Footsteps was loudly heard even though nobody was listening, it was tag but a tag of death. Makoto was breathing heavily as he ran away from the Remnants of Despair, trying to escape this nightmare. Tears was dripping from his eyes, seeing all of his surviving friends and his sister murdered in cold blood. The Hope Cultivation failed to restore all Remnants, it was his fault. Maniacal laughter echoed unto the dark alley way, Makoto felt the edge of despair but he didn't give up just yet, this world has still Hope after all. He continued to run faster even his lungs were screaming for air, a predator like eyes gazed upon him and he shivered, Makoto felt the malevolent of the former students of 77.

A large needle went over his head, almost impaling him in the process but his luck was

working with him for the first time. He went to corner, where some trash cans was found, he hid there. Makoto silently sighed in relief when he saw the Remnants went past over him.

However, that relief was cut short. A sharp pain occurred on his stomach, Makoto's eyes widen as his vision traveled down to his abdomen, he was impaled with a sword. "Young Master, we got the Hope" A pale white haired female spoke beside him. "Hah, you really can fucking escape us, Ultimate Hope?" The blond yakuza crackled. "It was ashame that the Hope himself has fallen." The royal queen elegantly spoke as she waltz towards Makoto. "Hahahaha! Oh don't worry my dear Hope! I'm sure you'll get through this!" The man obsessively hugged himself as he laughed. "Agrrrah! For an Ultimate Hope, you

are terribly weak!" A gargantuan mountain of a man boomed, another voice boomed in a second. "No more Ultimate Hope bullshit! Let's kill him already, so I can eat!" An athletic girl with big boobs screamed. "He's perfect to be in my pot! I'll call my new dish as Hope Wellington!" A short man dangerously swinging his butcher knife. "The gates of the underworld is opening for your death, may the demon lord shall feast on your soul, man of Hope!" The man with a scarf yelled. "Squish! Squish! I'm going squish Hope head like an ant!" A girl with an kimono excitedly giggled. "Whoops! I guess you've missed your injects, Mr. Hope" The nursed sighed in despair. "Oh god! This pictures will hit the screens! The quote will be: The Hope has fallen!" The girl with camera smiled rather malicious intent. "Oh, I'll turn him into Hope punching bag for my robots!" A pink haired mechanic practically yelled. "Oh yeah, maybe

I'll make a song called ' Hope just kicked the bucket and said how far I can kick this bucket?" The musician quickly wrote the song. "You are a disgrace, Ultimate Hope" Togami look-a-like sneered at Makoto. And lastly, the leader of the Remnants, Izuru Kamukura. "For an Ultimate Hope, you are boring." Izuru pulled out a gun and aim it unto Makoto's head.

Makoto closed his eyes and wait for his death.