Dear Wizarding Britain

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After they returned to the island from their much enjoyed vacation, everyone immersed themselves into their own little routines.

Hermione, of course, found her way back to the library to return to studying for her NEWTs in earnest, along with Blaise, who made sure she took plenty of breaks for food and fun.

Now that Neville had healed up quite well and was more mobile, he and Luna spent almost all of their time outside; sometimes together, sometimes separately. Luna spent most of her alone time watching and discovering the different creatures that lived on the island; Neville spent his time alone discovering all the magical plants on the island, and then transplanting them into his greenhouse.

George and Fred followed Skylar's instructions on how to purchase magically safe cell phones and soon they had purchased one for all their friends. And not long after that, they were able to meet up with both Skylar and Samantha to truly get to know each other and go on double dates. It helped that all four were magical and had a variety of ways to travel magically, which cut down on travel time between their different countries. Fred and George were even considering the possibility of moving to the USA to be with their girlfriends, when they were sure they were serious about each other, and keep in touch with Harry and the gang by way of cell phone.

As for Harry and Daphne, Daphne did, indeed, move into Harry's room and both found it to be a wonderful thing to wake up in the morning tangled up in the other. But sadly, they couldn't spend all their time in bed; one, they had a baby to look after, and two, Daphne was determined to spend some time studying for her NEWTs. She wasn't as academic as Hermione, and she didn't expect to need NEWT scores to get a job, as she would prefer to be a stay at home mum, she did want to have the scores to show her children that she could have done something with those scores if she had wanted to.

While Daphne was in the library the day after coming home to the island, Harry took note of the calendar and saw that he only had about a week, maybe two, to formulate a plan to get Daphne's sister, Astoria, out of Hogwarts. If he waited until Hogwarts let out, it would be too late, because he felt doubtful that Nott would allow Astoria to go back to Hogwarts the following year, when this was Nott's last year there.

So while James was laying on the floor, surrounded by toys, on top of his blanket, enjoying what the healer called 'tummy time,' Harry pulled out the Marauders Map, as an idea had tickled in his head. If he could study it and see if he could make out a pattern for when Astoria would be alone, he could flash to her in his phoenix form and give her a letter that gave her the means to escape.

After allowing himself two days to study the map to see if he could discover a pattern, it seemed that the only time he would have a chance of getting a message to her was when she used the restroom between classes, which seemed to be between every class. Not to mention, he was going to need to revise his plan on how to get a letter to her, as he did not think Astoria would appreciate him seeing her in the restroom, especially after she found out that he was, in fact, the phoenix.

He quickly composed a letter and called Winky.

"What can Winky be doing for sir?" Winky squeaked, the moment she popped in.

"Winky, I have a very important mission for you," Harry told Winky seriously.

Winky straightened up and gazed back at Harry with a serious expression. "What can Winky be doing for sir?," Winky repeated in a more serious tone, but her voice still squeaked.

Holding the letter in his hand, Harry explained, "I've been studying my map of Hogwarts during the past few days." He pulled out said map and activated it to show her. After finding Astoria's name, he pointed to it for Winky to see. "This is Astoria Greengrass, she is Daphne's sister. We don't have much time to get her out of Hogwarts safely, and the only time we can get her reasonably alone is when she goes to the restroom between classes."

Winky eyed Harry warily and asked, "Sir wants Winky to pop Missy Astory from Hoggywarts?"

Harry shook his head calmly, noticing Winky's wariness, "No, Winky. What I want you to do is to take this letter," holding it up in his hand for her to see, "and deliver this to Astoria as quietly and sneakily as you can, when she's by herself in the bathroom stall. I know you can pop silently and invisibly when you need to, but to help you remember, I'm ordering you to, once you know she's alone in a stall, to pop in silently and invisibly and put up an area-wide silencing spell."

Making sure Winky was following, Harry paused for a brief second and then continued, "If it's not obvious to you, the silencing spell will keep her from alerting anyone with screams when you suddenly show yourself to deliver the letter."

