A/N strong Language/ Adult scenes

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Mason shift's excitedly in his seat. This is it. The main meeting with the Alpha's that he had to sneak into. Sure Scott is giving him daggers, but he's got to be on the list. Scott said, at the Christmas party that he'd think about it. Mason is one of the few people that knows the horror of Monroe. He can deal with her, he's determined to get that chance. He puts his hands on the desk tapping his little finger when Scott begins to read out the hunter lists.

"So, we're trying to capture the infamous Monroe and her little deputy, Gabe. The team that are assigned this mission are, Talbot, Ennis, Demarco, Halwyn, and Raeken. Satomi I'll send you over the details. Kali, I assume you'll pass the information on to Ennis" Scott gently points at her.

"Preferably with your clothes on!" Raeken chuckles, that joke goes down like a silver bullet loaded ballon. Scott's claws are out. Satomi lightly whispers something in Kali's ear. They know her hand is on hers, trying to stop her from running over the table and punching Raeken in the stomach

"Thank you for updating us, is there anything else you like to reveal?" Satomi asks, giving Raeken a withering glance. He stops smiling.

"No Satomi-san" Scott looks around the table. "Meeting's over"

"Woah, wait...Scott...I'm obviously on this team...you said I'd be a shoe in?" Mason asks in confusion.

"I said we'd consider it. It's far too dangerous, you'd be the only human on the team"

"We're dealing with them? The last time I checked Gabe and Monroe were still human. Did you forget to sign me up?"

"No, it's just you're better behind a monitor giving us all instructions. You'll be wearing you're headset, guiding us like always. We need you in other ways"

"Scott...this was going to be my mission. I've done three months of MMA training and weight lifting for this! You've gotta reconsider, I can deal with Monroe, human to human, you'll see"

"I said no"

"Well then, it seems like I'll have to go over you" Mason said with a shrug.

"I lead this team. There's no-one above me" Scott calmly growls to the other alphas. "

"I'll just contact Daddy McCall" Mason grins. "You know, your boss? The CEO with actual power!" Mason raises his eyebrows and gets out his phone.

"Ladies. It was delightful to meet you all. Liam will escort you out while I brief my team" Scott said. The Ladies grit their teeth in awkward silence and slowly get up, shake hands and allow themselves to be lead out. With them now gone. It's a toss up who Scott is going to go after first.

"I've got mouth pieces that need to be sent to forensics so..." Theo mutters slowly geting up.

"After that lousy handjob, I think Tracy's avoiding you" Scott jabs while Decaulion and Sean laugh. "What is it with you Raeken? I need Satomi to take us seriously. Otherwise she'll cut the merge off and I'll have to cut some of you guys! Why are you making it so easy for me?"

"I'm sorry...I" Theo starts to add.

"You're not. But one more sex joke, and I'll bring Kali over here myself. Lock you two in a room and shut the fucking door. And no, you wouldn't have a fucking chance! Kali's rage is like the pacific ocean, it runs deep"

"It's also hot" Josh shrugs.

"Josh you think that plant-pot is hot!" Stiles teases.

"Other than that, Satomi seemed happy with the choices. We keep Ennis in the loop, Kali is happy too" Deaton clicks his thumb.

"Woah so the rumours were true? They're actually banging?" Theo asks. They all stare at him in disbelief.

"Have an early lunch guys, we' ve got a busy day tomorrow, see you all later" Scott runs hiis fingers down his cheeks. "Mason. Stay back please" He orders. In a flash Liam's in the room.

"Look, he's sorry about the outburst, but Scott, you did kind of promise..."



"Mason's shown that he can speak up for himself" He takes out a twenty and firmly places it in his betas hand. "Go out for lunch. It's an hour"

"You're not gonna shoo me out like a_"

"Li it's fine. I'm gonna get on that list, and if Scott wants to explain himself in private. He can go ahead" Mason leans in his chair with a faux confidence that he knows his friends can smell. "I'll have a panini from Tate's if you're buying" He smiles as his friend quietly nods then leaves.

In eerie silence, Scott walks over to his own chair at the head of the meeting desk.

"I meant what I said...about your dad" Mason updates.

"I know"

"You don't scare me McCall!"

"I know" Scott replies slower than before.

"I thought we were on the same page"

"We would be, if you stopped acting like a spoiled brat!"

"Me? Your whole career was built off Daddy dearest! Didn't Melissa have to fucking beg you be a part of this-" The human splutters.

"Keep your goddamn mouth shut about my mom! Or any of my family! I don't care if you've done MMA for three months or Three years! We needed supernaturals"

"So you just throw Liam away too. Exchange him for Ennis like a bad sandwich at the canteen?" Mason asks. "You're only doing this to impress Kali!"

"Believe it or not, I wanna impress you too. Just calm down and actually perform the job that I fucking pay you for?"

"You're not gonna dangle this job like a fricking carrot Scott! I want a new experience! How the hell am I meant to get a hunter promotion?" Mason asks,

"Well guess who's in charge of promotions?"


"Wrong, dumbass!" Scott prods himself in the chest. "Stay away from my Dad"

"I'm not making any promises!" By the time the second "S" Scott is in front of him. Before the human can squeak a word, Scott gently clamps his hand over the human's mouth.

"Promises? I prefer loyalty. You are a field tech nerd Mason. You're not a warrior, you're not a soilder joining Liam side by side in battle. You are a mascot. You're a fucking cheerleader. You will never be a superior hunter. Get that through your skull!" Scott barks, taking his hand away, he pauses a second before getting back to his feet.

"So, why bother keeping me around? If you fired me, Li would get over it!" Mason pulls his jacket over his chest.

His boss pauses, eyes wrinkled in thought. "You make great coffee" Scott nods, his features softening.

"Excuse my language but you can really fuck off!" The human rants leaping out of his chair. He charges towards the door, but damn Scott and his supernatural powers. He's already there.

"I mean it. You make better coffee than the machine. Stiles actually paid three-fifty for that trash!" He chuckles. Even in his fog of anger, Mason tries to remember the last time he heard Scott laugh. His mind comes up as blank as his career.

"I'm getting lunch!" Mason tries to clutch the door handle, but Scott lightly elbows him away.

"You were a barista before joining us right?"

"You really are a classist asshole! I pretty much served you, your crappy Spicy, toffee, infused white chocolate caramel, vegan, semi skimmed, milky lattes that were never fucking good enough for you! You got me fired from there!"

"That's bullshit" Scott mutters.

"Twice is a charm right?"

"Mase I want you! Here...I, ...I mean...working...I want you in this building. However you're not gonna float all the way to the top by shitting on management. No calls to Dad. I'd hate to see you back at Corey's coffee shop. I mean it would be awkward, wouldn't it? Working with the same dude who dumped you on facebook!"

"Get stuffed!" Mason yells, squeezing himself past Scott and running through the door. Sure the whole office must have heard the loud parts. And yes his "get stuffed" was lame, but he'd get him back. He'd make it as a bad-ass hunter, no matter what!

He just had to find Monroe before Scott and his stupid A-team did...