Chapter I-

The day that everything changed had started off as quite an ordinary one. Jon Snow, the bastard of Winterfell, had woken early in the morning, broke his fast on a bowl of blueberries and toast with honey, and attended his lessons with Ser Rodrick and Maester Luwin. He sparred in the training yard, and read great tomes in the ancient castle's library, and when not doing any of such, he was playing with Arya in the godswood, teaching her the basics of sword fighting, unfortunately, such lessons were quite frowned upon by Lady Catelyn, who desired Arya to become a dainty southern lady, and that was how Jon found himself in his current predicament. At the first sign of lady Catelyn, Arya took off across the castle on a desperate attempt to avoid her dreaded needlework lessons, and as Jon had been the one to encourage her martially inclined activities, he found himself in the responsibility of scouring all the hiding spots of a 12 acre, 10000 year old castle. He had searched the great keep, only succeeding in accidentally falling through a trap door into his lord father's solar and landing on Robb who had been assisting their father with the yearly taxes. He had searched the armory, finding only racks of swords, spears, and halberds, but not a sign of Arya. He searched the smithy, tannery, brewery, and stables, yet again finding no sign of Arya Stark. As such, his searches led him to the crypts of Winterfell, a mausoleum with direwolf statues and silver braziers was the only portion of the structure above the ground, with all the wardens of the north and kings of winter resting beneath the silver and granite statues in the subterranean chamber. Grabbing a small candle, he quietly pushed open the ironwood doors and stepped inside the ancient cavern.

He walked past dozens of statues, silently observing them, he could identify such notable figures as Rickard, Brandon, and Lyanna Stark, all of whom died at the hands of the Targaryen dynasty, he passed Edwyle stark, who had been responsible for the development of the economy of the northern kingdom, arranging trade deals with Bravos and Pentos, and developing the mining industry which filled the coffers of the Starks. He passed Rodrick the wandering wolf, his great grandfather, who had made a name for himself as a sell sword in Essos, and as a general in the third Blackfyre Rebellion. He passed by Willam Stark, who had beaten back Raymun Redbeard, king beyond the wall. He passed by Beron Stark, who helped to defeat the red kraken under the first Aerys, and by Rodwell Stark, who helped to put down multiple wildling incursions. he passed by Barthogan Stark, who was killed by the Skagosi, then avenged by his younger brother Brandon. All the while, he called out for Arya, but was answered only by the crackling of the braziers and his own echo. He passed by more if his ancestors, such as Jonnel Stark, who was betrothed to princess Daena Targaryen, before said betrothal was broken by Baelor the blessed, he passed by Rickon Stark, the namesake of Jon's youngest brother, who died outside the walls of sunspear. He passed by Cregan stark, the old man of the north, who fought in the Dance of The Dragons, and reigned for six days as hand of the king during the hour of the wolf. He passed by Alaric and Walton Stark, the brothers that ruled under Jaehaerys the first, and helped fight the rebellious members of the Night's Watch. He went deeper and deeper into the crypts, calling out Arya's name as he went, passing the last king of winter, Torrhen Stark, who bent the knee to house Targaryen, and Edwyn Stark the spring king, who ruled for only a spring before dying of a disease. Jon walked deeper and deeper, passing kings like Brandon the burner, Brandon the shipwright, Rodrick the wrestler, Benjen the sweet, and Harlon the conciliator, all the while his calls for Arya went unanswered. Kings in the North turned to Kings of Winter, and swords of steel and iron changed to those of bronze and dragonglass, as he passed rulers like Edrick Snowbeard, Brandon ice eyes, and Theon the hungry wolf, yet still, his calls went unanswered. Deeper and deeper he went, passing the solid steel doors of house Stark's vaults, and the pedestal which held artifacts like the crown of winter, and the original Ice, a sword made of a blue, glowing metal, said to be enchanted. Finally he appeared at the last tombs, the resting place of the founder of house Stark, Brandon the Builder, the legendary figure born to the goddess Addeia, goddess of ice, snow, silver, hunting, and wolves, and Brandon of the bloody blade, the son of Garth greenhand, and the Amethyst Empress of the great empire of the dawn, who fled essos to westeros after the rise of the Bloodstone Emperor. The builder's tomb was exquisitely decorated, with a life-like statue of the legendary figure holding a sword made of shiny bronze, and covered in silver runes, the statue was flanked by two massive direwolves, each holding a brazier in their jaws. At the base of the statue sat a pedestal of plain granite, with a book on it. The book looked both a thousand years old and freshly printed, it was made of weirwood bark and silver, and bigger than most books. Jon, ever curious, opened the book, careful not to rip it's ancient pages. However on the page, there was no title, no introduction, not even any words, only a silver rune standing proud in the center. Jon felt some form of pull to it in the back of his mind, telling him to reach out and touch it, something which Jon found impossible to resist. He reached out, and pressed the palm of his hand to the rune. He felt a small prick, and instinctively jerked his hand back. The rune began to glow, brighter and brighter, until a burst of light flashed out from it that would have blinded any observers.