"Winky understands, sir." Winky squeaked, "What should Winky be doing after Winky has delivered the letter to Missy Astory?"

"You instruct Astoria to read the letter at the next opportunity she has alone, if she doesn't feel that she has enough time to do so after you leave." Then Harry added, "Tell her the letter has been enchanted to look like notes from class to anyone but herself. Lastly, tell her that it's important for her to read that letter before she leaves Hogwarts for the summer holidays, if she wants the chance to escape to where her sister is.

"After you've given her the letter and the message, then make sure she realizes you're removing the silencing charm before you leave and come back home," Harry said in conclusion.

As Harry finished his instructions, it was noticed by both himself and Winky that Astoria had just exited the Great Hall, with Nott following, of course, and was going in the direction of the nearest restroom. When it became obvious she was about to go into the restroom, while Nott stood outside to wait, Winky took the letter from Harry's hand and gave a little curtsy before squeaking, "Winky will do."

Astoria was having a difficult day, she'd barely been able to stomach eating and had steadily been feeling increasingly nauseated. She remembered this being a symptom of pregnancy, but she knew with certainty that she had never taken the antidote for the potion that made her sterile. However, with the smug looks she seemed to be getting from Nott on occasion, she wondered if it were possible that she had been given the antidote or some type of fertility potion without her knowledge.

Sighing inwardly, she thought she had been smart about finding that sterilization potion, but as the days had gone by and she kept putting off going to the healer, she was beginning to think more and more that the idiot she was betrothed to was not quite such a idiot. Her working theory was that he either slipped her some sleeping potion in her tea and had her seen by a healer while she was unaware, or he did so while she was sleeping naturally. She wouldn't put it past him to have simply done this while she was awake and had her obliviated either.

Ugh. She was so screwed, she thought to herself, as she left the Great Hall, with Nott following right along behind to walk her to her next class.

Suddenly, the nausea started to hit again, and she went to the direction of the nearest restroom with all the dignity she had, forcing herself to ignore the smug bastard's face. "Still feeling under the weather?" Said smug bastard asked cheerily.

"As if you didn't know exactly what's wrong with me," Astoria couldn't help but growl.

She was jerked to a stop by a strong grip on her arm, that was sure to leave a bruise, as she continued to fight down the nausea. "I'd watch your tone, if I were you," Nott said in a low, threatening tone. "I've been more kind to you than you deserve, and I've kept others away from you, because you're mine. But after you've birthed my heir, I can take that protection away and let you be traded around among the others, if you'd like." He gave a shark-like grin, when he saw her complexion pale.

"Ahh. I see you hadn't considered that," Nott said with a chuckle. "Just remember to behave, and it won't be anything for you to have to worry about," giving her arm one last bruising squeeze, before he dropped his arm and allowed her to go into the restroom.

Astoria quickly went into the stall to expel whatever foul thing she ate that the baby she was apparently carrying didn't care for. She knew if she took too long, that bastard would come in after her, as if there was some way for her to escape from a bathroom, she thought with a roll of her eyes.

After she'd completely emptied her stomach, she was startled out of her thoughts with the sound of a squeaky little voice saying, "Excuse Winky, Missy Astory, but I has a letter and message for you."

Astoria just barely kept herself from screaming, but only just, because she didn't want the-bastard-she-was-betrothed-to to discover her speaking to a house elf.

Astoria and the house elf now known to her as Winky stared at each other briefly, before Astoria noticed the letter in the elf's outstretched hand.

"Winky is to be telling Missy Astory to reads letter at next opportunity Missy Astory is alone, if shes doesn't think shes be having time when Winky leaves," Winky told Astoria as quickly as her house elf speech pattern allowed her. "Master has enchanted Missy Astory's letter to beings looking like notes from classes to everyone except Missy Astory. Missy Astory needs to be reading important letter before leaving Hoggywarts for summer holidays, if Missy Astory wants a chance to escape to where Missy Astory's sister being staying."

