regretting his choice of words.