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The bank did not take the Kaiba fortune away even with the News displaying who had this squad and it went viral.

Yes, somebody with money paid for their little brother's squad and he was going to keep it.

Mokuba Kaiba went to Shanghai for the weekend and lived in its best hotel, he posted about it on social media to followers who had been hungry to see him be rich.

Well, they did get to wait long because it was glorious, he showed that he lived and sleeping in the most expensive hotel, he went shopping in Shanghai under bodyguards, getting to shows, getting treated like a king, tipping people and seeing their reaction before, getting into VIP only places.

On Sunday, he handed a big check to the Shanghai government before cameras and Paparazzi for 10 Million dollars.

Mokuba enjoyed the city.

He went home to Paris and news apparently travels really fast these days, because Nadja Chamack reported him giving the check to Shanghai after spending a weekend there and she wasn't the only one either.

Apparently, he just enjoyed the city so he donated.

The cash had been received and the city was discussing what to spend it on.

The media absolutely loved him at this point, and other places wanted him to love them too.

The media coverage was more than enough to prove that he had been in Shanghai to those doubting.

The hotel had now listed him as VIP.

His classmates were buddy-buddy with him when he came to school as their friends and family encouraged them to make friends with him.

Who in Paris didn't know the name Mokuba Kiba by now? The teen had that money and wasn't stingy like a rock with it.

However, despite now living the dream, Mokuba couldn't be called happy.

It was childish, but he wanted to be hugged by his brother, he wanted to go on trips, he want to have family dinner with him and not just see a laptop screen.

He wanted him to actually be here and not be another person who just tells him what he wants to hear.

After all, weren't they family?

Didn't he have a family now?

Seto said. "I can be there"

And then he enjoyed Mokuba surprised face.

He said. "I will have to change my appearance but I can be here for 2 days. I can be here on Wednesday. I will pick you up after school"

Mokuba said, with his eyes shining "Really?" Before coughing and saying. "That's good with me"

And then the call ended.

Seto business was booming as an entire planet was complete, once he had introduced robotic builders, construction went three times as fast.

He had planned to go to Earth for Duel Monsters introduction originally, but it was cruel to dump an orphaned kid inside a mansion and never seen him in person.

However, despite changing his looks, he was still keeping the tight t-shirts and long sleeves.

He wouldn't be Seto Kiba otherwise.

Unless he was going to school

He looked in the mirror at his shirt, he could see the outline of his chest and you could see his pecks.

Great, the image he was going for.

Then on the date, he used his system to teleport without the human race picking up anything wrong and found himself in a helicopter heading to the mansion.

The helicopter landed onto the rooftop landing pad, and he had the servants take his stuff while being aware that he was indeed 7 for 10, his height had been adjusted for this universe and everybody was either a foot shorter than they should be, or taller.

Original Kaiba was 6 ft 10 and was only 18, so logically he should be a foot taller.

He was even taller than Gabriel Agreste, who stood 7ft 2.

His willful ignorance didn't stop the servants from staring at his height in shock and then the ladies went red in the face once they noticed his back muscles and that they could see his chest.

He went to get Mokuba and texted him that he was on his way, then he leaned on the limousine with shades on looking rich before the school.

Mokuba saw him and his eyes lit up as he walked and as he walked down, the teen eyes became huge when Seto stood upright and everybody could see the height difference.

Mokuba looked like a child compared to him, despite Mokuba being of average height.

Mokuba looked up and said. "Wow. You're tall, Seto"

Meanwhile not only was the students noticing the height too, but they were also noticing his chest through the shirt.

So many girls face turned red and guys just opened their mouths.

Was he a model?

Mokuba went in and Seto turned around revealing how swole his back was.

He had that bubble butt.

The guys face changed as they saw how much they were losing to this guy, especially when they noticed their girlfriends staring with red faces.

Chloe Bourgeois was admiring him up and down.

Big brother indeed.

The vehicle began to drive away and he gave Mokuba a hug in the vehicle and Mokuba pretended to not to like it.

But he did.

They drove home where Seto helped him with his homework, whether Mobuka made faces or not.

And the teen did.

They went to Dinner at Le Grande Paris Restaurant, unaware that the name Seto Kaiba had sent the restaurant into chaos only hours ago.

They entered the restaurant and were immediately taken to the best table.

The service was timely and they were constantly checked upon.

They paid the tab and left a tip.

They left a 50,000 euro tip.

The staff went into an uproar, over the tip, all of them split the money before the manager could probably lay his hands on it.

His entire staff gave the man a scary look if he even so much as mentioned the money.

Next, the brothers went to the movies, movies we're Seto fine ass greeted those who were lucky enough to go to the movies around this time.

They didn't have to wait long, they were taken to a private screening.

Mobuka had a giant popcorn with butter and Seto just had water.