Astoria's eyes widened at the message, as she reached for the letter and tried to think of where she could stash it till the next time she could get to the bathroom alone. After Winky was relieved of the letter, she squeaked, 'Winky beings taking down silencing charms now and then beings leaving."

Then the house elf was gone with the tiniest pop, and Astoria was once again alone, with her heart pounding as fast as a hummingbird's wings. She quickly realized that Nott had her wand, along with her school bag, so she couldn't use a sticking charm to stick the note to the inside of her shoe or hide it in her bag amongst her other class notes until she could read it. She had just decided to fold it as flat as she could and stuff it in her sock, when she heard the door creak open, and she quickly shove the letter down the front of her robes, before she knelt back down and made retching noises.

"Asoria, what is taking so long?" She heard Nott complain from the doorway.

Her nausea crept up for real this time, and so she didn't have to fake the next sound she made, before she was dry heaving. When next she was able to keep control of herself, she sighed and said, "I'm not sure I'm going to live through much more of this."

Nott scoffed as he came all the way into the door of the restroom, as Astoria flushed the toilet and slowly came out of the stall to go wash her hands. "Nonsense," Nott said, "we'll just get you some anti-nausea potions and you'll be just fine."

"Perhaps," was all Astoria could say.

"Well, let's get you to the healer to get you that potion, it's not like you're going to need to go to class anymore, since you won't be coming back to Hogwarts next year," Nott said as they left the restroom.

Astoria hid her shudder at that, and tried to figure out how she was going to keep anyone from discovering the letter that was delivered by Winky the house elf. Sure, it was supposed to be disguised as class notes, but it will still be suspicious if it's noticed where she'd hid it. She was going to have to be very careful, but if that letter really and truly was a way for her to escape, then she'd do everything in her power to be able to hide it from discovery until she could read it.

One trip to the hospital wing later, after a very creepy meeting with the new healer that replaced Madam Pomfrey, Astoria had been confirmed pregnant and excused from the rest of the day's classes, along with instructions to come to the hospital wing for a refill on her anti-nausea potion.

Thankfully, the letter had remained undiscovered, and she hoped that she could keep it so, until she was next alone, which would hopefully be soon, because Nott had not been excused from classes.

Harry continued to watch the map, long after Winky returned from delivering the letter. By that point, he'd watched her leave the restroom, after Nott came in after her, and she'd been to and from the hospital wing, again, with Nott with her.

Daphne walked in to see what he and James were doing when she noticed James asleep in his bassinet, while Harry was studying what looked like a map and approached. Running her hands into the hair at the base of his neck, causing him to give a sigh of contentment, she asked, "What's all this, Harry?"

"I remembered when we got back home that your sister was at Hogwarts, and that the window of opportunity to get her out was closing with the end of the school year," Harry explained while Daphne gasped in shock.

"You're trying to save my sister?" Daphne exclaimed in shock, as she jumped into Harry's arms.

Harry caught her and pulled her into his lap and savored the happy kisses that Daphne gave him all over his face, before he pulled back and explained, "I've been watching the map of Hogwarts that my father and his friends had made, waiting for the opportunity for her to be alone so Winky could deliver a message. Nott rarely leaves her alone long enough to make any plans to escape, and the only time she is alone is when she goes to the restroom between classes."

"That bastard," Daphne growled. Then she frowned and asked, "How did you expect to get to Hogwarts and back, undetected?"

Harry grinned and said with a smile, "I haven't managed to tell you all of my secrets yet."

Daphne wiggled around until she was straddling his lap and was able to look at him with her head angled down. "Exactly what secrets have you kept from me, Mr. Potter?

Harry chuckled and said, "I think I'll let it be a surprise for now."

Daphne started tickling him in retaliation, before Harry was able to get the upper hand, until they both had to stop because they heard James start whimpering. They had both forgotten the baby was asleep.

