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New Friends, More Enemies

"Kid, you don't have to do this!",shouted a man covered in white and blue armor,"I have a family I need to look after!"

A boy with red and black hair chuckled,"You should have thought about that before you got in my way, Ingineum."

The boy then made a black, flaming sword appear in his hands and asked Ingenium,"Any last words before I kill you?"

The hero just scowled, and raced at the boy,"RECIPERO BURST!",shouted the man, swinging his leg at the boy's face.

Scoffing, red lightning surrounded him, and the boy just ducked from under the kick, stabbing the pro in his chest.

"You don't deserve to be called a hero, TenseiIida.",whispered the boy, removing his sword from Iida's chest, causing him to fall over, holding his chest in pain as black flames consumed him.

"Oh~",spoke a feminine voice,"That was so hot, Reo!"

The now named Reo smirked,"If no one wants to fulfill Stain's ideology properly, then it's up to us, Momo."

Momo had just smiled, before Reo grabbed her, kissing her neck and grabbing her ass.

"How about we go have a bit more fun before we continue?",whispered the villain.

Momo shuddered before nodding, giving Reo the chance to pick her up, using ice bridges to leave the area.

"Izuku, how was your training today?",asked Inko Midoriya, giving her son a smile.

"It's good, I'm getting better at using my quirk now.",spoke Izuku, ruffling his green hair and smiling.

Sniffing the air, Izuku asked,"Is that katsudon I smell?"

Giving her son a knowing look, Inko smiled,"Yes it is, but go wash your hands and then we can eat."

Izuku nodded, soon heading to the restroom to clean himself up, but before he could turn on the water, an explosion went off.

"Mom!",shouted Izuku, activating Full Cowling and running to find his mother, but there were too many flames.

"Mom, are you okay?",shouted Izuku looking all over before he felt a hand on his shoulder, and looking, he saw a teen boy and a tall girl.

"Calm down, I can help, but you need to back up.",said the boy, which Izuku complied.

The boy carefully unleashed a powerful blast, and the flames died, although the house was soaking wet.

"Mom!",shouted Izuku, running to the kitchen where she last was, only to freeze at what he saw.

Inko's body had very few remains, with multiple burn marks, visible bones, and nothing there but a keychain around her neck.

Izuku fell to his knees, sobbing as he looked at his mother's corpse.

"I'm sorry, I should have arrived sooner.",said the boy,"We could have helped her."

Izuku looked up at the boy, with visible red eyes,"Who are you? Maybe you could contact some heroes to come and try to help."

The boy looked away, before removing his mask as his hair changed from red to blue,"I don't have any hero friends. My name is Reo, and I'm sorry, but your mother is gone, Izuku."

Izuku looked confused as Reo continued,"Do you know why I came instead of any heroes? It's because heroes in this society are fucking idiots, including All Might.

They all just go around and do whatever they want, not looking at the little things in life. I used to be a fan of heroes, hell, All Might was my godfather.

That all changed the day I found out the reason why I was an orphan. See, my dad was the pro hero Shift, meaning I am not only Endeavor's nephew, but I am a prized possession.

Anyway, my dad died in battle protecting me from a villain, and I decided to look into it. Imagine my surprise when I found that not only was that villain a relative, but All Might and Endeavor were both there to help, though they just stood there and watched as my father was killed.

My mother had died when I turned eight due to a quirk drawback, but they chose to save me instead of her by giving me the cure.

All Might, being the asshole he is, chose me to be his successor, and even though I refused, he managed to spit in my cereal one morning, effectively giving me One for All against my will, so naturally, I punched him in the face an ran away."

Izuku was shocked at the revelation, and he wouldn't have believed Reo before he mentioned One for All, since he also knew about it.

The greenette looked puzzled before he thought about it for a while. All Might didn't even believe in him before he attempted to rescue Bakugo, and once he did, he had the boy train for months before giving him One for All, and even then, his arm kept being destroyed over and over again.

Izuku scowled at himself for not realizing sooner that All Might didn't give a flying fuck about him; He just wanted a successor for his damned quirk.

"I can tell you are upset, which is why I have a solution.",said Reo, grabbing Izuku's attention again as the girl walked over to him, injecting him with something.

"Ow!",shouted the greenette,"What the fuck was that?!"

"I have given you a healing quirk, meaning you can use your full power without worrying about any drawbacks.",said the girl, introducing herself as Momo.

"This is my partner, first girlfriend, and best friend, Momo.",spoke Reo, causing Izuku to look at him strangely,"I rescued her from her parents who were using her for her body and quirk, and we've been together ever since."

"I know we have just met, but I want you to join me in my goal.".smirked Reo as he changed his hair back to red,"I'm recruiting others for my cause, and I think Sensei and Tomura would like you. However, you don't have to decide just yet. I will wait until you are ready."

Izuku wanted to ask what he meant by that, but a purple portal appeared out of nowhere.

"Wait!",shouted Izuku before the red head stepped through the portal,"How do I contact you?"

