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Welcome my dear readers!

As always, I do my best to give you all the news on all the VIP visitors to Loguetown!

This week, we were unfortunately not visited by any of our wonderful nobles of the East Blue. However, fear not, for we did not pass another week without new faces to see!

Indeed, the most notorious bounty hunters of the East Blue, our very own Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro have graced our shores! (See next page for pictures)

Let me remind you that Monkey D. Luffy is responsible for the capture of several high bounty pirates, including, but not limited to Buggy the Clown, Arlong and Don Krieg!

Roronoa Zoro, who is a name that has graced the 'Captured Pirates Column' of our wonderful Gazette for far longer, has also recently captured the very famous hypnotist pirate Jango! And if his picture in the next page gives him justice, he's a man worth losing our breaths over (yum!) ~!

These two famous bounty hunters have now joined forces with several other like-minded people to form our very first East Blue bounty hunting crew, and came to Loguetown to apply for a Grand Line bounty hunting licence!

And who could forget that on their way they managed to help the Marine officers arrest a few escaped convicts! Our East Blue heroes~!

After a long meeting between captain Monkey D. Luffy and our own Marine Captain Smoker, this licence was obtained and the newly named Straw Hat Bounty Hunters set sail towards the sunset over Reverse Mountain!

Fear not my fellow citizens~! There is no reason to fear pirate attacks now that our bounty hunting heroes have left us, for before their voyage they have rid our shores of the most threatening pirates, and we now rest safer in our homes!

We can now rest easy and wish our favourite bounty hunters happy and fruitful travels! Let them save our World from piracy, one bounty at a time!

See you next week, with a new report on our VIP visitors to Loguetown!