They came out of the movie, noticing a lot more people here than when they went in and they all turned around when they saw them and it became obvious that they wanted to see how fine he was.

Well, they weren't disappointed as they opened their mouths and there were lots of blushes amongst the clearing crowd.

That evening, he allowed Mobuka to sleep in his bed and then later went to sleep.

The next day, his eyes widened when he saw Mokuba face as the teen walked in.

He said. "What happened?"

Mokuba said. "Your what happened. The whole day, girls were telling me, you're hot and if they were older, they would have jumped you. It was so gross"

Most of the female population of the school were lusting after his brother and he had been forced to witness it for 6 hours straight.

Do you know how weird it was, to be told his brother had the best ass?

Seto said. "They're barely out of childhood. I'm not interested and neither do I want officers asking me questions"

Of course, not.

But he was sure a lot of girls would love to date Seto Kaiba, just for the money alone.

Seto went back to his company with a legend.

A legend that Mokuba brother had it all, money and his ass was fine.

Those lucky enough to see him, couldn't stop drooling online as they described him.

Apparently, the best description of him was almost 8 feet of fine.

They couldn't understand how somebody who had a body that fine had just magically disappeared.

It took a few days for the females in school to calm down, especially when they were told Seto had left.

Seto felt pity seeing his little brothers relief, but then again, he would jump him too if Seto existed in his original world for real.

In the anime, the original guy was treated as average looking.

The females in this world would never pick their mouth off the floor if they saw what he truly looked like.

He was also pretty dominating too when he wasn't trying to blend in and his voice was a lot cooler too.

Meanwhile, he kept on hearing about Akuma attacks in the city of Paris.

He was not happy but he was not going to pay the Police to actually do their job and go house to house making all the adult's males do test that they weren't allowed to speak about until they got the results back.

He would pay them to shut up.

And then the Paris big investors tech show began to rear its head.

It was not only a chance for Paris to show off what they got, but people from all over would get to be seen by the world for their mind.

He enrolled into it.

It was time.

Mokuba told people that his big brother would be at the tech show on stage showing what he had been working on and it spread like wildfire.

Of course, it did, many curious eyes would finally see him at last and pick out if he was really that hot and world leaders wanted to see and speak to the person who had so much money.

It even spread overseas that Seto Kaiba was going to present to the world.

That is why those who were going to tune in was far greater than the show had ever anticipated.

There was a lot of hype suddenly as the world was finally going to meet money pants.

Even Gabriel Agreste got his assistant a ticket to this show while he watched from his computer screen.

Mokuba really hyped his brother up at school, telling everybody he had been working on something that would change the world, he had seen it himself and it was amazing.

The teen also started packing, as he told the servants that after the show, he was going with his brother.

They were still getting paid to maintain the place though.

The date drew closer and the hype train was real, regardless of whatever reason they might have.

At the point of it all, the venue was drowning in so much money that they decided to not only be live in Paris but the world as well.

Everybody who was going to show off their inventions knew, people came for Seto Kaiba but they tried their best anyway.

And the world found some truly interesting inventions that they didn't expect to find.

Mokuba posted that his brother was here.

It was scary how many people suddenly looked at their phones.

Yes, they were all keeping an eye on Mokuba's account.

They all waited patiently and then it was his turn and when Seto Kaiba showed up.

He showed up.

Suddenly, there was a burst of light that rocked from the stage and it hit the clouds, a blue field swept through the entire world and the sky suddenly looked cool as hell.

While everybody was opening their mouths, a holographic screen showed up in front of every male, female, both, young and old, whether they could afford a tv or not.

Everybody could see even through glasses and hear, even through hearing aids.

Seto wanted the entire world to see him.

Yes, the holographic screen of legend was before Humanity's very eyes and it was cool as hell.

Then a faint light spread around the stage and it felt like they were watching the whole stage be digitised.

Then hovering cameras digitally showed up above their heads and pointed at the stage.

Everybody opened their eyes wide with no small amount of shock, as the world changed around them.

It was like they had slipped into a Utopia world.

Then he showed up.

He just digitised before the worlds very eyes on stage and the outside look he had on that a few had seen, transformed until he had his signature hairstyle, eyes, face shape and attire back.

On his body was the deck and headset and it looked cool as hell.

The worlds mouth opened wide from young and old, rich and poor, a world leader to the common man.

Either he was the most badass looking person alive or his cosplay was god-level.

He said, into the mic with the most attention-commanding voice they had ever heard "I am Seto Kaiba and I am the Ceo of Kaiba Corp. An Intergalactic Tech company that produces the game Duel Monsters. Earthlings, are you ready to play what the big boys are playing?"


It was time to stop being a watered-down Seto Kaiba, and be THE Seto Kaiba.

The human race lost its damn mind.