Pulling Daphne to him in a quick kiss, Harry said, "It's something you won't believe until you see it, but suffice it to say that when I came into my magical inheritance, not only did I find that I was a metamorphmagus, as you already know, I can also turn into any animal that I can imagine and I can change my coloring in any form."

"What?" Daphne whispered in shock.

Sighing, Harry said, "I told you, you wouldn't believe me until you saw it." He started to pull away, berating himself for feeling disappointed that she didn't believe him.

Daphne held onto Harry to stop him from pulling back and explained, "No, Harry, I promise I believe you. I'm just in shock, because I've never heard of anyone, not even Merlin, being able to do something like that. That's amazing!"

Just then, they heard a chime, and Harry looked down at the map. "Looks like she's finally been left alone long enough to read my letter, and her answer is, yes, to being rescued." Harry explained what the chime meant.

Helping Daphne climb off of him, he said, "I shouldn't be very long, but I need you to stay here to take care of James when he wakes up. I promise, there's no need to worry about me, I can take care of your sister and myself, whether things go off without a hitch or not."

"I have faith in you," Daphne said with a solemn nod. "Just bring my sister and yourself back safely."

Harry gave her a wink, and quickly turned into a phoenix, much to Daphne's amazement, and he was gone in a flash.

Astoria sighed when she was finally left alone in their room. She, of course, was not given her wand back, but she was at least not tied to the bed and was allowed her school bag, before Nott left to return to his own classes. The bedroom door was, of course, locked as well; Nott claimed it was for her safety, but they both knew otherwise.

After Astoria felt like she waited a safe amount of time, she finally pulled out the letter to read.

Dear Ms. Astoria Greengrass:

I realize that we don't know each other, but I hope this letter reaches you in good health and that you are receptive to the offer I'm giving you.

I won't leave my identity here in the letter, as no matter how well it's been enchanted to appear as class notes, that doesn't mean that someone else won't be able to break through the enchantments and see the real message.

To cut things short, your sister is with me and I love her. She's explained to me what you did for her and how you helped her escape an unwanted betrothal. We are both grateful to you for that, more than words can say.

I have the means to get you out of your situation, but it will require cooperation and acceptance on your part. You won't be a prisoner, I can promise you that; your sister would have my guts for garters if I ever allowed that. However, for your safety, you will probably be kept pretty confined to our safe house.

If you do want an escape from your situation and you are alone and/or able to avoid notice, just say the words 'I solemnly swear I'm up to no good,' and I will be there quick as a flash.

If you are content and do not wish to escape, simply say the words, 'mischief managed,' and this letter will self-destruct, and you will not need to worry that we'll try to contact you again.

Sincerely, your friend, and hopefully, future brother-in-law.

Astoria sucked in a breath, after she realized she had begun holding it about halfway through the letter. She looked around and decided that there wasn't anything here that she couldn't live without. She'd have liked to have had her wand, but she was hopeful that she could get a new one in the future. She quickly changed her clothes into something more comfortable and then whispered the words, "I solemnly swear I'm up to no good."

When nothing happened for a few seconds, she was about to berate herself for getting her hopes up, and just as she was getting ready to turn back towards the bed, there was a sudden flash and there was a phoenix hovering in front of her. She almost fainted when the phoenix morphed into the missing Harry Potter.

Harry phoenix flashed into Astoria's room almost immediately after hearing the chimes and hovered in front of her briefly, while he glanced around to make sure there were not any portraits there to act as spies. After confirming there were none, he morphed back into himself.

Astoria's shock was a little amusing, but he looked at her worriedly when it appeared as if she were ready to faint.

"Harry Potter?" Astoria asked weakly.

Harry nodded, "The one and the only."

"You love my sister?" Astoria asked in a shocked whisper.

"I solemnly swear that I do," Harry said with a solemn nod.

"Well, I don't suppose I need to ask how we're going to get out of here, seeing as you can turn into a bloody phoenix," Astoria said with a shaky breath.

