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This story was born from my frustrations about the release date of Bloodlines 2 being pushed back and reading some Kuroshitsuji fanfics with vampires(who somehow always don't have their own society. They're always like demons in the fanfics I've read with no government or anyone they're beholden to.) and OC demons. Before I knew it I had a story summary and a couple chapters written, so I decided to just publish it already.

BTW if you're a by the book fellow turn back and don't read this story. This story is a mash up of World of Darkness and the Kuroshitsuji manga and anime wherein Demons: The Fallen isn't taken into account and I picked and discarded what I didn't like from the rule books.

Hope you're all safe and enjoy this story,


Disclaimer: This is a fanfic based on Kuroshitsuji by Yana Toboso and White Wolf's World of Darkness, so all rights belong to those cool people 😎.

Bloody Bouquet


posted on April 27, 2021

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She stepped forward slowly, heart beating wildly as she stood, gaze riveted on the cage in the corner of the room. Out of all the things to find that the kine could gather she had thought the worst she'd find was evidence of someone's sloppy eating habits not whatever this was.


"This has necromancy written all over it."

"It's those damn infernalists again, it's them, I tell you!"

"It's always the infernalists with you."

"Neither, it's probably some Kindred's leftovers."

"It's moving"


Broken out of her disgusted fascination, she stood closer and opened her third eye, the Valeren Discipline she worked so hard to gain put to good use right now, only to find that whatever it was was definitely dead. She reached her hand out to touch it-


She froze just in time for the thing's face to lunge at her through the bars. Quickly, she turned her face away but looking at the rest of the things gathered in the room just made her feel twitchy as they weren't much better.

From the zombie thing in front of her to a redcap's blood soaked white cap the whole room was a Masquerade Breach waiting to happen. The only good thing was that it wasn't just Kindred these guys seemed to be researching so it should be easy to point the blame for the definite evidence on another being.

Obfuscate hiding her, she quickly set about changing things a little bit to discredit it and then, pointing about half the evidence on Kindred on the lupine and some on the faeries. She was satisfied that no one should notice anything wrong unless they were obsessed, in which case her help trying to save them from dying because of their curiosity would be of no use as they'd earn the ire of the Ivory Tower soon enough.

Taking a quick look around again, she spied a feather that sent chills through her. Everything seemed to freeze in that one moment. The only thing that could give Kindred such a bad feeling were items tainted by demons. Quickly, she moved backward, leaving the demon's feather and making a break for it.


Kine - Humans

Valeren - A discipline of the Salubri. At its most basic, Valeren provides control over pain and increased martial ability, seemingly allowing warriors to draw on the power of heaven to vanquish their foes.

Disciplines - A term used by kindred for their supernatural abilities.

Masquerade Breach - The Masquerade is the hiding of kindred society from mortals. A Masquerade Breach is when a mortal sees something they shouldn't have.

Kindred - It's what vampires descended from Caine call themselves.

Obfuscation - It is a discipline that allows kindred to conceal themselves, deceive the mind of others, or make them ignore what the user does not want to be seen.

Lupine - It's what kindred normally call werewolves. Ancients used to call them "Moon-Beasts".

Ivory Tower/ Camarilla - The largest sect in kindred society, it is a loose organization which ostensibly represents and protects all vampires by enforcing and promoting the Masquerade. It officially considers all kindred under its purview and welcomes any that obey its laws.