"Either use One for All, ask for Wraith, or I'll find you.",smirked Reo, falling into the portal with a smirk.

Izuku watched as the portal closed, and once it did, he dropped to his knees, crying as lightning sparked around him, changing his appearance as his hair became spiky and light blue, causing a crater to form around him as he yelled into the midnight sky.

"AGHHHHHHHHH!",shouted Izuku, jumping away from his home, breaking the entire house.

"Well, that was unsettling.",spoke a teen boy with black and white hair.

"That may be true Shoto, but Izuku will join us once he figures out the cause of the explosion.",smirked Momo.

"I wonder…",thought a blonde with a red lightning bolt highlight across his hair,"If we really tried, couldn't we kill All Might?"

Everyone looked at the blonde with a raised eyebrow, before an ear jack that had a knife in it's jack appeared close to his neck.

"Kaminari, how many times have we told you that we have to wait until the right moment?",asked a girl with short, purple hair.

"Kyoka, stand down!",shouted Reo, immediately getting her attention,"If we fight among ourselves, we're only making it easier for he heroes to win."

Everyone simply nodded, and Kyoka lowered her ear-blade,"Fine, but I want to have some fun later~"

Reo nodded, and realized that he wasn't getting any sleep tonight.

Suddenly, everyone's phones chimed, signaling a message from their spies.

Asskicker: Hey, I have some good news!

Wraith: Go ahead.

Deathbolt: Let me guess, Reo finally knocked you up?

Deadli: If I'm not pregnant, then no one else is.

Alien Queen: I thought I was first!

Soundblade: Yeah, no. By fairness, the first girlfriend get's first dibs, even if I don't like it. By the way, where are you, Mina?

Alien Queen: At the docks grabbing a couple new recruits.

Asskicker: Anyway, I've just received word that All Might will be at U.A., working as a teacher.

Wraith: That is good news. I'll make sure to give you a proper reward when I see you.

Asskicker: Thank you, master! I promise to give you more updates!

Asskicker has gone offline

Cold Flame: It is good to have allies….

Chappy: Could you guys shut up for one second?! I'm trying to get my high score up on Call of Duty!

Wraith: The hell, Tomura? Why didn't you invite me?

Chappy: Cause then you would have been followed by literally everyone. Also, manage your fucking harem. I found a bra and panties in my restroom.

Wraith: There's like fifty of us who live here, including Dabi, Toga, Compress, Big Sis Mag, Spinner, Twice, and Kurogiri, and we have multiple restrooms because we live in a fucking MANSION! Use a different restroom!

Wraith: Anyway, Momo and I found a potential recruit today. His name is Izuku Midoriya, and before I explained everything, I'm pretty sure he was a worshipper of heroes.

Chappy: That is interesting. What's his quirk?

Wraith: Get this, he was quirkless until 5 months ago, since, and I won't blame you if you laugh, All Might fucking GAVE HIM ONE FOR ALL!

Chappy: ...

Deathbolt: ...

Alien Queen: ...

Deadli: ...

Soundblade: ...

Cold Flame: …

Chappy: What the actual flying fuck?! Reo, you are quite the madman, having another One for All user on our side.

Wraith: Maybe, but if he does join us, we'll not only break All Might's spirit, but we'll be much more powerful. Besides, if anything goes wrong, I'll personally take care of the kid.

Chappy: Fine, don't interrupt me again though.

Chappy has gone offline.

"So, Reo?",asked Kaminari,wearing a smug grin on his face,"How are you gonna deal with the kid if he turns? Isn't he more powerful than you or All Might?"

Reo simply yawned,"That would normally be the case if Izuku received One for All from me instead of the blonde oaf. Instead, since he doesn't know his full potential, nor does he have any of my abilities, and since I got OFA from the bastard before he did, I not only have full control over my abilities, but Izuku can in no way use my quirk."

Reo purposely started freezing the room to show his point, as well as his power.

Everyone shivered before Shoto and Reo made flames to warm everyone, and Mina returned with a girl that had long green hair, and some floating clothes.

Reo's eyes turned invisible as he smirked,"Looks like we have some new friends."

Bakugo Residence

"DAMMIT!",shouted an ash blonde teen, destroying anything he could get his hands on.

"Katsuki!",shouted a female voice,"Shut your stupid ass up and go to bed!"

Growling, Katsuki yelled back,"Shut up, you old hag! I'm dealing with some shit!"

Katsuki Bakugo wa very pissed. He had tried to end the cause of his anger, his annoying 'friend', Izuku Midoriya, or as he called him, Deku, but someone had stopped his plan, and in the process he had killed his aunt, Inko Midoriya.

Katsuki wanted to destroy Izuku for trying to be better than him. The nerd had somehow gained a quirk, and in a very short time, he had good control over it, and it pissed Katsuki off.

"I promise, I'm going to kill you, Deku.",whispered Katsuki as explosions went of in his hands.