Smirking in amusement, Harry said, "Yeah, don't worry. Getting you out of here isn't going to be the problem. Making sure you're free of all tracking spells and other charms is what's going to make this take a little longer."

Nodding, Astoria held up her hand and showed her betrothal ring. "I'm sure this ring is enchanted with more than just self-adjusting and poison protection. I also don't have a wand, Nott only allows me to have it when I go to class. It's like they're all afraid I'm going to try to disappear like Daphne did" Her lip twitched in amusement at that last statement.

"Well, I'm sure we can get you a new wand," Harry replied. "Now, what about that ring, is it specially enchanted so that only the giver can remove it or the wearer?"

Astoria frowned and gave it a little tug and sighed, "I suppose it's enchanted for only the giver."

Harry nodded, as if he had already been expecting that. "Is there anything else here that you want?"

"There's nothing here that I would die to keep," Astoria replied.

"A simple no would have been fine," Harry deadpanned.

Astoria found herself fighting to hold back a giggle.

"While I'm sure my elves would be able to remove that ring, I think we can take advantage of the fact that you have it, what do you say?" Harry said with a smirk.

Tilting her head to the side in thought, Astoria queried, "In what way?"

Harry's lips twitched in amusement and said, "Does it give you access to the Nott vaults? Do you still have access to the Greengrass vaults?"

"If you're only rescuing me for the money, you can—" Astoria started to growl out before Harry cut her off.

"I'm loaded without taking your money," Harry retorted. "What I'm getting at is, the more money you're able to withdraw, the less money the Notts and your parents have for supporting Tom Riddle's lifestyle."

"Who in Merlin's name is Tom Riddle," Astoria wanted to know. "And why would the Notts and my parents be giving money to him?" Astoria's eyebrows scrunched in confusion, that was not a pureblood name.

"Tom Riddle is the real name of the Dork Lord," Harry replied, ignoring the raised eyebrow Astoria displayed at the sound of that title. "He's a half-blood born of an almost squib and a muggle, trying to pass himself off as a pureblood."

Astoria's head jerked back in shock, and then started to laugh…and laugh…and laugh. Finally, Harry said, "We need to get going, if we're going to deprive Tom of some of his funds and strip the Notts and your parents of their wealth. I'm sure Nott will be back any time."

That thought sobered Astoria right out of her laughter. "You're right," she said. "While I don't believe I have access to all the funds, I think I have access to at least half of both the Nott and Greengrass vaults. I'll be able to withdraw all the family heirlooms from the Greengrass vault, while I'm at it."

"All right. I'm going to transform back into a phoenix, then you grab my tail feathers and I'll flash us to Diagon Alley." Then Harry looked at the letter still clutched in her hand. "Best not leave that behind," Harry said, "You can say the second phrase I wrote in the letter after you've grabbed hold of me."

Astoria nodded, waited for Harry to change forms, then grabbed his tail feathers and said, "Mischief managed," at the exact moment that Nott came back through the door and stood frozen in the doorway, with a look of shock on his face at seeing her with a phoenix and a piece of paper turning to ash. Before he could make a move, they were gone in a flash.

Harry and Astoria landed in a hidden alley near Gringotts, Harry quickly morphed into his best approximation of Theo Nott, then conjured a mirror, while asking Astoria to help him fix his appearance so he could actually pass as Nott.

"You're a metamorphmagus?" Astoria asked in shock.

"Long story short, yes," Harry replied quickly and quietly. "Let's go. We're not going to have much time. It doesn't matter if we're not able to get out through the alley, I'll be able to flash us from anywhere. I'm only going to wear Nott's face until we're in the privacy of the bank, that should help keep some suspicions off of us for a small amount of time, but I don't know how long it's going to take Nott to raise the alarm."

Astoria nodded and looped her arm in through his, lifting her head high, and putting on her stuck-up pureblood mask.

The two walked inside and approached one of the tellers. "We need to see the Nott and Greengrass account managers," Harry demanded stiffly, in an attempt to imitate how he'd expect Nott to behave.

