Dear Wizarding Britain

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It was late in the evening when Harry finally returned home to the island. He had provided all of his intel to Kingsley, so it was time for Harry to return home to spend time with his family while Kingsley and his team made plans for the raid to rescue the kidnapped muggleborns.

Harry was of two minds about the planned raid. On the one hand, he really didn't want those children to suffer through any more than they had to before a rescue could be planned, but on the other hand, how were they to rescue the ones that had already been passed through the initial screening process and moved on to other sites, if they didn't have someone on the inside that was able to tell where the next stop was.

He had considered attempting to go undercover as a muggleborn, using his metamorphmagus abilities, seeing as he was able to change his height to a minimum of four-and-a-half feet, but even with the acting classes he had taken, he wasn't confident enough with his acting abilities to be able to pass himself off as a child again. Nor was he all too thrilled about willingly allowing himself to be treated worse than the Dursleys ever treated him. Powerful, he may be; but immortal, he was not; he didn't want to risk pissing a Death Eater off enough for them to hit him with an AK because he mouthed off at them. Theoretically, the only way he'd survive an AK would be if he was in his phoenix form, and there were no guarantees that he'd be able to turn back into a human after he had the burning day that an AK would force him to have in that scenario.

No, quite possibly, the best way to infiltrate further would be to abduct one of the Death Eaters and stuff him to the gills with veritaserum and find out where the next training facility was located. Impersonating a Death Eater would be another option, except one would need to have the Dark Mark, which Harry did not have. Theoretically, between he and Hermione, they could figure out how to replicate one that could pass the visual test, but as a fake mark would not be connected to Voldemort's magic, it would not react if/when the Death Eater that Harry would potentially impersonate were to be called.

Harry found the state of Britain to be quite unfortunate and had frequently taken to wondering what would have happened if he'd never have left. Would he have been able to make a difference faster if he'd have stayed? He quite doubted that he'd have been allowed to remember his magical inheritance; Dumbledore, Snape, or the Weasleys probably would have had plans in place to replace the block while he was sleeping and recovering from the exhaustion of the whole ordeal.

So, no, the state of Britain would likely not have been any better off had he stayed. No, more likely, he would have remained clueless and being led by the nose by the ones who were trying to keep him under their control.

Harry was brought out of his thoughts when he heard Daphne's voice shout, "Harry!" shortly before her body collided with his and he found himself with his arms full of a beautifully pregnant Daphne, while he planted his feet in order to keep his balance, they greeted each other enthusiastically.

"I was getting so worried, when I hadn't heard from you in so long," Daphne whispered emotionally, as she refused to loosen her hold on him.

Harry ran a soothing hand along her back as he continued to hold her, head alongside of hers, lips at her ear, "I'm sorry that it took so long. There wasn't much time between making sure I could get in and out of Malfoy Manor undetected and meeting to update Kingsley."

Daphne nodded in understanding, "Speaking of Kingsley, I've collaborated with Fred and George and we've managed to incorporate a number of ideas that I've gotten from the muggle comics that I've been reading."

Harry inwardly smirked in amusement at Daphne's fascination with muggle comics. He would have never believed that a pureblood princess like Daphne would have ever become so obsessed with such a muggle thing.

"While I'm sure that's all fascinating and I would love for you to show me what you three have come up with, right now, I want to greet my wife properly and then maybe get a little sleep," Harry replied, as he engaged her mouth in a slow, seductive smooch.

Daphne groaned into the kiss and replied, "Yes, please."

"Your wish is my command," Harry replied. "Now, I'm going to change into a phoenix and flash us to our bedroom, because that will be safer for you than apparating you there."

"Okay," Daphne breathed.

Nodding, Harry quickly transformed, waited for Daphne to grab hold of his tail feathers, and flashed the two away to their bedroom. Once there, Harry immediately changed back to himself and pulled Daphne into a passionate embrace, as he did his best to show how much he'd missed her.

(Lemon scene starts, though I attempted to stay within the rating, so it's not super detailed.)

Limbs tangled together, as Harry showered Daphne with sweet, but passionate kisses; one hand gently holding the back of her head, while the other wandered down her body in search of the sweet spot that he knew could be found.

Daphne's hands did not remain idle as she found sanctuary in Harry's loving, gentle embrace, her hands following the familiar path that led to his throbbing wand.

Whispers of intimacy were exchanged in their close embrace, "Oh, right there," shortly followed by a, "Dear Merlin," filled the otherwise quiet room.

Once Harry deemed Daphne thoroughly ready to accept his throbbing member, he gave her another heated kiss before lining himself up with her welcoming entrance and gently slid into her warmth. Holding himself back briefly, while she once again became acquainted with the intrusion, the gently began to rock back and forth, gradually picking up speed.

It was a test of will to not spill his seed the moment Daphne's insides started to clench around him, but he held himself off so that he could provide her with more pleasure before he was spent.

Finally, as Daphne was reaching another climax, Harry quickened his movements to bring about his own pleasure as well, both of them exploding in a euphoric and blissful crescendo.

(End of lemon)

Basking in the afterglow, they lay next to each other, just enjoying the thrill of being able to hold the other in their embrace again. With a quick wave of his hand, Harry cast a quick freshening spell, and pulled the blankets up to cover their still naked bodies, as they settled into a peaceful slumber.

