The bass was thumping through the speakers and the sweat was starting to bead on Clary Morgenstern's back as she danced. Her best friend, Magnus, had given her a fake ID for her high school graduation, and was able to get them into the 19+ Pandemonium Club downtown. Magnus and Clary had just graduated from South Idris High School that afternoon, and rather than attend a party with those "tasteless Southside snobs", as Magnus put it, he insisted they spend their last night out together in style. Clary secretly thinks it's because his co-worker at Warlock's Boutique, said that her hot brother (who Magnus is totally crushing on) would be there tonight, but Magnus would never admit that.

Whatever the reason, Magnus had dressed to impress with black fitted slacks and a deep blue shirt, with his own beaded details along the seam lines. Magnus' black hair was spiked up with his signature glittery tips and his unique cat-like eyes were rimmed with deep blue liner. He had insisted on dressing Clary similarly, so that the pictures of their last night together would do them both justice for years to come. Magnus had dressed Clary in a long-sleeved deep blue dress that matched his shirt perfectly. The tight dress came to her mid-thigh showing off her short, but toned legs perfectly. It had a low neckline, that forced her to brave the club with no bra. Paired with strappy three-inch black heels, a fresh mani/pedi, and her flowing red hair Clary had never felt so sexy.

Clary and Magnus were no strangers to parties and clubs but being their first time at Pandemonium and their last night out together for a long time, they were determined to have the time of their lives. Clary had been living in Idris for the past few years with her Mom and stepdad, Luke, but decided to go to college across the country in Alicante to be near her dad and brother. It doesn't hurt that Alicante has the best art school in the country, and Clary got in on scholarship, either.

As soon as they entered the club, Clary's brother Jon, Magnus, and their other best friend Simon all headed to the bar to down celebratory shots. Simon and Jon aren't really the dancing type, so they grabbed some stools to watch the action, while Magnus and Clary headed to the dance floor.

After dancing with each other and fending off other groping hands for over an hour, Magnus was pulled away by a tall brunette with eyes so blue that Clary could see them vividly even in the dark club lighting. Knowing that he was completely Magnus' type, Clary decided to just dance on her own. A few seconds later strong hands gripped her hips, and she was grinding on a stranger as they danced.

Knowing that she was leaving the next day left Clary far more care-free than usual and she decided to play with this guy a little bit. She started rolling her hips and gripped his hands with her own, allowing him to run his hands over her hips and stomach. Everywhere he touched left a trail of burning fire in its wake, turning her on more than she ever thought a simple touch could.

She had just run her own hands up her stomach and into her hair when her partner turned her around and she came face-to-face with the sexiest man she had ever seen. He had perfectly tanned skin that matched his golden hair and eyes and was even more accentuated with his fitted black jeans and shirt that showed off tattoos up and down his arms. Whatever heat Clary had been feeling from their previous dancing was magnified by 100 as she continued to grind and run her hands up and down this golden stranger, and he did the same to her.

She had reached up to twine her hands in his hair when he leaned down and brushed his lips against hers. That wasn't enough for Clary, so she used her hands in his hair to bring his lips down harder on hers. As they started kissing, he opened up his lips to hers and she slipped her tongue in his mouth and it felt like they were made for each other. He tasted of mint and smelled of sunshine and mangoes and Clary couldn't think of anything more perfect. His hands continued to run across her hips, back, and finally the top of her ass as she kept her grip firmly in his hair. When he pulled back and started kissing her jaw and neck Clary couldn't help but let out a soft moan. This seemed to fuel the stranger to kiss back up to her mouth and she felt like she had ascended.

He knew exactly how to kiss her to make fireworks ignite in her brain and if it weren't for the need to breathe, she's not sure if she would have ever been able to stop kissing this man. As soon as Clary pulled away for air, she spotted Jon waving her to the exit to signal it was time to leave. As she looked back at the stranger, he leaned down to her and his breath hit her ear as he asked for her name. She shook her head gently and raised back up to kiss him on the lips one last time. As she pulled back, she seductively whispered in his ear "thanks for the dance." Clary knew her teasing was effective when she saw him shudder and blow out a breath as he closed his eyes.

By the time her golden stranger had opened his eyes, she was already gone.