The goblin sneered and said, "One moment please."

After a standard amount of wait time, the goblin came back to lead them to a private room. Once there, Harry morphed back to himself, causing the goblins a shock and the guards to raise their weapons.

"Why has Harry Potter come to Gringotts under false pretenses?" One of the goblins asked with a sneer.

Harry raised his hands and said, "It was for Ms. Greengrass's protection that I didn't show my true face until we were in private, I can assure you. She required an escort to withdraw some funds and appearing as her betrothed brought us less attention in the Alley."

"We shall see about that," the goblin replied. "You might still be a very important client, but if you have abducted this young witch and coerced her into coming to withdraw funds, well…" the goblin trailed off.

"Please," Astoria pleaded softly. "He really is here to help me. I had no way to get here to do this by myself as I'm always under guard. Please follow Mr. Potter's instructions. I promise I am of sound mind, I'm just a bit overwhelmed from being nearly caught as we escaped." She turned to Harry for help, she wasn't sure how to navigate.

Nodding his head in reassurance to Astoria, Harry turned to address the account managers. "Yes, we came with the intention of withdrawing a good deal of funds from both accounts. The limit of what she is allowed to withdraw, that is, as the betrothed of the younger Nott, and as the heiress of the Greengrass family, seeing as how her parents were forced to disown Astoria's elder sister."

Before the goblins could protest at such a large withdrawal, Harry added, "We would then like to open a new vault and deposit that money into the new vault under a new identity for Ms. Greengrass. After which, we would like to pay for your services for providing the proper identification and passports and documentation for her new identity."

The goblins seemed to settle after that last announcement.

"Harry…" Astoria said in shock.

Before Astoria could say anything else, the Nott account manager verified Astoria's identity and said, "It appears that the Notts were remiss in their with their orders and they failed to put any restrictions on Ms. Greengrass, so she has unrestricted access to the vaults. Do you still want to withdraw the limit of what you may withdraw?

Astoria looked at Harry with wide eyes and Harry said, "It's up to you, Astoria. Just remember that the more money they are deprived of, the less money they have to support the current government and dictator."

With that, Astoria nodded and said, "I'd like to withdraw it all and close all the vaults."

As it turned out, she also had unrestricted access to the Greengrass vaults, and while she felt guilty for essentially leaving her parents knutless, she felt that they probably had more than enough galleons stored away in secret stashes at their home to be able to survive for some time.

Once both withdrawals had been concluded, Astoria then requested to open a vault, under an assumed name that she still needed to decide on, to deposit her money and all the acquired heirlooms in. After which, Harry suggested she request an enchanted bag that she could use to withdraw money without having to come into the bank.

Following all of that, the goblins handled creating Astoria a new identity to go with her newly opened vault that had no paper trail that would lead back to the prior Nott and Greengrass vaults.

After the new identity and new accounts were made, Harry asked if the goblins had a way to remove the betrothal ring on Astoria's finger. While the wards on Gringotts were likely strong enough to keep from tracking Astoria to the bank, the moment they left and landed, they were going to be at risk.

Thankfully, the goblins were able to remove the ring and the enchantments, for a fee, and Astoria was finally free of the Notts.

After Harry and Astoria thanked the goblins for their excellent assistance, Harry turned back into a phoenix, and flashed he and Astoria home, where he quickly added her to the wards.

Next, Harry flashed the both of them back to where Daphne was anxiously pacing back and forth, as she bounced James in her arms, while she waited for Harry to get back.

When they landed and Harry changed back, Daphne rushed across the room and yanked Harry down to her for a kiss, then deposited the baby in his arms before, then, yanking Astoria into her arms where she began to squeeze Astoria in a tight hug as she cried in joy.

Astoria, who was still in a bit of a shock, pulled away gently and looked at Harry holding a baby, noticed the lack of any ring on his hand or Daphne's and said calmly, "Oh, well, at least I won't be the only unwed mother," before promptly fainting and barely being caught by Daphne.