Jon opened his eyes again, but he was no longer in front of the ancient tombs, but in a pure white room, which had no walls, floor or ceiling.

"Where am I?" The raven haired teen asked, but received no answer. That is, until a new voice spoke.

"Welcome Gamer, to the Game of Ice and Fire," a female voice rang out. Jon looked for a source of the voice, but it seemed to come from all directions, yet also none.

"Please create your character," the same voice said as a translucent blue box appeared in front of Jon. The box was unadorned except for a button saying new game.

Jon reached out tentatively and pressed the new game button.

"You have started a new game, please create your character" the same voice said as the box flashed again, now showing two buttons, saying male and female.

"Will you be playing as male, or a female?" the voice asked. Jon pressed male quickly, having no desire to be a woman.

"You have selected: Male, is this correct?" the voice asked again, to which Jon confirmed. The box flashed again, this time having a box with the letters of the alphabet below.

"Please input your name," the game system said. Jon quickly typed in Jon snow, and confirmed his choice. The box flashed again, turning into a yes or no box.

"Due to surviving childbirth, infancy, and childhood, and for training your mind and body, you can start at level 5, would you like to?" Jon clicked yes, though he did not understand it much.

"Would you like to see a tutorial before continuing?" The game asked, and Jon yet again clicked yes.

"Welcome to the game system tutorial. We shall be reviewing the game system and how it works. Our first topic is the level system. Levels are the indicator of your experience and skill. They increase once you have earned enough experience points, which can be earned through milestones, challenges, quests, tasks, and activities. When you level up, you gain attribute points, skill points and perk points, and oftentimes, small presents. Attributes are the scores of your physical and mental abilities. There are attributes, strength, dexterity, constitution, charisma, intelligence, luck, and perception. Strength is your physical strength and power, and it impacts the damage you do with weapons. Dexterity is your flexibility and speed, it gives armor modifiers and stamina points. Constitution is your physical hardiness, and it impacts your health points. Charisma is your skill in human interactions, it impacts all social skills. Intelligence is your knowledge and ability to think, it impacts magic points and damage. Luck is your chance of succeeding in something, it impacts the chances of various actions succeeding, and how good rewards for actions are. Perception is your ability to use your senses, it impacts your ability to notice things, and can help to find more information. Skill score is the indicator of your ability to do certain actions or use things. Perks are traits that give bonuses to scores of unlock traits, they can be inherited, purchased, or earned. Stamina, health, and magic are next. Stamina is the measure of your capacity to do activities and for how long. Health is how much damage you can take before going unconscious or dying. Magic is how many spells you can cast and for how long. Heritage, culture, religion, and personality traits can give various modifiers to attributes, skills, and magic. Next are the game features. First you have the HUD, or heads up display, this will show you your current stamina, health, and magic, along with a small compass for direction. The next is the mini map, this shows where you are in relation to your location, so if you are, for example, in a house, it will show a map of the house and where you are in it. The next is observe, this allows you to see the name, titles, loyalty, attributes, levels, age, opinion, and relationship towards you. The final one is inventory, this is a place for you to keep objects such as loot, food, and supplies, it can hold a near infinite amount of items. Do you have any more questions?"

Jon shook his head and pressed the no button.

"Resuming character creation" the game system said as a blue box appeared near Jon.


Jon Snow- lvl 5

XP- (0/1000)


House Stark- Parentage

?- Parentage

Dawn Empire- ancestor

?- ancestor

?- ancestor

Old Gods- Ancestor


Northern (Winterfell)


Old Gods








Wolfsblood- house stark- +2 con, +15% magic, increased resistance to cold, +15% ice magic damage

Old Blood- dawn empire- +1 int, +1 cha, +15 relationship with nobles

Godly Blood- godly ancestry- +1 str, +1 dex, +25% magic

Bastard- baseborn identity- +5 sneak skill, -10 relationship with followers of the faith of the seven

Introverted- -1 cha, +1 perc

Practical- actions cost 5% less stamina or magic

Old faith- old gods- possibility for green dreams, skinchanger ability, cannot hold knight perk

Combat training- experience- +15 to all martial skills, +15% damage

HP- 268.5

SP- 268.5

MP- 350

Stats- (out of 50)

Strength- 6

Dexterity- 7

Constitution- 7

Charisma- 4

Intelligence- 6

Luck- 5

Perception- 7

Jon was slightly upset that he could not find out the identity of his mother, not even her family name, but there was a possibility that he could have a quest to find it, he clicked the next button on his blue control panel, and the character menu flashed away.

The game's voice rang out again, "character creation finished, teleporting the player back to the last place you have slept."

Jon was about to shout out something, but blacked out before he could.