After having breakfast and greeting a happy James with kisses and cuddles, an excited Daphne drug the both of them into the room that she and the twins had set up for comic-book inspired gadgets.

Daphne couldn't contain her excitement as she leaned in, her eyes gleaming; Harry watched on in amusement.

"Harry, we've come up with something brilliant," she said with a mysterious smile.

Harry, intrigued, leaned forward. "Well, my dear, by all means, surprise me with this rather brilliant invention of yours."

Daphne chuckled, "It's something we've been brewing up, Fred, George, and I. We call it the Silver Patronum Ring."

Harry's eyebrows raised in curiosity. "Silver Patronum Ring? What does it do?"

Daphne took a moment, building the suspense. "It's like a magical shield, Harry. Imagine this: you wear this silver ring, speak an incantation, and channel your happiest memories. The ring transforms that positivity into a powerful Patronus that you can shape with your imagination."

Harry's eyes widened. "A Patronus ring? That sounds both incredible and impossible. How did you come up with this?"

Daphne leaned back, a playful grin on her face. "You know how obsessed I've become with muggle comics?" Harry nodded in amusement, while juggling a wriggling James, who was trying to reach down for all shiny things on the table.

"This particular idea came from a comic about the Green Lantern. We wanted something uniquely wizarding that could help Kingsley's task force against the dementors that Tom uses to keep the average magicals in check . And what better way than a Patronus, right?"

Harry nodded, impressed. "So, it's like a magical Green Lantern ring, but with the power of a Patronus."

"Exactly! And we made it so that the strength of the Patronus is tied to the positivity of your happiest memories. It's effective against lethifolds."

Harry leaned back, processing the information. "That's brilliant, Daphne. It could be a game-changer in our fight against the dementors. You weren't one of the testers, I hope?"

Daphne gave Harry a dead-panned look and said, "Yes, I, a quite visibly pregnant witch, knowingly placed myself near a lethifold in order to do the testing."

Harry raised his hands in surrender and said, "All right. All right. But I had to make sure, for my own peace of mind."

Daphne rolled her eyes, but nodded, "As with all of the twins' other products, they are the ones that did the testing, I just provided the ideas for this."

Daphne stepped back a bit and reached into her pocket and pulled out a small silver box that she handed him. "Fred and George are working on mass-producing them. Though, I'm not sure how we'll manage to get it into the average magicals hands. The incantation goes like this—"

She recited the incantation, and a soft glow emanated from the box. A silver wisp of light danced within, forming the shape of a radiant Patronus.

Harry grinned. "This is fantastic, Daphne. I'm positive that Kingsley will be thrilled."

Daphne grinned, "That's not the only thing we've been able to concoct."

Intrigued, Harry just replied with, "Oh?"

"Oh, yes, you're going to love the rest of what Fred, George, and I have been brewing up," she said with a sly grin.

Harry raised an eyebrow. "Is it better than the Silver Patronum Ring?"

Daphne grinned and replied, "I 'd like to think it is at least equal in usefulness."

Amused, Harry gave a well-carry-on gesture.

She turned her attention to the bundle on the table that had captured James' attention and began her presentation. "Shepherd slings. But not just any slings." She gestured to the table covered with a variety of pouches, each filled with shimmering orbs. "These are no ordinary projectiles. They're a magical arsenal."

Harry inspected the orbs, curiosity sparking in his eyes. "What do they do?" Gently pulling the orb out of arms reach of James, who pouted at not being able to get a closer look.

Daphne started to explain with enthusiasm, "Each orb contains a magically-enchanted potion or elixir, designed for a specific effect. Fire, ice, acid, shock, tar, flare, paralysis gas, smoke screen, tranquilizer gas, tear gas, flash bang—you name it, we've got it."

Harry's eyebrows shot up in amazement. "This is incredible. I suppose this is another muggle comic idea?"

"Yes. We wanted something versatile for Kingsley and his team, something that could adapt to various situations," Daphne explained. "Fred and George had this notion of a magical sling, and I suggested adding the potions. They spent weeks perfecting the combinations and ensuring they're safe to use."

She picked up a particularly vibrant orb. "For example, this one contains a freezing potion. Hits the target and freezes them on the spot. It's perfect for slowing down adversaries."

Harry grinned. "That's brilliant. While the magicals on Kingsley's team can do that with a spell, I suppose the potion would not be so easily countered."

Daphne nodded, her excitement contagious. "Exactly. And the best part is, we've added a charm to the slings. The user just puts in the orb and the sling is set to automatically aim to hit the target, so a good aim would not be a requirement for the user."

Harry was thoroughly impressed. "This is great, but would the squibs be able to also use this or do the slings require a magical user?."

"Anyone can use them, as it's the sling that's enchanted and doesn't require anyone to have active magic in order to get them to work," Daphne replied.

"And are the orbs charmed to only work with the sling, or can they also be thrown by hand?" Harry wondered.

"They can be thrown by hand, but one must have an accurate aim in order for them to be effective," Daphne replied. Harry nodded, having expected as much when he asked the question.

"As with the Silver Patronum Ring, Fred and George are working on producing them in bulk, so that the task force will have a large enough supply for any upcoming skirmishes," Daphne added.

As they left the room, locking it for safe measure, in the unlikely event that James got away from his supervision and found his way there, Harry told Daphne how proud he was of her and the idea she took to the twins, who was able to bring her idea to life.

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